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									luxurious Customized
air Charters from
Global aviation
G l o b a l av i at i o n H o l d i n G s n ow o f f e r s i n t e r n at i o n a l b u s i n e s s C l a s s
a i r C r a f t f o r u p t o 1 0 0 G u e s t s . t H i s b 7 6 7 - l u X u r Y s e rv i C e i s o p e r at e d
b Y n o r t H a m e r i C a n a i r l i n e s , i n p a r t n e r s H i p w i t H m lw a i r .

lu X u rY
experience the luxury of highly trained flight attendants and experienced cockpit crews
that offer an outstanding level of safety, comfort and service that will bring you back
time and again, ensuring that you will make us your luxury carrier of choice.

our customized b767 wide-body aircraft with range for a ten hour, non-stop flight is
equipped with comfortable dual aisle (2-2-2 configuration) seating. the 100 modern
leather seats with 60 inches of pitch and comfortable 140° recline provide excellent,
restful seating for the highest level of comfort. in addition, the new nu-look ergo
interior features extra large bin space and conveniently accommodates head height up
to eight feet, while multiple Cabin lighting helps to create the appropriate mood.
                                                                                                    Join the list of heads
                                                                                                    of state, diplomats,
t e C H n o l o G Y & s e rv i C e                                                                  Celebrities, entertainers,
we offer the latest in technology with Hd lCd displays for cabin movies, flight                     fortune 500 Companies,
tracking maps, and in seat power for laptops. our ipod cabin entertainment technology               professional sports
adds to the vip experience.
                                                                                                    teams, private parties
                                                                                                    and individuals that have
Customized in-flight catering to suit your passengers’ needs is an important ingredient
of an enjoyable travel experience. we give new meaning to the term “in-flight Catering”             experienCed the highest
offering a wide selection high quality food and beverages tailored to your requirements             standard of luxurious,
and exceeding your expectations.                                                                    Customized air transport
                                                                                                    on this airCraft.

ease of CHeCK-in
dedicated staff will assure a hassle-free check-in and arrival process including access
to lounges and vip handling and treatment at airports.

with a reputation for first-class customer service, technical and operational
performance, and excellence in safety, Global aviation and its subsidiaries set the
standard for Customized air transport including charter flight services. Contact us
for a quote and experience our superior sales and account management professionals
who will attend to every detail of your charter flight.

                             pa s s e n G e r s a l e s                             b 7 6 7- l u x u ry
                                                                                    o p e r at e d b y
                                                                                 north ameriCan
                                                                                       airlines in
               usa: +1 (800) 967.5310           usa: +1 (800) 967.5310              pa r t n e r s h i p
               int’l: +1 (770) 632.8003         int’l: +1 (214) 538.5425            W i t h m lW a i r
Luxur y Air Charter Specifications
d e ta i l e d i n f o

B767-200E M
s e at m a p, G a l l eY s, l avato r i e s, w i n G a n d e X i t p o s i t i o n s

                                                                                                    b767-200e m
                                                                                                    d e s i G n d ata & f e at u r e s
                                                                                                    engine type                       Ge Cf6-80a
                                                                                                    approximate range                 5,000 miles
                                                                                                    max block Hour range              10 hrs
                                                                                                    max takeoff weight                320,000 lbs
                                                                                                    max landing weight                269,432 lbs

• B 767- LU X U RY pRo d Uct                                                                        max Zero fuel weight              247,478 lbs
                                                                                                    fuel Capacity                     16,700 usG
• 10 H o U R R A N G E w i t H 18 0 E to p s
                                                                                                    wing span                         156 ft 1 in
• Vip HAssLE-FREE cHEcK iN
                                                                                                    overall length                    159 ft 2 in
• d UA L A i s L E A R R A N G E M E N t                                                            tail Height                       52 ft
• A L L 60 i N c H pi tc H BU s i N E s s c L A s s s E At i N G                                    interior Cabin width              15 ft 6 in
• c U s to M i z E d o N - B oA R d sE RV i c E                                                     seat layout                       2-2-2
                                                                                                    seat pitch                        60 in
• H i G H d E F i N i t i o N E N t E RtA i N M E N t s Y s t E M
                                                                                                    seat recline                      140°
• F L i G H t t R Ac K A N d E N - Ro U t E i N F o R M At i o N
                                                                                                    sellable seats                    100
• i N - s E At p ow E R F o R L A p to p s A N d i p o d s                                          Cargo volume                      3,180 cu ft

                                                                            Gl aH.Com
    Ca rG o s a le s                                                                                                 passe nGer s ales                                                   101 world drive                  
    usa: +1 (800) 227.4620                                      peachtree City, Ga 30269-6965 usa                    usa: +1 (800) 967.5310
    int’l: +1 (770) 632.8382                                             +1 (770) 632.8000                           int’l: +1 (770) 632.8003

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