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Activity                                                                                          Timings 
Registration                                                                                08:30 am – 10:00 am 

Inaugural Tea                                                 Venue: O P Jain Auditorium    10:00 am ‐ 10:30 am 
Inaugural & key note address                    Venue: O P Jain Auditorium                  10:30 am ‐ 01:00 pm 
Lunch                                                                                       01:00 pm ‐ 02:00 pm 
 Session ‐ 1               Instrumentation  
                     Venue‐I                                                                02:30 pm ‐ 04:00 pm 
                             C: Prof. Kailash Chandra,  Co: Prof. Marc Brecht, 
                                         IITR                   Germany 
                 Venue‐II  Electrical Drives                                                02:30 pm ‐ 04:00 pm 
                            C: Prof. S. S. Murthy, IITD  Co: Dr. M. K. Pathak, 
Intersession Tea                                                                            04:00 pm ‐ 04:30 pm 
Plenary Talk     Venue‐I  Speaker :  Prof. S. S. Murthy, IITD                               04:30 pm – 05:00 pm
Session ‐ 2          Venue‐I   Power System Operation, Control and Protection‐I             05:00 pm ‐ 06:30 pm 
                                C: Prof. K. B. Mishra, IIT  Co: Prof. B. Das, IITR           

                     Venue‐II  Computer Networks and Security                               05:00 pm ‐ 06:30 pm 
                                C: Prof.  M. K. Vasantha,  Co: Prof. Manoj                   
                                                            Mishra, IITR
Dinner                                                                                      08:00 pm ‐ 09:30 pm 
Session ‐ 3                Power System Operation, Control and Protection‐I  
                     Venue‐I                                                                09:00 am ‐ 10:30 am 
                            C: Prof. M. P. Dave 
                                                          Co: Dr. V. Pant, IITR 
                 Venue‐II  Biomedical Signal Processing                                     09:00 am ‐ 10:30 am 
                            C: Prof. Vinod Kumar           Co: Dr. M. K. Bhuyan, 
                                     IIT Roorkee                    IITG 
Intersession Tea                                                                            10:30 am ‐ 11:00 am 
Plenary Talk     Venue‐I  Speaker :  Prof. Bhim Singh, IITD                                 11:00 am ‐ 11:30 am 
                 Venue‐II  Speaker :  Prof. Nikhil S. Padhye, USA                           11:00 am ‐ 11:30 am 
Session ‐ 4      Venue‐I  Power Quality                                                     11:30 am ‐ 01:00 pm 
                            C: Prof.  Bhim Singh, IITD  Co: Prof. P. Agrawal, 
                 Venue‐II  Artificial Intelligence – I                                      11:30 am ‐ 01:00 pm 
                            C: Prof.  Nikhil S. Padhye,  Co: Dr. G. N. Pillai, IITR 

Lunch                                                                                       01:00 pm ‐ 02:30 pm 
Session ‐ 5      Venue‐I   Power Electronics Convertors                                02:30 pm ‐ 04:00 pm 
                            C: Prof. V. K. Verma,         Prof. S. P. Singh, /Prof. 
                                                          G. K. Singh, IITR 
                 Venue‐II  Artificial Intelligence –II                                 02:30 pm ‐ 04:00 pm 
                             C: Prof. M. K. Vasantha,     Co: Prof. R. Prasad, 
                                         IITR             IITR 
Intersession Tea                                                                       04:00 pm ‐ 04:30 pm 
Plenary Talk     Venue‐I  Speaker :  Prof.  Peter W. Macfarlane, UK                    04:30 pm ‐05:00 pm 
                 Venue‐II  Speaker : Prof. T. Gonsalves, Director, IIT Mandi 
Session ‐ 6      Venue‐I  Signal Processing                                            05:00 pm ‐ 06:30 pm 
                            C: Prof. Peter W.            Co: Prof. S Mukharjee 
                            Macfarlane, UK 

