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                                 South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

                                                 FACT SHEET

Location:             Remote Africa Safaris offers owner-hosted, quality safaris in the pristine Luangwa Valley of
                      Zambia. The camps, literally hand built, are a synthesis of local materials providing pure comfort
                      with panoramic views. The Luangwa Valley is one of the most beautiful, untouched wildlife
                      sanctuaries left in Africa. Here true Africa awaits you.
                      Remote Africa Safaris encompasses:
                          1. Tafika Camp (South Luangwa)
                          2. Chikoko Walking Trails (South Luangwa)
                                  • Chikoko Tree Camp
                                  • Crocodile River Camp
                          3. Mwaleshi Camp (North Luangwa)

Owners & Hosts:       John and Carol Coppinger
                      John Coppinger was born and raised in Zambia, educated in Zimbabwe and then worked his
                      way round the globe from the diamond mines of South West Africa (now Namibia) to the oilfields
                      of the North Sea and Iran. He returned to Zambia in 1984 to pursue his lifelong dream to work
                      with wildlife. After 12 years of working in the Luangwa Valley he and his wife Carol finally created
                      Remote Africa Safaris in 1995. Their two children, Christine and Jenny, were both born and
                      raised in the Luangwa Valley and Tafika remains their home.
                      Carol Coppinger was born and raised in South Africa. She was first introduced to the bush in
                      1981 when she joined John on an extended safari through the region. She sacrificed a promising
                      business career and moved to the Luangwa with John in 1984. Both her children were born and
                      raised in the Valley and Carol home schooled them at Tafika until 2001 when they entered
                      boarding school. In addition to this impressive feat she does the company accounts, supervises
                      the camps' catering and re-supply, manages the Mkasanga School Fund and runs a clinic. In her
                      spare time she entertains our guests!

Responsible Tourism   Remote Africa plays an active role in the Mkasanga School sponsoring teachers’ salaries as well
                      as pupils’ tuition. They have also dedicated a place on their website where one can find
                      newsletters and updates on the school and its pupil’s progress.

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                                                      Tafika Camp

Location                Tafika Camp in the South Luangwa National Park is the base camp for Remote Africa Safaris
                        and is nestled in the shade of giant Leadwood trees.
                        - Open DURING the dry season (May to Nov) it offers excellent game viewing by foot, open
                          vehicle and microlight.
                        - The camp accommodates 12 guests in 6 spacious chalets. The camp is the home of John and
                          Carol Coppinger, giving it a relaxed family atmosphere. Situated just outside the Nsefu Sector
                          of the South Park.

Access:                 Via Mfuwe Airport (with customs and immigration, for those coming from Malawi) plus a 2-hour
                        road transfer to camp or 15 minute charter flight to Lukuzi airstrip. We do recommend the air
                        transfer as it is much quicker and far more comfortable; although it does cost a little extra it is
                        very much worth it!!!

Visas:                    VISA:
                                                                Other Nationalities                    SADAC

                                   Single Entry                       US$ 50
                                                                                                       No fees
                           Double Entry or Multiple Entry             US$ 80

Room Types:             - The lodge has 6 basic reed chalets with thatched roofs and open-air bathrooms
                        - Each chalet has two double beds, an under-cover veranda and an en-suite bathroom with
                          double vanities, flush loos, hot and cold running water and solar powered lighting
                        - There is one large family chalet offering two bedrooms, one with a king-sized bed, the other
                          with two double beds and a spacious bathroom to share; ideal for guests travelling with children
                        - The honeymoon chalet has one extra large king bed and the en-suite has a double shower

Children's facilities   Children under the age of 10 years may be accepted at Tafika at management discretion and will
and Policy              be given separate children’s dinner at night. Parents are advised to request a private game
                        viewing vehicle for maximum flexibility. For Walking Safaris children must be aged 12 years or

Guest Facilities:       24 hours inverted power (220V), centrally located recharging facilities, solar borehole, bar,
                        laundry, satellite telephone available and landline (for emergency use).

Activities:             - Walking Safaris: The Luangwa is renowned for its walking safaris and here at Tafika the
                          walking safaris are guided by some of the most respected and experienced guides in the valley.
                        - Night Drives: All vehicles are open, comfortable and accommodate usually only four guests,
                          but never more than six, allowing for good photographic opportunities. Sundowners are taken
                          overlooking the Luangwa River, after which a spotlight is brought into play, revealing Africa's
                          nocturnal wildlife
                        - Micro lighting: This is an optional extra offered. John Coppinger is the pilot; flights of 15
                          minutes duration provide memories of a lifetime! These cannot be pre-booked. Flights are
                          subject to John Coppinger being present at the time.
                        - Cultural Visits: For guests that are interested in visiting Mkasanga, the local village and
                          school, an hour or two may be spent being shown around by the headmaster and the women of
                          the village. You will be guided by a staff member from Tafika.
                        - Cycling Safaris: For the more active guests, cycling and walking can be a part of your stay
                          with Remote Africa Safaris. All cycling and walking safaris are accompanied by a National
                          Parks armed scout.

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                                        Chikoko Walking Trails

Location         Chikoko Walking Trails operates slightly upstream of Tafika on the opposite bank of the
                 Luangwa in a wilderness area of great natural beauty teeming with big game. It was here that
                 David Livingstone made his famous statement and little has changed since then.
                 The Luangwa is renowned for walking safaris. The area is exceptionally scenic, contains an
                 abundance of wildlife and is unique in being designated a Wilderness Area. This means there are
                 no roads: all game viewing is done on foot. The scene remains virtually unchanged since 17th
                 December 1866 when David Livingstone crossed the Luangwa at 'Perekani', just a few hundred
                 metres from Chikoko.

