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									                                                                                  Exercise Science & Sport Medicine
                                                                                       Career Planning Outline

             Career Cluster:               Health Sciences
             Career Pathway:               Therapeutic services
             Occupation:                   Exercise Science & Sport Medicine
             What is it?                   Exercise Science is the study of responses and adaptation to exercise and human movement with the goal of maximizing health and performance. Sports Medicine
                                           focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injury sustained during athletic endeavors with the goal of restoring function.
             Salary Range:                 Group Exercise Instructors: $20k - $35k/yrAthletic or Personal Trainers: $25k - $40k/yr, Physical Therapists: $50k - $65k/yr, Medical Physicians: $138k - $175k/yr

                                                                                                  College and Career Planning
             Job Titles                    Certificate and Diploma Programs                      Associate Degrees                              Bachelor Degrees                          Graduate Degrees
     1. Group Exercise Instructor        NH Community Technical College               NH Community Technical College                Colby-Sawyer College                          Dartmouth Medical School
     2. Personal Training/Fitness        Manchester                                   Manchester                                    Exercise & Sport Sciences:
        Director                         Personal Training                            Exercise Science                                          Athletic Training                Franklin Pierce College
   3. Athletic Trainer                                                                                                                          Exercise Science                 Physical Therapy
                                                                                                                                                Sport Management
   4. Personal Trainer
                                                                                                                                    Plymouth State University
   5. Strength/Conditioning Coach                                                                                                   Athletic Training                             University of New Hampshire
   6. Wellness Coach                                                                                                                Health Education – Exercise Science Option    Kinesiology
   7. Physical Therapist                                                                                                            University of New Hampshire                             Exercise Science
   8. PE/HealthTeacher                                                                                                              Kinesiology                                             Outdoor Education
   9. Athletic Facility Manager                                                                                                                 Athletic Training                          Sport Studies
   10. Community Health Specialist                                                                                                              Exercise Science                 Occupational Therapy
   11. Biomechanist                                                                                                                             Outdoor Education
   12. Exercise Physiologist                                                                                                                    Physical Education Pedagogy
   13. Occupational Therapist                                                                                                                   Sports Studies
   14. Researcher
   15. Medical Physician
NOTE: The level to which an advanced degree is required will vary from one employer to the next and one position to the next.

                                                                                                  High School Course Planning
                                               9th Grade                             10th Grade                        11th Grade                                   12th Grade                         School to Career
             English           English 9                                    English 10                      English 11                              English 12 and or College Composition I*              Connection
              Math             Algebra I                                    Geometry                         Algebra II                             Trig.                                            Interview with a local
          Social Studies       World History                                Government/Economics             US History                             Introduction to Sociology*                       employer
            Science            Introduction to Life Sciences, Physical      Biology II or Chemistry          Chemistry, AP Biology, or              Anatomy & Physiology I*                          > Sports Medical
                               Science, or Biology                                                           Anatomy & Physiology                   Physics                                          Facility or Exercise
      World Language           World Language I                             World Language II                World Language III                                                                      Facility Tour
       Technology              IT & ME                                      Computer Applications                                                                                                    >Paid or unpaid
            Electives          Ethics and Society                           Medical Law and Ethics*          Introduction to Psychology*            Human Growth & Development*                      Internship
                                                                                                                                                    Physics                                          >Project Based
      Technical Core                                                                                         Health Sciences & Technologies I       Health Sciences & Technologies II                Learning
                                                                                                             or Health Occupations I                or Health Occupations II                         >Community Service
                                                                                                                                                    (May include Anatomy & Physiology I*)            or Service Learning
*College Credit Courses through NH Community Technical College Project Running Start Program                                                                                                         Project
Note: Check with your guidance counselor to identify the comparable courses offered at your high school or technical center.
For more information on how to implement this pathway in your school, call Kathleen Totten at (603) 433-1964

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