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					           Graduate College of Management Summer Session 1 June 1st- July 15th

Course #        Title of Course                Professor    Day 7 Time     Functional      Specializations      WISER #      Pre-
                                                                             Area                                          requisite
MBA AF      Economics for Managers          Arindam        T/Th 6-9pm     CORE           CORE                   1536      MBAMS 600
601                                      Bandopadhyaya
MBA AF      Acc for Managers              Kiran Verma      M/W 6-9pm      CORE           CORE                   1538      MBAMS600
MBA AF      Intermediate Acct             Yong Chul Shin   T/Th 6-9pm     ACCT & FIN     ACCT & FIN             1632      MBA AF 610
 MBA AF     Management Accounting          Kiran Verma     M/W 1:30-           ACCT             ACCT                      MBA AF 610
   617      & Control                                      4:30pm
MBA AF      Advanced Corporate             James Grant     T/Th 1:30-            FIN              FIN             1542    MBA AF 620
621         Finance                                        4:30pm
MBAMGT      Organizational Diagnosis             Staff     M/W 6-9pm             MGT              HR              1899     MBAMGT
653         and Change                                                                                                        650
MBAMGT      Business & Its             Martin Calkins      T/TH 6-9pm     Core           Core                   1544      MBAMGT
660         Environment                                                                                                   650

MBAMGT      Real Estate & Eco.         Chris Steele        M/W 6-9pm      MGT, MKT &     MKT & FIN              1548      MBAMGT
668         Development                                                   FIN                                             650
MBAMGT      Strategic Management       Mohsin Habib        T/TH 6-9pm     CAPSTONE       CAPSTONE               1545      Final
689                                                                                                                       Semester
MBAMGT      Written Communication      Katherine Hatzis    Online         MGT & COM      Int’l Mgt & HR                   None
697c        for Managers
MBAMGT      Practicum***               Staff               Monday 6-     VARIES          VARIES                 1547      MBAMGT
698                                                        9pm                                                            650
MBAMKT      Marketing Management       Staff               M/W 6-9pm     CORE            CORE                   1549      None
MBAMKT      Services Marketing         Staff               T/TH 6-9pm    MKT             MKT                    1901      MBAMKT
672                                                                                                                       670
MBAMKT      Database & Internet        Staff               Online        MKT             MMKT,Internet MKT      1462      MBAMKT
677         Marketing                                                                                                     670
MBAMS       Math Analysis for          Davood              T/TH 6-9pm     Core           Core                   1522      None
600         Managers                   Golmohammadi
MBAMS       Computer Info.             Oscar Gutierrez     M/W 6-9pm      Core           Core                   1525      None
640         Processing
MSIS 611    Knowledge Management       Wei Zhang           T/TH 6-9pm    IS, OPS, FIN,   IS, OPS, MKT, FIN      1902      MBAMS 640
MSIS 617    Management of the          Edward Cook         M/W 6-9pm      IS,OPS & MKT   IS, OPS, MKT & Int’l   1995      MBAMS 640
            Supply Chain
MSIS 697    Business Intelligence      Clive Perry-Gore    TU-TH 6-9      IS & MKT       IS & Internet Mkt                MBAMS 640
            Technology and
Graduate College of Management Summer 2 Schedule July 19th – August 26th
MBAMS      Statistical Analysis for   Ehsan                  Tue 6-8:45pm   Core        Core               14831   MBAMS 600
630        Managers                   Elahi
MBA AF     MA in the Global           Edward Cook            M/W 6-9pm      FIN         FIN, Int’l Mgt     1994    MBA AF 601
603        Economy
MBA AF     Cost Accounting            Ronald Cheung          M/W 6-9pm      ACCT        ACCT               1678    MBA AF 610
MBA AF     Financial Management       Martin Konan           T/TH 6-9pm     CORE        CORE               1541    MBA AF 610
MBA AF     Financial Modeling         Martin Konan           M/W 6-9pm      FIN         FIN                1543    MBA AF 620
MBAMGT     Business & Its             Tom Jones              M/W 6-9pm      CORE        CORE               1712    MBAMGT
660        Environment                                                                                             650
MBAMGT     Strategic Management       Staff                  T/Th 6-9pm     CAPSTONE    CAPSTONE           1546    Final
689                                                                                                                Semester
MBAMGT     Healthcare Operations      Matthew Sweeny         T/Th 6-9pm     MGT & OPS   OPS & HCM                  None
697b       Management
MBAMGT     Product Management         Paul Delvy             T/Th 6-9pm     MKT, OP     MKT                        None
MBAMS      Statistical Analysis for   Staff                  M/W 6-9pm      Core        Core               1523    MBAMS 600
630        Managers
MBAMS      Operations Management      Phillip Vacarro        T/Th 6-9pm     Core        Core               1521    MBAMS 630
MSIS 622   e-Commerce e-Business      Jean-{ierre Kuilboer   M/W 6-9pm      IS & MKT    IS, Internet Mkt   1524    MBAMS 640