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									Web Site Development Brief 2009
A.        Summary

  This development brief is designed to assist the web site designer in producing a
  working site. We expect creative design and encourage the designer to question any
  assumptions we have made.

  Vacationboat.com will operate as a portal site. Boat owners and Boat
  Charter companies will be able to advertise their boats on the site.
  Customers will be able to search for a suitable boat and contact the owner

   Holiday villa rental sites such as www.holiday-rentals.com operate is a similar
  way. Advertisers wanting to advertise boats for charter can upload details onto a
  template which then forms part of an on line searchable database. Advertisers pay
  an annual fixed fee.

  it will incorporate all the best features of other competitor’s sites, for example

B.        Similar Sites for Comparison

  B.1     Boatbookings.com
  Functionally it is very similar to what we need to achieve. The key difference is that
  boatbookings.com operates as a travel agency and makes the bookings directly. We
  plan to simply direct enquiries to the boat owners who will arrange the bookings
  directly. Visually we prefer the look and feel of holiday-rentals.com but presented
  in a more refined way.

B.1.1 Good Points

       Functionally it does most things we want to do

       Location search broken down into countries and ports is good

       Logo is good

       Simple Map Search graphic linked to regional entry pages is good. We
        prefer the larger map with the zoom to area function at the bottom of the
        home page. We like the map to be placed at the top of the site like that in

       Multilingual function is good but should be at the top not the bottom of the
        page. We like the one on www.princessyacht.com with the drop down
          menu. There is also a good example on the rivayacht site which is very
          simple and avoids the use of flags.

       Very clear search results. Please also review the search results page on
        www.holiday-rentals.com which is very well laid out.


  Aesthetically the site is too fussy. The customer is very discerning and we want to
  create a more refined luxury feel more in line with high end yachting brands such
  as: www.riva-yacht.com, www.princessyachts.com , www.sunseeker.com
  However we appreciate that the layout will need to be a compromise between sleek
  graphics and optimization for search engines.

  B.2     Rentabo.com
  Whilst we like some aspects of rentabo site it does not function well in many areas;

B.2.1 Good Points

       Good search results page

       Good Boat details page

       Good photo viewer

       Rentabo information area, help, info about us etc

       Information pages

       Forum Area


       Loads slowly

       Whilst a site of this nature will rely heavily on images and graphics it is
        essential to keep page loading times down.

       The site is translated from German sometimes badly. Our site will be in
        English with options to translate into other languages. We want the option
        to have sister sites in other languages which can be search engine optimized
        to their native languages.

       The search functions are confusing.
       Home page not particularly inspiring – simplicity and consistency are key,
        there is no search facility on the home page.

       No bookmark this page / email to friend function – our design should
        include this.

B.2.3 Additional features required but not found on this site:

       SMS texting facility to notify owners that an enquiry has been made (see

       A Boat exchange function (when listing select if you would consider
        exchanging boats with other members)

       A way for us to bring together several families or individuals to jointly
        charter a Yacht. (

  B.3     luxuryachtvacation.com
B.3.1 Good Points

       Good clear homepage with excellent search facility.

B.3.2 Bad Points

       Generally the site looks somewhat dated.

       Search results tables and individual boats profiles are uninspiring.

B.3.3 Additional features required but not found on this site:

       Many!

  B.4     Other Sites with similar Functionality
  The following sites are not boat rental sites but real estate rental. Functionally They
  operate on very similar lines: Database Search ….. Make Contact …..Book.


  This is a very successful site. The current design is a useful starting point for
  the designer. Although we want to take on a more luxurious and nautical
  feel. Our initial home page layout takes ideas from this site as well as from
  www. crowdspring.com
  You should use the results page and the listing pages based on the ones in
  holiday rentals website (modified with the fields found on

  We like the live search filters at the side of the page.


  Overall good feel. Well laid out site


  Good mellow color scheme just slightly sickly, good that you don’t need to scroll
  down to see entire home page but prefer simple side bar and/or top tags.


  This successful real estate site is very well designed. It is based on a simple ebay
  style functional design. We would like to emulate the sidebar +/- search filters.

