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                       IAN KING

                      Up to date to January 2008

Curriculum Vitae          Page 1 of 20             I.D. King
SKILLS MATRIX ....................................................................................................... 3

SERVICES OFFERED ............................................................................................... 4
       Architecture and Design ........................................................................................ 4
       Software Development........................................................................................... 4
       Database Development and Tuning ....................................................................... 4
       Business Analysis .................................................................................................. 4
       Project Management .............................................................................................. 4

DETAILS ...................................................................................................................... 5
       Employment History and Work Experience .......................................................... 5
       Education, Courses and Conferences Attended ................................................... 18
       Technologies Used ............................................................................................... 19
       Reference Materials ............................................................................................. 19
       Personal Details ................................................................................................... 19

Curriculum Vitae                                        Page 2 of 20                                                I.D. King
 Area               Tools & Languages                          Years   Level

 Development        C#, .Net                                   3+      Good

                    Delphi (v1 to v6)                          9       Expert

                    MS SQL                                     8       Expert

                    Data Architect                             7       Expert

                    Enterprise Architect                       2       High

 Analysis           Use cases


 Design             UML                                        5       Good

                    Visio                                      3       Good

                    Architectures                              6       Good

 Project            Visual Source Safe, Subversion, Tortoise

                    Microsoft Project


 Testing & Tuning   Performance Monitor                        2       Good

                    SQL Profiler                               2       Good

                    Quest Spotlight                            6       Good

                    TCP/Trace                                  2

Curriculum Vitae                           Page 3 of 20                         I.D. King
I can offer skills in the following areas.

Architecture and Design

        I can help define the system architectures for Enterprise Applications, using the latest
         Microsoft technologies.

Software Development

        I have been writing database oriented business applications since 1989 and keep up to date
         with leading edge technology and techniques.

        My skills include Object-Oriented Development, using formalised processes and UML.

        I am familiar with Agile approaches to software development. I adopt a pragmatic approach
         to design, development and delivery.

        I program in C# and Delphi

Database Development and Tuning

        I focus on Data Modelling and Normalisation of Databases.

        I have skills in performance tuning very large SQL Server databases.

        I use Data Architect, Rational Rose and Enterprise Architect for Modelling, and Quest
         Spotlight for Performance tuning.

Business Analysis

        I have performed the Business Analyst role at many companies. Liaising with business users,
         investigating existing systems, and ultimately producing the Business and Functional
         Requirements Specifications.

Project Management

        I have filled the role of technical and team lead on many projects.

        I have been involved in RFP processes, both as a vendor, and as the client.

        My style is suggestive and mentoring, as opposed to assertive or domineering.

        I have built up relationships with many companies and individuals, who I can turn to for
         assistance with specific problems.

Curriculum Vitae                              Page 4 of 20                                          I.D. King
        Employment History and Work Experience
From           To                  Company
2005-01-01     Present (2008-01)   iDev  
                                   I currently trade as an independent contractor under the name of iDev. I provide
                                   SQL Server database performance tuning skills, and Microsoft .net Architecture
                                   and Development skills.
                                   Client                    Project

                                   Business Connexion      MDD JustEnough
                                                           I am assisting with performance tuning MDD‟s (Mass
                                                           Discounters) Just Enough (Replenishment) database. I am
                                                           also guiding them through the testing of the latest
                                                              Hours per Month Skill Set               Level
                                                              80 hours x 6          Database          High
                                                              months                Performance
                                                                                    Project           High

                                   Tollink                 Tollink DVR
                                                           I am currently working on TolLinks DVR (Digital Video)
                                                           system. The DVR is a component of the TolLink
                                                           software installed at Toll Plazas throughout South Africa.
                                                           The work involves coding (Delphi) to integrate a 3 rd party
                                                           DVR system into TolLinks back office, and an element of
                                                           project management to coordinate the various sub
                                                           contractors efforts testing and obtaining compliance at
                                                               Hours per Month Skill Set               Level
                                                               40 hours x 6          Development       High
                                                                                     Project           High

                                   JSE / Accenture /       JSE Back Office
                                                           I rewrote the Audit Trail for the JSE‟s Orion Back Office
                                                           System. The work involved some fairly complex
                                                           TransactSQL, stored procs and triggers on SQL 2000
                                                           with a very large database. The contract was through
                                                               Hours per Month Skill Set                 Level
                                                               120 hours x 3           SQL Server        High
                                   Shandon / Gallardo      AA Enterprises Vehicle Trading Web Site
                                                           Shandon Business Solutions are a custom software
                                                           development house, specialising in Microsoft solutions.
                                                           The Client, AA Enterprises is a new venture, whose
                                                           business is to facilitate the trading of private vehicles, and
                                                           to provide vehicle finance and insurance cover.
                                                           I have helped project manage the development team,
                                                           coordinate the Business Analysts, and liaise with the
                                                           Client. Architecture and technology decisions have been

