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             Alliance Faction
 11          Bombay Cat
             Cornish Rex Cat
             Blue Moth
             Snowshoe Rabbit

             Horde Faction
  8          Brown Prairie Dog
             Golden Dragonhawk

             Neutral Vendors
  8          Ghostly Skull
             Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling
             Brown Rabbit

             Regular Drops
 10          Green Wing Macaw
             Siamese Cat
             Black Tabby Cat
             Crimson Whelpling
             Emerald Whelpling

             Raid-Dungeon Drops
  3          Mojo [Mojo]
             Dropped by Forest Frog (upon hex removal) - Zul'Aman

             Engineer Crafted
  3          Lifelike Toad

             Engineer Only
  1          Lil' Smoky

             You gotta Fish for these! (drops/quest)
  6          Chuck

             DarkMoon Faire
  3          Tree Frog

             Regular Quested
  6          Worg Pup
          Smolderweb Hatchling

          Seasonal Quested or Drops
16        Mr. Wiggles
          Father Winter's Helper
          Tiny Snowman
          Winter Reindeer

          Reputation Vendors/ Quests
 9        Nether Ray Fry
          Cobra Hatchling [Cobra Hatchling]
          Blood Parrot

          Collectors Edition Pets
 3        Mini Diablo
          Frosty [Frosty's Collar]

          Loot Cards
 5        Bananas [Banana Charm]
          Hippogryph Hatchling [Hippogryph Hatchling]

 8        Murky
          Vampiric Batling
          Essence of Competition

100   0
Orange Tabby Cat
Great Horned Owl
White Moth
White Kitten

Silver Dragonhawk
Brown Snake
Crimson Snake

Ancona Chicken
Mana Wyrmling
Red Moth

Hyacinth Macaw
Dark Whelpling
Azure Whelpling
Disgusting Oozeling

Phoenix Hatchling
Dropped by [72+]Kael'thas Sunstrider - Magister's Terrace

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Pet Bombling

Snarly [Snarly's Bucket]
Magical Crawdad

Wood Frog [Wood Frog Box]

Westfall Chicken
Mechanical Chicken
Sprite Darter Hatchling

Speedy [Turtle Box]
Peanut [Elekk Training Collar]
Winter's Little Helper
Clockwork Rocket Bot
Spirit of Summer
Sinister Squashling

Tiny Sporebat
Tickbird Hatchling
Quest reward: [60]Avast, ye Admiral!

Panda Cub
Promotional pet: Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition

Dragon Kite [Dragon Kite]
Rocket Chicken [Rocket Chicken]

Promotional pet: BlizzCon 2005

Dropped by [72+]Tenris Mirkblood - Karazhan
Feat: Character-specific milestones (in-game)

Feat: Collect 50 unique vanity pets (achievement)
                                                 by Lil Timmy - Stormwind City
Silver Tabby Cat                                 by Donni Anthania - Elwynn Forest
Hawk Owl                                         by Shylenai - Teldrassil
Yellow Moth                                      by Sixx - The Exodar
                                                 by Yarlyn Amberstill - Dun Morogh

                                                 by Xan'tish - Orgrimmar
Red Dragonhawk                                   by Halpa - Thunder Bluff
Black Kingsnake                                  by Jeremiah Payson - Undercity ; Dealer Rashaad - Netherstorm

                                                 by Jilanne - Eversong Woods

                                                 by Magus Tirth - Thousand Needles
Cockatiel                                        by Darahir - Dalaran
Senegal                                          by Dealer Rashaad - Netherstorm
                                                 by Narkk - Stranglethorn Vale

                                              Dropped by Bloodsail Warlock, and Bloodsail Deckhand - Stranglethorn Va
Dropped by [40-44]Bloodsail Mage, Bloodsail Swashbuckler,[19-20+]Defias Pirate - The Deadmines

                                              [42-43]Searing Whelp - Dustwallow Marsh
Dropped by [41-43]Scalding Whelp - Badlands , Dropped by [20+]Cookie - The Deadmines

                                           Dropped by [21r]Dalaran Spellscribe - Silverpine Forest , [31-35]Dalaran S
Dropped by [50-51+]Blue Dragonspawn, [51-52+]Draconic Mageweaver, [52-53+]Blue Scalebane, [53-54+]Draconic Mag

