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					  ASTD Central Iowa Board Scorecard
  Monthly Board Meeting

 Board Report for:                February 2006
 Prepared By:                     Dawn O‟Connor
 Board Meeting Date:              February 23, 2006      3:30 – 5:00 pm
                                  Continental Western Group
 Members attending:               Dawn, Renee, Angela, Paul, Steph
 Attending via conf. call:        Doug, Craig, Katie
 Members not attending:           Sarah, Lacey

 Topic                                                          Minutes   Vote?   Facilitator
 Financials and Minutes – Doug made a motion to accept.            5              Paul
 Seconded by Paul. Motion carried. The interest in our
 money market increased from 2.186% to 2.81% and in our                    Yes
 checking from .1% to .25%.
 Update on previous month‟s action items – Steph and Lacey         5              Steph
 will work on the Zoomerang survey. Craig will submit our                  No
 events matrix for SOS.
 Additional credit card account – We have added a new              5              Craig
 merchant account to work with CVent. We will keep the
 manual merchant account until everything is set up on CVent.              No
 We hope to be able to cancel it by July1.
 Postcards to non-renewals – There are about 100 postcards         2              Katie
 to send out to those members whose memberships expired                    No
 on 12/31/05.
 Communication pieces at events - How can we make sure             5              Steph
 there are the appropriate communication pieces at each of
 our events? Steph will follow up with Community Relations,                No
 Communications and Membership to determine a process to
 make this happen.
 Increasing reserve – Our by-laws indicate we need 6 months        5              Paul
 of operating funds in reserve. Our budget has increased
 slightly over the last few years, so we need to increase our
 reserves. Katie made a motion to set aside an additional                  Yes
 $5000 in the form of a CD to increase our reserves to the
 appropriate amount. Renee seconded the motion. Motion
 carried. Paul will open up another $5000 CD by 2/28/06.
 CPLP Learning System – ASTD Chapters can purchase this            5              Steph
 for about $100 less than the member price. We will put this
 in the March 7 bi-weekly email and have a link on the
 website. Dawn will add it to CVent. Craig requested that we               Yes
 copy him on all emails. We can offer the membership a
 slightly discounted price and make a slight profit for the

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  ASTD Central Iowa Board Scorecard
  Monthly Board Meeting

 Topic                                                               Minutes   Vote?   Facilitator
 Update on VP Community Relations – There is one person                 5              Steph
 interested in the position. Steph and Doug have talked with                    Yes
 her. Craig plans to talk with her next week.
 Request to support Minnesota ASTD event – There is a                   5              Steph
 regional conference in November. We will do our standard
 support of including it in the bi-weekly email and putting a link              Yes
 on our website.

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     ASTD Central Iowa Board Scorecard
     Monthly Board Meeting

 Topic                                                                 Minutes   Vote?   Facilitator
 Board Updates                                                                           All
         Programs – Angela – There are 3 signed up for the
          program. Angela is a bit concerned about the promotion.
          She will try to get a list of 100 companies and send out a
         Membership – Katie – There was a comment made by a
          board member at the chapter celebration that was
          interpreted by a member as complaining about spending
          big bucks on junk that will not be used. The board
          member can follow up with Ann Wright if he/she chooses.
         Finance – Paul
           Conference Calls – We can pay $18 a month and get
            250 minutes of conference calls. After we use the 250
            minutes, then it costs $.10 a minute. Conference calls
            can be used for board meetings and committee
            meetings. The company we have now costs
           Printing – Paul recommended that we stay with Sprint
            Print. He sent out 5 requests for bids and only
            received 2 back.                                                      No
           Angela made a motion that we add $200 to the budget
            for conference calls (250 minute plan) and $1501.95
            for printing needs from Sprint Print. Katie seconded
            the motion. Motion carried.
           SOS – Paul submitted our CD investment tier. He
            has not heard back if it was accepted.
           Katie made a motion that we get an additional debit
            card for the executive committee to use. Renee
            seconded the motion. Motion carried.
           By-laws update – Look at our by-laws and give any
            updates or changes to Paul by 3/31/06. Paul will
            compile and email them to the board prior to our April
            board meeting so they can be voted on.
         Professional Development – Renee – Her committee
          meets on March 2. She has also set up a speaker‟s
          meeting for the Trainer‟s Institute to discuss topics and