                 Venue‐II  Power System Operation and Control under                    05:00 pm ‐ 06:30 pm 
                           Deregulated Environment   
                            C: Dr. B. Das, IITR             Co: Dr. E. Fernandez, 
Cultural Program                                                                       07:00 pm ‐ 08:30 pm 
Conference Banquet                                                                     08:30 pm ‐ 09:30 pm 
Session ‐ 7      Venue‐I    Image Processing                                           09:00 am ‐ 10:30 am
                             C: Prof. R. C. Joshi, IITR      Co: Dr. Indra Gutpa, 
                 Venue‐II  Robotics and Control                                        09:00 am ‐ 10:30 am 
                              C: Prof. M. K. Vasantha,        Co: Prof. R Prasad, 
                                           IITR                        IITR 
Intersession Tea                                                                       10:30 am ‐ 11:00 am 
Plenary  Talk  Venue‐I       Prof. M.M. Gupta, Canada                                  11:00 am – 11:30 am 
                 Venue‐II  Prof. Pramod Kumar, DCE                                     11:00 am – 11:30 am 
Session ‐ 8      Venue‐I    C: Prof. R Mitra, IITR    Co: Dr. D Singh, IITR            11:30 am ‐ 01:00 pm 
                           Image and Video Processing  
                 Venue‐II  Soft Computing                                              11:30 am ‐ 01:00 pm 
                            C: Prof. Rama Bhargav,         Co: Dr. C P Gupta, IITR 

Lunch                                                                                  01:00 pm ‐ 02:00 pm 
Valedictory Function (Auditorium, Department of Electrical Engineering)                02:30 pm ‐ 04:30 pm 
Venue I‐ Auditorium, Department of Electrical Engineering  
Venue II‐ Committee Room, Department of Electrical Engineering 
                                   A1: Instrumentation

            19th February, 2010            Venue-I        Time 02:30 pm - 04:00 pm

      Chairman: Prof. Kailash Chandra, IITR          Co-Chairman: Dr. Marc Brecht, Germany

1.   A. Alfred Kirubaraj,        Realization of Non-Volatile SRAM Based On Magnetic
     M. Malathi                  Tunnel Junction

2.   K.Gowrishankar,
                                 Modeling And Performance Analysis of Proportional
                                 Integral Derivative Controller With PSS Using Simulink

3.   Dola Gobinda Padhan Modified Smith Predictor And Controller
     , Somanath Majhi    For Stable And Unstable Processes
4.   Jignesh G. Bhatt, H.        RS-485/Modbus Based Intelligent Building Automation
     K. Verma                    System Using Labview
5.   Tarun Chopra,               Fault Diagnosis In Benchmark Process Control System
     Jayashri Vajpai             Using Probablistic Neural Network
6.   A.H kiranmayee, P.C         Classification Of Teas Using Spectroscopy And
     Panchariya                  Probabilistic Neural Networks
7.   Amol A. Kalage,
                                 Position Control Of Servo Motor Using Fuzzy Logic
     Sarika V. Tade

8.   Dereje Shiferaw,            Fuzzy Logic Tuned PID Controller For Stewart
     Ranjit Mitra1               Platform Manipulator
                        A2: Electrical Drives (Total Paper-7)

          19th February’ 2010             Venue-II         Time 02:30 pm - 04:00 pm

      Chairman: Prof. Bhim Singh, IITD                  Co-Chairman: Dr. M. Pathak, IITR

1.   C.Srisailm, Anurag         Losses Reduction In Indirect Vector-Controlled Im
     Trivedi                    Drive Using Flc
2.   Archan B. Patel,
     A.N.Patel                  Design & Simulation of Bipolar Microstepping Drive
     S.H.Chetwani ,             For Disc Rotor Type Stepper Motor
3.   K.B. Mohanty ,             Power Control Of Induction Generator Using PI
     Swagat Pati                Controllers For Wind Power Applications
4.   R. A. Gupta,
                          Implementation Of An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Based
     Rajesh Kumar, Rajesh
                          Speed Controller For Vcim Drive
5.   D. K. Palwali, S. P.       New Voltage And Frequency Regulator For Self
     Singh                      Excited Induction Generator
6.   N.C.Lenin,                 Soft Magnetic Composite Core – A New Perspective
     R.Arumugam                 For Linear Switched Reluctance Motor
7.   Bhim Singh,                Voltage And Frequency Control With Integrated
     Shailendra Sharma,         Voltage Source Converter And Star/Hexagon
     Ambrish Chandra ,          Transformer For IAG Based Stand-Alone Wind Energy
     K-Al Haddad                Conversion System
 A3: Power System Operation, Control and Protection-I(Total Paper-7)

         19th February’ 2010               Venue-I          Time 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm

       Chairman: Prof. S S Murthy, IITD                  Co-Chairman: Prof. B Das, IITR

S.No   Authors Name                              Title of the Paper

     D. Thukaram,          Online Contingency Analysis Incorporating
     Rimjhim               Generation Regulation And Load Characteristics
  1. Agrawal,              Using Fuzzy Logic