Dropped by [62]Bogflare Needler - Zangarmarsh Dropped by [24-27]Red Whelp, Flamesnorting Whelp, and Crimson Whelp
                                               Dropped by [35-36]Dreaming Whelp - Swamp of Sorrows
Dropped by [Oozing Bag] (found on various 50+ ooze & slime mobs)

Coyote Spirit
Dropped by [72+]Don Carlos - Old Hillsbrad Foothills (Heroic)

Mechanical Squirrel

                                                 Dropped by [Bag of Fishing Treasures] (obtained via d
Toothy [Toothy's Bucket]                         Dropped by [Mr. Pinchy] (found through 430+ fishing nodes in Outland)
Giant Sewer Rat                                  Dropped by Fishing Loot (obtained through 430+ fishing in Dalaran Under

                                                 by Flik - Darkmoon Faire
Jubling [A Jubling's Tiny Home]                  Quest reward: [1]Spawn of Jubjub

Quest reward: [59]Kibler's Exotic Pets           Quest reward: [4]CLUCK! - alliance-only quest
Quest reward: [65]Skywing                         Quest reward: [45]Rescue OOX-22/FE!, [48]Rescue OOX-09/HL!, and [48]

Quest reward: [59]En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why                Quest reward: [48]Becoming a Parent - alliance-only quest

Whiskers the Rat [Rat Cage]                       Quest reward: [10]A Warden of the Alliance/Horde

Willy [Sleepy Willy]                              Quest reward: [65]Back to the Orphanage       Crudely Wrapped Gift (obtaine
Dropped by [73+]Lord Ahune - The Slave Pens       Dropped by [Gaily Wrapped Present] (found under Winter Veil tree)
                                                Winter by tree)
Dropped by [Gaily Wrapped Present] (found underDroppedVeil [Gift of Adoration: {City}] (obtained from city guards)
                                                Winter by tree)
Dropped by [Gaily Wrapped Present] (found underDroppedVeil [Winter Veil Present] (only dropped in 2007)
                                                Winter 350 Burning Blossom by Midsummer Supplier/Merchant - Various
Dropped by [Gaily Wrapped Present] (found underSold for Veil tree)
                                                Dropped by
by Belbi Quikswitch - Dun Morogh ; Blix Fixwidget - Durotar Treat Bag (obtained via trick or treating with innkeepers) ,

White Tickbird Hatchling                          by Grella   Sold for 30 Glowcap by Mycah
Proto-Drake Whelp [Proto-Drake Whelp]             Dropped by [Cracked Egg] (spawned from [Mysterious Egg] after 7 days)
Pengu                                             by Sairuk - Dragonblight ; Tanaika - Howling Fjord

Zergling                                          Promotional pet: World of Warcraft Collector's Edition

Netherwhelp                                       Promotional pet: Burning Crusade Collector's Edition

Ethereal Soul-Trader [Soul-Trader Beacon]         Promotional pet: World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG)

Little Fawn                                       Feat: Collect 75 unique vanity pets (achievement)

Baby Blizzard Bear                                Feat: Logged in during WoW's 4th Anniversary (achievement)

Kirin Tor Familiar =                              Feat: Speak to Archmage Vargoth atop the Violet Citadel

Spirit of Competition                             Feat: Win 1+ battlegrounds during event (pvp)
ashaad - Netherstorm

erpine Forest , [31-35]Dalaran Shield Guard, Dalaran Theurgist, and Dalaran Summoner - Alterac Mountains

ting Whelp, and Crimson Whelp - Wetlands

p of Sorrows

asures] (obtained via daily fishing quest)
+ fishing nodes in Outland)
 430+ fishing in Dalaran Underbelly)
8]Rescue OOX-09/HL!, and [48]Rescue OOX-17/TN!

nce-only quest

   Crudely Wrapped Gift (obtained via daily Hallow's End quest),
 under Winter Veil tree)
ed from city guards)
             [70+]Headless Horseman - Scarlet Monastery
er Supplier/Merchant - Various Zones

r treating with innkeepers) ,

Mysterious Egg] after 7 days)

g Card Game (TCG)

sary (achievement)