B.4.1 Nautical Sites, for Visual Inspiration:

  The site needs to say ‘Understated Nautical Luxury the front image encapsulates
  the theme.

  http://www.bertram.com/ …..slow but good

  http://www.princessyachts.com stunning yet simple

  www.riva-yacht.com Timeless simplicity

  http://www.sunseeker.com/ high end product…focus on the beauty of the product.

C.        Business Model

  Boat owners will pay a fixed annual fee to post an advertisement on the site.

  The business plan at this stage is to waive the fee for the first 12 months to
  encourage potential advertisers to post their details and develop a substantial
  database of boats. The provision to either collect payment details needs to be

  Once the site is listing a thousand yachts we will reduce the free trial period down
  to 6 or 3 months (in stages) finally we will introduce an annual fee.

  We intend to advertise the site in the US & European press and also directly market
  it to property owners whose e-mail details can be found in newspapers and
magazines. A database of prospective clients will be created as part of the back end
database and will link in to the database of owners who have placed their properties
on the site.

D.       Optimisation

The site needs to be designed with search engine optimization built into the
structure not as an afterthought.

We note that similar property sites are able to place actual properties next to
specific location searches for example: Google search for ‘holiday villa in Rhonda
Spain’ Returns:


, Our site must be designed to do the same. We expect that the site will somehow
create static landing pages for every conceivable combination of keyword searches,
for example ‘charter yachts in Cyprus’ would bring up a particular landing page.
This process needs to be fully automated and its careful integration will be very
critical in the success of the site.

E.       Features

  I. Visually the site must be logical and professional looking very simple to use,
     enjoyable to operate and encourage both the renter and the owner to browse
     at leisure.

      The site should be designed to be multilingual and be translated into at least
       : French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese
       buysellcyprus.com is a good model to follow, we need advice on the best
       way to do this, either by machine or hand.translation. We may also
       consider alternative country specific domains which are fully targeted at
       different regions. This strategy has been followed by holiday-rentals.com
       who also have a series of sister sites in foreign languages.

      Site Logo should appear in favorites if a link is saved. The logo also needs
       to show in the browser bar.

 II. Payment will be taken on line probably by paypal / world-pay – This need s
     to be integrated from the start even though payments will be deferred for the
     first year. A merchant account will be set up to accept payments. We will
     also accept cheques by post to an address yet to be determined.
F.       Backend User Interface

 In addition to the site itself a full user programmable back end interface needs to be
 designed which will allow the manager to carry out management functions

      Managing advertising banners on all pages should they be used.

      Adding an announcements such as a special offer / Yacht of the week etc.

      Amending links to partner sites

      Reviewing and editing advertisers postings (option to upload directly or
       hold and review)

      Ability to mass mail to all advertisers or those based on specified criteria.

      Ability to easily modify information text on the site pages without
       knowledge of programming. This needs to be done without risk of
       modification to the page templates.

 Designer should refer to sites noted above to see exactly how they function. Note:
 entering dummy details can access the Owners area of most sites.

G.       Logo & Corporate Identity

 As for the logo keep it simple and nautical. We are very keen to get this right. It
 may be just a clever stylish font with a slight twist

H.       Your Proposal

 You are required to submit the following with your proposal

      3 examples of your best websites which ideally should operate in a similar

      Your personal profile and that of any others who will be working on the
       design or programming

      Once the site is developed we realize it will need modification, and fine
       tuning. Please give your hourly rate to do any future site maintenance. (post
       beta rectification) Alternatively we may be prepared to pay a monthly
       retainer to continue to work for us on a contracted rate.

      Detailed fee breakdown with times and manner of payment.
      Please give a brief summary of the technical means by which you will
       design the site and further details of any CMS you intend to use including
       any ongoing costs. Include information on language translation options,
       search engine optimization including use of landing pages for specific
       searches such as ‘charter yacht/boat in named destination’

I.      The Owner of Vacation Boat

Jonathan Williams is a UK Architect who is currently working in Oman in the
Middle East. I am hoping to develop this online business together with another two
which are in the ideas stage. One of the sites rentabreak.com may be developed as a
sister site using the same look and feel but applied to out of season holiday homes
rental for retirees.


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