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					                                       European Community Mechanism                                   Form OnsiteSitRep

                                         Cooperation in Civil Protection

                     Situation Report on HAITI 16.01.2010_____ No. 001

Responsible person: capt. Tomasz Czyż                               The status given here was valid at :
Phone: + 48 695 860 107                                             date 22.09.2008 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Fax:      ----------------------                                    time 08. 00 pm local = 02.00                      UTC

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    1. SITUATION information Nr 001 (02.00 am. 16.01.2010)
AIRPORT status
      Port au Prince Toussaint L'Ouverture International Airport (MTPP)
      • Haitian airspace is only open to humanitarian aircraft operating to and from Haiti airports. No possibility of any
      over-flights due to very limited staffing.
      • The ground stop that was issued by the Haitian Government at 15:00h GMT has been extended now through
      19:00h GMT at the request of the Haitian Government. Numerous aircraft are currently holding for a spot on the
      ramp at the airport, some for over two hours.
      • Some flights have been diverted to the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos Islands.
      • There is no fuel available at MPTT.
      • Once (if) the ground stop is released, aircraft filed for MTPP should plan at least one hour of holding fuel and
      enough extra fuel to get to a secondary
      airport after departing MTPP without refuelling.
      • The ILS, VOR, DME and runway lights are all reported as in service and working at this time.
      • The operators of aircraft going to Haiti are increasing their crew members to assist in off-loading due to
      equipments being very limited in regard to the demands of aircraft on ground.
      • The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is setting up a Control Centre in Miami to manage the air traffic
      between the USA and Haiti.

        Dominican Republic - Las Americas International Airport (MDSD)
        • Santo Domingo’s International airport is also becoming congested.

        SEAPORT status Port au Prince
        • The Port is currently non operational.
        • Photos of the damaged port are published on the Logistics Cluster website
        • The US Coastal Guard conducted a port assessment on 14 Jan. According to their report:
        - The road (for vehicles and personnel) leading to the port is covered with fallen container boxes.
        - The main building’s rood and side walls are very badly damaged.
        - Out of 5 available cranes, 2 are not operable, 2 are inside the property away from the pier side, and 1 crane is
        not placed on a stable platform.
        - The main pier is vey badly damaged. Parts of the pier have broken off and are under water. Container boxes,
        debris of buildings, fallen trees and garbage are flooding in the water near the pier and also in the surrounding
        water outside the port.

        ROAD status
              • Main urban roads in Port au Prince (including the airport road) are being cleared by MINUSTAH and
              the Brazilian battalion. Major axes are open.
              • The road from Jacmel to Port au Prince is passable for "all terrain" vehicles (i.e. 4WD).
              • The road from Santo Domingo to Port au Prince is becoming congested as much cargo is already

capt. Tomasz Czyż – USAR Poland – DEPUTY LIAISON OFFICER                                                         HAITI 2010
Airport communication (control Tower) is being handle by US Army.
At this time they are given priority to search and rescue team . Organization such as UNDCA, Red Cross, Care, WFP are
still arriving in charter flights. According to UN information and US Army International Humanitarian Aid flight will
start arriving tomorrow, so far we have confirmation of 180 Tons of Aid.

Airport open for all humanitarian flights
        - RDC established and functional
        - TSF is providing telecomms support
        - Officials from the Ministry of Health and the national coordination mechanism are at airport, very appreciative
        of all incoming international assistance, providing full support as much as possible
        - UNDAC members will move to downtown PAP to get an overview and establish an OSOCC
        - USAR team are preparing for SAR operations

                                         Incoming Teams Information:
RDC Santo Domingo Airport is operated by SARAID from UK.

GPS Coordinates:          N 18o 25’ 46”
                          W 69o 40’ 36”

SARAID:          Email –
                 Mobile No -              00447917092380
UNDAC:           Vegar Skildheim          +4740436568
                 Sergio Alvarez            +511 996062568

   UNDAC RDC in Port au Prince:
   Contact numbers:
   Sat phone     88 165 145 2143
   cell          +1 703 653 4350

     Phone: 00870772234055
     Skype: haiti.ops

OSOCC GPS Coordinates:
        N 18º 34'39.7"
        W 72º'16'30.1"
UNDAC Team Haiti
     Jesper Lund, UNDAL TL
     Rolf Bakken, Deputy TL/OSOCC Manager
     OSOCC phone: + 870772247205

     Needs for assistance consist of :
      1) USAR Teams
      2) Emergency Health
      3) Water and sanitation
      4) Shelter
      5) Food
      6) Logistic and telecommunications TAST
      7) Medical experts
      8) Chemical experts

capt. Tomasz Czyż – USAR Poland – DEPUTY LIAISON OFFICER                                                       HAITI 2010
         1. Local Authorities
         2. Local rescue units and teams

             1. There are 1067 rescuers and approx. 100 dogs.
             2. There are still Int’l teams who are waiting on Santo Domingo Airport for transport to

4. WORKING SITE – USAR Poland group activities
    1.   Departure from Warsaw – at 11:30 am, 15.01.2010
    2.   First technical landing – in Keflavik – at 15:30 pm, 15.01.2010
    3.   Second technical lending – in Bangor (USA) – at 21:25 pm, 15.01.2010
    4.   We established contact with:
              Consul of Honour in Haiti – Mr Succar -         +509 34 52 22 87 – user is not available
              Ambassador Republic of Poland in Columbia ( Bogota) – Jacek PERLIN
                         0057 320 490 39 67 – done
                 He contact us with:
                         Gustavo Vega Consul of Honour in Santo Domingo – done.
                                 phone 00 180 922 40 412
    5.   Last one of destination – in Santo Domingo – at 20:35 local time, 15.01.2010
    6.   We try to organize transport. We are after meeting with Airport Manager. First possibility to
         transport our team could be in the next few hours. It means approx. 08:00 or 09:00 in the
         morning. Transport will be divided by two or three parts.
    7.   Probably the Safety and Security phase is number 3 but we can not able to confirm that and
         even OSOCC do not confirm on this time. We try to confirm that by Ministry of Foreign in
    8.   We stay in Santo Domingo airport until we do not organize the transport.

         Predictable time to finish the mission is approx. 6 days.

Priority is to:
    1. Organize any transport to HAITI – Port-au-Prince
    2. Contact with OSOCC
    3. Check and confirm Safety and Security phase

            Affected population - lack of information
            19:00 there is a TL or LO meeting in OSOCC which is established in BoO in PaP.

Responsible Officer:
capt. Tomasz Czyż

capt. Tomasz Czyż – USAR Poland – DEPUTY LIAISON OFFICER                                       HAITI 2010