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Receipt Printer Set Up

      Receipt printers need to be set up only once per workstation. However, there may be a time when the set
      up needs to be redone (either a new computer is added to the library, or the current settings are reset).
      This document explains how to set up and customize receipt printing.

      Receipt Printing must be done once for each workform where you want to print. These are the different
      workforms where receipt printing can be set up:
              - Check Out
              - Check In
              - Request Manager
              - Hold Request
              - Patron Status (for renewal & fine printing)
              - Item Record

      To set up receipt printing:

          1) Open the workform where you want to print
          2) Select Tools, Options…
                 The Receipt/Slip tabbed page appears.

          3)   Select one or more of the available receipt/slip check boxes
          4)   Select the style option (receipt for printing receipts, and page for printing on a full page printer)
          5)   Select the printer you’d like to use in the printer box, and the corresponding driver.
          6)   Click OK
          7)   Repeat steps 1-6 for each of the workforms where you’d like to print.

      YRL Polaris Training                        Receipt Printer Set Up                                July 6, 2009
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Receipt Printer Set Up

      Changing the Customizable Receipt Printer Message

          1) Click on Circulation – Options
          2) Select the Receipt Printer Options tab

          3) Type in the text that will appear at the bottom of your receipts.

      YRL Polaris Training                     Receipt Printer Set Up            July 6, 2009

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