Sample 2009 Long Valley Middle School Career Day Schedule - PDF by rek77289


									                           Sample 2009
                 Long Valley Middle School
                    Career Day Schedule
                     6                    7                    8

 9:00-9:15                     Extended AM Homeroom

 9:15-9:45       Speakers             Speakers             Speakers

9:45-10:15    PE/RA Speakers          Speakers             Speakers

10:15-10:45      Speakers         PE/RA Speakers           Speakers

10:45-11:15      Speakers             Speakers         PE/RA Speakers

11:15-11:45       Wrap-up             Wrap-up               Lunch

11:45-12:15      Team Event            Lunch               Wrap-up

12:15-12:45        Lunch

                                  Team Event (12:15-
               PE/RA (12:45-            1:45)
                                                       Team Event (12:15-

                                    PE/RA (1:45-
              Team Event (1:30-        2:30)
                                   Team Event (2:30-     PE/RA (2:30-
                                        3:15)               3:15)

                               PM Homeroom/Dismissal

              2010 Career day to be held on

                            April 9, 2010
                                 Sixth Grade
House    Room            Name                                 Occupation

6-1      217    Dr. Stephen Deehan         Dentist
         220    John Vernieri              Fragrances Manufacturing and sales
         218    Captain James Beatrice     Law Enforcement/polygraph
         219    Mr. Douglas Dietsche       Sales Director, Ericsson
6-2      215    Dr. Eric Gross             General Surgeon
         213    Mrs. Sullivan              CPA
         214    Dr. Stuart Gutman          Vet
         211    Jeff Loy                   Animal Behaviorist
6-3      207    Mrs. Rebecca Jordan        Physical Therapy
         209    Mr. Mitch Reidinger
         212    Mrs. Colleen Cunniffe      Vice President- Corporate Finance for Verizon
         205    Mr. Paul Vinh              Picatinny Arsenal
         206    Mr. Brian Gillikin         Electrician/company owner
         203    Dr. David Migliaccio       vet
         201    Mrs. Jina Oveissi          BASF
         222    Mrs. Crystal Schaffer      Corporate training & career management
         223    Mrs. Carol Tsonton         Training manager for United Way
         208    Tony Romano                Retired Fire Chief

                              Seventh Grade
 House   Room             Name                                Occupation
 7-1      19     Dr. Moore                  Dentist
          17     Mr. Rene Marinich          Executive Director, Global Access Management
           18    Mrs. Melissa Stanzione     Flight Para-medic
           14    Mr. Abdel Oualim           Project Director
           31    Mrs. Lisa Foster-Clarke    Occupational Therapy
 7-2       13    Agt. Tim Sharkey           US Secret Service Special Agent
            9    Mr. Mike Egleston          Finance
           11    Mr. Stelio Kontos          Aircraft Technician
           16    Mr. Andy Jensen            Lawyer
           12    Mr. Michael Hodgetts       Electrical Engineering Engineering
           15    Mrs. Michele Jerry         Photo Studio Manager
 7-3        8    Mr. Garino                 Marketing Research
            3    Dr. & Mrs. Cazes           Dentist
            5    Mr. Kevin Fleming          Building Contractor
            4    Mr. Tim Daly
            7    Mr. Pat Refsdal            Air Force
                                                  Eight Grade
             House     Room                Name                                 Occupation
             8-1        24        Mrs. Barbara Turci           Assistant Director of Organ Recovery
                        27        Mr. Brendan Doyle            Owner of Youth Soccer business and travel
                        25        Mr. Mike Selvaggi            Attorney
                        36        Mrs. Susan Shmeltzle         Pharmacy Director Quick Chek Pharmacy
                        26        Officer Feichter             Washington Township police Dep’t
             8-2        29        Mr. Joseph McCarthy          Pastor/ Social Service
                        34        Mr. Steve LaGueux            Verizon Wireless/ Marketing Research
                        30        Mrs. Carol Feula             Instructional Design and Corporate
                                                               Training OR Professional Accountancy for
                                                               Big 4 Firms
                        22        Dr. George Batsides          Cardiothoracic Surgery
                        38        Mrs. Susan Seger             Owner Sasco Insurance
             8-3        21        Mrs. Adesino                 Physical Therapy
                        20        Mrs. Amy Berkowitz           Hackettstown Trading Post
                        37        Dr. Michael Deehan           Orthopaedic Surgeon
                        35        Mrs. Billie Jo Blackwell     Director of Athletics at Centenary College
                        39        Mr. Walt Cane                Channel 12 News Guy

                        PE/RA (9:45-10:15, 10:15-10:45, 10:45-11:15)
 Students from
 the following       Room (Note Room Changes
                                                                   Name                            Occupation
 PE/RA classes             from NORM)
Petty/Driscoll          S. Gym (“Boys side”)           Mr. Brian Cahill                  Marketing/Community
                                                                                         Relations for the Somerset
Scheiss/Schless         N. Gym (Boys Side)             Mr. Enrico Mastrioanni            Centenary Men’s Basketball
Gene                            Library                Dr. Lewthwaite                    Centenary College President
                                                       Mrs. Anita Mihok
Clark                             101                  Mrs. Meg Thiel                    WNTI Program Director
Gene/Ridge                   N. Gym (Girls)            Mrs. Pam Fischer                  Dir. of the NJ Div. of Highway
                                                                                         Traffic Safety
Reid                              103                  Mr. Kevin Davies                  Women’s Soccer Coach-
                                                                                         Centenary College
Landis                            104                  Mr. Maroney
Hill                              109                  Mrs. Nancy Thomas                 Medical technologist
Fritts                            108                  Mrs. Anita Damiter                Pre-School Teacher
DeMercurio                        106                  Ms. Suzanna Skrsenski             Watershed Ambassador
Rannelli                          110                  Officer Mustacchio                Irvington Police Department
Klapischak                        105                  Mrs. Katrina Sweeney              Nurse
                                                       Mrs. Anita Mihok
Moran                             41                   Mr. Tommy Spears                  Music Instructor
Dickinson                         107                  Owner                             Katarina Florist Shop

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