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					What are some of the Volunteer
positions with Henrico Police?
                                                                                                                    In Policing (V.I.P.)
We have several different volun-
teer positions, including:



      Fingerprint Assistants

       Motorist Assistants                The Division of Police is
                                    Internationally and State Accredited.
        Office Assistants

To find out what positions are
currently available and to           Henrico County Division of Police
download a volunteer application,            P. O. Box 90775
visit us on the web at:                 Henrico, VA 23273-0775             Emergency: 911
volunteer/                           Non-emergency: (804) 501–5000
or call the Volunteer Services
Coordinator at (804) 501-5047.             Colonel H. W. Stanley, Jr.
                                                                                                            Working with the Division,
                                                Chief of Police                                                 Serving the Community.

                                                                                                            Henrico Police
                                                                                                            Volunteers-In-Policing Program
                                                                                                            (804) 501-5047
                                                         Proud of our progress;
                                                         Excited about our future.

                                        The County of Henrico does not discriminate on the basis of race,
                                        color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.          Henrico County
                                                             Spring 2009/CP/CWC                             Division of Police
                                        Volunteers In Policing

What is a Volunteer?                   Who Can Volunteer with Henrico          come more informed about the
                                       County Division of Police?              community and about the depart-
A volunteer is a person who freely                                             ments and jobs around the
give of his/her time and talent to     Volunteer opportunities are             County. The contributions of our
a worthwhile group or cause with-      available for adults of all ages.       volunteers are greatly appreciated
out monetary profit. The goal of       Volunteers do not need to live in       and we hold an annual event to
the Henrico County Division of         the County. We also have an             recognize volunteer efforts.
Police V. I. P. Program is to serve    Explorer Post for youth 14-21
the community by recruiting,           years of age who are interested in
placing, training and encouraging      careers in law enforcement.
volunteers to:
                                       Why Do People Volunteer for the
•   work in Division offices and in    Henrico County Division of
    Division programs.                 Police?
•   become involved in County          Volunteers in the
    government so that more of         Henrico Police
    the needs of the community         V. I. P. Program
    can be met.                        are able to learn                       Is Training Provided?
                                       about and be-
•   take advantage of opportuni-
                                       come involved in                        For each volunteer position, spe-
    ties that will make the most of
                                       the community.                          cific on-the-job training will be
    their leisure time.
                                       They may gain                           provided. Volunteers are also
•   improve the quality of their       valuable job                            encouraged to attend either our
    own lives by assisting others in   experience and career enrich-           Citizens Police Academy or our
    our community.                     ment. Best of all, V. I. P.’s in        Senior Citizens Police Academy.
                                       Henrico Police gain an opportunity      Both academies provide an over-
                                       to serve others. Volunteers get to      view of the Division and provide
                                       associate with great co-workers!        insight into our day-to-day opera-
                                       Upon request the department or          tions. For more information
                                       the Volunteer Services Coordina-        about our Citizens or Senior
                                       tor will write job referrals and give   Citizens Academy, please call the
                                       job references. V. I. P. ‘s gain an     academy coordinator at (804)
                                       opportunity to network and be-          501-5236.