     Narendra              Auxiliary Controlled Svs For Damping SSR in A
     Kumar, Ritu,          Series Compensated Power System
     Narinder Huda,

       Subba Reddy, B Simulation Of Suraface And Volume Stress For High
       Udayakumar     Voltage Transmission Insulators

     J. Raja,              Stability Analysis And Frequency Excursion Of
  4. C.Christober          Combined Cycle Plant Including SMES Unit
     Asir Rajan

  5.                       Viability Assessment Of Microhydro Power –A Case
       P K Katti           Study
            A4: Computer Networks and Security (Total Paper-7)

           19th February’ 2010         Venue-II          Time 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm

           Chairman: Prof. M Gopal, IITD          Co-Chairman: Dr. G N Pillai, IITR

1.   Vibhav Kumar
                               Data Aggregation Based Cooperative MIMO Diversity
     Sachan, Syed A.
                               In Wireless Sensor Networks
2.                             Design of novel 3d Code Set Based on Algebraic
     Shilpa Jindal, Neena
                               Congruency for ocdma Communication Networks for
                               Data Transfer.
3.   Kapil Kumar
     Nagwanshi, Tilendra       A Practical Approach To Formation Of A Robust Model
     Shishir Sinha, Susanta    For Promoting Global Cyber Security
     Kumar Satpathy
4.   Satish Mohanty,           Identification Of Vibration Signature And Operating
     Vanam Upendranath,        Frequency Range Of Ball Mill Using Wireless
     P. Bhanu Prasad           Accelerometer Sensor
5.   Deepak Kumar, Saiful      Mobile SMS To Braille Transcription: A New Era Of
     Islam, Farheena Khan      Mobile For The Blinds
  B1: Power System Operation, Control and Protection-II(Total Paper-6)

          20th February’ 2010          Venue-I       Time 09:00 am - 10:30 am

           Chairman: Prof. J D Sharma, IITR                   Co-Chairman: Dr. V Panth, IITR

S.No Authors Name              Title of the Paper

     Prashant P. Bedekar,      ANN-PSO Technique For Fault Section Estimation
  1. Sudhir R. Bhide           In Power System
     Vijay S. Kale

     Lakhwinder Singh,         Fuzzy Decision Making For Real And Reactive
  2. J.S.Dhillon               Power Scheduling Of Thermal Power Generating

     Ajit Kumar,               Modified Robust Pole Assignment Method For
  3. Gurunath Gurrala,         Designing Power System Stabilizers
     Indraneel Sen

     N. G. Chothani, B. R. A New Digital Differential Relaying Shcheme For
  4. Bhalja , R.P.         The Protection Of Busbar

     P. Jena, A. K.            Overcoming Directional Relaying Problem During
  5. Pradhan                   Current Transformer Saturation Using Data Fusion

  6. M.Veerachary,Sachin Digital Voltage-Mode Controller Design For Zero-
     Devassy             Voltage Turn-On Boost Converter
               B2: Biomedical Signal Processing (Total Paper-7)

           20th February’ 2010           Venue-II        Time 09:00 am - 10:30 am

      Chairman: Prof.                               Co-Chairman: Dr. M K Bhuyan, IITG

                               Synthesis And Characterization Of Sensor For
     Usha.A ,
                               Biological Real Time Applications Using Conducting
1.   B.Ramachandra, M.S
                               Polymers, Nanocomposites And Signal Processing
     Ramesh K. Sunkaria,
     Vinod Kumar, Suresh       HRV Dynamics Under Meditation And Random
     C. Saxena ,Shirley        Thoughts
     Kavitha A, Sujatha C      Evaluation of Spirometric Pulmonary Function Test
3.   M and Ramakrishnan        Using Principal Component Analysis and Support
     S                         Vector Machines
     Butta singh, Dilbag
4.                             Ectopic Beats In Poincaré Plot Based HRV Assessment
     A. Jagan, C.
                                        Background Modeling And Moving Object
5.   Sasivarnan ,M.K.
                                           Classification For Gait Recognition
     Binish Thomas,A.
     Martine Mathew
                                     Calibration Setup And Technique For Gait Motion
6.   ,Neelesh Kumar,
                                        Analysis Using Multiple Camera Approach
     Gautam Sharma,
     Amod Kumar,
                         B3: Power Quality (Total Paper-7)

