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					2nd ANNUAL SkillsUSA

    Champions at Work
 Connecting the Opportunities

             January 29, 2010
    Southwest Technical College (SWTC)
  1800 Bronson Blvd, Fennimore, WI 53809
                            For competitive event updates and more, see our web address:
                                     Updates will not be mailed to your school.

                                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

1.      CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEES AND DEADLINES ......................................................... 2
2.      CONFERENCE CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS AND SUBSTITUTIONS. .................................... 2
3.      CONFERENCE REGISTRATION PROCESS AND PAYMENTS ...............................................2-3
4.      HOTEL INFORMATION ................................................................................................................. 3
5.      CONFERENCE CHECK IN............................................................................................................... 3
6.      FORMS, FORMS, FORMS ................................................................................................................ 3
7.      PARKING .......................................................................................................................................... 4
8.      STUDENT DRESS ............................................................................................................................. 4
9.      SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS ...................................................................................................... 4
10.     SKILLSUSA EMERGENCY POLICIES ............................................................................................. 5
2010 TENTATIVE AGENDA .................................................................................................................. 6
CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS ............................................................................................................... 77
PROCEDURES FOR CONTESTANTS ..................................................................................................... 8
2010 CONFERENCE CHECKLIST ........................................................................................................ 9

NLSC FORM 1A ....................................................................................................................................... 10
INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING NLSC FORM 1A ...................................................................... 11
SUBSTITUTIONS AND CANCELLATIONS WLSC FORM 8 ............................................................................ 155
GRIEVANCE FORM WLSC FORM 12 .............................................................................................. 16 - 17

                        2010 Wisconsin SkillsUSA SWTC Regional Competition
                                   IMPORTANT CONFERENCE INFORMATION
                                             PLEASE READ CAREFULLY 

All chapters and students must be state and national members in order to participate.
      Absolutely NO additional competitive registrations will be accepted after January 15, 2010.

Registration December 7th – January 15th:
    H.S. Students & M.S. Students - $25.00
    Advisors - $25.00
    Observers - $15.00

Free Registrations for the following Non-Competing Student’s:
     State Officers
     Advisors assisting with a competition – speak to Lauri for more details

    All cancellations must be in writing.
    Use the enclosed "Substitutions and Cancellations" WLSC Form 8 (page 15) or a copy of it.
    Cancellations for a full refund will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on January 15, 2010.
    No refunds for conference registration will be made if received after 4:00 PM January 15, 2010.

    The definition of a Substitution is Student B will replace Student A in Contest A.
    All substitutions must be in writing, no later than January 27th by 4 pm. – using form WLSC 8

All Registrations will be completed on the National Website:

Online Registration Process
     Registration will be on-line at
     Type in Email Address and Password (if you forgot your password Click on Email My Password, it is instantly emailed to you)
     Click on blue tab “Conference” and select “My Registrations”
     Go to filter events and highlight “WI-HS Southwest Tech Regional”
     Click on “New Registrant” or if students have competed before click on “Lookup Previous Registrations”
     At top of page there is a pull down menu of student/advisor names, select one name at a time and then click on “Reg.
        Member” to the left of the name.
     After clicking the “Reg Member” button the system will fill in all prior information that was input.
     Under Select Division and Level – choose “High School” and “Student or Professional”
     Select a t-shirt size, (we do a shirt this year)
     Reg. Type: Be sure to select the proper selection (Contestant, Observer, Advisor)
     You will need to have an address and birthday filled in, if you do not, it will not let you proceed.
     The blue tabs (Contest, Details, Emergency, State Info) are information that will be saved on the NLSC form that is
        required for all participants. If you fill out the information here, the system will automatically place it in the NLSC form
        for your convenience, then you just print for each participant and have access to them if paper copies are left at school!
             o Contest Tab: If you are registering a Contestant, click “Add Contest,” If you are not Click “Save Registration”
                       After clicking on the “Add Contest” be sure all proper information is in the following boxes:
                                 Division: Secondary
                                 Contest: (Select Contest)
                                 Reg. Type: contestant
                                          o Some Contests will ask for Team Code and Team Sequence
             o Details Tab: Is a good to fill out for your records.
             o Emergency Tab: Fill out as much information as you know. (ie parent name and phone number are good)
             o State Info Tab: Fill in all that is pertinent
        Read the statement about the Release form and check the appropriate box – be sure you have a parent signature on file if
         student is under 18.
        Finally - Click the “Save” button!

