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					  Weekend Degree Program
  Summer Schedule

         Summer 2010 Weekend Degree Program

The Weekend Degree Program Summer term meets for one
Sunday and eight Saturdays. You can take one or two classes
during this time:

       Sunday, May 16,                                                            WDP Summer Semester
       Saturdays, May 22, June 5, 12, 19, 26, July 10, 17, 24                       Important Dates:
                                                                                  March 22 Registration begins
Morning Class times:
Sunday 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm; Saturdays 8:30 am – 12:00 pm                           April 1   Scholarship applications
                                                                                            due for the Summer term

Afternoon Class times:                                                            May 1     Non-WDP students may
                                                                                            register for the Summer
Sunday 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm; Saturdays 12:45 pm – 4:15 pm                                      WDP classes

                                                                                  May 14    Last day to register for
Registration begins: Monday, March 22 at 8:00 am. Last day to                               the Summer term
register for the Summer Weekend term is Friday, May 14.
                                                                                  May 16    Sunday Preassignment
Register on-line (current students), or (with a registration form) in
                                                                                  May 29    NO CLASSES
the Weekend Degree Office, Alter Hall Rm. 102, by mail or fax,
(513) 745-3055                                                                    June 1     Non-WDP students may
                                                                                            register for the Fall WDP
For more information contact the Weekend Degree Program Staff
                                                                                  June 4    Deadline to apply for
or visit our website.                                                                       August Graduation

                                                                                  July 3    NO CLASSES

                                                                                  July 15   Last day to withdraw from
                                                                                            Summer WDP classes

Weekend Degree Program Office Hours:
       Mondays - Thursdays:     8:00am - 7:00pm
       Fridays                  8:00am - 5:00pm
       Saturdays                8:00am - 3:00pm / 8:00am - 2:00pm in the summer
       Preassignment Sundays   10:30am - 2:30pm

               With the Weekend Degree Program,
              You Can Do Anything in Eight Weeks!
Student Tips:
     Once you have been accepted and have registered for classes, you will need the following:

          ALL Card – This is your student ID which is needed to log onto “MYXU.XU.EDU”, obtain
          your grades, view your schedule, drop or add classes etc.
          • The All Card Center is open Pre-assignment Sunday, May 16th and Saturday, June
             5th from 11am – 2pm as well as their weekday hours.
          Payment Agreement Form - Every new student is required to select a payment option
          and sign the payment agreement. For further information, please contact the Student
          Accounts Division of the Office of the Bursar at (513) 745-4841, or visit
          Books – The bookstore is located in Gallagher Student Center or on-line at
          www.xu.edu/bookstore. The Bookstore is open Pre-assignment Sundays from 11am –
          2pm and most Saturdays 11am – 4pm.

     Meet with an advisor regularly. This service is free and essential to your progress at Xavier.
     Your advisor will keep you on track with your academic goals. You really don’t want to take a
     class you do not need. If you plan to register on-line, you can always make a phone advising
     appointment (or send an e-mail) to assure you are taking the right courses.

     If you register for a class it is your responsibility to “drop” the class if you are unable to
     attend. You may drop classes on-line or by coming in and filling out a “drop/add” form (or fax
     your form to 513-745-3055). If you do not drop the class, you will be responsible for paying
     for the class, it will show up as a “VF” on your transcript, and be calculated as an “F” in your

     Each semester, the schedule lists important dates. Be sure to read the schedule so that you
     do not miss Priority Registration, Graduation Application deadlines, Refund schedules etc.

     Transitions: This is an orientation event for all non-traditional students and it is held twice a
     year, in August and January, before the start of the Fall & Spring semesters. New students
     will receive an invitation in the mail, or call the WDP office for more information.

Remember, as a Weekend Degree student, you are permitted to take day and evening classes.
However, at least 50% of your total hours each semester must be on the weekend.
Weekend Degree Program Tuition:                 $575.00 per credit hour
                                                $605.00 per credit hour NEW business majors*

All non-Weekend Degree students given permission to take the Weekend Degree Program
courses should consult the University course schedule for a complete listing of tuition charges.
*This rate does not apply to students attending prior to Summer 2010.
Weekend Degree Program Refund Schedule:
      Classes dropped:
            Prior to 1st Saturday class meeting          100%
            Prior to 2 Saturday class meeting             60%
            Prior to 3rd Saturday class meeting           20%
            After 3 Saturday class meeting                 0%
      NOTE: Lab fees are non-refundable after Pre-Assignment date. 
                                    WDP Course Schedule Summer 2010
                                      Printed: March 8, 2010
          Classes Meet: Sunday, May 16, Saturdays, May 22, June 5, 12, 19, 26, July 10, 17, 24

 CRN       Subj       Crse     Sec                           Title                  Instructor          Room           Notes
                    Morning Classes                     8:30am – noon (unless otherwise noted)

