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TOMMY'S MIDWIFE, Central London Job description by vhb13605


									TOMMY’S MIDWIFE, Central London
1 or 2 days per week, Wednesday/Thursday

Job description
About Tommy’s

Tommy’s was started in 1992 by two Obstetricians who wanted to make
pregnancy and childbirth safer for all. We don’t know enough about why
pregnancies go wrong and so it is not surprising that:

   1 in 4 women will have a miscarriage
   1 in 200 babies will be stillborn
   100 babies everyday are born too soon

Each baby lost represents a tragedy for the family concerned. It touches the
lives of almost every household in the UK. We are also concerned about the
lifelong implications suffered by many children who are born too soon or too

Tommy’s exists to change all this. We fund medical research and provide
information on the causes and prevention of miscarriage, premature birth and

Tommy’s funds three centres of maternal and fetal health, one in London at St
Thomas’ Hospital, one in Manchester at St Mary’s Hospital and the newly opened
centre in Edinburgh at the Royal Infirmary. In addition Tommy’s funds research
grants in hospitals around the UK.

Tommy’s believes that every parent should have the opportunity to maximise
their chances of having a healthy pregnancy. Tommy’s provides information to
parents-to-be about how to minimise the risk factors.

The charity employs around 20 employees and we currently raise c £3m a year.

Our Patron is the Duchess of York and our Trustees cover a wide variety of
interests from medicine to banking to media and even sport.

We are a go-ahead charity with a cause which deeply touches many people. We
still find time to enjoy what we do!
Role overview

JOB TITLE:           Tommy’s Midwife

REPORTING TO: Information Services Midwifery Manager


      To provide pregnancy health information for all clients to the Information
      Tommy’s provides information for parents, parents-to-be, health
       professionals and the general public to help maximise the chance of
       having a healthy pregnancy.
      This is achieved either through the telephone pregnancy information line
       and email based in our London office or through web access.
      To represent Tommy’s at events in conjunction with our corporate
      To offer a range of free publications.

We are looking for one or two midwives who can commit to one or two
days per week (Wednesday/Thursday) on our information line.


This role is largely self-governed and you will be the sole midwife on site,
working in a charity of non-medical specialists. You will offer an accurate and
consistent service of providing information to enquirers to Tommy’s Pregnancy
Information Service. This will include responding to telephone and email
queries. You will provide pregnancy health information to women and their
families and health professionals. All information given needs to be accurate,
research-based and up-to-date.


Please be aware that you must fulfil all of the following criteria in order to be
considered for this post:

 Interested in working for a charitable organisation that has commercial
  partners, including baby milk companies
 Registered midwife with at least 2 years’ post-registration experience as a
  team or community midwife
 Able to work as the sole midwife within an office setting. Self-motivated, able
  to react positively to changing situations and able to prioritise
 Excellent communication and listening skills. Non-judgmental and able to give
  research-based impartial advice
 Able to interact orally and by email with a variety of clients and be able to
  explain complex medical issues in a clear, understanding manner. Able to
  listen and communicate with bereaved callers in a sensitive manner
 Able to use core IT skills

As a performance-led organisation, we will provide you with feedback on your
performance at regular intervals, measures of success used to assess this will

     Information enquiries handled
     Levels of satisfaction of service-users
     Accuracy of information provided

RATE OF PAY:       pro rata for the full-time gross annual salary of £29,120
                   (£16 per hour)



The current opening hours for the telephone pregnancy information service are
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Actual working days for this role are Wednesday/Thursday each week.


Place of work: Tommy’s, Nicholas House, 3 Laurence Pountney Hill, London
               EC4R 0BB

Job description

1.    Provide a consistent, efficient, confidential and supportive enquiry service
      to enquirers by telephone, email or letter. This will include responding to
      telephone queries and providing pregnancy health information to women
      and their families, writing and sending emails and letters in response to
      pregnancy enquiries.

2.    Ensure Tommy’s guidelines for information enquirers are adhered to in all
      communications (including the timescale for a response to be sent).

3.    Participate in the process of audit, research and implementation of change
      as required.

4.    The post holder is likely to be faced with difficult and sensitive situations
      eg bereavement. You should be aware that this role can involve talking to
      people about distressing situations and that you may need to debrief
      following such calls.