Please Fax or Email copies of the “Fee Summary” and “Registration Summary” to (608) 237-2398;
This will be your confirmation that everyone has registered properly. If a person(s) is not on the summaries, they will not have a
name tag and/or competition number when they arrive. (Located under the Conference Tab)

Registration Payments
Registration fees are due by January 29th if you are unable to send the fees, call Lauri Domer @ (608) 698-8700 to let her know
what arrangements will be made.

** Checks Payable to:
        Wisconsin SkillsUSA Center Inc.

** Registration fees/forms should be sent to:
        Wisconsin SkillsUSA Center Inc.
        1517 Greencrest Dr
        Watertown, WI 53098

         * If you are coming in the night before please talk with Lauri further as we may try to make a group reservation to get a
         cheaper rate. Dodgeville, WI is 35 minutes East of Fennimore with a straight drive to SWTC.

Check In from 8:00 am – 8:30 pm Friday, January 29th at SWTC Building 400 by the Lenz Center
    Advisors will turn in:
            o Copies of all participants NLSC 1A Forms
                      Insurance Cards will not be collected, however the students should carry them at all times.
            o Local Advisor Procedures and Responsibilities 1B Form

        All forms are located on website.
        NLSC Form 1A - Every Student, Advisor, Observer and Chaperone attending State Conference MUST complete a NLSC
         form. NLSC Form 2A is meant to assist student/parents in their signing for NLSC Form 1A.
         o Be sure each participant has the NLSC 1A Form completed, then bring a copy to turn in upon check in at the
             SkillsUSA Headquarters.
         o Contestants may not compete if their NLSC is not on file.
        WLSC Registration, Personal Liability and Medical, Photo & Sound Release Form 2A
           o Agreement to be read before signing NLSC Form 1A
        Local Advisor Procedures & Responsibilities Form WLSC 1B
            o This form requires Advisor and Administrator signature
        Substitute & Cancellation Form WLSC 8
            o This document is to be used for any and all substitutions and cancellations.
        Grievance Form WLSC 12
             o There are specific procedures to be followed if any contestant or advisor has a grievance regarding one of the
                contests. There is a strict deadline for filing a grievance. Details about filing a grievance and the grievance form
                can be found on pages 17 and 18 of this packet.

         Parking is free, a map and more information will follow. By January 15 we will need to know if you are bringing a van or
         school bus.

Professional attire or official SkillsUSA dress are appropriate for most any occasion and are required for the Opening Ceremony
and the Awards Ceremony. At the awards ceremony, students who do not meet the clothing requirements will not be allowed on the
awards stand if they win a medal. SkillsUSA Polo Shirts are authorized as official dress for these sessions if they are worn with
something other than blue jeans (the national conference does not consider polo’s official dress for any activities). The purpose of
these requirements is to create a professional atmosphere at these sessions. The dress of those in attendance makes a significant
difference. Appropriate dress for each contest is designated in the rules for those contests. A description of “official SkillsUSA
dress” can be found in the “Clothing Requirements” section on the contest guidelines and also in the National Standards.

See also page 8 for additional information about Old vs. New Emblems.

If you have any students with special needs, you should contact the SkillsUSA Assistant Director so we can make any needed
arrangements. It is the intention of Wisconsin SkillsUSA to allow all eligible SkillsUSA members to participate in the state
conference. If necessary, we will make reasonable changes to facilities or adjust contest guidelines to allow equal participation of all
SkillsUSA members.

For certain student situations/emergencies, if the local advisor and/or appointed chaperone cannot be located within a reasonable
amount of time, the chapter’s district administrator will be contacted. The district administrator will also be contacted if for any
reason the advisor/chaperone is not able to give reasonable or proper supervision. This is done to insure the safety and well-being of
the students and to fulfill the advisor’s responsibilities. The following student situations/emergencies could invoke this policy:

         a.   accidents;                               d.     breaking of conference rules;
         b.   intoxication;                            e.     family emergencies;
         c.   use of illegal drugs/illegal activity;   f.     any other situation designated as an emergency by the state staff.

   All Contests are on a First Come First Serve basis along with set enrollment limitations that are set.

Unlimited - Within reason – means that you should not bring an entire class. Bring your best candidates. These competitions
have room for growth but if/when they get too large, there may be a restriction. We want to make it worth judge’s time to come in
but we don’t want to overwhelm them so a recommended amount would be between 4 and 8 people.

See following page for detailed breakdown of contests offered at SWTC.

