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Comparison of MaYing-jeou and Frank Hsiehs Cross-Strait Policies


									Comparison of MaYing-jeou and Frank Hsieh’s Cross-Strait Policies

                Candidate          Ma Ying-jeou                      Frank Hsieh
Policy Issues
Direct flight               Immediately start              On the basis of giving
                            negotiations on direct         considerations to both
                            flights after assuming office Taiwan’s self-identity and
                            on May 20. Before July         openness, support
                            first, the “Weekend Charter cross-Strait direct flights.
                            Flights” will be in effect.    These direct flights will be
                            Before the end of this year, complementary to measures
                            daily charter flights will be opening up tourism.
                            in effect. By June next year, Expanded charter flights
                            “charter flights” will turn    will be in effect within three
                            into “regular flights.”        months.
On Mainland China           Limited recognition on         No recognition of Mainland
Diplomas                    university diplomas            China university diplomas.
                            received in Mainland           Questioned Ma Ying-jeou
                            China. Exams on                for flip-flopping on this
                            professional certificates will issue.
                            not be open to those with
                            university diplomas from
                            Mainland China.
Real Estate                 Open investments from          Open investments from
                            Mainland to Taiwan in the      Mainland to Taiwan, but
                            real estate market, but        restrictions will be placed,
                            speculations in real estate    e.g., on common dwelling
                            are prohibited.                houses.
Labors                      Do not allow Mainland          If Mainland laborers enter
                            Chinese laborers to enter      Taiwan, laborers in Taiwan
                            Taiwan.                        will lose their jobs.
Agricultural products       Prohibit Mainland              Prohibit Mainland
                            agricultural products from     agricultural products from
                            entering Taiwan, but           entering Taiwan. Regarding
                            support the selling of         selling Taiwanese
                            Taiwan agricultural            agricultural products to the
                            products to the Mainland.      Mainland, he thinks that
                                                           Mainlanders will not be
                                                           able to afford these products
                                                           or will pirate or even steal
                                                           the agricultural production
Mainland tourists           Allow Mainland tourists        Allow Mainland tourists to
                            visit to Taiwan before July    visit Taiwan. In the
                            first. In the beginning,       beginning only allow 1,000
                            allow only 3,000 Mainland tourists per month, and
                            tourists per day, and raise to adjust to 3,000 depending
                            5,000 people the following on conditions.
                            year. In the third year and
                            fourth year will allow 7,000
                            and 10,000 tourists per day,
Finance                     Under the premise of           Establish a cross-Strait
                            cross-Strait regulatory and    regulatory and control
                            control mechanisms, move mechanism, encouraging
                            towards a more open            Taiwanese banks to
                            scheme.                        establish branches or
                                                           subsidiary banks in the
                                                           Mainland. Allowing
                                                           Mainland banks to set up
                                                           representative offices in
                                                           Taiwan. Further opening
                                                           will depend on the
                                                           cross-Strait development
                                                           situation over time.
Investment                  Lift the investment ceiling    Replace the 40 %
                            of 40 %, but with              investment ceiling with case
                            complementary measures,        by case determination and
                            leaving the investment roots dynamic management.
                            in Taiwan.
Source: United Daily News

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