        Curriculum Vitae                         Page 5 of 20                                       I.D. King
                                       primarily determined by available resources, working
                                       within a strict budget.
                                       This particular role has been primarily coordinating the
                                       development team, and managing Client expectations.
                                       The team consisted of up to 15 developers and 4 BA‟s.
                                       The project involved developing an ASP.Net web site,
                                       and integrating with over 10 partners.
                                       Site available here :
                                          Hours per Month Skill Set               Level
                                          200 hours x 8          Architecture     High
                                          months. 100 hours
                                          x 4 months
                                                                 Project          High
                                                                 Business         High
                                       SARS Advanced Tax Relief
                                       Contracting through Shandon, I designed the architecture,
                                       and wrote the code for several components in the ATR
                                       system. The system is an online application, used by
                                       businesses to submit various tax applications to SARS.
                                          Hours per Month Skill Set               Level
                                          120 hours x 2          Architecture     High
                                                                 C#               High

                   SA Homeloans        Re architecture project
                                       SA Homeloans are in the process of re architecting their
                                       core systems. They are re writing existing ASP, VB
                                       applications into C#, ASP.Net applications. The new
                                       systems take advantage of all the current Best Practises
                                       advocated by Microsoft. My roles have included :
                                                     - Investigating and advising SA
                                                         Homeloans on the most appropriate
                                                         architectures and patterns for their new
                                                     - Analysing and Producing Functional
                                                         Requirements Specifications
                                                         documentation of the existing systems.
                                                     - Facilitating and assisting with the
                                                         process to select an ISV (Independent
                                                         Software Vendor) to perform the

                                       SA Homeloans are early adopters of the latest Microsoft
                                       technologies. They are also aggressive users of Workflow
                                       technologies, and have achieved tremendous competitive
                                       advantage through the use of such technologies. Part of
                                       my role has been to position their existing Workflow
                                       suite (MetaStorm‟s eWorks) into the new architecture.
                                          Hours per Month Skill Set                Level
                                          120 hours x 6         Architecture       High
                                                                Patterns           High
                                                                Workflow           High
                                                                Business           High

Curriculum Vitae              Page 6 of 20                                    I.D. King
                   Business Connexion    Just Enough Retail
                                         I sub contract through Business Connexion, to Mass
                                         Discounters. I provide skills to ensure that the Just
                                         Enough Retail application functions appropriately. This
                                         includes managing a very large SQL Server database of
                                         approximately 300GB, the Windows 2000 Servers
                                         hosting the COM+ middle tier components, the Client
                                         application running on windows XP workstations, and the
                                         ETL applications which source data from the legacy
                                         ADABAS systems. Approximately 50% of my time is
                                         spent on maintenance and troubleshooting, and 50% on
                                         writing new SQL stored procedures to implement new
                                         functionality. This has been my primary contract since
                                            Hours per month Skill Set                 Level
                                            100 to 160 hours x SQL Server             Expert
                                            15 months             Windows 2000 Expert
                                                                  Quest               Expert
                                                                  Clariion            High

                                         SPAR Back office rewrite RFP
                                         Business Connexion tendered for the rewrite of the SPAR
                                         Back Office system in .Net. I filled the role of System
                                         Architect during the tender process. I investigated the
                                         suitability of the proposed architectures and technologies.
                                         I made recommendations based on my knowledge of the
                                         .Net framework, including Web Services, SOAP,
                                         Remoting and COM+, and my knowledge of Enterprise
                                         Architecture Patterns which I learned at Derivco
                                            Hours per month Skill Set                 Level
                                            30 – 40 hours x 3      .Net               High
                                            months                 Framework
                                                                   C#                 High
                                                                   Enterprise         High

                   Client                Project
                   Consumer Credit       System Review – Validator System
                                         Consumer Credit are in the process of purchasing the
                                         source code from the original developer of one of their
                                         critical systems. The system automates the processing of
                                         credit applications, received via fax, and their capture
                                         into the Mainframe. My brief was to review both the
                                         architecture and code of the application, and to advise
                                         Consumer Credit on the requirements and processes
                                         necessary for them to assume in house software
                                            Hours                  Skill Set          Level
                                            80 hours               SQL Server         Expert
                                                                   Windows 2000 Expert
                                                                   C#                 High

                   Client                Project
                   Cresta                Training
                                         I developed and presented 2 courses for Cresta : An
                                         Introduction to SQL, and An Introduction to C#. The