Max competitors per competition – This numbers states the final number that this contest will allow for its competition. In order
to give equal opportunity to all schools wanting to compete, you may be asked to limit your students entering a competition if you
reached the 4 or more. Some competitions are only able to allow a set limit of students due to materials and space. Thank you for
your cooperation.

Leadership Contests               Max Competitors        High School                        Middle School
                                  for competition
Chapter Business Procedure        unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          Unlimited – Within reason
Community Service                 unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          Unlimited – Within Reason
Extemporaneous Speaking           unlimited              Unlimited – Within reason          Unlimited – Within reason
Job Interview                     unlimited              Unlimited – Within reason          Unlimited – Within reason
Job Skills Demonstration A        unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          Unlimited – Within reason
Job Skills Demonstration Open     unlimited              Unlimited – Within reason          Unlimited – Within reason
Opening & Closing Ceremonies      unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          Unlimited – Within reason
Outstanding Chapter               unlimited              1 per school                       1 per school
Prepared Speech                   unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          Unlimited – Within reason
Promotional Bulletin Board        unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          Unlimited – Within reason

Skill & Technical                                        High School                        Middle School
Culinary                          18 max                 Unlimited – Within reason          NA
Diesel Equipment Technology       unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          NA
Engineering Challenge             unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          NA
Masonry                           12 max                 Unlimited - Within reason          NA
Residential Wiring                unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          NA
Team Problem Solving              unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          NA
Technical Drafting                unlimited              Unlimited - Within reason          NA
Web Design                        18 max                 Unlimited – Within reason          NA
Welding                           18 max                 Unlimited – Within reason          NA

Please note that competitions may be canceled due to low numbers. All skilled contest needs
to have at least 4 competitors/teams in order to run. Leadership contests would like to have
at least 3 competitors/teams to run.

Students may sign up for both a leadership and skilled contest and then closer to the event
we will arrange a schedule allowing them opportunities to complete both contests.

Speak with Lauri if you have further questions, 608-698-8700

2010 Tentative SkillsUSA SWTC Regional Agenda
Friday, January 29, 2010
Time                               Event                                Location
7:00          SWTC Doors Open

7:30 – 8:00   Registration

8:00 – 8:15   Welcome

8:15 – 8:30   Contest Briefing

8:30 – 12:30 Skill & Leadership Contests take place

8:30          Advisors receive a tour of SWTC, then time to observe students

12:30 – 1:30 Lunch

1:30          Awards Ceremony

2:00          Departure & Conclusion of Regional

                                           CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS
“old” VICA emblem is acceptable as official clothing within the scope of the other requirements that follow.
It is not necessary to buy new clothes or have new emblems sewn on existing clothes.
1.   During national competition, contestants in the Skills USA Championships must wear the official Skills USA Championships
     clothing or work uniform specified for their particular contests or be subject to no more than a 5 percent penalty. Specific
     clothing guidelines for national contests can be found in the Skills USA Championships Technical Standards.
2.   During state competition, contestants in the Wisconsin Skills USA Championships must wear the official clothing, business or
     work uniform specified for their particular contest or be subject to a 5 point penalty. Official clothing or work uniforms for
     each contest can be found in the specific rules for that contest. T-shirts, worn or tattered clothing are not acceptable.
3.   Anytime the term "Official SkillsUSA Dress" is used as a clothing requirement, it refers to the following:
     a.   Males: SkillsUSA blazer, wind breaker, or sweater; black trousers with white dress shirt; straight black tie with four-in-
          hand or Windsor knot; black socks; and black or cordovan shoes;
     b.   Females: SkillsUSA blazer, wind breaker, or sweater; black skirt or slacks; businesslike white collar-less blouse or white
          blouse with a small, plain collar which may not extend onto the lapels of the blazer; clear seamless hose; and black dress
          shoes. Note: T-shirt style tops and tops that expose skin in the mid riff area are not approved
     c.   Polo: The Wisconsin SkillsUSA Polo shirt may be worn with black slacks and shoes for "General Competitive Events" and
          "Technical Skill Events" except where a specific work uniform is required by the contest rules. It cannot be used in the
          "Leadership Contests." No local chapter embroidered clothing is allowed during any competitive event.
d.   Jewelry: All personal jewelry should contribute to a professional appearance. Only official SkillsUSA jewelry is to be worn on
     a SkillsUSA blazer, windbreaker, sweater, or letter-style jacket.
4.   Clothing items in this registration handbook refer to items available from the official SkillsUSA Merchandise Catalog. You
     may obtain a catalog by calling 1-800-324-5996 or FAX (405) 672-1308.
5.   The term “professional attire” refers to clothing that would be appropriate for a business professional to wear on the job. For
     males, this generally means a button shirt and tie, dress pants, and dress shoes. For females, this generally means a blouse, skirt
     and/or dress pants, and dress shoes. T-shirts, jeans, athletic shoes, or sandals would be considered unacceptable.
6.   Certain contests require “white work pants and white work shirt or other appropriate work clothing.” The “other appropriate
     work clothing” would be clothing which workers in that occupational field would wear on the job to portray a high level of
     professionalism. T-shirts, jeans, athletic shoes, or sandals would be considered unacceptable.
7.   Skirts for females, whether part of Official SkillsUSA Dress or professional attire, should be hemmed at a tasteful length.
     Generally, this would be near the knee.
8.   The official work pants will be SkillsUSA Supply Service white work pants or the equivalent. White dungarees, painter's pants,
     overalls, coveralls, or corduroys are not acceptable. The official work shirt will be the SkillsUSA Supply Service white work
     shirt or the equivalent.
9.   No canvas, vinyl, plastic, or leather athletic-type shoes, sandals, or open-toed shoes will be permitted in any Skills
     Championships event without penalty. Contestants may be disqualified where improper footwear constitutes a health or safety
10. Where specified, safety glasses must comply with the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
    and must have side shields. Prescription safety glasses must have side shields or be covered with goggles.
11. Contestants with long hair that poses a possible safety hazard must wear OSHA approved hair-containment devices.
12. No identification of contestant or school, except for the contestant’s assigned number, is allowed on official clothing during
13. Students will wear their name badges with only their contestant number showing during the pre-contest briefings and all
    activities associated with their contest until all judging has been completed.
14. See specific clothing and safety requirements for each contest.

