Escrow Agreement and Instructions by mcz21962


									                                         Escrow agreement and instructions.

    This agreement is made this         day of     , 20         , by and between [surrogate's name], surrogate, [natural
father's name], natural father, and      , Escrow Agent.

    [surrogate's name], surrogate, has agreed to perform certain services and perform certain acts for the benefit of
[natural father's name], natural father, more particularly described in the Surrogate Parenting Agreement between them
dated        , and by incorporation made a part.

    [natural father's name], natural father, has agreed to pay (or withhold) certain compensation as enumerated in
       , of the Surrogate Parenting Agreement upon completion (or breach) of the duties and obligations of [surrogate's
name], surrogate, as described in said agreement. In the event the child is miscarried, dies or is stillborn subsequent to
the third month of pregnancy, [natural father's name], natural father, has agreed to pay compensation as enumerated in
Paragraph XII of the Surrogate Parenting Agreement. This Escrow Agreement shall not be construed as an obligation
of the escrow agent to pay or be responsible for "expenses" or "costs" as defined in the Surrogate Parenting Agreement,
which [natural father's name], natural father has agreed to pay on behalf of [surrogate's name], surrogate.

   [natural father's name], natural father, herewith deposits into escrow the sum of [amount of compensation] to be
paid to [surrogate's name], surrogate, by the escrow agent as specified in the Surrogate Parenting Agreement. Escrow
agent agrees to the following:

       (1). He will deposit this sum of [amount of compensation] into an interest bearing account under the name of
   [escrow agent] in a recognized financial institution. Accrued interest shall regularly be credited to [natural father's
   name], natural father.

      (2). That upon completion of the duties by [surrogate's name], surrogate, contained in the Surrogate Parenting
   Agreement, escrow agent shall pay the amount due to [surrogate's name], surrogate.

   Escrow agent acknowledges receipt of the sum of [amount of compensation] upon execution of this Escrow

Natural Father


    I have read the above page of this Escrow Agreement, referring to terms and conditions of payment of compensation
to me by [natural father's name], natural father, and I am in agreement with the provisions.



Escrow Agent


                                                                                                           electronic form 2005
                                                                                                            Law Publishers

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