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					                                   COUNTY OF ALBEMARLE
                                   Department of Fire Rescue
                                   – Fire Rescue Advisory Board –
                 401 McIntire Road, Suite 222 z Charlottesville, Virginia 22902-4579
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                                     EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

AGENDA TITLE:                                         AGENDA DATE:
Animal Rescues                                        28 July 2004
SUBJECT/PROPOSAL/REQUEST:                                FIRST READING              SECOND READING
Countywide standard for processing non-domestic
                                                         INFORMATION                ACTION
animal rescue calls.
CONTACTS:                                             CONSENT AGENDA:
1. Dan Eggleston                                         INFORMATION                ACTION
2. John Oprandy

                                                      REVIEWED BY: J. Nauman

•  The protocol for animal rescues approved by the Advisory Board does not address non-domestic
   animals. The ECC dispatchers need direction (in the form of a protocol) to process these requests
   for service.
•  Calls for pest control frequently come in to the ECC.
•  Animal control officers do not handle these calls.
•  Not all stations will respond to handle pest control issues.
•  It would be better for customers (citizens), emergency service personnel, and the ECC if these
   calls were handled consistently throughout the County. Do to the number of calls the ECC call
   takers must handle on a regular basis it is not practical to expect call takers to try to determine,
   while still on the phone with a caller, whether or not the station in their area will respond to help.
• There are businesses in the County that handle these types of calls. Arguably, it is a better use of
   time and resources to refer 911 callers with pest control issues to those who handle these calls on
   a regular basis.
•   Stations will not respond to non-domestic animal rescue calls. ECC personnel shall refer any after
    hour's callers to an appropriate resource (yellow pages) for assistance in handling pest control

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