                                      PROCEDURES FOR CONTESTANTS

1.   Contestants must be completely familiar with the rules for their contest (current updates on our web site), the conference
     guidelines, and the code of conduct prior to competing.
2.   SWTC competitions will be running a small portion of what can be found in the contest guidelines, due to time constraints.
3.   Contestants will be assigned an identification number. These numbers will be used to identify the contestants to the judges.
     Contestants must wear their name badges, with only numbers showing, at all contest activities.
4.   Participants must meet clothing requirements for the individual contests. Penalties will be assessed for contestants who do not
     satisfy the dress requirements.
5.   Contestants must have all required safety equipment to compete in the contest. The contest Technical Committee will
     determine if a contestant can be allowed to compete based on lack of safety equipment.
6.   Contestants will report to the contest site at the time announced in the agenda.
7.   The contest Technical Committee will provide necessary instructions and job sheets to all contestants. Contestants should ask
     any questions they have prior to the start of the contest.
8.   Contestants may leave their respective contest area only with approval of the Technical Committee Chair.
9.   All contestants are required to wear official SkillsUSA dress or professional attire to the opening and closing, contest, and
     awards ceremony. (See “Clothing Requirements” for more information on dress).

We expect professional conduct regarding the use of video cameras, digital cameras, and cell phones. These
items will be shut off during competition. The Contest Chair will announce before and after competition as to
when video cameras, digital cameras, and cell phones may be operated. All persons within the confines of the
contest event will respect this conduct.

Note:   Use this form to record the date you complete each of the following. This will help ensure you meet all deadlines and send
        in all necessary forms.

Due Date           Date Sent            DEADLINES

January 15         ________             Conference Registration Due

January 15         ________             Fax or Email in Fee Summary and Registration Summary from National website

January 15         ________             Cancellations for Full Refund

January 27         ________             Cancellations/Substitutions WLSC Form 8

January 29         ________             Registration Fees due (Checks Payable to: WI SkillsUSA Center Inc)

SWTC Conference Check in from 7:30 am – 8 am:
January 29    ________           Turn in paper copies of the NLSC 1A Form for all participants

January 29         ________             Turn in Local Advisor Procedures and Responsibilities WLSC Form 1B

Checks Payable to: Wisconsin SkillsUSA Center Inc
                   1517 Greencrest Dr.
                   Watertown, WI 53098

Questions/Concerns please contact:
                               Lauri Domer, SkillsUSA Assistant Director
                               Wisconsin SkillsUSA Center Inc.
                               1517 Greencrest Dr
                               Watertown, WI 53098
                               608-698-8700 CELL
                               608-237-2398 FAX