 Violet Citadel
    This Achievement requires you to obtain 100 unique mounts. The reward is a Blue Dragonhawk. Be warned! This
    Disclaimers: Your home faction will not require you to reach exalted in order to purchase their mounts. Additionally
    Exalted reputation must be obtained with the following factions: Stormwind, Ironforge, Gnomeragan Exiles, Darnas

    Stormwind; Elwynn Forest (6 Mounts, 264g) Wetlands (1 Mount, 8g)
4   Brown Horse
3   Swift Brown Steed
    Ironforge; Dun Morogh (6 Mounts, 264g)
3   Gray Ram
3   Swift Gray Ram
    Gnomeregan Exiles; Dun Morogh (7 Mounts, 272g)
4   Blue Mechanostrider
3   Swift Green Mechanostrider
    Darnassus; Teldrassil (6 Mounts, 264g)
3   Spotted Frostsaber
3   Swift Frostsaber
    Exodar; Azuremyst Isle (6 Mounts, 264g)
3   Brown Elekk
3   Great Purple Elekk
    Wintersaber Trainers; Winterspring (1 Mount, 80g)
1   Winterspring Frostsaber
    Shadowmoon Valley (7 Mounts, 1100g)
3   Snowy Gryphon
4   Swift Red Gryphon
    Kurenai; Nagrand (8 Mounts, 544g)
8   Cobalt Talbuk
    Cobalt War Talbuk
    Netherwing; Shadowmoon Valley (6 Mounts, 1200g)
6   Azure Netherwing Drake
    Cobalt Netherwing Drake
    Cenarion Expedition; Zangarmarsh (1 Mount, 1600g)
1   Cenarion War Hippogryph
    Sha'tari Skyguard; Terokkar Forest (5 Mounts 800g)
5   Blue Nether Ray
    Red Nether Ray
    Wyrmrest Accord; Dragonblight (1 Mount 1600g)
1   Red Drake
     Sons of Hodir; Storm Peaks (2 Mounts, 8800g)
2    Ice Mammoth
     Kirin Tor; Dalaran (4 Mounts, 18,200g & 200 Emblems of Heroism)
3    Armored Brown Bear
1    Armored Snowy Gryphon
     PvP Mounts
9    Black Battlestrider
     Black War Steed
     Dark Riding Talbuk
     Crafted Mounts
1    Mekgineer's Chopper
     Achievement Mounts
6    Black War Bear - For the Alliance
     Albino Drake - Leading the Cavalry
     Violet Proto-Drake - What a Long Strange Trip It's Been
     Class Only Mounts
2    Dreadsteed (Warlock)
     Felsteed (Warlock)
     For Crafter Only Mounts
4    Flying Machine (Engineering)
     Turbo-Charged Flying Machine (Engineering)
     Dropped Mounts - Raids
13   Swift Zulian Tiger (High Priest Thekal - Zul'Gurub)
     Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal (Trash - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
     Blue Drake (Drops from Alexstrasza's Gift - The Eye of Eternity)
     Black Drake (Sarthaion - The Obsidian Sanctum (Kill with 3 drakes up)
     Dropped Mounts - Dailies
2    Green Proto-Drake ( Drop from Mysterious Egg - Revered with The Oracles)
     Dropped Mounts - 5 man/ Heroics / Rare Mob
6    Swift White Hawkstrider (Kael'thas Sunstrider - Magisters' Terrace Heroic)
     Blue Proto-Drake (Skadi the Ruthless - Utgarde Pinacle)
     Seasonal Dropped Mounts
3    Swift Brewfest Ram (Brewfest BRD Boss)
     Trading Card Game Mounts
5    Riding Turtle
     X-51 Nether Rocket
     Specialty Mounts
2    Swift Zhevra (Recruit-a-Friend Promo)
          Specialty Mounts No Longer Available
 7        Swift Nether Drake (PvP Season)
          Merciless Nether Drake (PvP Season)
127   0
 rd is a Blue Dragonhawk. Be warned! This achievement is not for the faint of heart! You will likely spend insane amounts of time, money and
 order to purchase their mounts. Additionally, mount prices may vary depending on your reputation and associated faction discounts.

wind, Ironforge, Gnomeragan Exiles, Darnassus, Exodar, Wintersaber Trainers, Kurenai, Netherwing, Cenarion Expedition, Sha'tari Skyguard