Curriculum Vitae                Page 7 of 20                                    I.D. King
                                       courses were presented to 10 new Cresta employees, who
                                       had recently graduated, but had little practical experience.
                                         Hours                  Skill Set           Level
                                         100 hours              SQL Server          Expert
                                                                C#                  High

                   SA Homeloans        Flexi Fixed Mortgage Loan
                                       SA Homeloans are in the process of releasing a new
                                       variation of their Mortgage Loan product. The systems to
                                       support the product are written in ASP and ASP.Net,
                                       utilizing a SQL Server 2000 database, running on
                                       Windows 2000 Servers and Windows XP workstations.
                                       My role has been to assist with the design and
                                       normalization of the new database to accommodate the
                                       new system, to assist with the architecture and
                                       frameworks created to introduce the new screens, and to
                                       advice on the processes in place to ensure a smooth
                                       introduction of the system, without compromising the
                                       existing system.
                                          Hours per Month Skill Set                Level
                                          50 hours x 3          Database           Expert
                                          months                Design
                                                                .Net               High
                                                                Performance        Expert
                                                                ASP &              High

                   Accantia            Crystal Reports and Great Plains Tuning
                                       Accantia were experiencing performance problems with
                                       their Crystal Reports. I analyzed the performance of their
                                       SQL Server 2000 database, the network, and the design
                                       of their reporting system. I then rewrote several of their
                                          Hours                  Skill Set         Level
                                          20 hours               SQL Server        Expert
                                                                 Quest             Expert
                                                                 Crystal           High

                                       Direct To Home project
                                       Accantia wished to introduce a Multi-Level-Marketing
                                       system to market their products. I partnered with
                                       Shandon Business Solution to produce a proposal. We
                                       analyzed their business, produced use cases and data
                                          Hours                 Skill Set         Level
                                          60 hours              Analysis          Expert
                                                                Database          Expert

                   Irridium            Quest Performance Tuning Software Demos and Sales
                                       I earn commission from the sale of the Quest Spotlight
                                       line of database performance tuning software. I assist
                                       Irridium with the pre-sales demonstrations of the
                                       software. We have demonstrated and sold the software to
                                       various companies in Durban : Business Connexion,
                                       Accantia, SA Homeloans, Marriot, Consumer Credit

Curriculum Vitae              Page 8 of 20                                     I.D. King
                                                           Hours              Skill Set         Level
                                                           60 hours           Database          Expert
                                                                              Quest             Expert

                           Millennia Business        Lecturing
                                                     I lecture a first year UNISA course. “Introduction to
                                                     Delphi” one period per week
                                                         Hours                 Skill Set        Level
                                                         5 hours per month Delphi               Expert

                           Ballito Quick Clean       Web Site Design
                                                     I designed and host Ballito Quick Clean‟s web site.
                                                        Hours                  Skill Set       Level
                                                        100                    HTML, IIS,      High
                                                                               ASP, ASP.Net
                           Sales                     I prepare sales documentation and proposals, and meet
                                                     with prospective clients.
                                                        Hours                  Skill Set       Level
                                                                               Microsoft       Expert
                                                                               Office: Word,
                                                                               Power Point,
                                                                               Visio, Excel,

                           Admin                     VAT, PAYE, etc, Marketing

From          To           Company
2003-09-01    2004-12-31   iWorks 
                           After leaving Derivco, I formed a CC with my previous HOD from Derivco. We
                           spent several months writing proposals and developing frameworks and
                           prototypes for the development of software systems for various clients. The
                           frameworks were written for the Microsoft Windows platform, using Delphi and
                           .Net for the client software, and SQL Server for the database. I also held a long
                           term contract from Business Connexion to support one of their clients
                           Client                    Project
                           Business Connexion        Just Enough Retail
                                                     See IDev

                           ePages                    Database Review
                                                     I performed Database Reviews and QA on systems
                                                     produced by ePages for their customers.
                                                        Hours                Skill Set       Level
                                                                             Database        Expert
                                                                             Systems         High
                                                                             C#              High

                           African Palace            Online Casino Software
                                                     A Partner and I were approached by African Palace
                                                     Casino to design an online Casino System to replace their
                                                     existing casino. I designed the architecture for the
                                                     Gaming, Transaction and Back Office engines. The
                                                     architecture was based on Microsoft Windows, using

       Curriculum Vitae                     Page 9 of 20                                    I.D. King
                                                   SQL Server as the database, and Windows Services as a
                                                   host for the middle tier. African Palace never utilized the
                                                   system, but subsequently became a PlayTech operator.
                                                      Hours                  Skill Set         Level
                                                      300 hours              Database          Expert
                                                                             Systems           High
                                                                             UML               High