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     ASTD Central Iowa Board Scorecard
     Monthly Board Meeting

 Topic                                                              Minutes   Vote?     Facilitator
         President – Steph
           Thanks for the feedback to her leadership survey.
           Reading financial reports – Do we want a training
            session? National has information on their website.
            We will do this when we have extra time at one of our
            board meetings.
           The board expressed interest in attending one of the
            GDMP “Business After Hours” as a group.
         Miscellaneous – Concern was shared about members
          who are not present at the Chapter Celebration asking
          other members to bid for them with the absent member's
          Big Bucks. This will be addressed as we look at
          additional ways to redeem Big Bucks.

 Adjourn – Paul made a motion to adjourn. Renee seconded
 the motion. Motion carried.

 Action Items
 Topic / Action                                                               Due Date                Owner(s)
         Zoomerang survey                                                                   Steph & Lacey
         Events Matrix for SOS                                                              Craig
         Postcards to non-renewals                                                          Katie
         Communication pieces at all events                                                 Steph, Katie, Lacey,
                                                                                             Comm Relations
         Additional $5000 CD                                                 2/28/06        Paul
         Promotion for CPLP Learning System                                   3/1/06        Renee
         Additional debit card                                                              Paul
         Review by-laws; suggestions to Paul                                 3/31/06        All

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  ASTD Central Iowa Board Scorecard
  Monthly Board Meeting

 Scorecard Legend
             Status                                          Impact
 Green       On track                                        No impact on planned activities / schedule
 Yellow      > 25% chance of missing (a) committee goal(s)   Will hinder committee‟s progress if not addressed by committee / board
 Red         Will miss a committee goal                      Is currently hindering committee‟s ability to proceed

 Committee Updates
 Committee              2006 Goal                 Status     Monthly Activities / Next Steps
 Communi-               Find ways to              Green      Added “new member/renewal section” in 12-page February
 cations                reformat, make                       PIPELINE; adding “Best Practice” section in March
                        more robust, and
                        further standardize
                        bi-weekly e-mail
                        and Pipeline,
                        including better
                        alignment in
                        conjunction with the
                        Increase volunteer       Green       Templates ready – next steps: deploy templates, re-engage
                        involvement in                       volunteers, fill-in assignments for rest of year, identify any
                        coordination,                        gaps in “training” to fulfill roles, and “cross-train”
                        editing and writing
                        of communications
 Community              Promote chapter           Green          Started promoting Q1 program and Trainer‟s Institute.
 Relations              events and                               Sent new advertising rates to those who advertised with
                        activities                                us in the past.
                                                                 Developed advertising matrix to track those who
                                                                  advertising with us in 2006.
                                                                 Spoke with National about developing a national
                                                                  message board to share Employee Learning Week best
                                                                 Recapped Des Moines area Employee Learning Week
                                                                  best practices at February chapter meeting (Rain & Hail
                                                                  Insurance Co.).
                                                                 Develop content for additional PR materials.
                        Form alliances with       Green          Steph investigated reciprocal memberships with SHRM
                        Central Iowa                              and ISPI.
                        organizations                            Obtained a list of major companies in Greater Des
                                                                 Identify L&D contact information at above companies
                                                                  through our membership.
                                                                 Follow-up with some number of contacts/companies
                                                                  every quarter and track progress.
                                                                 Update contact information from Central Iowa Chapters
                                                                  of SHRM, ISPI, PMI, STD, and Toastmaster.

