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									    Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership and Newcastle Safeguarding Children Board
                                 Annual Conference 7th March 2008

                                                What You Said What We Did

Participants had the opportunity to attend two from a choice of 12 workshops and each workshop was asked to identify 3
actions to take forward in the next year.

                   What You Said                                               What We Did

                                          Aiming High for Disabled Children
1      Include Aiming High for Disabled          The Aiming High for disabled children agenda is being included in service
       Children in each Every Child Matter       planning across agencies. There is an increased awareness of the need for
       outcome.                                  services to evidence their contribution to improving outcomes for disabled
2      Engage with universal services to         Work is underway with parents/carers, children and young people to provide
       develop a Quality Mark, similar to the    a quality mark for all services appropriate for disabled young people in
       Inclusion Quality Framework               transition.
       (Education) as measure of service
       provision for disabled children.
3      Collection of base line data –            Improved arrangements are in place to collect data regarding short breaks
       overcome professional boundaries in       provided to disabled children. A needs assessment and gap analysis has
       information sharing.                      informed the commissioning arrangements for short break delivery.
                           Changing Trax: A Whole Family Approach to Supporting Families at Risk
4      To link Changing Trax training with       The training offered by Changing TraX has not been linked to Safe
       Safeguarding training.                    Guarding training at present. There are a number of initiatives happening
                                                 such as „Signs of Safety‟ which incorporates a solution focus approach
                                                 which Changing TraX uses this appears sufficient at the present time.
5      To support the embedding of Common        Use of CAF in conjunction with evidence based parenting programmes.
       Assessment Framework into                 Part of Changing TraX‟s core business is to deliver Strengthening Families
       professionals practice.                   (SFP 10 – 14) and support the delivery, in partnership with Barnardo‟s
                                                 Byker Sands Family Centre, of other evidence based parenting programmes
                                                 such as Incredible Years and Triple P.

                                              The evidence based parenting programmes delivered in Newcastle have a
                                              wealth of information showing their effectiveness gathered through robust
                                              randomised control trials and longitudinal studies. These programmes are
                                              most effective when delivered as part of a wider package of support co-
                                              ordinated through Social Care or the CAF process and it is in this vein that
                                              Changing TraX have hoped to support the embedding of the CAF
                                              assessment into professionals practice.

                                              Changing Trax have:

                                                 Undertaken a number of CAF assessments modelling the process to
                                                  other professionals
                                               Agreed to other professionals shadowing our staff whilst they complete
                                                  CAF assessments
                                               Attended CAF support groups discussing our work within the CAF
                                               Advertised the programmes as being most effective as part of a wider
                                                  package of support
                                               Developed information packs/presentations which include case studies
                                                  which demonstrate effective use of the CAF
                                               Ensured professionals signposting to our service provide details of CAFs
                                                  already undertaken and support them to undertake a CAF if possible
                                               Liaised with CAF Co-ordinator around CAF and linked practice such as
                                                  Solution Focused and Signs of Safety work
6   Secure funding for continuation of        Changing Trax: The project has secured funding from Working
    Changing Trax.                            Neighbourhoods until 2011. Following this we will need to secure
                                              mainstream funding. A business plan will be written to submit to the
                                              Families at Risk Steering Group and the Think Family Board. The robust
                                              collection of data in terms of the impact the project is having on a number of
                                              areas will be collected and presented.
                                            Safeguarding in the Community
7   Maximise the opportunities with the
    launch of the Independent
    Safeguarding Authority in the autumn.     Launch of ISA has been delayed until 12th October 2009.
    Take the safeguarding message to
    both community and media by

