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					                                                                       Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust                                                                Appendix 2
                                                                                 Balanced Scorecard Indicators 2007/08
Ref Indicator                             Criteria                                                                 Frequency Comments
    Waiting time for first appointment, % The number of people first seen by CAMHS during the month that waited    month YTD National definition is referral from GP to Consultant for first outpatient
U01 seen within 8 weeks (CAMHS)           less than 8 weeks expressed as a percentage of all first seen                      appointment. The Trust has adopted this standard for all referrals.
                                                                                                                             National target is 97% within 8 weeks by Mar 08
    Appointments cancelled by hospital; The number of cancelled by hospital appointments with a new attend within month YTD This is a specific requirement of the contracts with PCTs and could lead
U02 % with new attend within 30 days of 30 days of cancelled appointment expressed as a percentage of all attend             to financial penalties is we do not comply
    cancelled appointment                appointments following a cancelled by hospital appointment
    Carers assessments undertaken        The number of carers assessments undertaken and recorded on the social month YTD
    (Adult Social Care Norfolk)          care client information system.
    Follow up within 7 days of discharge Number of people with a follow up (face to face or telephone) appointment month YTD National target for PCTs
U04 from hospital for patients on        within 7 days of discharge from hospital on Enhanced CPA, expressed as
    Enhanced CPA                         a percentage of all patients discharged from hospital on Enhanced CPA
    Data Quality Index - Completeness of  The number of valid data entries for the data set expressed as a                rolling year   Assessment of data quality used by Healthcare Commission is usually
    Inpatient Data Set                    percentage of the optimum entries                                                              first 3/4 of year
    Data Quality Index - Timeliness of    The number of inpatient admissions recorded on iPM above the standard           rolling year   Standard for timeliness is "as close to real time as possible", the
S02 inpatient admission data entry        time (8 hours) expressed as a percentage of all inpatient admissions                           expectation for admissions is within 8 hours
                                          recorded on iPM
    Community appointment did not         The number of community appointments that patients did not attend                 month
    attend rate                           expressed as a percentage of all community appointments
    People of working age patients with a The number of people of working age patients with a CPA level recorded            month
S04 CPA level recorded on iPM             on iPM expressed as a percentage of all people of working age patients

    Service users receiving direct         The number of service users receiving payments to purchase their own          month YTD
S05 payments (Adult Social Care            care.
    Care reviews undertaken (Adult         The number of care reviews undertaken and recorded on the social care         month YTD
    Social Care Norfolk)                   client information system.
    Drug misuers sustained in treatment    The number of people discharged during the month that have been                  month        National target is 75%
S07                                        retained in service for 12 weeks or more expressed as a percentage of all
                                           discharges during the month.
      Sickness absence                     Time lost through sickness absence expressed as a percentage of                rolling year ESR calculates time available and time lost on calendar days. In theory
H01                                        available time                                                                              this change shouldn't effect the % rate because it is applied to both the
                                                                                                                                       numerator and denominator.
      Work related absence                 Time lost through work related sickness absence expressed as a                 rolling year Absences that are deemed to be related to work are identified as such
                                           percentage of available time                                                                by staff when reporting sickness absence.
      Workforce productivity               The number of units of activity recorded on iPM divided by the wte staff in   month YTD A unit id defined as an occupied bed day, a day hospital attendance or
                                           post (normalised month)                                                                     an attended community appointment
      Physical assaults on staff           Physical assaults - number of recorded serious physical assaults on staff     month YTD The definition of serious physical assault is the one used by the NHS
                                                                                                                                       Security Management Service
      Pay bill per wte staff in post       Monthly pay bill divided by wte staff in post                                     month     Identified in consultation re Better Care Better Value Indicators as a
                                                                                                                                       possible new national indicator
    Bank percentage of temporary           The cost of bank staff expressed as a percentage of all temporary staffing    monthly YTD
    staffing                               costs
    Out of Area Treatments (OATs)          OATs expenditure expressed as a percentage of OATs budget                     monthly YTD
    expenditure control
    Cost Improvement Programme (CIP)       Realised CIP expressed as a percentage of planned CIP                         monthly YTD