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									                                ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT

DATE:           February 9, 2009

TO:             Board of Supervisors

FROM:           R. David Laurrell, County Administrator R. David Laurrell 2/10/09

RE:             Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Board of Supervisors Meeting

11:00 a. m.     Human Services Agenda (Puckett / Shockley)
1:00 p. m.      Call to Order, Invocation by Supervisor Puckett

                                       Approval of Minutes

1.       Approval of January 20, 2009 Regular Meeting Minutes

Don Austin, Residency Administrator


         The Residency Administrator will be present to receive any highway matters from the

Mark Courtney, Lynchburg Regional Airport Executive Director

3.       Airport Service Update (20 minutes)

       Mark Courtney, Lynchburg Regional Airport Executive Director, would like to update the
Board on the flight traffic and other development activity at Lynchburg Regional Airport. A
copy of the Power Point presentation he will be using is attached for your information.

RECOMMENDATION: No action is required. Please let Mark or me know if you have
any questions or would like additional information presented at the meeting.
Josephine Kelley, Executive Director of Altavista on Track

4.     Update on Altavista on Track - (15 minutes)

        Josephine Kelley, Executive Director of AOT, would like to update the Board on the
activities that have been going on over the past several years. A copy of the PowerPoint
presentation she will be using is attached for your information.

RECOMMENDATION: No action is required.

                                 ADMINISTRATOR’S ITEMS

Paul E. Harvey, Community Development Director

5.     Update on Comprehensive Plan Schedule (5 minutes)

       Mr. Harvey would like to update the Board on the Comprehensive Plan and make you
aware of the dates scheduled for public input sessions and joint work sessions.

RECOMMENDATION: No formal action is required.

Alan C. Lane, Director of Management Services

6.     Revenue Comparison FY09 to FY08 Year to Date (15 minutes)

         Annually staff provides the Board with revenue projections for the current fiscal year
prior to development of the subsequent year’s budget. The report compares actual revenues
recognized so far for FY 2009 year-to-date to revenues received for the same time period in the
prior fiscal year. This information is provided for the 7-month period ending January 31, 2009.
The analysis provides a strong indicator of the trends affecting overall revenue budgeted versus
actually received. (Revenue Analysis Report attached).

        As you can see from the report, and as is typical, some revenues exceed budget
projections and some revenues fall short of budget projections. If you take into consideration that
the sales tax distribution for the Towns was included in budgeting sales tax revenues for FY 2009
the actual overall year-to-date percentage for FY 2009 is approximately the same as FY 2008 at
        We continue to monitor economy driven revenues such as sales tax, BPOL tax, and non-
payment rates for property taxes and real estate taxes. There is a slight downward trend in sales
tax, about 3% annualized, and a slight delay in payment of personal property taxes. Overall we
are expecting a small shortfall in local revenue for the current fiscal year. This shortfall in local
revenue, along with an anticipated shortfall in state revenue, is being addressed by reductions in
expenditures, including the County’s current 180-day rolling vacancy layoff process. At the
present time the current year budget is progressing as previously discussed with the Board. If that
situation changes in the coming months as we continue to monitor revenues and expenditures we
will update the Board.

RECOMMENDATION: No action is required.


         a.) APPROPRIATIONS – Appropriations are attached for your review.

                       Quotations were recently solicited for the purchase of twenty-one (21)
        mobile radios and accessories for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. Seven (7)
        responsive bids were received. Bid Results are shown on the attached spreadsheet.
        Sufficient funds for this purchase are budgeted in line item 4-100-031200-8103.

    a.) Approve the appropriations.

                b.) It is recommended that the lowest bid from First Communications, Inc. in
        the amount of $11,301.36 be accepted for the purchase of twenty-one (21) mobile

                                MATTERS FROM THE BOARD


         A few minutes will be scheduled at each meeting to discuss matters from the Board.

         Supervisor Shockley would like to take a few minutes to discuss the Federal Stimulus

                                     CLOSED MEETING


       Staff is requesting the Campbell County Board of Supervisors enter into Closed Session in
accordance with Section 2.2-3711 (A)(7) of the Code of Virginia to discuss legal matters related
to a number of public nuisances.


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