     cultivating relationships with editors,
     journalists and reports for Look North,
     Newcastle Journal, Tyne Tees
     Television. Have a concerted public
     awareness campaign and media plan
     for the autumn which provides
     opportunities for analysis and
     measurement of outcomes.
8    Revisit recent successes or „small step‟   The NSPCC working closely with the City Council and the NSCB has
     improvements in Safeguarding (e.g.         engaged with a number of local BME communities to support parents and
     Respect) and ensure that measures          carers through the delivery of Safeguarding programmes. The programmes
     are taken to build on good practice and    are being delivered by trained volunteers from each community. Other joint
     effectively share this information. Get    measures are being taken to build on previous „good practice‟ by reviewing
     professionals together to consolidate      recent initiatives. For example the work undertaken by the working group
     our current position for the launch of     on the NCH DVD on Safeguarding in Bangladeshi communities will be
     the Independent Safeguarding               integrated into the new Safeguarding programme for parents and carers.
     Authority.                                 Measures are being taken to adapt existing safeguarding products and
                                                resources to meet the needs of other ethnic groups.

                                                The Joint City Council/LSCB/NSPCC Summer Forum to be held on Tuesday
                                                30th June will build on the work undertaken between professionals and BME
                                                representatives to develop „good practice‟ in communities as well as to
                                                share the progress made since the inaugural conference in October 2007.
9    Look to opportunities to involve           The NSPCC and the NSCB are providing financial support to develop the
     children and young people in raising       work of the Muslim „Young Voices‟ group and to extend the model into other
     their fears and hopes for the future.      BME communities with the support of multi –agency initiatives. This initiative
     Take a critical look a the status of       will be monitored and evaluated so that progress can be assessed in
     consultation and opportunities for         creating more opportunities for children and young people to contribute to
     involvement of children and young          Participation and Consultation within their communities. These new
     people and give such forums a brief on     proposals for BME children and young people commenced in April 2009.
     Safeguarding that is consistent and
     relevant, and one which offers scope
     for learning and development.
                      Safe Sensible and Social: Developing the Action Plan for the Alcohol Strategy
10   Build on existing good practice such       Alcohol Education and Awareness-Raising:
     as:                                         “Trashed” Gibber (theatre in Education) performance for schools around
          Challenge 21                            binge drinking rolled out twice to all year 9s in the city
            use of Youth Service Bus to            Parents‟ alcohol awareness sessions run out through School Drug &
             target Alcohol and Anti-Social          Alcohol Advisor in schools
             Behaviour                              Staff alcohol-awareness trainings run out through SDA in schools
          Use of older young people to             Annual alcohol-awareness training session by SDA run out as part of
             provide peer education                  CPD of School workforce – HLTAs , NVQ, NQTs
          Conflict resolution work re              Annual alcohol – awareness session run out by SDA to all yr 9 and Yrs
             bullying                                12 & 13 groups across all secondary schools in Newcastle
11   Encourage all staff to consider how
     their own attitudes to alcohol impact on    Training Initiatives:
     their ability to challenge families where
     alcohol use is problematic.                    Training for Youth Service Staff – Staff from D‟n‟A are providing training
                                                     for youth service staff to increase confidence around working with young
     Build the skills of staff to consider the       people on Friday nights who may have been drinking
     impact of alcohol on the whole family          Training staff in Children‟s Services in Brief Interventions – 10 staff have
     and not just on individuals and to              been trained to roll out further Brief Interventions training across
     challenge family members in positive            Children‟s Services. A training day has already been provided for a
     way.                                            range of staff at Excelsior Academy
                                                    E.learning and Alcohol – We are in the early stages of planning an
12   Improve the knowledge of staff                  e.learning package for all staff working for the City Council on Alcohol
     regarding alcohol treatment services            Awareness. The City Council Alcohol Policy will also be reviewed later
     and ensure there is a media campaign            this year
     re the Alcohol Strategy.
                                                 Multi Agency Working:

                                                    Working with Neighbourhoods and Local Communities – SNAPS Groups
                                                     continue to work proactively to improve community safety and to
                                                     respond to the concerns of local people around alcohol and anti social
                                                    Alcohol Watch Scheme – This scheme continues to be successful
                                                     providing a mechanism for the police to identify where alcohol has been
                                                     bought if there are issues around young people and ASB and to then
                                                     challenge licensees