            20th February’ 2010         Venue-I      Time 11:30 am - 01:00 pm

     Chairman: Prof. Bhim Singh, IITD         Co-Chairman: Prof. Pramod Agrawal, IITR

1.   A. H. Bhat, P.
                                 DSPACE-Based Capacitor Voltage Balancing Strategy
     Agarwal and N.
                                 Of A Three-Phase, Three-Level Rectifier
2.   K. Vadirajacharya,
                                 Performance Analysis Of CSI Based Unified Power
     Pramod Agarwal,
                                 Quality Conditioner For Different Loading Condition
     Hari Oam Gupta
3.                               Simulation And Design Of Controller For Unity Power
     G.N. Khanduja
                                 Factor Front-End PWM Converter
4.   D.Madhan Mohan,             Active And Reactive Power Control Of Voltage Source
     Bhim Singh ,B. K.           Converter Based HVDC System Operating At
     Panigrahi                   Fundamental Frequency Switching
5.   K. Venkata Srinivas,
     Bhim Singh, Ambrish         A New Configuration Of 12-Pulse VSCS Based
     Chandra ,Kamal-Al-          Statcom With Constant DC Link Voltage
6.   S.Sangeetha,                Selective Current Harmonic Elimination In A Current
     CH.Venkatesh,               Controlled DC-AC Inverter Drive System Using Lms
     S.Jeevananthan              Algorithm
7.   M.M.Waware,                 Performance evaluation of APF configurations used in
     Prof.Pramod Agarwal         HV system.
                      B4: Artificial Intelligence – I (Total Paper-6)

              20th February’ 2010           Venue-II    Time 11:30 am – 01:00 pm

     Chairman: Prof. Gonzalvez, Director   IIT Mandi   Co-Chairman: Dr. Manoj Mishra, IITR

1.     Rajkumar Patra, Rohit
                              Analysis And Recognition Of Anomaly In Foot
       Raja ,Tilendra Shishir
                              Through Human Gait Using Neuro-Genetic Approach
2.     C. B. Vishwakarma*          Order Reduction Of Time Domain Models Using
       ,R. Prasad                  HANKEL Matrix Approach
3.     A Q Ansari ,V. K.           A Fuzzy Logic-Based Multicast Model For Regulation
       Nangia                      Of Power Distribution
4.     Prayanta S, Mrinmoy         Model Order Reduction By Optimal Frequency
       rit*, Jayanta pal           Matching Using Particle Swarm Optimization
5.     Mohd. Samar Ansari          DVCC-Based Non-Linear Feedback Neural Circuit For
       ,Syed Atiqur Rahman         Solving Quadratic Programming Problems
6.     Narendra.K ,                Estimation Of Wind Energy Probability Using
       E.Fernandez                 WEIBULL Distribution Function
              B 5: Power Electronics Convertors (Total Paper-7)

          20th February’ 2010            Venue-I      Time 02:30 pm - 04:00 pm

       Chairman: Prof. V K Verma, IITR             Co-Chairman: Dr. S P Singh, IITR

1.   Narasimharaju.B.L,
                              Performance Analysis Of A Coupled Inductor
     Satya Prakash Dubey
                              Bidirectional DC To DC Converter
     ,Sajjan Pal Singh
2.   Veerachary
     Mummadi, Dileep          Control Of Two-Input Integrated Boost Converter
3.   Mohd. Samar Ansari ,     A Voltage-Mode Analog Circuit For Solving Linear
     Syed Atiqur Rahman       Programming Problems
4.   M.Veerachary,            Digital Deadbeat Current Controller Design For
     Firehun. T               Coupled Inductor Boost Converter
5.   Anmol Ratna Saxena,
                              Digital Deadbeat Controller For Fourth-Order Boost
                              Dc-Dc Converter
     Rashmi Jain, C P         Analytical Analysis Of SVC Model
6.   Gupta, Majid Jamil
     ,A.S. Siddiqui
                 B6: Artificial Intelligence –II (Total Paper-7)