                                                                                                                                         NLSC FORM
                       Wisconsin Leadership and Skills Conference Registration,
                      Personal Liability and Medical, Photo & Sound Release Form
                                                                                                                                              Rev. 1/00

Read the “Instructions for NLSC Form 1A” and the entire “Personal Liability, Code of Conduct, and Medical, Photo, & Sound Release
Agreement.” Then, complete the appropriate sections of this form. Name badges (required for admission to conference activities)
will not be issued if this form is not on file at the conference registration. Please type or print clearly.
    Participant’s Name (First then Last) as it should appear on name badge:
                                                                               Division (check one):       Secondary             Postsecondary
    Participant’s Home Address:                                                Home Telephone Number (area code required):
                                                                               (            )
    City:                                   State:         ZIP Code:           Age:                 Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY):          Gender (check one):
                                                                                                                                        Male  female
    Parents’/Guardians’ Names:                                                 Parents’/Guardians’ Telephone Number (area code required):
                                                                               (            )
    School where your occupational training/trade area is taught:                  School Telephone Number (area code required):
                                                                                   (            )
    Mailing Address of above school:                                               Name of Participant’s Teacher/Chaperone, if applicable:

    City:                          State:            ZIP Code:                     Email

    Occupational Training Program/Trade Area in which participant is               Contest Abbreviation and Contest Name in Which Competing (page 18)

    SECTION 4 – EMERGENCY CONTACT AND INSURANCE INFORMATION (Attach copy of your insurance card to this
    Name of Person to Contact in event of emergency:                           Name of Person Responsible for Your Medical Bills (Guarantor):

    Contact Person’s Telephone Number (area code required):                    Guarantor’s Relationship to                Guarantor’s Social Security
    (             )                                                            Participant:                               Number:
    Contact Person’s Home Address:                                             Guarantor’s Home Telephone Number (area code required):
                                                                               (            )
    City:                                   State:         ZIP Code:           Guarantor’s Employer:

    Insurance Company:                                                         Guarantor’s Employer’s Telephone Number (area code required):
                                                                               (            )
    Insurance Company’s Address:                                               Guarantor’s Employer’s Address:

    City:                                   State:         ZIP Code:           City:                                  State:           ZIP Code:

    Insurance Group Number:                                                    If you do not have any medical insurance, sign here:
    Insurance Plan Number:

    Insured I.D. Number:                                                               Signature of Participant                                    Date

    Name of Participant’s Physician:                                           When did participant last have a tetanus shot?

    Physician’s Telephone Number (area code required):                         Does the participant have a history of heart
                                                                               condition, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, rheumatic
                                                                                                                                           Yes          No
    (             )
                                                                               fever or other existing medical conditions? If “yes,”
    Does participant have any known allergies:
    If “Yes,” please list:
                                                                  Yes        please explain:

    Is the participant taking any medications? If “yes,”
    please list:
                                                                  Yes        Does the participant have any physical restrictions?
                                                                               If “yes,” please explain:
                                                                                                                                           Yes          No

   I have read and completely understand the “Personal Liability, Code of Conduct, and Medical, Photo & Sound Release Agreement” and by signing this form,
   do hereby agree to abide by these in their entirety and accept the conditions of the agreement.

   Check here if participant is age 18 or over and allowed to sign for his or herself.

        Signature of Participant         Date                                          Signature of Parent/Guardian (mandatory if under 18)        Date

The NLSC form can be filled out online and kept for future years. When registering students be sure
to click on the blue tabs located next to the Contest tab where contest is selected. They are Details,
Emergency, and State Information.
1. Read in its entirety the “Personal Liability, Code of Conduct, and Medical, Photo, & Sound Release Agreement” (pages 13 & 14).
1. Very neatly complete the appropriate sections of NLSC Form 1A according to these instructions.
     A. Section 1 – All participants must provide Name, Address, and Phone Number; Contestants must also provide Division,
         Age, Date of Birth, and Gender.
     B. Section 2 – All participants under age 18 must complete this section.
     C. Section 3 – All student participants must provide School, School Address, School Telephone Number, and Name of
         Teacher/Chaperone; All Contestants must provide Occupational Training Program/Trade Area.
     D. Section 4 – All participants must provide all Emergency Contact information and all Guarantor information; participants
         with insurance must provide all insurance information; participants without insurance must sign and date the box stating
         this fact.
     E. Section 5 – All participants must provide all information in this section.
     F. Section 6 – Do not write anything in this section; it will be used by the state office for those people who will be
         attending the National Leadership and Skills Conference.
     G. If a participant finds a section that does not apply or for which they do not have the necessary information, leave it
         blank and include a brief note of explanation with the registration form.
2. All participants over age 18 who can sign for themselves check the box above the line for “Signature of Parent/Guardian.”
3. All participants sign and date the appropriate line at the bottom.
4. All participants under age 18 have a parent or legal guardian sign and date the appropriate line at the bottom.
5. Participants should carry insurance card with them at all times.
6. Turn the completed form in to your advisor.
   Advisors will this document in to State Office at Check in at SWTC Regional Competition at
                                                                                                         NLSC FORM
                            Personal Liability, Code of Conduct and Medical,                                 2A
                              Photo & Sound Release Agreement – page 1                                      Rev. 1/00