5.    Provide information on toxoplasmosis. Tommy’s took over the work of the
      Toxoplasmosis Trust in 2000 and therefore we also receive requests for
      toxoplasmosis information and support.
6.    Ensure knowledge of pregnancy issues are maintained and developed.

7.    Ensure all work is in line with NMC requirements, ensure that any
      concerns regarding role conflict between your job at Tommy’s and NMC
      guidelines are brought to the attention of your line manager.

8.    Contribute to the development and implementation of protocols, policies
      and guidelines. Adhere to the guidelines set out by Tommy’s for this role.
      Assist in the setting and monitoring of quality standards in relation to the
      service provided by Tommy’s.

9.    Liaise with other departments and other agencies to provide specialist

10.  As with all members of the NMC you are required to keep confidential any
     information concerning enquirers to our service.


Registered Midwife
    This should be demonstrated with a copy of your Intention to Practice
     form – current and signed by your Supervisor of Midwives
    A current Midwifery PIN Number card showing that your registration with
     the NMC is up to date

Skills required
      2 years’ post-registration experience as a team or community midwife
      Experience of routine antenatal care would be an advantage

Computer core skills
   Ability to demonstrate core computer skills using programmes such as
    Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel
   Ability to learn database skills required to record basic information

Communication and sensitivity
   Excellent communication and listening skills
   Ability to interact with a variety of contacts (distressed/emotionally
    vulnerable callers, health professionals, individuals, donors, volunteers,
   Ability to explain complex medical issues in a clear and understandable
   Ability to handle calls and enquiries of a sensitive nature such as a
    recently bereaved parents
   Works well as part of a team ie clearly communicates handover tasks.

Personal qualities
    Attentive to detail, punctual, professional appearance

Required availability
    Either one or two days per week (Wednesday/Thursday).

To apply for this job please email your completed application form to
Jenny Bradic, HR Manager

Or applications may be made by post to Jenny Bradic, HR Manager, Tommy’s,
Nicholas House, 3 Laurence Pountney Hill, London EC4R 0BB.


Key contacts within Tommy’s
Jane Brewin Chief Executive
Karen Wint  Director of Fundraising

TOMMY'S is a company limited by guarantee registered in England no. 3266897
registered charity no. 1060508. The registered office is: Nicholas House, 3 Laurence Pountney Hill, London,
EC4R 0BB. Tel: 08707 70 70 70 Fax: 08707 70 70 75. VAT no. 691 4929 94
          Application Form: TOMMY’S MIDWIFE

          Personal Information

Ms/Miss/Mrs/Mr/Dr/Other                            First name(s)

Last name


Email                                              Home tel no

Work tel no (if we may contact you at work)        Mobile tel no

          Information about your education and training

School, college, university       Date        To       Qualifications         Grades     Dates of
                                  from                                                   qualification

          Qualifications you are currently studying for

Qualification                                      Level/part/other details        Date you expect to
         Professional membership ie NMC

Organisation                     Registration number eg PIN      Expiry/renewal date

         Details about your main current job

Name and address of current employer            Job title
                                                Date you started
                                                Current salary

                                                Current working hours

         Other current jobs, eg other bank contracts

Name and address of current employer            Job title
                                                Date you started
                                                Current salary

                                                Current working hours

Name and address of current employer            Job title
                                                Date you started
                                                Current salary

                                                Current working hours

Name and address of current employer            Job title
                                                Date you started
                                                Current salary

                                                Current working hours
            Details about your previous employment

Employer’s name and              Job title                      Salary             Dates   To
address                                                                            from


Please supply the details of two referees, one of whom should be your current/most recent manager:

Name                                              Name

Job title                                         Job title

Relationship of referee to you                    Relationship of referee to you

Address                                           Address

Email                                             Email

Tel no                                            Tel no

May we contact this referee now? YES /NO          May we contact this referee now? YES /NO
         Additional information

Please write a statement to support your application, covering the skills and knowledge you have which
are relevant to the role of a Tommy’s Midwife. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary. Please also
include information about the number of days per week (one or two, Wednesday/Thursday)
you would be available to work for Tommy’s. Please also attach your CV.

         Please now email your completed form and CV to Jenny Bradic at

         Or applications may be made by post to Jenny Bradic, HR Manager, Tommy’s, Nicholas House,
         3 Laurence Pountney Hill, London EC4R 0BB.


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