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  ASTD Central Iowa Board Scorecard
  Monthly Board Meeting

                    Develop              Green      Collected non-perishable food items for DMARC at
                    „compassionate                   Chapter Celebration.
                    chapter‟ practices              Investigated training needs at United Way and Children
                                                     & Families of Iowa Family Violence Center for pro-bono
                                                    Recruit volunteers by promoting program in Pipeline, bi-
                                                     weekly emails, and website and working with Katie‟s
                                                    Consider and potentially take-on other community
                                                     centered opportunities.
 Exec – Past        Chapter                      60 members and guests registered to attend.
 President          Celebration
 Exec –             Relationship with            We submitted for CORE and are one of the 40 chapters
 President          National                     nationwide that are CORE compliant (out of 139 chapters).
 Exec –             Cvent                           Dawn developed 5 sample events. Goal is to deploy
 President Elect    Deployment                       Trainer‟s Institute by 3/1. Review underway with Cvent
                                                     Customer Service.
                                                    Status call scheduled with Anil Punyapu for 2/22 to
                                                     discuss experience to date.
                                                    Dawn and Craig scheduled to take Cvent training on
                    Portal                          Portal committee to be created / meet in March.
                    SOS                             Event Matrix submitted on 2/20.
 Finance            Maintain accurate
                    Find alternative
                    ways to grow our
 Membership         Convert 15% of       Green   Send letters w/Guest Pass for Chapter meeting
                    guests to new
                    Increase             Green   Every renewing member gets Guest Pass for Chapter
                    membership by 5%             meeting
                    Get 33% of new       Green   Send reminder emails monthly to invite to NM Orientation
                    members to attend
                    New members to       Green   % off coupon with NM Orientation packets for Qrtrly events
                    attend at least 4
                    events during the
                    65% of               Green   Postcards to non-renewing members w/Guest Pass to
                    membership                   Chapter meeting
 Networking         Coordinate 8         Green   No updates at this time.
                    chapter meetings

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  ASTD Central Iowa Board Scorecard
  Monthly Board Meeting

                    Collaborate with       Green
                    Programming and
 Professional       Have at least 25       Green   Current registration count is: I will be meeting with Institute
 Development        registrants for                presenters on Mar. 3 to address structure of session,
                    Trainer‟s Institute            feedback from 2005 attendees, allow presenters to share
                                                   what they plan to present and discuss transition between
                    Plan to form a         Green   Committee has been formed. First meeting is scheduled for
                    professional                   March 2.
                    Collaborate with       Green   Working with Jennifer Chittenden and Marty Baddeloo to
                    Programming and                plan the Annual Learning Conference. I participated in the
                    Networking                     Feb. 2 Programming Committee meeting also. Jennifer and I
                                                   met with the PMI (Project Mgmt Institute) Professional
                                                   Development Day project manager and the committee
                                                   member that handles securing the presenters to learn from
                                                   what they have done, lessons learned, etc.
                    Offer information on           No progress yet – will address with committee.
                    CPLP certification
                    Explore options to             No progress yet – will address with committee.
                    offer CEU‟s
                    (possibly use
                    National or another
                    organization that
                    already does it)
 Programming        Plan four
                    programs with
                    Work with other
                    groups to promote

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  ASTD Central Iowa Board Scorecard
  Monthly Board Meeting

 Upcoming Events and Due Dates
 Date                 Activity / Event
 03/10/06             Chapter Meeting –                                  11:30 am – 1:00 pm
                         “Human Performance Improvement”                 Continental Western Group
 3/30/06 &            “Using all the Power Available to You As a         1:00 pm – 5:00 pm on 3/30/06
 3/31/06              Trainer, Facilitator or Change Agent”              8:00 am – 12:00 pm on 3/31/06
                                                                         Pioneer Hi-Bred
 4/14/06              Chapter Meeting –                                  11:30 am – 1:00 pm
                        “Needs Assessment”                               Allied
 4/27/06              Board Meeting                                      3:30 pm – 5:00 pm,
                                                                         Continental Western Group

 Big Bucks Award Requests
 Member          Activity / Event                                                                              # Bucks

 Kudos & Celebrations
 Committee            Activity / Event
 Katie                Nice photo of Katie and article in the Business Record about Manpower.

A draft of minutes will be posted on the Chapter website within a set time frame following Board and committee meetings.
These may be subject to change when the Board reviews them at the following month's meeting

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