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                                 2006 SEMINAR SERIES
                                        You are invited to attend
                                Tuesday 9 May 5.00 pm
                                   Professor Julian Leff
             Emeritus Professor, TAPS Team, Department of Mental Health Sciences, UCL

                       ‘The Social st January 5.00 pm
                          sday 31 Causes Of Schizophrenia’

      Schizophrenia was originally considered to be an ‘endogenous’ psychosis, stemming entirely
      from brain dysfunction: hence the first term for this condition was dementia praecox. Genetic
      and family studies have shown that there is a major inherited basis to the illness, but have left
      room for a substantial environmental component. Attempts to identify the pathogenic
      environmental factors have continued over the past seven decades with little success until
      recently. During the last decade, studies of large cohorts in Scandinavia have provided
      evidence of the noxious influence of being born and raised in cities, although the specific
      factors responsible have not been identified in this research. However a focus on ethnic
      minority groups, which have a remarkably high risk for schizophrenia, has pinpointed a
      number of candidate social factors. It now appears likely that the causes of schizophrenia are
      multifactorial, both genetically and socially.

      Julian Leff is an Emeritus Professor with the TAPS team at the Royal Free. During his career,
      he conducted research in social psychiatry for many years at the Institute of Psychiatry,
      London. He has a particular interest in the practice of psychiatry in different cultures, and the
      susceptibility to mental illness of ethnic minority groups. He has been a consultant to the World
      Health Organisation, which has given him the opportunity to study traditional healers in other

      He was awarded the Starkey Prize of the Royal Society of Health in 1976, and the Burgholzli
      Award of the University of Zurich in 1999. He has published numerous papers and articles in
      scientific journals and has written several books.

      This seminar will be chaired by Professor Sir Michael Marmot

     This seminar will be held at UCL RSVP seminar attendance by 08/05/06 (indicating any special
     needs and for directions to the seminar room) Email: iish@ucl.ac.uk Tel: 020 7679 8249
     Drinks & snacks at 6pm after the seminar.

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