                 - 3 or 4 day walking trails are operated with 1 to 2 nights at each camp.
                 - Trails are limited to a maximum of 6 guests at a time, thereby ensuring a personalized and
                   quality wilderness experience.
                 - Chikoko Walking Trails differ as both Chikoko Tree Camp and Crocodile River Camp are
                   situated inside wilderness areas without any roads, you walk from camp to camp, and your
                   luggage portered on ahead.
                 - A maximum of 6 guests per trail may be accommodated, accompanied by a Remote Africa
                   Safaris guide, a National Parks armed scout and a tea bearer who brings up the rear lending
                   another pair of eyes for spotting the action.

                 The camps you will be staying in are simple structures made from thatch and pole, blending with
                 the colours and aromas of the bush around you. Overlooking plains filled with game, there is
                 always something to watch as you rest in camp during the midday heat. Chikoko rooms are 3m
                 above the ground to perfect the view during your afternoon siesta.

Access:          Access to the camp:
                 Chikoko Tree Camp
                 - Via Mfuwe Airport plus a 2-hour road transfer to the Luangwa / or short charter flight to Lukuzi
                    airstrip, a 30 min. drive to the crossing point, then a river crossing followed by a 10 minute
                    walk to camp.
                 Crocodile River Camp
                 - To get to Crocodile River Camp guests can walk from Tafika (approximately 1 hour direct
                    walk), from Chikoko Treecamp (approx 1 and a half hours direct walk) or from a Luangwa
                    river crossing 30 minutes walk from Crocodile River Camp. All luggage and supplies are
                    portered ahead of the guests into camp.
                 - Via Mfuwe Airport (with customs and immigration) plus a 2-hour road transfer to the Luangwa
                    river crossing followed by a river crossing and a 40 minute walk to camp.
                 - Via Lukuzi airstrip plus a 20-minute road transfer to river followed by a river crossing and a 40
                    minute walk to camp.

Accommodation:   Chikoko Tree Camp:
                 The design for Chikoko Treecamp is very unique. There are 3 chalets all on stilts raised
                 approximately 3 meters above the ground.
                 As far as possible only local materials have been used in building the chalets. The floors have
                 been constructed from seasoned, dead mopane poles on top of which a traditional earthen floor
                 is compacted rather than using precious hardwood planks.
                 Guests can enjoy views across Acacia Park from the comfort of their beds, which is always
                 teeming with game. Overhead reed awnings ensure good shade and protection from the
                 occasional shower of rain. Each chalet has en suite flush toilets, wash hand basins and showers.

                 Crocodile River Camp:
                 Crocodile camp overlooks a dry Ox Bow lake and is situated across the river from Tafika
                 between Chikoko Treecamp and Tafika. (About 4 kms from Chikoko). As with Chikoko Tree
                 Camp, Crocodile River camp only has 3 chalets, all built from local materials, with en suite flush
                 toilets, wash hand basins and showers.

Room Types:      The camps have 3 double chalets each so therefore can only each sleep a maximum of 6

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In-room facilities:     Solar lighting. The chalets all have en-suite bathrooms with open air showers and running water
                        supplied from over-head drums that are filled daily. Hot water is provided in the evening for
                        showers however, this can be also be requested at any other time of the day if required.

Children's facilities   The camp only accepts children of 12 years and older.
and Policy

Activities:             Walking safaris

                                                   Mwaleshi Camp

Location                Mwaleshi Camp, an enigmatic walking camp, accommodates a maximum of 7 guests within the
                        remote North Luangwa National Park. Situated on a scenic bend of the Mwaleshi River ten
                        kilometres from the Luangwa confluence, this is a place of peace and simplicity, contrasted with
                        stunning wildlife action. It enriches the soul and quickens the senses. . The remoteness of the
                        North Park, an area legendary for its large population of lion, huge herds of buffalo and endemic
                        Cookson's Wildebeest, is enhanced by the lack of roads.

Access:                 Via air in a single engine 5 seater plane to the Mwaleshi airstrip and then a 15-minute drive or a
                        45-minute walk to the camp.

Accommodation:          The camp has 4 double chalets. The chalets are basic reed structures, with walls to a halfway

In-room facilities:      Solar lighting. The chalets have en-suite flush toilets and running water from overhead drums
                         that are filled daily. Hot water is provided in the evening unless otherwise requested. There is a
                         centrally located invertor re-charging facility available for guest’s use.

Children's facilities   The camp only accepts children of 12 years and older.
and Policy

Activities:             Daily walking safaris
                        A day trip to the Mwaleshi Falls upstream of the camp, has been rated by one travel writer as a
                        top highlight in Zambia and is often possible if staying for four or more nights.
                        Recommended length of stay: 4 to 5 nights

Special details         Health and Safety Policy: All camps at Remote Africa Safaris are situated in a malaria region
                        and for this reason we recommend that you advise your clients to consult their doctor on suitable
                        malaria prophylactics.

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                                           CLASSIC RETREATS
                               JOHANNESBURG: Tel: +27 – 11 – 234 – 9557
        UNITED KINGDOM: Tel: +44 – 131 – 476 6822 * *

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