Read this entire agreement. Then, complete the appropriate sections of NLSC Form 1A according to the
“Instructions for NLSC Form 1A”.
                                                      Code of Conduct
The SkillsUSA State and National Leadership and Skills Conferences are designed to be educational functions and all plans are
made with that objective. These are SkillsUSA’s most significant meetings of the year, with thousands of students participating
throughout the country. They are approved as major educational activities by the National Association of Secondary School
Principals and the National Association of State Supervisors of Trade and Industrial Education. SkillsUSA wants every person to
have an enjoyable experience with every attention paid to safety and comfort. All participants will be expected to conduct
themselves in a manner best representing the nation’s greatest student organization. In order that everyone may receive the
maximum benefits from their participation, the “Code of Conduct,” as established by the National SkillsUSA Board of Directors,
must be followed at all times.
Note that attendance is not mandatory. By voluntarily participating, you agree to follow the official conference rules and
regulations or forfeit your personal rights to participate. We are proud of our students and know that by signing this “Code of
Conduct” you are simply reaffirming your dedication to be the best possible representative of your state.
1.  I will, at all times, respect all public and private property, including the hotel/motel in which I am housed.
1.  I will spend each night in the room of the hotel/motel to which I am assigned.
2.  I will strictly abide by the curfew established and shall respect the rights of others by being as quiet as possible after
3. I will not remain in the sleeping room of the opposite sex unless the door is completely open at all times, unless the
    person is my spouse.
4. I will not use alcoholic beverages. I will not use drugs unless I have been ordered to take certain prescription
    medications by a licensed physician. If I am required to take medication, I will, at all times, have the orders of the
    physician on my person.
5. I will not leave the hotel/motel without the express permission of my advisor or state SkillsUSA director. Should I
    receive permission, I will leave a written notice of where I will be.
6. My conduct shall be exemplary at all times.
7. I will keep my advisor or state SkillsUSA director informed of my whereabouts at all times.
8. I will, when required, wear my official identification badge.
9. I will respect official SkillsUSA dress and not smoke while wearing it.
10. I will attend, and be on time for, all general sessions and activities that I am assigned to and registered for.
11. I will adhere to the dress code at all required times.

ADDITIONAL STATE CODE OF CONDUCT RULES – The following are code of conduct rules specific to the Wisconsin
Leadership and Skills Conference. In cases where these rules are stricter than the above rules, these rules apply:
1. There will be no defacing of public property. Any damages to any property or furnishings in the hotel rooms must be
    paid by the individual or chapter responsible. Local chapters will be billed directly by the hotel for any damages.
2. No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, narcotics, or tobacco, in any form, shall be possessed or consumed by
    delegates at any time, under any circumstances. Any illegal activity will be turned over to the police.
3. Identification badges will be worn at all times.
4. Delegates agree to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times and follow the directives of
    official conference staff, other adult supervisors and hotel staff.
5. Curfew is 11:00 p.m. unless indicated otherwise. Curfew is defined as all delegates in their assigned rooms, not
disturbing others, until the first scheduled activity the following day or an activity accompanied by your advisor.
6. The student delegates will also be responsible for following all local school rules of conduct.

Personal Liability and Medical Release
I hereby agree to release SkillsUSA Inc., its representatives, agents, servants and employees from liability for any injury to the
named person, resulting from any cause whatsoever occurring to the named person at any time while attending the SkillsUSA State
or National Leadership and Skills Conferences, including travel to and from the conferences, excepting only such injury or damage
resulting from willful acts of representatives, agents, servants, and employees.

