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What institutions are involved?
University of Nebraska and Université de Rouen
Where am I going?
Rouen, France field trip to Central and South France
What does the program entail?
Month long engineering experience in France. Students will have the opportunity to live in a French
University town for three weeks, taking an engineering class from an UNL faculty. Students will also have
informal interaction with French students and faculty as well as experience cultural relevant activities such
as festivals, traditional meals and so on. On the last week of the program, students will be lead by the
Dean of Engineering, Dr. David H Allen thru a trip throughout the south French country. The field trip will
include visits to engineering and cultural relevant sites. Students will visit the Loire Valley Castles,
Chambord and Chenonceau, stay overnight at a Château de Rochecotte. The Gallo-Roman cities of Lyon
and Arles will also be visited. The site of the Battle of Alesia, where Julius Cesar defeated the Gauls and
their king Vercingetorix. Students will also visit the Greek-roman ruins of the city of Glanum and the
greatest Roman structure of all times, the Aqueduct of Pont du Gard. In Arles, students will have the
exclusive opportunity to stay in a hotel across the street from a coffee shop that Vincent van Gogh painted
his famous Café de Nuit . The field trip will end in Paris, where students will have a crash tour of the Cité
What is approximately the number of participants in the program?
15 – 20 engineering students
What are the dates of the program:
July 2 – August 2
What classes can I take?
All students are required to take this class:
    ENGR 490 – Global Experiences in French Culture and Engineering
History of Science and Technology, Introduction to French History, Culture and Language. Field trips to
engineering sites, such as ruins, natural wonders, cathedrals, museums, etc.
Students must choose ONE of the following technical classes:
    ENGM 223 – Engineering Statics (3 cr I, II) Prereq: MATH 107, PHYS 211.
Action of forces on engineering structures and machines. Force systems, static equilibrium of frames and
machines. Friction, center of gravity, moment of inertia, vector algebra.
    ENGM 325 – Mechanics of Elastic Bodies (3 cr I, II) Prereq: ENGM 223, MATH 208.
Concept of stress and strain considering axial, torsional, and bending forces. Shear and moments.
Introduction to combined stresses and column theory.
    ENGM 451 – Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (3 cr)
Matrix methods of analysis. Finite element stiffness method. Computer programs. Applications to
structures and soils. Introduction to finite element analysis of fluid flow.
    ENGM 480 – Numerical Methods in Engineering Analysis (3 cr I, II) Prereq: MATH 221/821.
Application of numerical methods to the solution of engineering problems using computational software.
What are the desired field(s) of study of participants?
Any Engineering Major (other science and architecture related majors are also welcome on certain
What are the desired year of participants?

Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Graduate (status as of the summer the programs will take place)
Any language requirements?
No. But basic introductory French instruction will be provided
What is the application process?
Apply online at
Submit electronically and also send an electronic copy to
You will receive a confirmation of your acceptance and will be included in the mailing list. Pre-departure
orientation seminar is mandatory for participants.
What is the application deadline?
April 7st. Space is limited, first come first serve basis
What is the cost of the program?
To whom is the program fee payable and when is payment due?
College of Engineering International Programs due by your departure (installments payment plans after
your trip are also available)
What does the program fee include?
It includes 30 nights accommodation with breakfast daily, 10 festive group meals, admissions to selected
attractions as specified in the itinerary, study abroad group health insurance, International Student Identity
Card (ISIC).
What additional costs outside of the program fee should the participant anticipate?
Not included are: transportation to and from the program site (estimate $1,000), tuition (6 credits), local
transportation, meals not specified above, passport, and personal expenses. Health Insurance coverage is
for one month beginning July 2, 2006.
Is financial aid available?
One of the student’s biggest concerns regarding study abroad is costs. We realize it is not cheap going
abroad and for that reason we try to find many ways to help you out. There are many scholarships
available thru the College of Engineering and thru the office of International Affairs. The University of
Nebraska – Lincoln also lets you use college loans for studying abroad. They are very generous with the
amounts, all they need from you is a budget and I can help you putting that together. I also can come up
with many other ways to help you find money to go, and some are very case specific, so, please, come se
me and we will make that happen.

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