                           Rayston Shipping        Import Export System
                                                   We approached Rayston Shipping to rewrite their
                                                   existing Access based accounting system to utilize SQL
                                                   Server and .Net. We analysed their system, created data
                                                   models, and a C# Framework
                                                      Hours                Skill Set         Level
                                                      200 hours            Database          Expert
                                                                           C#                High

                           SAPPI / Group 5         Resource Management, Job Costing System
                                                   We analysed the existing Access based system, and
                                                   produced a proposal to rewrite it in .Net using SQL
                                                   Server as the database
                                                      Hours                Skill Set           Level
                                                      150 hours            Database            Expert
                                                                           Analysis            High

                                                   We also produced proposals and designs for the
                                                   following companies : NMC Cookware, Durban City
                                                   Transport, John Basset Accounting, and for various
                                                   gaming companies via Arnold Media.
                                                   We also became a Microsoft Partner, to sell Great Plains.
                                                      Hours                Skill Set         Level
                                                                           Database          Expert
                                                                           Microsoft         Expert
                                                                           Analysis          High
                                                                           Sales             (Lousy …)

From          To           Company
1998-08-01    2003-05-31   Derivco /      
                           I was employed as a permanent employee at Derivco in the role of Senior
                           Developer, in the Casino Management Systems department. My responsibility
                           was to identify, develop and maintain back office systems to allow the Operators
                           of online casinos to manage their player base and business.

                           As the most experienced member of a small 4 man team, I was responsible for
                           many areas across the Software Development Lifecycle. From analysis and
                           design, through development, testing, and deployment.

                           My primary focus was on the back office databases. I was responsible for all areas
                           related to the design, normalization, creation, population, and performance of the
                           databases. With hundreds of millions of dollars being cycled through the accounts,
                           it was vital that the integrity of the data be maintained.

       Curriculum Vitae                  Page 10 of 20                                     I.D. King
                   I also focused on system architectures, designing solutions to overcome the
                   problems associated with a highly distributed Player and Operator base, slow and
                   unreliable internet connections, and the necessity for real-time control of
                   geographically disparate resources.

                   I was also responsible for presenting Derivco‟s Back Office systems to
                   prospective clients, and gave several presentations at the annual Microgaming
                   Operators Conferences and the Fraud Control Conferences in Durban, London and

                   During my time at Derivco, the company grew from a small Internet Startup, to
                   the leading provider of online gaming systems in the world, controlling over 60%
                   of online gaming.
                                            Player Tracking System
                                            This system allowed the operator to track statistics related
                                            to his player base, such as games played, profit and loss
                                            figures, most popular games, purchases made, and
                                            cashins requested. It also allowed him to perform
                                            operations against a player, such as locking, unlocking,
                                            messaging, and crediting his account.

                                            It synchronized data from multiple Casinos, hosted in
                                            different geographical locations around the globe, and
                                            presented a unified view of this data to Operators.
                                            Promotions system
                                            I designed and developed the Back Office components of
                                            the Promotions system. The system allowed players to
                                            claim promotions via an ASP web page. It then credited
                                            his account, and tracked the usage of the credits. It
                                            allowed operators to identify successful promotional
                                            types, and attract new business.
                                            Loyalty System
                                            I designed and developed the Loyalty system. It kept
                                            track of a players usage of the casino, and automatically
                                            calculated and credited loyalty tokens to their account.s It
                                            was designed to retain players by rewarding them for
                                            loyalty. It was a challenging project, due to the extremely
                                            high volumes of transactions begin generated by the
                                            Ad Tracking System
                                            I designed the mechanism to allow Operators to perform
                                            “closed-loop” analysis of their advertising. Web banners
                                            would direct players to the casinos web site. If he chose
                                            to download the software, the system would inject a
                                            unique “tracking” tag in the downloaded software. This
                                            would then allow the operator to determine the
                                            profitability of a marketing campaign, by allowing him to
                                            determine the profit and loss figures of all players who
                                            responded to that campaign.
                                            Banking Switching Systems
                                            I designed several mechanisms to allow the operator to
                                            dynamically switch between different purchase options.
                                            Players have several, unreliable methods with which to
                                            purchase tokens. The system would allow the operator to
                                            switch from an unavailable purchase method to an
                                            available method, thus preventing player loss.
                                            IP Location System
                                            I designed and implemented a system to determine a