 57469     ACCT       200      19       Introductory Financial Acct             TBA                   HAI 19
 57285     CHEM       104      19       Enviro., Energy, Health II              Roy J. Cohen          LOG 205    ERS Focus Elective
 57286     CHEM       105      19       Enviro., Energy, Health II Lab          Roy J. Cohen          LOG 201    ERS Focus Elective
 57630     CLAS       245      19       Myth & Film                             Sean Burns            TBA
 57019     COMM       216      19       Photography I                           Indrawansa DeSilva    ALT 313    Fine Arts
 57594     ECON       201      19       Macroeconomic Principles                Eric S. Baumgardner   HAI 5      Social Science
 57160     EDFD       110      19       Human Development & Learning            Joseph C. Link        ALT 218    Social Science
 57308     ENGL       124      19       Studies in Fiction                      Jerry Cline-Bailey    ALT 213    Literature
 57322     MATH       115      19       Topics in Applied Mathematics           John R. Butz          ALT 216
 57270     PHIL       100      19       Ethics as Intro to Philosophy           Geoffrey S. Bagwell   ALT 214
 57037     PHYS       112      19       Our Universe: Color & Images            Lee C. Widmer         LND 103    Physics Lecture
                                                                                                                 *begins at 8am

 57038     PHYS       113      19       Our Universe: Color & Images lab        Lee C. Widmer         LND 103    Physics Lab
                                                                                                                 *begins at 8am

                   Afternoon Classes 12:45pm – 4:15 (unless otherwise noted)

 57616     BLAW       300      29       Legal Environment                       Norma Skoog           HAI 19     ERS Focus Elective;
                                                                                                                 Social Science
 57309     ENGL       205      29       Literature & Moral Imagination          Kelly R. Austin       ALT 213
 57012     MKTG       300      29       Principles of Marketing                 Chris W. Manolis      HAI 5      Social Science
 57271     PHIL       321      29       Business Ethics                         Gary A. Blahnik       ALT 214    ERS Focus Elective
 57039     PHYS       118      29       Our Universe: The Sky                   Lee C. Widmer         LND 103    Physics Lecture
                                                                                                                 *ends at 4:45

 57040     PHYS       119      29       Our Universe: The Sky Lab               Lee C. Widmer         LND 203    Physics Lab
                                                                                                                 *ends at 4:45

 57621     PSYC       101      29       General Psychology                      TBA                   TBA        Social Science
 57077     SOCI       264      29       Social Change                           Julie M. Stewart      ALT 216
 57227     THEO       111      29       Theological Foundations                 Michael J. Daley      ALT 218

                                       Courses With Special Times and Dates

 57333     UNST       100      01       EPU: Physically & Mentally Challenged   Maura A. Daily         ALT 222   Cultural Diversity
                                        Class meets:
                                        Sunday, 5/16, 11am - noon
                                        Friday, 5/21, 5pm – 9pm
                                        Sunday, 5/23 8am – 5pm

 57617     INFO       374      51       Intro. To Website Development           Gerald Braun           HAI 15
                                        Class meets:
                                        Friday, 7/31, 8:30am – 4:15pm
                                        Saturday, 8/1, 8:30am – 4:15pm
                                        Friday, 8/7, 8:30am – 4:15pm
                                        Saturday, 8/8, 8:30am – 4:15pm

Please refer to the university course catalog for Pre-Requisites.
Looking Ahead… 
               Xavier Weekend Degree Program                                                WEEKEND DEGREE
                    2009 – 2010 Calendar                                                        STAFF
             Preassignment                          Saturday Class Dates
                 Dates                                                                  Tricia Meyer
    TERM 5        May                      May                 June           July
                  16                       22              5, 12, 19, 26   10, 17, 24
                Holidays: No Saturday Classes Office Closed
                          May 29th - Memorial Day Weekend                               Kelly Akers
                         July 3rd - Independence Day Holiday                            Secretary
               Xavier Weekend Degree Program                                            Barb Garand
                                                                                        Program Advisor
                    2010 – 2011 Calendar                                                garand@xavier.edu
             Preassignment                          Saturday Class Dates
    TERM 1      August                   August             September       October
                  15                     21,28              4,11,18,25        2,9       Phone: (513)745-3030
    TERM 2      October                 October             November       December     Fax: (513)745-3055 
                  10                    16,23,30              6,13,20        4,11        
    TERM 3      January                 January              February       March
                   9                    15,22,29            5,12,19,26         5
    TERM 4       March                   March                 April          May
                   6                    12,19,26             2,9,16,30         7
    TERM 5        May                     May                  June           July
                  15                       21               4,11,18,25      9,16,23
                Holidays: No Saturday Classes Office Closed
                      November 27th - Thanksgiving Weekend
                  December 18th, 25th, January 1st, 8th - Winter Break
                            April 23rd - Easter Weekend
                         May 14th - Graduation Ceremony
                        May 28th - Memorial Day Weekend
                       July 2nd - Independence Day Holiday