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                                          Scar Removal, Leave It To The Professionals
                                                               By Anna Peacocks

   Acne which is of inflammatory type is commonly called zits or pimples. They usually leave scars
since they go deeper than just the top layer of skin. These acne scars are more than often a blow
towards an individual's self-esteem. However, thanks to science and the advancement of technology,
scar removal is possible. With the correct scare treatment, you are able to have the chance to remove
scars and live a more quality life. Having a good skin complexion is always an excellent way to boost
one's confidence.

Acne scars are different according to individuals. This is due to the difference in climate. Hence, an
individual may just have a shallow imperfection with his or her acne scars whereas another individual
might have acne scars which are much deeper.

It is a blessing that the field regarding acne and acne scars has been extensively researched.
Therefore, there is a quite a wide variety for scar treatment when it comes to acne. Usually, people
would rather remove acne scars by simply applying scar cream or scar gel. However, the truth is that
to remove scars, they have to be treated in a case-by-case basis. There is not an acne scar treatment
which can miraculously work for each and every person. Do take the initiative to visit a dermatologist if
your acne scars seem to be out of hand. You could also try to consult a cosmetic surgeon to properly
seek treatment which is most suitable for your skin type. Do not just blatantly apply any type of scar
cream and scar gel for those acne scars on your face. It might worsen the condition.

There are quite a number of different scar treatments available in the market. However, as mentioned
earlier, it is best to have a talk with a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon before making any rash
decisions. This is because there are even certain scar treatment which involves a combination of
treatment to obtain the best and fastest results.

Dermabrasion is a scar treatment whereby your skin will be frozen or numbed. After that, a machine
will then delicately remove the damaged scarred skin to allow the growth of new and healthy skin. But
do take note that microdermabrasion is different from this scar removal method, as microdermabrasion
is not able to remove acne scars.

Chemical peel is a scar removal method whereby the top most layer of the skin is removed by applying
acid or chemical. There are usually in the form of scar cream and scar gel. These, naturally gives place

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for a new and smoother skin to grow.

Another way to remove scars would be the augmentation technique. In this procedure, the acne scars
will be injected with a certain material. It either contains collagen or your own fat. The ultimate goal is
to fill in the depression of the scarred skin.

As a whole, scar cream and scar gel might be recommended by your dermatologist if the scarring on
your skin it not in a critical state. However, if necessary, your specialist will no doubt offer you with
some useful advice and guide you to whichever method beneficial for your scar removal.

Doctor's advice are different skin needs different treatment. You should always keep in mind that scar
removal, be it tiny acne scars or deep surgical wounds, is not an overnight task which can be simply

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                             A Radiant Appearance With Scar Treatment
                                           By Anna Peacocks

It is an undeniable fact that scars take time to heal, however, that does not mean that all hope is
flushed. Minor scars, which include acne scars for instance, can be treated with scar gel or scar cream.
Scar treatment is no doubt a constructive way in boosting your confidence and self-esteem. However,
you should always keep in mind that scar removal, be it tiny acne scars or deep surgical wounds, is not
an overnight task which can be simply achieved.

There are a few ways for scar treatment. If you have too sensitive skin, it is always advisable to visit a
dermatologist to obtain professional advice. Dermatologists usually have the latest scar gel or scar
cream which will suit your skin type best.

Another type of scar removal method would be to use silicone based scar gel sheets. These scar gel
sheets are usually used for two months consecutively. You can always read up the instructions
provided with the product. It takes time to heal and therefore, to remove scars, you should always be
patient since a period of time is needed for the old scarred skin to be replaced by fresh new skin.

Besides, there are also scar creams which are particular effective in removing acne scars. This type of
scar cream contains antibiotics which is a great aid in reducing infection to the minimum. While
decreasing the chances of infections on the scar, which will also reduce the probability where it might
cause a more permanent scar, this type of scar cream usually has whitening properties as well. This is
to even out the discoloration of the acne scar.

Another type of scar treatment which can be in the form of either scar gel or scar cream, is often used
as a facial skin care product due to its effectiveness in removing acne scars. These creams or gels has
the properties to exfoliate any type of skin. This in turn, will remove scars as time goes on.

In conclusion, it is not impossible to remove scars. There are all sorts of scar treatment available in the
market. What you need is to have the will to maintain a clean and scar-less appearance, and also to
have the determination throughout the scar removal process.

Doctor's advice are different skin needs different treatment. You should always keep in mind that scar
removal, be it tiny acne scars or deep surgical wounds, is not an overnight task which can be simply

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