Curriculum Vitae                 Page 11 of 20                                      I.D. King
                            players geographical location based on his IP Address.
                            The system interfaced to the Quova system.
                            Cashin Manager
                            I was involved with the design of the database for the
                            Cashin Manager. This system allowed operators to
                            refund a players winnings back into his credit card, or
                            into the account of his choice. My design presented the
                            operators with a unified view of a players purchases and
                            accounts, across all different purchase mechanisms.
                            Fraud Control System
                            I took a particular interest in helping the Casinos manage
                            online fraud. Because transactions committed on the
                            internet do not have a corresponding „proof of purchase‟
                            slip, the risk of charge back is higher. A significant
                            number of charge backs going through a merchant
                            account, will result in that account being suspended by
                            the Bank, effectively removing the casinos ability to
                            transact. It is therefore essential to identify potentially
                            fraudulent players and transactions, before they are

                            I designed and developed a real-time Fraud Control
                            System. The system integrated tightly into the existing
                            Gaming engine, and performed a series of checks and
                            tests against activity occurring on the casino. It was
                            highly configurable, and allowed different operators, with
                            differing appetite for risk, to manage their business
                            differently. It was also designed to be easily extensible,
                            with a plugin architecture allowing new modules and
                            checks to be integrated. A challenge of this system was
                            to design it as an asynchronous system, to minimize the
                            impact on real-time gaming.
                            I wrote the Application frameworks that gave all the back
                            office applications a common look and feel, and a
                            common shared security model.
                            Casper was the name given to the rewrite of the Back
                            Office Systems. We chose Microsoft .Net as our
                            platform, with C# as the development language.

                            We paid particular attention to the design of the system,
                            utilizing a layered architecture, with specialized
                            components on each layer, responsible for the Database
                            manipulation, Business Rules implementation, and
                            Communication. We also took the opportunity to utilize
                            the appropriate design patterns : to increase scalability
                            and performance, utilizing proxies, caching managers,
                            database connection pooling managers in the middle
                            tiers; and utilizing separated interface patterns with class
                            factories to implement a plugin architecture in the client

                            We also took advantage of new technologies such as Web
                            Services, SOAP and XML, and also new features in the
                            .Net framework such as reflection.

                            We adopted Microsoft‟ “Inductive User Interface” for the
                            look and feel of the system.

Curriculum Vitae   Page 12 of 20                                     I.D. King
                                                   Although I was not the team lead on this project, I had
                                                   the opportunity to learn an incredible amount about true
                                                   Object Oriented programming and the use of formal
                                                   design patterns.
                                                   Languages and Tool Sets
                                                   All systems were written to run on Microsoft Windows
                                                   32 bit platforms. They all utilized a SQL Server database
                                                   as the data repository. The initial systems were written in
                                                   Borland Delphi. Later systems were written in C# for
                                                   .Net. Web front ends were scripted in HTML and ASP.
                                                   Certain frameworks were written using COM.

                                                   Designs were mostly documented using use cases in
                                                   Word, with diagrams created in Visio. Rational rose was
                                                   used briefly to create Class Diagrams. Power Designer
                                                   was also used briefly for class diagrams. Sybase Data
                                                   Architect was used for Database Entity Attribute

                                                   The systems were all written using object oriented
                                                   languages and techniques.

                                                   During the last two years at Derivco, we attempted to
                                                   comply to CMM level 3, by creating a series of
                                                   repeatable processes to adhere to.
                                                      Hours                 Skill Set         Level
                                                      58 months             SQL Server        Expert
                                                                            Windows 2000 Expert
                                                                            Delphi            Expert
                                                                            Microsoft         Expert
                                                                            Data Architect Expert
                                                                            UML               High
                                                                            Internet          High
                                                                            Protocols and
                                                                            tools : HTTP,
                                                                            FTP, POP,
                                                                            SMTP, IIS,
                                                      24 months             Visual Studio     High
                                                                            C#                High
                                                                            Enterprise        High
                                                                            Web Services, High
                                                                            SOAP, XML

From          To           Company
1996-11-30    1998-07-31   I.D. King CC
                           During this period, I worked for several companies as an independent contractor,
                           developing systems in Delphi. My primary contract was with Anglo American
                           Property Services.
                           Anglo American           I was employed at AMPROS as a senior developer. I was
                           Property Services        responsible for converting the existing green-screen
                                                    mainframe based applications over to a Microsoft
                                                    Windows based, Client-Server architecture, utilizing

       Curriculum Vitae                  Page 13 of 20                                     I.D. King
                            Interbase as the relational database, and using Delphi to
                            develop the Front Ends. I also mentored the existing
                            Mainframe developers in Event driven, windows based
                            programming, using RAD tools.
                            (In early 1998, AMPROS changed names to Sebenza
                            Management Services, who took over my contract.)
                            GEMINI - Purchase Order Accounts Payable System
                            This system was developed to control expenditure at the
                            various properties managed by AMPROS, to standardize
                            the purchasing and payment mechanism, and to help
                            reduce fraud.

                            Users captured orders into a centralized database, which
                            was then used to authorize and action the purchase.
                            Goods received were recorded, after which payments
                            were generated. Reports were also generated.