             Chestnut Mare
             Swift Palomino

             Brown Ram
             Swift Brown Ram

             Green Mechanostrider
             Swift Yellow Mechanostrider

             Striped Frostsaber
             Swift Mistsaber

             Gray Elekk
             Great Blue Elekk

             Golden Gryphon
             Swift Blue Gryphon

             Silver Talbuk
             Tan War Talbuk

             Onyx Netherwing Drake
             Purple Netherwing Drake

             Green Nether Ray
             Silver Nether Ray
Grand Ice Mammoth

Wooly Mammoth

Black War Ram
Black War Elekk
Dark War Talbuk

Red Proto-Drake - Glory of the Hero
Plagued Proto-Drake - Glory of the Raider
Black Proto-Drake - Heroic - Glory of the Raider

Charger (Alliance/Horde Paladin)
Warhorse (Alliance/Horde Paladin)

Flying Carpet (Tailoring)
Magnificent Flying Carpet (Tailoring)

Swift Razzashi Raptor (Bloodlord Mandokir - Zul'Gurub)
Red Qiraji Resonating Crystal (Trash - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
Azure Drake (Drops from Alexstrasza's Gift - The Eye of Eternity Heroic)
Twilight Drake (Sarthaion - The Obsidian Sanctum Heroic (Kill with 3 drakes up)

White Polar Bear (Drop from Hyldnir Spoils - Gretta the Arbiter's Daily Quests)

Raven Lord (Anzu - Sethekk Halls Heroic)
Bronze Drake (Infinite Corruptor - The Culling of Stratholme Heroic Timed Run)

Great Brewfest Kodo (Brewfest BRD Boss)

Spectral Tiger
X-51 Nether Rocket X-TREME

Big Blizzard Bear (Blizzcon 08)
Vengeful Nether Drake (PvP Season)
Brutal Nether Drake (PvP Season)
You will likely spend insane amounts of time, money and effort to gain this achievement. This achievement is made possible by patch 3.0.8 w
our reputation and associated faction discounts.

nai, Netherwing, Cenarion Expedition, Sha'tari Skyguard, Wyrmrest Accord, Sons of Hodir

             Swift White Steed

             White Ram
             Swift White Ram

             Red Mechanostrider
             Swift White Mechanostrider

             Striped Nightsaber
             Swift Stormsaber

             Purple Elekk
             Great Green Elekk

             Ebon Gryphon
             Swift Green Gryphon

             White Talbuk
             White War Talbuk

             Veridian Netherwing Drake
             Violet Netherwing Drake

             Purple Nether Ray
Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth

Black War Tiger
Stormpike Battle Charger
Black War Mammoth

Acherus Deathcharger (Deathknight)
Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade (Deathknight)

Fiery Warhorse (Attumen the Huntsman – Karazhan)
Green Qiraji Resonating Crystal (Trash - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
Ashes of Al'ar (Kael'thas Sunstrider - The Eye)
Grand Black War Mammoth (Archavon - Vault of Archavon)

Deathcharger (Baron Rivendare – Stratholme)
Time-Lost Proto-Drake (Time-Lost Proto-Drake – Stormpeaks)

The Horseman's Reins (Hallow’s End SM Boss)

Swift Spectral Tiger
Amani War Bear (Zul Aman Timed Run)
Brewfest Ram (Brewfest Reward 07)
his achievement. This achievement is made possible by patch 3.0.8 which will remove the racial restrictions on many mounts. (Tauren Rejoi

cord, Sons of Hodir

             Black Stallion

             Unpainted Mechanostrider

             Swift Purple Gryphon

             Tan Talbuk
             Silver War Talbuk
Lieutenant Karter; Stormwind (5 Mounts, 150 WSG, AV and AB Tokens)
Thanthaldis Snowgleam; Alterac Mountains (1 Mount, 50 Alterac Valley Tokens)
Aldraan; Nagrand (2 Mounts, 170 Halaa Battle Tokens and 35 Halaa Research Tokens)
Knight Dameron; Wintergrasp (1 Mount, 300 Stone Keeper Shards)

Yellow Qiraji Resonating Crystal (Trash - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
Black Qiraj Battle Tank (Ahn’Qiraj Gates Opening Event)
any mounts. (Tauren Rejoice!)

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