                                                 The Development Of An Alcohol Arrest Referral Project For Young

                                                 This project will work with young people at the point of arrest and after,

                                               providing brief interventions around alcohol and referral into treatment if
                                               appropriate. The project will also work with young people who have signed
                                               an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement where there have been issues
                                               identified around alcohol. They will be required to attend a 4 week alcohol
                                               awareness course

                                               Child Poverty Family Intervention Project and Youth Crime Action Plan
                                               Family Intervention Project:

                                               Both these projects will prioritise the needs of families where there are
                                               issues around parental drug or alcohol misuse. They will work intensively
                                               and holistically with families to improve outcomes for children and

                                               New Treatment Plan:

                                               D‟n‟A have a new plan outlining priorities for action around treatment
                                               services for young people with drug or alcohol problems. This includes a
                                               renewed focus on the links with CAMHS, the need for increased screening
                                               and a spotlight on the needs of the most vulnerable teenagers with complex
                                               problems including alcohol.
                Tackling the Child Poverty Gap: Implications of Low Income and Parental Unemployment
13   Work with Employers to establish          The Train to Gain programme is being rolled out nationally by the LSC
     better career and progression routes      aimed at increasing employees skills thereby support their career
     out of low paid jobs.                     progression. This programme has been very successful in the North East
                                               and is oversubscribed. However, nationally services helping people into
                                               work and developing skills need to be brought closer together. DWP and
                                               the LSC are currently working on a national initiative called “Integrated
                                               Employment and Skills”.
14   Work with schools to increase their       This is the focus of the 14-19 Strategic Partnership. New arrangements will
     knowledge of the labour market and        see Newcastle City Council along with other local authorities become
     perceptions about certain types of jobs   responsible for commissioning learning for 16 to 18 year olds which meets
     as always being low paid or low skilled   the demand of learners and provides skills needed by the local economy. A
     as this is not always the case.           programme of “diplomas” is being rolled out across Newcastle which
                                               provides routes into vocational learning for those young people who are less
15   Encourage schools, colleges and           interested in academic study.

