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									     Request for Proposal

 Way Finding Signage Program

Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

                     Request for Proposals

The Pendleton Chamber of Commerce, working with City of
Pendleton staff, has developed designs for way finding signage
in Pendleton. This signage is meant to assist visitors in finding
destination locations. The designs are also meant to enhance the
existing appeal of the Western style architecture and ambiance
of Pendleton, which is best known for its annual rodeo, the
Pendleton Round-Up, and the home of the Pendleton Woolen
Mills, manufacturers of Pendleton Wool blankets and apparel.

Our goal is to complete at least a portion of this project by the
end of August 2010, in time for the 100th anniversary staging of
the Pendleton Round-Up, which takes place every 2nd full week
in September. Completion would include production and

Pendleton Chamber of Commerce
501 S. Main Street
Pendleton, OR 97801
Contact: Leslie Carnes, Executive Director

Specific Information:
Charles Denight
Pendleton Chamber of Commerce
Tourism Marketing Committee

Sign Ordinance Information:
City of Pendleton
500 SW Dorion Avenue
Pendleton, Oregon 97801

Signs to be completed and installed by Aug. 31, 2010.

The signs will be installed at locations determined by the
Chamber of Commerce in the City of Pendleton, Umatilla
County, Oregon.

Proposals Due:
Proposals are due by 5 P.M., March 12, 2010 at the Pendleton
Chamber of Commerce, 501 S. Main Street, Pendleton, Oregon,

Available Documents:
Include sign designs in PDF document format and ODOT
guidelines and requirements for traffic signs on State highways.
These documents can be found at the City of Pendleton website
and downloaded. The address is:

1.   Introduction

     Based on the recommendations of a tourism development
     consultant hired by the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce, the
     Chamber retained a design firm to design three concepts for
     signage for Pendleton. This work was produced under the
     guidance of the Chamber’s Tourism Marketing Committee,
     which had hired the consultant and which has taken
     responsibility    for    implementing   the    consultant’s
     recommendations, including these signs.

     The design firm that produced the sign designs is not a sign
     production company, therefore the sign designs need to be
     addressed and manufactured to make them functional.

     Once the signs are produced, City of Pendleton Public Works
     Department will assist with installation by the company
     producing the signs.

     The signs fall into three categories: traffic, pedestrian, and
     informational kiosk. Over time we will produce more of
     these, as budget is available, once the initial signs and kiosks
     have been produced and installed.

     The successful Proposer, if any, will be selected solely at the
     discretion of representatives of the Pendleton Chamber of
     Commerce and the City of Pendleton. These representatives
     will meet as a committee to review bids and will make the
     final selection.

2.     Requirements

       The successful Proposal will be required to include details
       such as materials to be used, timing and costs. It will be up to
       the sign-manufacturing firm to produce any engineering
       drawings needed, and to sub-contract for materials or other
       component producers where appropriate.

       Each proposal must include three references with contacts.

3.     Selection Process

       The successful Proposer will be selected through a scoring
       system; however, the selection committee will also discuss
       the proposals and may use non-scoring criteria, including
       information from references, to select the winning bidder.

       Anticipated selection process schedule:

                     Action                              Date
     RFP Announced                                 February 26, 2010
     Proposals Due                               March 12, 2010 (5 p.m.)
     Selection committee reviews responses       Week of March 15, 2010
     within 1 week of RFP deadline.
     Three finalists invited to Pendleton to   Week of March 22, 2010
     discuss the company’s response and/or
     provide additional information.
     All companies responding to this RFP will  Week of April 5, 2010
     be notified of the result
     Complete negotiations for contract to be  Week of April 12, 2010
     approved by the Chamber of Commerce
     Contract is approved and work to commence Week of April 19, 2010

4.   Selection Criteria

     a. Experience with Similar Projects (20 points)

       This section shall describe the demonstrated experience of
       the firm in manufacturing and permitting signs of similar
       nature to that described in the introduction of this request
       for proposals.

       Proposals shall describe how the traffic signs will meet the
       requirements of the Oregon Department of Transportation
       since main arterials through Pendleton are State highways.
       These requirements focus primarily on size of font in words
       in the signs and reflectivity. Representatives of Pendleton’s
       Chamber of Commerce and the City of Pendleton met with
       representatives of ODOT and were supplied guidelines that
       will be provided to potential bidders on this project.
       (Available through the City of Pendleton website at

       As stated in section 2, each proposal must include three
       references with contact details.

     b. Suitability of materials to be used for signs (25 points)

       Although cost is certainly a consideration, the Chamber of
       Commerce and City of Pendleton prefer to install signs
       with minimal maintenance requirements and will look for a
       choice of materials that would require less maintenance.
       This concern will be balanced against the cost of producing
       the signs and may result in a higher cost bid being selected

  because the proposer has convinced the selection
  committee that the signs will require less expensive
  maintenance in the long-term.

  The material selection must also take into account ODOT
  requirements for the traffic signs as noted in section 4.a,
  and how the traffic sign requirements will affect the
  cohesiveness of the sign package as a whole.

c. Process/instructions to be provided for sign installation
   (10 points)
  Include a description of the installation method and footing
  requirements, including the extent to which assistance
  would be needed from the company submitting the

d. Ability to meet deadlines (20 points)

  Lay out the company’s approach to completing the
  manufacturing and supply of the signs as described in this
  request for proposals. Include a production schedule that
  culminates in the initial set of signs being completed and
  installed by Aug. 31, 2010.

e. Cost (25 points)

  Provide a base cost breakdown for the manufacturing and
  supply of six (6) traffic signs, six (6) pedestrian signs and
  two (kiosks), as well as the cost of producing additional

       traffic and pedestrian signs and kiosks individually or in
       lots of three (3) signs or two (2) kiosks.

5.   Delivery of the Proposal

     Five (5) hard copies of the proposal must be delivered to
     reach Leslie Carnes by the deadline.

     The deadline is 5 p.m., Friday, March 12.

     The proposal package should be addressed to:
     Pendleton Chamber of Commerce
     Attn: Leslie Carnes, Executive Director
     501 S. Main Street
     Pendleton, OR 97801

     Questions should be directed to Leslie Carnes via email.
     Leslie Carnes:


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