                            The system interfaced into an ACCPAC general ledger, it
                            also automated payments through EFT‟s via integration
                            with the CATS system. Programming was done in Delphi
                            1 (16 bit) using Interbase 3.5. Extensive use was made of
                            database stored procedures, triggers, events and

                            The system was deployed to over 300 sites throughout
                            South Africa. Because of the distributed nature of the
                            system, care had to be taken to ensure performance was
                            not compromised.
                            This was a reporting system. It extracted data from the
                            Unix systems, inserted it into an Interbase database, and
                            reported via a Delphi Front end.
                            Cost Management System
                            This system allowed data stored in ACCPAC to be
                            reported on in more meaningful groupings. It utilized
                            ODBC drivers to extract data from the ACCPAC BTreive
                            tables, and insert it into the Interbase database. It then
                            allowed the user to create an “overlay” account code, by
                            which he could access the data.
                            S.A.P.I.X. Office Vacancy System
                            SAPIX provide property statistics to the South African
                            property industry, such as vacancy rates, lettable areas,
                            min/max/mean asking rents. The system was written to
                            enable brokers to capture data about buildings in their
                            portfolios. This information was then exported to SAPIX,
                            who then consolidated all brokers data and produced
                            statistics based on a broader view of the industry. These
                            statistics are then returned to the individual brokers. My
                            role was to liaise with the client, determine requirements,
                            and design and develop the system.
                            Johannesburg Housing Company “Lease Application
                            The Johannesburg Housing Company is an NGO whose
                            primary business is the letting out of flats and apartments
                            in the city centre. The system was written to allow the
                            user to capture applications for housing, grade the
                            application, process the application and allocate a unit in
                            a building to the applicant. It maintained a database of all
                            buildings, flats and applicants. My role was to

Curriculum Vitae   Page 14 of 20                                    I.D. King
                                           investigate, program and deliver the system.

                                           Programming was done using Delphi 3 with Interbase as
                                           the underlying database.
                                           Pinnacle Finance - Invoicing/Insurance System
                                           I developed a point-of-sale system for capturing quotes,
                                           orders and invoices for the sale of new PC's. The system
                                           also calculated and processed hire purchase instalments,
                                           and printed relevant documentation, and insurance
                                           contracts. It was used nationwide at all Pinnacle Finance

                                              Dates                  Skill Set          Level
                                              1996-12-01 to          Delphi             High
                                              1998-07-31             Interbase          Expert
                                                                     Data Architect High
                                                                     PC‟s               High
                   MCK Quantum             I Contracted through MCK Quantum for Sportron.
                                           Sportron are a Multi-Level-Marketing company selling
                                           health products.
                                           Distribution Centre Invoicing System
                                           The distribution Centre Invoicing system was written as a
                                           point of sale system for agents selling Sportron products.
                                           It allowed the agent to download “marketing associate”,
                                           product and pricing information from the Head Office
                                           SQL Server database to their local computer. It then
                                           allowed them to create point of sale documents and
                                           invoices throughout the day, before uploading the data up
                                           to the SQL server database. It was written in Delphi 3 and
                                           4. It utilized a Paradox database locally, and used the
                                           BDE to communicate with the SQL Server database at
                                           head office.
                                           This system was a management query tool used to
                                           enquire on invoices in the system. It also provided
                                           summarized data on products/ product categories, MA‟s
                                           sales. I developed this system in Delphi.

                                              Dates                 Skill Set          Level
                                              12 week project       SQL Server         High
                                                                    Paradox            Expert
                                                                    Windows            Expert
                                                                    Delphi             Expert
                   ICM Electronics         I wrote a PCBCoder application for ICM. . The program
                                           allowed the user to capture the layout of a PCB, to
                                           specify the placement of codes on the board, and to
                                           specify a coding system to be used (binary, trinary). It
                                           then calculated cutting positions for sequential pairs of
                                           PCB‟s and output the data to a HPGL engraver.
                                              Dates                 Skill Set          Level
                                              1 month project       Paradox            Expert
                                                                    Windows            Expert
                                                                    Delphi             Expert

                   Fish Eagle              I designed and developed a system to manage subscriber
                   Publications            information for the magazine. The system allowed the
                                           publishers to capture subscriber information to a paradox
                                           database, produce address lists for mailing, and produce
                                           alerts when subscriptions were due, or were lapsing.

Curriculum Vitae                  Page 15 of 20                                   I.D. King
                                                       Dates                  Skill Set         Level
                                                       1 month project        Paradox           Expert
                                                                              Windows           Expert
                                                                              Delphi            Expert

                           Johannesburg City        I designed and developed an Inventory Control/Issuing
                           Council                  System. The system was written to control the issuing of
                                                    stock within certain departments, and to report on stock
                                                    levels. All purchases of new stock had to go through the
                                                    system. Likewise, stock would not be issued except
                                                    through the system. My role was to liaise with the
                                                    managers of the departments, access the requirements,
                                                    design the system, write and implement it
                                                       Dates                  Skill Set        Level
                                                       2 month project        Paradox          Expert
                                                                              Windows          Expert
                                                                              Delphi           Expert

From          To           Company
1995-03-01    1996-10-31   TLC Software   
                           I was employed on a permanent basis at TLC software in the role of Developer.
                           TCL developed custom applications for DOS and Windows, for companies in the
                           engineering field. My role was to rewrite several applications from DOS to
                           Windows, and at a later stage to write several applications from scratch. I initially
                           programmed in Turbo Pascal, and Borland Pascal for Windows (TPW). I later
                           used Delphi, and was part of the early Beta program. The databases were Paradox,
                           Access, Sybase and Interbase.
                           Client                   Project
                           Spoornet                 Wintrack
                                                    The Wintrack system allowed Spoornet to manage the
                                                    replacement cycle of “retarders” in their shunting yards.
                                                    The user could define a track layout, and calculate the
                                                    impact of rolling stock on individual retarders.
                                                    Employee Database
                                                    The employee database recorded data about Spoornet
                                                    employees. It allowed them to capture images of their
                                                    employees, which was quite novel at the time.
                           CSIR                     Rope Testing Software
                                                    This software recorded the results of tests performed on
                                                    wire ropes.
                           Sischen                  Explosives QC Software
                                                    This software recorded Quality Control data associated
                                                    with stored explosives, in a database.
                           Bizerba                  Import / Export software
                                                    This software interfaced to the scale, and uploaded
                                                    pricing information for PLU‟s , and downloaded sales
                           BAI                      Laser Profiling Software
                                                    This software allowed the user to capture the XYZ
                                                    coordinates of a blast face, display the profile in 3D, with
                                                    zoom, rotate and pan features, and then calculate
                                                    optimum drilling depths for charges.
                           Eskom                    Electricity Usage Survey
                                                    This software captured and recorded the results of an
                                                    electricity usage survey.
                                                                              Skill Set          Level
                                                                              Turbo Pascal       Expert
                                                                              Delphi             Mid to High
                                                                              Database           High

       Curriculum Vitae                  Page 16 of 20                                      I.D. King
                                                                                     Sybase,            High

From           To                   Company
1992-04-01     1995-02-28           SoftGold Products
                                    I was employed by the family business, Softgold Products. During this time I
                                    rewrote large portions of Eclipse and wrote Table Handler. I also taught myself
                                    Windows programming, and object oriented and event driven programming.
                                                             Eclipse VAT Pack
                                                             I rewrote several modules of eclipse to accommodate the
                                                             newly introduced VAT system. I also performed onsite
                                                             support and installations for several clients.
                                                             Table Handler
                                                             Table Handler was an entity attribute modeling tool. It
                                                             allowed the user to capture data models. It then generated
                                                             the tables associated with the schema. It also had a
                                                             function to identify entities that were not normalized, by
                                                             applying Bernsteins Algorithm to the underlying
                                                             functional dependencies.

                                                                                     Skill Set          Level
                                                                                     Borland Pascal     High
                                                                                     for Windows
                                                                                     Windows            Mid
                                                                                     PC‟s               High
From           To                   Company
1991-03-01 1992-03-01               SACCA
(unsure of these exact dates, but   I was employed in a permanent capacity at SACCA, as a junior developer. I
was employed permanently at         performed maintenance on the existing Invoicing systems written in COBOL. I
SACCA for just over 1 year)         also designed and developed a warehousing system in Clipper.

                                                               Hours per month       Skill Set          Level
                                                               100 to 160 hours x    COBOL              Mid
                                                               15 months             Dbase              Mid
                                                                                     Clipper            Mid
                                                                                     Windows            Junior
                                                                                     NCR Servers        Junior

From           To                   Company
1989-07-31     1991-01-31           Standard Bank of South Africa
                                    I was employed in a permanent capacity at Standard Bank, as a Trainee and then
                                    Junior programmer. I was fortunate to be sent on the Van Zyl and Pritchard
                                    COBOL and ADABAS/Natural training courses, after which I wrote the CUC
                                    exams. Standard bank also sent me on various certification courses related to
                                    CLI, AOS/VS, SED and INFOS II.

                                    I worked in the Treasury Department of the IT Division, maintaining COBOL
                                    programs, and overseeing batch jobs.

                                    I also had exposure to the SWIFT system.

                                                                                     Skill Set          Level
                                                                                     COBOL              Junior
                                                                                     ADABAS /           Junior

       Curriculum Vitae                           Page 17 of 20                                     I.D. King
                                                                                       AOS/VS            Junior
                                                                                       INFOS II          Junior

From            To                   Company
1987-06-01      1989-06-01           SA Defence Force
                                     I served two years compulsory national service, first at 7SAI Phalaborwa, then at

From            To                   Company
1987-01-01      1987-06-01           SoftGold Products
                                     After finishing Matric, I worked in the family Software business. I assisted with
                                     the development of an accounting package “Eclipse”. The package included a
                                     General Ledger, Debtors and Creditors, an Invoicing System, Journal Capture
                                     facility, and a customizable reporting module. It was written for DOS, using
                                     Turbo Pascal. I wrote several of the modules, and gained valuable exposure to
                                     accounting principles. The package was later shrink wrapped, and sold through
                                     several computer shops.
                                                                                       Skill Set         Level
                                                                                       Pascal            Junior
                                                                                       Database          Junior
                                                                                       DOS               Junior
                                                                                       PC‟s              Junior

       Education, Courses and Conferences Attended

       COURSE                                                      WHERE                    WHEN

       Matric                                                      Hyde Park - JHB          1986

       Van Zyl and Pritchard – Cobol/Adabase Natural               VZ&P – JHB               1989

       Computer Users Council                                       JHB                     1989

       Mike King Data Analysis Course                              Cape Town                1993

       Mike King Object Oriented Analysis and Design               Durban                   2000

       Develop Mentor – Guerilla .Net                              London                   2002

       Win Summit                                                  Davos                    1999

       Delphi User Group                                           London                   2000

       Internet World                                              New York                 2001

       I.C.E                                                       London                   2001

       P.A.S.S. (Database) Conference                              London                   2002

       Microsoft Patterns and Practises                            Durban                   2004

       Microsoft – Building the Enterprise                         Durban                   2005

       Curriculum Vitae                            Page 18 of 20                                     I.D. King
Technologies Used

I‟ve used the following at some stage in my career :

 Languages          C#, Delphi, COBOL, Natural, Clipper, Visual Basic, Pascal, Transact SQL

 Databases          Microsoft SQL Server, Interbase, Adabas, Paradox, Access, DBASE/Clipper,
                    Infos II, Sybase

 O/S                Dos, Windows 3, 95 , 98, NT, 2000, XP, AOS/VS

 Software           Power Designer Data Architect, Visio, Rational Rose, Visual UML, Visual Studio
                    .Net, Delphi, Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Office – word/ excel/ powerpoint/
                    project/ outlook / sharepoint, PCAnywhere, Terminal Services

Reference Materials

I have the following books on my shelves :
 Windows Forms Programming in C#                                       Chris Sells
 Essential .Net                                                        Don Box
 Enterprise Services with the .Net Framework                           Christian Nagel
 C# Cookbook                                                           Stephen Teilhet & Jay
 Expert C# Business Objects                                            Rockford Lhotka
 Expert Service-Oriented Architecture in C#                            Jeffrey Hasan
 Distributed .Net Programming in C#                                    Tom Barnaby
 The C# Programming Language                                           Hejlsberg
 Essential ASP.Net with examples in C#                                 Fritz Onion
 Object Orientation
 Applying UML and Patterns                                             Craig Larmen
 Design Patterns                                                       GOF
 Refactoring                                                           Martin Fowler
 Business Component Factory                                            Herzum
 Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture                       Martin Fowler
 Rapid Development                                                     Steve McConnel
 Extreme Programming Explained                                         Kent Beck
 201 Principles of software development                                Davis
 SQL Server 2000 Performance Tuning                                    Whalen
 SQL Server 2000 for Experienced DBA‟s                                 Brian Knight
 The Gurus Guide to SQL Server, Stored Procedures, XML and             Henderson
 The Data Model Resource Book volume I                                 Len Silverston
 The Data Model Resource Book volume II                                Len Silverston
 Newmans Birds of SA
 The Lord of the Rings                                                 …need I say more ? …
 GPRS Demystified                                                      Hoffman
Personal Details

 Title                    Mr

 Initials                 I.D

 First names              Ian David

 Surname                  King

Curriculum Vitae                             Page 19 of 20                                 I.D. King
 Address             Suite 65, Private Bag X0001, Ballito 4420

 Telephone           +27 (0)82 416 7151


 Web Pages 

 Marital Status      Married, 2 daughters

 Place and date of   Johannesburg, 18th January, 1969.

 Hobbies             Walking, Windsurfing.

Curriculum Vitae                       Page 20 of 20             I.D. King

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