     employers to provide appropriate
     levels of training for young people and
     do more to recognize the value of non-
     academic qualifications.
                                    Tackling the Child Poverty Gap in Education and Health
16   Use the Common Assessment                   The number of Common Assessments (CAF) completed is increasing (over
     Framework to identify problems in           1500) and schools and Inclusion Services are amending their processes to
     families at an early stage and provide      incorporate CAF. The whole family approach encouraged by CAF is
     the support they require to help            providing support to the family at an early stage and this includes support
     children get the most out of education.     with attendance and any issues that may be a barrier to learning.
17   Encourage secondary schools to              Parent Support Advisors are acting as a link between home and school and
     engage with parents outside of parents      this is helping parents feel comfortable in the school setting. Most schools
     evenings and make fathers feel more         have Family Learning Activities which encourage parents to learn new skills
     welcome at parents evening.                 and provide a role model for their children at the same time. Many schools
                                                 are involving parents in after school activities such as sport and some
                                                 schools have Fathers Clubs. Parent Teacher Associations are increasingly
                                                 changing into "school and community support groups" which recognizes the
                                                 role schools can play in the local community.
18   Provide environments where parents          There are many examples of how we are engaging parents and children but
     and children of all ages are able to        two examples from the last year are: At Moorside Primary School "Find out
     engage in learning and fun activities at    Friday" is a regular activity for nursery parents and their children run by
     same time as each other to reduce           Family Learning. Parents are invited to stay in the nursery to spend quality
     need to find separate childcare.            time with their child linked to some aspect of the early year‟s curriculum.
                                                 This is followed up with informal discussions in the coffee bar and gives
                                                 parents the opportunity to discuss their own child‟s development or other
                                                 issues of interest or concern. As part of the Parenting Support Strategy and
                                                 in partnership with Sure Start Children's Centres space at the Byker Sands
                                                 Family Centres has been refurbished to provide a welcoming venue for
                                                 parents attending parenting programmes. This also includes a crèche
                                                        Enjoy and Achieve
19   Increase children and young people‟s        Over 20,000 young people (5-18 years) have a FUSION card which entitles
     participation in positive activities such   them to take part in free activities in City Council Sports Centres and
     as recreation, culture and leisure.         Swimming Pools every week, to read more:
                                                 More structured coached activities are available from the 10 week long
                                                 nationally funded, Sport Unlimited programme coordinating by a range of
                                              partners. To read more: We
                                              are also planning a range of pre-2012 Olympic initiatives such as under 18s
                                              swim for free after April 1 as well as volunteering programmes to encourage
                                              young people to get involved in the 2012 Games. A range of opportunities
                                              are in place to enable schools to develop their curriculum in relation to
                                              cultural and creative activities. These include the establishment of the
                                              primary curriculum innovation group. Creative Partnerships funding
                                              available for schools to develop a „creative learning‟ enquiry. The
                                              establishment of the cultural ambassador‟s network communicates special
                                              offers from cultural organisations to schools. We were involved in the highly
                                              successful NewcastleGateshead Juice festival for children and young
                                              people in Autumn 2008. Newcastle Play Service and Parks and Countryside
                                              Service become a Play Pathfinder, after being awarded Play Builder status
                                              in April 2008 which gives them a total of £2.5 million to refurbish the play
                                              areas across the City which will be used to develop a staffed adventure play
                                              park and adventure playgrounds.
20   Focus on the development of children     The CLLD programme has supported 10 schools in the Local authority to
     and young people‟s communication,        further develop their teaching of early reading skills to the children, with a
     language and literacy skills at all      particular focus on the phonics based approach. The data collected on
     stages of development 0-19 and focus     entry and at the end of the first term shows progress is being made in all of
     on children with English as an           the schools during the first term. In schools with a high proportion of EAL
     additional language in particular.       children, there appears to be little evidence to indicate lower achievement
                                              within these groups to date. ECAT stands for Every Child a Talker (ECAT),
                                              this initiative which runs until 2011 is part of the drive to improve the speech,
                                              language and communication skills of children in 20 of Newcastle Early
                                              Years Settings.