          20th February’ 2010          Venue-II   Time 02:30 pm - 04:00 pm

           Chairman: Prof. M K Vasantha, IITR     Co-Chairman: Dr.B Tyagi

1.   K.K.Swarnkar,             Multi–Area Security Constrained Economic Dispatch
     S.Wadhwani,               And Emission Dispatch With Valve Point Effects Using
     ,A.K.Wadhwani             Particle Swam Optimization
2.   Mariappan,
                               Application Of Bacteria Foraging Algorithm To
     Thiagarajan, M.
                               Economic Load Dispatch With Combined Cycle
     Sudhakaran , P Ajay,
                               Cogeneration Plants
     D Vimal Raj
3.   Kalyan M Bhavaraju*,
     P.K.Kankar,               Bearing Faults Classification By Svm And SOM Using
     S.C.Sharma,               Complex Gaussian Wavelet
4.   Dereje Shiferaw, R.       Comparison Of Numerical And Neural Network
     Mitra                     Forward Kinematics Estimations For Stewart Platform
5.   B.Chitti Babu
     R.Vigneshwaran, R.
                           Photovoltaic Energy Conversion System For Water
     Sudharshan, Kaarthik,
                           Pumping Applications – Modeling And Simulation
     Nayan Kumar Dalei,
     Rabi Narayan Das
6.   A.Q. Ansari, Neeraj       Noise Cancellation In Hand Free Cellphone Using
     Gupta*                    Neurofuzzy Filter
                                B7: Signal Processing

           20th February’ 2010        Venue-II        Time 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm

      Chairman: Prof. Mcferlene, UK              Co-Chairman: Prof. S Mukharjee, IITR

1.   Dalvinder Kaur,
                               Identification Of Uncertainties By Iterative Prefiltering
     Lillie Dewan
2.   C.G.Raghavendra,
                               Hadamard Based Multicarrier Polyphase Radar Signals
     N.N.S. S.R.K Prasad
3.   Sawan Sen, Arghya
                               A Novel Amplitude Detector For Non-Sinusoidal Power
     Sarkar, S. Sen gupta,
                               System Signal
     A. Chakrabarti
4.   K.S.Aprameya,
                               A Novel Method For Flaw Detection And Detectability
                               Of Flaw Using Kirchoff Approximation
     B.K.Mishra, S.Ahmed
5.   T. Parveen, M. T.         OFC Based Insensitive Voltage Mode Universal
     Ahmed                     Biquadratic Filter Using Minimum Components
6.   M.K. Bhuyan, C.
                               Mixture Of Gaussian Model For Pedestrian Tracking
     Sasivarnan, A. Jagan
B8: Power System Operation and Control under Deregulated Environment

           20th February’ 2010           Venue-I       Time 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm

       Chairman: Prof. N Padhy, Canada             Co-Chairman: Dr. E Fernandez, IITR

S.No Authors Name             Title of the Paper

     S. K. Sinha, R. N. Comparison Of Optimal And Integral Controllers For
  1. Patel R. Prasad    AGC In A Restructured Power System
                        Interconnected By Parallel Ac-Dc Tie Lines

       D. Thukaram,           Concept Of Virtual Flows For Evaluation Of Source
       Surendra S.            Contributions To Loads And Line Flows

     Praghnesh Bhatt,         Load Frequency Stabilization Of Hydro Dominated
  3. S.P. Ghoshal             Power System With TCPS And SMES In
     ,Ranjit Roy              Competitive Electricity Market

     Naresh Kumar             Impact Of SSSC And UPFC In Linear Methods With
  4. Yadav, Ibraheem
                              PTDF For ATC Enhancement

     R. Gnanadass, R.         A New Algorithm For The Assessment Of Available
  5. Rajathy                  Transfer Capability
     ,Narayana Prasad
     Kanwardeep               Combined Reactive Power And Transmission
  6. Singh, N. P.             Congestion Management In Deregulated
     Padhy, J. D.             Environment
                        C1 Image Processing (Total Paper-8)

           21th February’ 2010           Venue-I       Time 09:30 am - 11:00 am

       Chairman: Prof. R C Joshi, IITR             Co-Chairman: Dr. Indra Gupta, IITR

1.   Rohit Raja, Rajkumar
                                 Modelling And Simulation Of Face From Side-View
     Patra ,Tilendra
                                 For Biometrical Authentication Using Hybrid Approach
     Shishir Sinha
2.   S.Arivazhagan
                                 Categorization And Classification Of Directional And
     L.Ganesan , S.Selva
                                 Non-Directional Texture Groups Using Multiresolution
     R.Newlin Shebiah,
3.   Jagroop Singh,
                                 Blocking Artifact Detection In Compressed Images
     Dilbag Singh
4.   Chirag N. Paunwala,         An Improved License Plate Extraction Technique Based
     Suprava Patnaiak            On Gradient And Prolonged HAAR Wavelet Analysis
5.   Pushpa B. Patil,
                                 Relevance Feedback In Content Based Image Retrieval
     Manesh Kokare
6.   M.S. Shirdhonkar,           Off-Line Handwritten Signature Identification Using
     Manesh Kokare               Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transforms
7.                               Edge Preserved Image Enhancement By Adaptively
     G.G.Bhutada, R.S.
                                 Fusing The Denoised Images By Wavelet And Curvelet
     Anand, S.C.Saxena
8.   S.Arivazhagan,
                                 A New Multiple Range Embedding For High Capacity
     W.Sylvia Lilly
     Jebarani, S.Bagavath
                               C2: Robotics and Control

             21th February’ 2010           Venue-II     Time 09:30 am - 11:00 am

      Chairman: Prof. M K Vasantha, IITR         Co-Chairman: Prof. Rajendra Prasad, IITR

1. Utkal Mehta,                  Autotuning Of PI Controller For An Unstable FOPDT
   Somanath Majhi                Process
2.                               Order Reduction Of Interval Systems Using Routh
     Devender kumar saini,
                                 Hurwitz Array And Continued Fraction Expansion
     Rajendra Prasad
3. Nidhi Singh, Rajendra         Model Reduction Of Unstable Systems Using Linear
   Prasad                        Transformation And Balanced Truncation

4. Sanjoy Mondal,                Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Tracking Control For
   Chitralekha Mahanta           Uncertain Systems

5. Sandeep Bhongade, H.
                                 SMES base multi-area AGC for restructured power
   O. Gupta ,Barjeev
6. Dhirendra Kumar,              Velocity Algorithm Implementation Of PID Controller
   Barjeev Tyagi                 On FPGA
7. Shekhar Yadava,
                                 Optimization Of PID Controller Using Modified Ant
   Gaurav Singh Uike,
                                 Colony System Algorithm
                         C3 : Image and Video Processing

           21th February’ 2010           Venue-I      Time 11:30 am - 01:00 pm

         Chairman: Prof. R Mitra, IITR             Co-Chairman: Dr. D Singh, IITR

1.   Amit Phadikar, Santi
                               Low Complexity Image Retrieval In DCT Compressed
     P. Maity                  Domain With Mpeg-7 Edge Descriptor
2.   Harshita Sharma,
                               Enhancement Of Medical Images Using A Novel
     Akash Tayal, Twinkle
                               Frobenius Norm Filtering Method
3.   Mandeep Singh,
                               Texture Analysis Of Ultrasound Images For Liver
     Sukhwinder Singh,
     Savita Kansal
4.   M.A. Ansari , R.S.
     Anand , Kuldeep           Performance Analysis Of Transform Based Coding
     Yadav                     Algorithms For Medical Image Compression

5.   Parul Goyal               Scene Based Non Uniformity Correction Algorithm By
                               Equalizing Output Of Different Detectors
6.   Abhishek Kumar
     Tripathi, Sudipta         Rain Rendering In Videos

7.   Sri Madhava Raja N,
                               Detection And Analysis Of Macula In Retinal Images
     Kavitha G
                               Using Fuzzy And Optimization Based Hybrid Method
     Ramakrishnan S
8.   Amit Phadikar, Santi
                               Quality Access Control And Tracking Of Illicit
     P. Maity                  Distribution Of Compressed Gray Scale Image
                         C4: Soft Computing (Total Paper-7)

            21th February’ 2010            Venue-II   Time 11:30 am - 01:00 pm

     Chairman: Prof. Kuldeep Singh, IITR              Co-Chairman: Dr. C P Gupta, IITR

1.   B. P. Singh, Ms.            Energy Efficient Interface Circuits Between Adiabatic
     Neha Arora,                 And Standard Cmos Logic At 90 Nm Technology
2.                               RSTDB & Cache Conscious Techniques For Frequent
     Vaibhav kant singh
                                 Pattern Mining
3.   Urmila Bhanja,
                                 An Evolutionary Programming Algorithm For The Rwa
     Sudipta Mahapatra,
                                 Problem In Survivable Optical Networks
     Rajarshi Roy
4.   C.Christopher
                                 Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization For Non Convex
     Columbu, Sishaj P
                                 Economic Dispatch Problem
5.   S.A.M Rizvi, Vineet
     Kumar Sharma                Distributed Coordinator Model And License Key
     Anurag Singh                Management For Software Piracy Prevention
6.   Keshavamurthy B.N,
                                 Privacy Preservation Using Naïve Bayes Classification
     Mitesh Sharma*,
                                 And Secure Third Party Computation
     Durga Toshniwal

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