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floods Santa Clara-Virgin


									A thunderous crash sounded in the distance as the house collapsed and
crumbled into rushing water below. Several people were standing at the
edge of the hilltop in Santa Clara, Utah, watching them be destroyed
valley in front of their eyes. Torrent that has eaten dirt from the
bottom edge of the river and the house. Without support, the house fell
into the river that flows swiftly and swept downstream.

Santa Clara / Virgin River flooding in St. George, Utah, in the year 2005
was a complete disaster. Standing on the hill and see the destruction
below is an emotional experience for everyone. The trees and shrubs that
once lined the small five-foot wide river is now lost, uprooted and swept
away by a violent and turbulent flow of water. Why years for nature to
create, nature can destroy in seconds. Who would have guessed that it
would swell the river width, mean cut in the landscape?

River once calm, which can not be crossed on foot or in the car, now as
wide as a football field long, and it took everything in the street. The
speed of the river used to be five cubic feet per second, and now has
more than 6500 cubic feet per second. In three days time, it has been dug
into the surface of the earth, carving away at the bank and created
thirty-high mountains to twelve meters. Torrent that was digging in the
earth at ten feet per hour as a plow and sweep the red soil and trees
along the river into Arizona and Nevada. In fact, a man finds his car
thirty miles downstream from his home. This has crossed the border into

The man worked hard to help people remove what they could from houses
threatened by the river, but there are people who fled with only the
clothes on their backs. Around two hundred houses were damaged and
destroyed twenty-five total. The experience of charity and compassion by
those extraordinary. There is no prejudice of religion, race, culture, or
status, just unconditional love and concern for all people. Houses,
clothes, and food for the homeless directly found.

Why is flooding so bad that year? Rain six weeks after seven years of
drought is the main reason. Built-up debris blocked rivers and channels
is the only way to go out at farms and homes. Not only that, the heavy
snow in the mountains seems to be a blessing to this desert land, but
usually warm January snow melts too fast. With the continuous rain during
the month, the saturated soil could not stand anymore. Damage estimated
at nearly two hundred million dollars.

Losing a house can be replaced, but the sad thing about this flood is the
loss of irreplaceable and valuable treasure that has no value to anyone
but the owner, such as photographs and memories of the past. Do you
believe in miracles? The story of hope always touches people, including

Old widow who grabbed what he could with the help of neighbors, but could
not get everything. She lost her husband and his own book to remember,
the pictures of their family, their ancestors, and their biographies. All
the memories swept away in floods. The next day after his house was gone,
there was a knock at the door where he lived. A man standing in front of
him with a book in his hand. He said that he found stranded on a tree
stump near his home. Needless to say, he wept for joy. But that's not
all. The next day, her husband found the book, too.

Good of others is very enthusiastic for this small valley. United
fundraising and school raise money for the homeless. For me, this is a
story about hope and love, the story of charity. When I enter all this
information in the novel, Anasazi intrigue, I remembered this disaster
once again. You see ... I'm from Washington County, St. George, Utah.
This is the valley. This is my home. They are my people!

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