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					Wigan Council

Children and Young People’s Services
Service Transformation
Job Description
Post Title:          Locality Service Manager with responsibility of Fostering Service

Post No:             CS-CIPC-233

Job Purpose:         As part of Children and Young People’s Services, the postholder
                     will report to the Head of Service – Social Care, having
                     responsibility for the efficient and effective provision and
                     development of the following services:

                     ♦     To lead the development and delivery of all social work
                           services to children in need, children in need of protection
                           and other families within a locality based team.
                     ♦     To ensure that all assessments, plans, including care
                           plans and court reports are accurate, timely and address
                     ♦     To ensure the co-ordinated delivery of a range of support
                           services across the locality to children in need and
                           children in need of protection.
                     ♦     To participate fully in partnership working taking lead
                           responsibility for defined areas of work as required.
                     ♦     To ensure the Fostering Service is efficient and effective
                           and meets all the required standards.

Reporting To:        Head of Service – Social Care

Responsible For:     The Fostering Service - Locality Social Work Team

Liaising With:       Senior managers and staff within CYPS and across the Council.
                     Members of the Wigan Borough Partnership for Children, Young
                     People and Families.
                     Elected Members
                     Members of the Wigan Safeguarding Children Board.

Hours of Work:       37 hours per week

Salary/Wage Grade:   G14

Current Base:        To be confirmed

Car Designation:     Essential

Disclosure Level:    Enhanced
Main (Core) Duties

Operational / Strategic   To be a member of the Wider Management Team of CYPS and
Planning:                 contribute to the effective strategic planning, delivery and
                          evaluation of Children and Young People’s Services.

                          To play a key role in strategic and operational planning
                          processes and provide leadership for your area of operational

                          To identify and actively seek opportunities for external funding
                          and prepare bids, grant claims and monitoring reports as
                          necessary to secure funding.

                          To translate strategies and plans into effective work programmes
                          which are adequately resourced, monitored and reviewed.

Service Provision:        To lead and manage the development and implementation of all
                          aspects of service delivery within agreed service areas.

                          To achieve agreed objectives, ensure all Children and Young
                          People’s Services plans are met and relevant budgets are
                          managed effectively.

                          To deliver customer focused services which represent good
                          value for money and demonstrate high levels of customer

Service Development:      To develop innovative approaches to service development,
                          delivery and improvement.

Staffing:                 To ensure the effective deployment of all resources at your
                          disposal including budgets, facilities and people.

                          To manage and develop employees, ensuring that they are
                          consulted, empowered, valued and motivated.

                          To maximise the contribution of employees by ensuring that the
                          Council’s human resources, equalities, developmental and
                          appraisal policies are applied systematically and consistently.

                          To actively participate in and promote the Employee
                          Development Review process of Wigan Council in accordance
                          with agreed policies and procedures.

                          To be responsible for the recruitment, selection, training and
                          development of staff within your area of responsibility.
Quality Assurance:       To regularly review, analyse and evaluate performance against
                         plans by individuals and teams and report performance and any
                         recommended action to the relevant Head of Service.

                         To play a key role in the development of effective quality
                         assurance processes within Children and Young People’s
                         Services and Wigan Council as a whole and ensure that all
                         agreed policies and procedures are implemented within your
                         area of responsibility.

                         To monitor standards across the Council which demonstrate
                         working towards or the achievement of excellent service

                         To embed the performance management culture, driving
                         continuous improvement and playing a key role in internal and
                         external inspection processes.

Management               To manage the collection, analysis and reporting of
information &            management information relevant to agreed service areas.

Communications:          To maintain effective working relationships with key stakeholders
                         and external partners which support the achievement of
                         objectives and the promotion of the Council’s interests.

                         To ensure that appropriate Council policies and decisions are
                         communicated consistently and effectively.

Marketing and Liaison:   To represent Children and Young People’s Services at local and
                         national bodies as required and promote a positive image of

                         To positively promote and market Children and Young People’s
                         Services and encourage interest and investment in its activities.

Management of            To ensure the effective deployment of all resources at your
Resources:               disposal including budgets, facilities and people.
(Other than people)
                         To play a key role in the financial planning processes of Children
                         and Young People’s Services, maintaining rigorous financial
                         planning systems and ensuring all budgets are delivered.

                         To ensure that resources are optimised and controlled effectively
                         by the implementation and monitoring of robust service and
                         financial planning processes.

                         To ensure that all activities comply with Standing Orders,
                         Financial Regulations and Codes of Practice.
Corporate                    To actively promote and adhere to all of the policies, procedures
responsibility:              and values of Wigan Council and Children and Young People’s

                             To help develop and implement strategies, plans and targets for
                             equal opportunities, diversity and community cohesion to support
                             the Council’s objectives.