                                              An enjoyable Parent Carer family fun day was held in February 2009 for
                                              families of children with learning difficulties and disabilities. A new short-
                                              break centre for disabled children was opened in March 2008. Thomas
                                              Bewick has achieved Specialist Status for communication and interaction
                                              and is training colleagues in Newcastle schools to promote communication
                                              skills for children and young people with SEN.
                          Managing Allegations Against Adults Who Work With Children
21   Ensure there is single process and set   Managing allegations procedures implemented in December 2009 available
     of procedures across children‟s          at:
     services for managing allegations
     against adults who work with children
     and that it is well publicized.
22   Develop robust recording and              ICT developing a centralized recording database. Information sharing
     monitoring procedures for managing        protocol to be developed to support this. Quality assurance audits taking
     allegations.                              place.
23   Ensure staff and key officers are fully   Managing allegations a feature of Children‟s Services team briefing
     briefed in the new procedures.            sessions in February and July 2009. Team brief developed for NSCB
                                               agencies to cascade within their service and multi-agency briefings being
                                               set up for September 2009 – details of which will follow.
          Sure Start Children’s Centre Referral Panels – Supporting Early Intervention and Prevention.
24   Raise awareness about services for        We have identified a Sure Start Lead for children with disabilities. We are
     disabled children within Children‟s       having a planning meeting with Jackie Adams on taking this work forward.
     Centres and provide clearer referral      We have allocated underspend from this year to support work with children
     pathways for these children.              with disabilities. Supporting access to services is a key objective in the
                                               Childcare Sufficiency Delivery plan with a number of actions (working with
                                               PVI providers), in addition the Supporting Families Pathway is the
                                               mechanism through which both access to universal and targeted support
                                               will be addressed and this includes children with disabilities.
25   Ensure parents understand the referral    We are currently reviewing the process for accessing Sure Start Children‟s
     process for Children‟s Centre targeted    Centre services embedding the CAF process. The CAF process ensures
     services and have given informed          that parents and carers accessing services have given informed consent.
     consent. Publicise these services         Citywide information leaflets are being produced to help inform people about
     using simple leaflets.                    the new process.
26   Clarify where Common Assessment           New Supporting Families process embeds CAF and CAF Pre assessment
     Framework and CAF check list fit as       as the assessment tools for anyone accessing universal or targeted
     part of the referral process for          services through Sure Start Children‟s Centres.
     Children‟s Centres.
             How Can We Best Meet the Needs of Children Who Are Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers
27   Prior to making an application to
     become a specialist authority assess
     the capacity of organizations to deal
     with the proposed number of               For a variety of factors not least advice from LGA regarding post 18 years
     unaccompanied asylum seekers eg           no bid was made last year
28   Widely publicise and work with the
     voluntary sector in any application to
     be a Specialist Authority.
29   Consider how we would work with our
     partners in the north east as a bid to be
     a specialist authority would be on
     behalf of the north east region and not
     Newcastle alone.
                 Aiming High for Young People, the ten year strategy for young people's services
30   Encourage greater representation from          Recent event aimed at young people‟s progression have included a
     the private sector at events like the           variety of private sector partners, „Get up and go‟ event that Connexions
     Annual Conference as they are                   held for year 11and 12 school leavers and NEET young people
     important in tackling the issues that           (February 09). The event had representation from the following
     young people raise.                             agencies; Rolls Royce, Armed Forces, Nacro, Rathbone, TTS (Motor
                                                     vehicle training) and BL Hairdressing
                                                    Inspire project, a Connexions and Primary School transitions project this
                                                     year includes businesses affiliated with Newcastle City Centre
31   Include the whole family in discussion         „What Matters to you?‟ questionnaire devised by young people and
     about what services for young people            agencies involved in Targeted Youth Support includes a section where
     should be like as it is wider than young        parents can comment on services for young people and highlight gaps in
     people themselves.                              provision
                                                    Newly appointed Parent and Carer participation officer within the
                                                     Participation team has been developing focus groups and support for
                                                     parents and carers on their views of services their children have
                                                     experienced. A recent evaluation of parent‟s experiences of the CAF
                                                     process has also informed services of what works well for families
32   Improve communication and                      Representation of the voluntary sector are within all areas of the
     relationships between statutory and             Integrated Youth Strategy, Targeted Youth Support has developed even
     voluntary sector youth services and             further links with Neighbourhood/estate based voluntary youth projects
     use workforce strategy to develop               to ensure communication and support
     consistent approach across youth               Childrens Workforce Development Council have provided various
     services.                                       training opportunities for agencies delivering youth support services in
                                                     Newcastle, with training opportunities for Managers, front line staff and
                                                     emerging service leaders within all sectors of youth services. This is
                                                     being co-ordinated through Head of Workforce Development
                     Implementing the Common Assessment Framework in Your Organisation

33   Market Common Assessment                 We have printed leaflets around the benefits of CAF for parents and
     Framework to parents.                     carers conference which are given to all organisations involved with CAF
                                              We have included information on CAF on the Family Information service
                                              We have written an article on CAF for Council News
                                              We have delivered a presentation on CAF for the Parents and Carers
                                              We have just completed an evaluation with parents and carers who have
                                               been through the CAF process. This will inform the development of CAF
                                               and materials for parents and carers
34   Promotion of Common Assessment           We have delivered a presentation on CAF to the PVI Conference
     Framework in the private sector.         The organisations have been scoped in a workforce analysis and many
                                               have attended training
                                              Information around CAF and training has been send out in a range of
                                               formats and on the Newcastle Children‟s services website. The private
                                               sector can access all of the training easily
                                              The Private sector Workforce is included in the 2020 Workforce Strategy
35   Explore communication channels with      An implementation plan was developed with Newcastle College and all
     Newcastle College.                        staff identified as CAF Assessors were trained at their whole college
                                               training day. They receive information on CAF Practitioner Groups and
                                               have been given Captivate CDs to brief other members of staff


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