                                                                                                        NLSC FORM
                       Personal Liability, Code of Conduct and Medical,
                       Photo & Sound Release Agreement – Page 2                                              2A
                                                                                                           Rev. 1/00

I do voluntarily authorize the SkillsUSA State and National Leadership and Skills Conferences and SkillsUSA Skills USA
Championships Medical Services Coordinators, assistants and/or designees to administer and/or obtain routine or emergency
diagnostic procedures and/or routine or emergency medical treatment for the named person as deemed necessary in medical
judgment. Parents/guardians of participant will allow emergency medical treatment to be administered as needed. Any further
treatment will require parental/guardian consultation.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless SkillsUSA and said Medical Services Coordinators and/or assistants and designees for any
and all claims, demands, actions, rights of action, and/or judgments by or on behalf of the named person arising from or on account
of said procedures and/or treatment rendered in good faith and according to accepted medical standards.
Having read and understood completely the “Code of Conduct” of SkillsUSA, I do hereby agree to follow the procedures and
practices described. I fully understand that this is an educational activity and will, to the best of my ability, apply myself for the
purpose of learning and will uphold at all times the finest qualities of a person representing SkillsUSA.
NOTE: All persons under legal age must have a parent or guardian sign NLSC Form 1. If the participant is age 18 or older, please
check the appropriate box on NLSC Form 1. All participants must also sign NLSC Form 1. Forms without all necessary
signatures will be returned for the signatures and that individual will not be able to participate in conference activities until it is
signed and on file with the conference registration desk.
PARTICIPANTS: Be sure that you understand the “Code of Conduct.” Any person violating these rules may be sent home at
their own expense, may cause other contestants from their state to be sent home, or may otherwise disqualify their state association
from participating in the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference including the Skills USA Championships.
                                                  Violations and Penalties
I agree that if, for any reason, I am in violation of any of the rules of the conference or “Code of Conduct,” I may be brought
before the appropriate discipline committee for an analysis of the violation. I also agree to accept the penalty imposed on me. I
understand that any penalty and reasons for it will be explained to me before it is carried out. I further realize that the severity of
the penalty may increase with the severity of the violation, even to the extent of being immediately sent home at my own expense.
1. Violations of Items 1 through 6 of the “Code of Conduct” will be grounds for disqualification, immediate removal from office
or competition and relinquishment of awards and recognition. In addition, the violator will be sent home at his or her own
expense. Notification of the violation and the action taken will be sent to the participant’s state department of education, school
administration, and parents or guardians. The participant’s entire voting delegation could be unseated due to the violation and the
candidates or competitors from the participant’s state could be disqualified as well.
2. Violations of Items 7 through 12 will result in a warning and reprimand. Notification of the violation and the action taken will
be sent to the participant’s state department of education, school administration, and parents or guardians. Repeated violations of
Items 7 through 12 may result in the participant being sent home at his/her own expense. It is within the spirit of being a proud
and meaningful member of SkillsUSA that I agree to these rules of conduct by signing my name on NLSC Form 1.
                                            Photography and Sound Release
I hereby grant SkillsUSA permission to make still or motion pictures and sound recordings, separately or in combination, and also
give a production company approved by SkillsUSA permission to use the finished silent or sound pictures, and/or sound
recordings as deemed necessary.
Further, I so hereby relinquish to SkillsUSA all rights, title, interest in, and income from the finished sound or silent motion
pictures, still pictures, and/or sound recordings, negatives, prints, reproductions, and copies of the originals, negatives, recording
duplicates and prints, and further grant SkillsUSA the right to give, sell, transfer, and/or exhibit the same to any individual,
business firm, publication, television station, radio station or network, or governmental agency, or to any of their assignees,
without payment or other consideration to me.

My agreement to perform under camera, lighting, and stated conditions is voluntary and I do hereby waive all personal claims,
causes of action, or damages against SkillsUSA and the employees thereof, arising from a performance or appearance.

                                                                                                               WLSC FORM

                              Wisconsin Leadership and Skills Conference                                          1B
                                                                                                                 Rev. 1/08

     Advisor Name:                                                     Local SkillsUSA Chapter:

The SkillsUSA Center requires an advisor from EACH local chapter attending the State Conference to read and sign a copy of this
form and return before receiving name tags. Please turn this in at SWTC Regional Competition during Check In.

