Did You Know Merchant Services by Levone


									Merchant Services                                           Did You Know...
Automated Assistant                                          Our automated system “recognizes” you if you are calling
                                                              from your business location. If so, it begins to access your
                                                              merchant account before you make any selections.
Record Your Merchant Number Here
                                                            By entering your merchant number when prompted:
                                                             More opportunities are presented to you to be
                                                              efficiently serviced via the automated assistant
                                                              during high call volumes.
                                                             Proper call routing is ensured when you need agent
                                                              assistance. Your merchant account information is
Using the Automated Assistant
                                                              available to an agent before you speak.
This quick reference guide covers commonly used automated
                                                             All selections you make using all automated systems
assistant features.                                           are translated into a call description and made available
To begin, enter your merchant number found on your            to an agent. The agent uses this description to begin
                                                              understanding your primary reason for calling.
merchant statement.

        Authorization and Issuing Bank                             Credit Card Machine
       Press                                                      Press

                      New Authorization                                         Error Messages

                      Referral or Call Center Messages                          Computer Software

                      Cardholder Address Verification                           Batch Settlement

                      Cardholder Bank Phone Numbers                             Purchase, Rent or Lease
                                                                                Credit Card Machines

        Statement                                                  Supplies
       Press                                                 Press

                      Batch                                           Order Supplies

                      Bank Deposit
                                                                   Disputed Transactions
                      Cardholder Transactions

                      Statement Fees and Adjustments                            Status on Transaction Documentation

                                                                                Status on Disputed Transaction
        Merchant Account Updates
       Press                                                                    Other Dispute Questions

                      Update Account Information

                                                                   Repeating Automated Menus
                      Add or Remove Card Type

                      Cancel Account                                  Stop List Being Spoken, Return to Previous Menus

                      Other Account Changes                           Return to Main Menus

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