Outline for Sample Lesson Plan - DOC by pud94843


									                  Outline for Sample Lesson Plan

1. Content Area: Includes Name, Subject, and Grade/Level Taught

2. Unit Title and Goals: Include Unit Title and Goals of the Unit that
   will be met by the lesson. Include the standards (national, state, and
   local) that will be met by the lesson (process and content).

3. Prerequisite Knowledge: What knowledge does the student need
   to know in order to comprehend this lesson?

4. Lesson Title and Objectives: State the title and objectives for this
   particular lesson.

5. Materials/Media: A list of materials and media and the purpose for
   the use of each.

6. Instructional Plan: A detailed list containing the following areas with
   rough time estimates:

     a. Set: How are you going to get the students interested and
        involved early?

     b. Questions: Think of key questions you will want to ask during
        the lesson and the questions students may ask during the
        lesson. This may be set up in a two column format.

     c. Instructional Procedures: Include a list of activities and what
        the activity will accomplish and when it will be used.

     d. Closure: What concluding remarks/activities will be used to
        help students remember the lesson.

7. Assessment: What assessment techniques will be used to evaluate
   the students’ understanding of the lesson.

8. Extensions/Additional Activities: List additional questions/activities
   in case the lesson runs short and you need additional things to cover
   or additional things to reinforce the ideas of the lesson.

9. Accommodations: What accommodations can be made in order to
   meet the needs of all students.

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