                             Support the implementation of the Council’s policies and
                             procedures within the team, the department and across the

                             Co-operate with all Council staff in order to develop effective and
                             mutually supportive working relationships.

                             Adhere to the Council’s equal opportunities and customer care
                             policies when consulting on methods of identifying and meeting
                             the needs of service users.

                             Promote the interests of the Council in partnership ventures with
                             other statutory and non-statutory agencies.

                             To promote and support the development and implementation of
                             corporate practices through active involvement in the CYPS
                             Management Team, participation in corporate projects and
                             effective leadership.

                             To prepare and present information, advice and reports to
                             Officers and Elected Members of the Local Authority and any
                             other relevant parties in relation to the duties of the post.

                             To deputise for the Head of Service and other Service Managers
                             as appropriate.

Other Specific Duties

To carry out the duties in the most effective, efficient and economic manner available.
Participate fully in the CYPS employee development review process and continue personal
and professional development as identified.

Special Conditions of Service
* Where the postholder has a disability, every effort will be made to make reasonable
   adjustments to enable them to carry out the duties of the job.

*   All holiday leave is to be taken in line with the requirements of the team/service.

Safety Training - specify.

This job description is current at the date shown, but, in consultation with you, may be
changed to reflect or anticipate changes in the job commensurate with the grade and job title.

Date: November 2008
Children and Young People’s Services

Person Specification / Selection Criteria

Post Title     Locality Service Manager
Post No.       CS-CIPC-233

A.     Experience
                                                    Essential   Desirable      Source
                                                                            A = Application
                                                                            I = Interview
                                                                            R = References
                                                                            T = Task
                                                                            O = Observation
                                                                            P = Presentation
Substantial experience in a relevant management
                                                       X                          A, I
Proven track record of effective service
                                                       X                          A. I
development and delivery in relevant area of work

B.     Training and Qualifications
                                                    Essential   Desirable      Source
Social Work Qualification. (CQSW, Dip SW)              X
Management qualification at NVQ Level 5 or
                                                                    X              A
Willingness to undertake management
                                                       X                           I
qualification to Level 5

C.     Knowledge and Understanding
       (Applicants should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the
       following areas relevant to the post)

                                                    Essential   Desirable      Source
Demonstrate an understanding of all aspects of
                                                       X                           I
Children and Young People’s Services
D.    Personal Skills, Abilities and Competencies
      Applicants should be able to provide evidence that they have the necessary skills
      and abilities required

                                                      Essential   Desirable      Source
High level of written communication skills               X                         A
High level of oral communication skills and ability
to make presentations to a wide range of                 X                         IP
Able to work in partnership and develop the trust,
respect and co-operation of a broad spectrum of          X                         IR
partners and colleagues
Ability to use high level influencing skills and to
promote open discussion and negotiate common
                                                         X                         IR
agreement where there are disparate points of
Able to relate to and work with others as a leader
                                                         X                         IR
and member of a team
Proven ability to lead and motivate others to
achieve Children and Young People’s Services             X                         IR
Competent and experienced people manager                 X                         IR
Proven ability to instigate and manage change
                                                         X                         IR
Demonstrate a genuine commitment to the goals
and values of Children and Young People’s                X                           I
Demonstrate an active commitment to promoting
and achieving equality of opportunity for staff and      X                           I
service users
Ability to develop and implement strategic and
operational plans, policies and strategies to
                                                         X                           I
achieve the values and goals of Children and
Young People’s Services.
Able to devise systems to implement, monitor,
evaluate and improve the activities of Children and      X                           I
Young People’s Services.
Ability to successfully market Children and Young
People’s Services and encourage interest and             X                         AI
Proven ability to convert plans into action and
deliver objectives and targets within agreed             X                         IR
timescales and budgets
Proven ability to develop and manage budgets             X                         IR
Stamina and resilience                                   X                          I
Able to use ICT in accordance with the needs of
                                                         X                         IA
the role
Positive role model for staff and service users          X                         IR
Ability to make decisions based on an evaluation
                                                         X                           I
of all relevant factors and risks/benefits
Proven focus on the needs of service users               X                         IR
Willingness to be flexible and adaptable to achieve
                                                         X                           I
Children and Young People’s Services goals
D.     Personal Skills, Abilities and Competencies (cont’d…)
                                                        Essential   Desirable     Source
Ability to analyse information, identify implications
for Children and Young People’s Services and               X                          I
implement relevant courses of action
Able and willing to work evenings and weekends             X                          I

E.     Physical Requirements
       Where the applicant/postholder has a disability every effort will be made to make
       reasonable adjustments to enable them to carry out the duties of the post