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									University of Wisconsin System              REQUEST FOR BID #LT-06-2335
780 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53715

                           SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF BID

 1. SCOPE: The University of Wisconsin-Extension requests bids for Printing
    the 2006-2007 Introduction to the UW System Books.
2. DELIVERY: Delivery is required per the specifications. Please state if the
   delivery schedule can be made.

3. F.O.B. DESTINATION/INSIDE: Books are to be delivered to the University of
   Wisconsin-Extension Madison, Wisconsin. (two locations) Bid prices should
   include all packing, unloading and transportation charges.

4. QUOTATION AND AWARD PROCEDURES: This RFQ is issued by the University of
   Wisconsin System Purchasing Department which is the sole point of contact
   for the State during the selection process.

    4.1 Clarification of the Specifications: If additional information is
        necessary to assist the bidder in interpreting specifications, direct
        all questions to Lori Taylor, System Procurement, Telephone: (608)
        263-4380. Technical questions should be directed to Randy Parvin,
        Telephone: 608/263-4567.
    4.2 Revisions to this RFQ: In the event it becomes necessary to provide
        additional clarifying information or data to revise any part of this
        request for quotation, this information will be provided in the form
        of an addendum to this request for quotation.

        If a prospective bidder discovers any significant ambiguity, error,
        conflict, discrepancy, omission or other deficiency in this RFQ, the
        prospective bidder must immediately notify University of Wisconsin
        System Purchasing of the error and request modification or
        clarification of the document. If notification of such error is
        received and University of Wisconsin System issues a modification or
        clarification, it will be in the form of an addendum and will be made
        available to all parties receiving this RFQ.

        In the event that an addendum is issued, vendors submitting a bid
        response must acknowledge receipt of such addendum, in accordance with
        accompanying instructions.
    4.3 Deviations and Exceptions: Any deviations from and/or any exceptions
        taken to the conditions and/or specifications shall be described fully
        on the bidder's letterhead. University of Wisconsin-Extension
        reserves the right, however, to disqualify any bid if a deviation or
        exception to the conditions and/or specifications is determined to be
        contrary to the best interest of the University.
    4.4 NOTE: The state has implemented a registration fee for vendors who
        wish to be placed on the state's bidders list. An annual fee of
        $125.00 ($65.00 for Certified Minority Businesses and Work Centers)
        (Fee is currently waived) will ensure that you will receive any
        bid/proposal over $25,000.00 that occurs statewide in your
        commodity/service area. In the future, this bid/proposal will be
        automatically sent to you if you are registered on VendorNet. To
        obtain information on the state's registration process, please visit
        the VendorNet Web site at <<>> or call the
        VendorNet Information Center (1-800-482-7813). In the Madison area,
        please call 264-7897 or 264-7898.
      4.5 Response Submission: Vendors should submit a unit price and total net
          price as indicated on the Request for Quotation Form. Complete and
          return the following by the date and time indicated on the Request for
          Quotation Form:
          Signed Request for Quotation Form; Two Copies
          Samples as requested;
          Any deviations or exception taken;
         The complete quotation as described must be packaged, sealed, and
         labeled with the enclosed Sealed Bid Label or a reasonable facsimile
         thereof. Deliver bid packages to University of Wisconsin System
         Purchasing Department; 780 Regent Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53715
         prior to the date and time indicated. Bidders must allow sufficient
         time for delivery of their quotation. Quotations not received on time
         and/or are not signed will be rejected.

5.    METHOD OF AWARD: Award for this bid will be made to the lowest
      responsible bidder. The lowest responsible bidder is defined as: the
      bidder with the lowest price; the ability of the bidder to meet the
      required schedule; qualifications of the bidder to perform to
      specifications are also taken into consideration. The Printer must have
      proven ability to produce job as specified. This bid will not be awarded
      to brokers.
6.    RETURN OR REPLACEMENT PRIVILAGE: The University of Wisconsin-Extension
      reserves the right to return any unsatisfactory or defective books ordered
      for up to 30 days after receiving the equipment for immediate replacement.
      During the first 30 days, the vendor will be responsible for paying
      shipping charges for both the return of the defective books and for
      shipping the replacement books.

     7. SPECIFICATIONS:    The specifications attached are the minimum acceptable
        for the printing   desired. Bids should be for the same or equal
        alternates. Each   bid must clearly identify the manufacturer and stock to
        be used for this   job.

      Failure to include any of the information requested will be considered as
      justification for rejection of the bid. The University of Wisconsin
      System Purchasing Department will determine if equipment satisfactorily
      meets specifications.

8.     PAYMENT TERMS: The University of Wisconsin requires Net 30-day payment
       terms. The net 30 payment period will begin upon acceptance of the
       delivered product. Your bid will be rejected if COD or pre-payment is
9.     NON-COLLUSION AFFIDAVIT: The vendor representative submitting and signing
       a response to this bid deposes that their firm has not, either directly or
       indirectly, entered into any agreement or participated in any collusion or
       otherwise taken any action in restraint of free competition; that no
       attempt has been made to induce any other person or firm to submit or not
       to submit a bid; that this bid has been independently arrived at without
       collusion with any other bidder, competitor or potential competitor; that
       this bid has not been knowingly disclosed prior to the opening or bid to
       any other bidder or competitor; that the above statement is accurate under
       penalty or perjury. Furthermore, if awarded the contract, the vendor's
       firm will comply with all terms, conditions, and specifications required
       by University of Wisconsin-Extension in this solicitation for bids.
10.   ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: All bids must be signed. Bid envelope should be
      labeled with the enclosed Sealed Bid Label and delivered to 780 Regent
      Street, Madison, WI, 53715, by the date and time indicated on the Request

      Please contact Lori Taylor at 608/263-4380 if you have questions regarding
      this bid.
      Technical questions should be directed to Randy Parvin, Telephone:

11.   BIDDER QUALIFICATIONS: Bidders must be authorized dealers, distributors
      or representatives for the manufacturer of the equipment being bid. They
      must also be capable of providing replacement parts, repair services,
      manufacturer’s warranty and consulting services for the operation,
      maintenance and equipment repair.

12.   AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: The bidder awarded this contract will be required to
      submit a written affirmative action plan within fifteen (15) days of the
      award. Contractors with an annual work force of less than ten employees
      are excluded from this requirement. Failure to provide a timely
      acceptable statement will result in cancellation of the contract.

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