1.   Local advisors are responsible for having each student attending the SWTC Regional SkillsUSA Conference read, discuss,
2.   Local advisors are responsible for knowing the whereabouts of all their students at all times. Each local advisor should
     establish a policy with his/her students prior to the conference in order to meet this regulation.
3.   Advisors must have with them at the conference a list of their students, as well as home telephone numbers and parent's or
     guardian's names.
4.   No use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or narcotics will be permitted.
5.   Identification badges will be worn at all SkillsUSA activities.
6.   Chapter advisors are responsible for their delegates' conduct and shall be available to their students at all times or shall have
     another advisor/chaperone available to their students.
7.   The local principal, designated administrator, and/or police will be contacted in emergency situations if the local advisor
     cannot be located within a reasonable amount of time or is unable to give proper amount of supervision. Student emergencies
     include: accidents, possession of tobacco, drugs or alcohol, breaking conference rules, family emergencies, and any other
     situation designated as an emergency.

"I have read and fully understand the LOCAL ADVISOR PROCEDURES AND RESPONSIBILITIES and agree to
comply with these guidelines."

     Advisor’s Signature                                                            Date

     Administrator’s Signature                                                      Date

In case of emergency, the following local administrators should be contacted:
                            (1st Contact)                                                      (2nd Contact)
 Name                                                                  Name

 Title                                                                 Title

 School Phone Area/No.                                                 School Phone Area/No.

 Home Phone Area/No.                                                   Home Phone Area/No.

                  WISCONSIN SKILLSUSA SWTC REGIONAL                                                WLSC
                   SUBSTITUTIONS AND CANCELLATIONS                                                 FORM
                                                                                                   Rev. 01/08
Chapter:                                                   Advisor:

Email: _________________________________________           Telephone:

    In the event of a problem, the best time to call is:________________________________

    Please fill in the columns for each change needing to be made. If you are not replacing the student and
         just dropping them altogether, then leave the “Student Name Replacing” blank.

             Student Name Canceling          Student Name Replacing            Contest      Team (if

    I fully realize that I will receive no refunds for cancellations received at the Wisconsin SkillsUSA
    Center after January 27, 2010 after 4 pm.

    Advisor’s Signature                                                          Date
    RETURN TO:            Wisconsin SkillsUSA Center
                          1517 Greencrest Dr
                          Watertown, WI 53098
                          (608) 237-2398 FAX

                                    Grievance Procedure
                            Wisconsin SkillsUSA SWTC Regional

The Wisconsin Skills USA Championships Executive Committee will officially recognize only those grievances filed by the local
SkillsUSA advisor. Problems are to be considered in the following manner:

      1.   A grievance can be filed for an action taken which could affect the results of a SkillsUSA Championships contest. The
           action may be one of the following:
           A. A violation of the contest rules by another contestant.
           B. Failure of the technical committee to follow the technical standards guidelines which gives an advantage or
                disadvantage to some, but not all, of the contestants.

      2.   A contestant or advisor who feels one of the above actions has occurred must file a written grievance signed by the
           student’s advisor or the advisor witnessing the action. The grievance must meet the following criteria:
           A. Must be filed on a “Wisconsin Skills USA Championships Grievance Form” (WLSC Form 13 – found on the back
               of this page).
           B. Must contain the name of the person filing the grievance and, if a student, the name of the advisor signing the
               grievance and the advisors on-site phone number.
           C. Must contain an explanation of the action(s) for which the grievance is being filed and how the action(s) either
               violated a technical standard guideline or gave one or more contestants an unfair advantage or disadvantage.
           D. Must be signed by a local SkillsUSA advisor.

      3.   The completed grievance form must be turned into the Conference Headquarters by 1:30 p.m. on the day of

      4.   The grievance will be considered by the Director of the Skills Championships and the advisor who signed the grievance
           will be notified of the decision or action to be taken.

      5.   If the advisor who signed the grievance is not satisfied with the results, the Skills Championships Executive Committee
           will consider the grievance and decide on its disposition. The Executive Committee’s decision will be final.

      NOTE:      The Skills Championships Executive Committee consists of the State Executive Director, the State Corporate
                 Director(s), and the advisors of the current year state officers.

                         WISCONSIN SKILLSUSA CHAMPIONSHIPS                                               WLSC
                                  GRIEVANCE FORM
                         Grievance procedures and instructions can be found on back of this page         Rev. 01/00

  Name of person filing grievance:                         SkillsUSA Chapter:

  Advisor signing grievance:                               Advisor’s conference phone # (hotel phone & room #):

  Contest:                                                 Received at Conference Headquarters
                                                           by:                           date/time:

Provide a full explanation of the actions that occurred and how they could affect the outcome of the contest:

The statement above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge
 Advisor Signature                                                 Date & Time: