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Merit Badge schedule 2-10 by rek77289


									                2010 Camp Barnhardt Class and Merit Badge Schedule
                         8:30 - 9:20                9:30 - 10:20               10:30 - 11:20              1:30 - 2:20               2:30 - 3:20
  Nighthawks                                                       Nighthawk First Year Program (5 hours)
                       Woodcarving             Woodcarving                      Woodcarving              Leatherwork                   Art
                        Electricity             *Carpentery                        Music                 *Carpentery                Sculpture
                       Archaeology            Mammal Study                  Reptile & Amphibian             Environmental Science (2 Hours)
                          Environmental Science (2 Hours)                          Energy                 *Tracking              Space Exploration
                          Forestry              Fish & Wildlife                Oceanography                Weather                  Astronomy
                         *Tracking                  Nature               Soil & Water Conservation       Plant Science               Geology
                         Swimming                 Swimming                  Snorkeling/Kayaking           Swimming                  Swimming
     Pool                Lifesaving               Lifesaving                  Swim Instruction            Lifesaving
                   Aquatics Supervision: Swimming & Water Rescue
                         Canoeing                 Canoeing                       Rowing                     Rowing                  Mile Swim
                         Water Sports/Waterskiing (2 Hours)                Snorkeling/ Kayaking               Small Boat Sailing (2 Hours)
                                                                                                         Motorboating              Motorboating
                                                                                                        Aquatics Supervision: Paddle Craft Safety
                           Archery                    Archery                                              Archery                    Archery
Shooting Sports        Rifle Shooting             Rifle Shooting               Rifle Shooting                                     Rifle Shooting
                                                 Shotgun Shooting            Shotgun Shooting       Shotgun Shooting             Shotgun Shooting
                                                                     Cannon Blast (All Day Program)
High Adventure
                                        Climb On Safely (Leader Certification)                                 Climbing (2 Hours)
                           Cycling                             Fishing (2 hours)                                                       Golf
 Field Sports
                          Athletics                   Sports                 Personal Fitness                                    Personal Fitness
                         *Signaling                 *Signaling             Wilderness Survival            Camping                   Camping
Outdoor Skills            First Aid                                              First Aid               Orienteering                First Aid
                                                                   Pioneering                            Indian Lore
                      Cit. in the World          Cit. in the World       Emergency Prep                Emergencey Prep                 Aviation
 Eagles Nest          Cit. in the Nation         Cit. in the Nation      Communications                Communicaitons           Disailities Awarness
                                                                        Scouting Heritage                Computers                  Computers
                  * 2010 Historic Merit Badge - All requirements must be completed in 2010

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