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									    Many of the Dynalite lighting accessories shown here are
interchangeable with other Dynalite flash heads and monolights.
                                                          1015         4040      Uni250R
                                                          2040         4080      Uni400JR
 RR-50               50º Reflector—10” diameter          l
 RR-80               80º Reflector—9” diameter           l                                     Instruction Manual
 RR-AR               Angle Reducing Ring 140-60º         l
                     Accessory Frame
                     Accessory Frame w/4/Barn Doors
                                                         l                                         IRT-1
 RR-GH               7” Grid Spot Holder                 l                                     TRANSMITTER
 RR-4G               7” Grid Set (10,20,30,40º)          l               l           l
 SR-65               65º Grid Reflector 7” diameter                      l
                                                                                            INFRA-RED Slave System
 UNI-GR7             65º Grid Reflector 7” diameter                                  l
 SR-65FF             Barn Door & Filter Frame f/SR-65                    l           l
 SR-50               50º Grid Reflector 9” diameter                      l
 UNI-GR9             50º Grid Reflector 9” diameter                                  l
 SR-503G             9” Grid Set (20,30,40º) f/SR-50                     l           l
 SR-503D             9” Barn Door & Filter Frame f/SR-50                 l           l
 SR-80               80º Softlight Reflector w/ diffuser                 l           l
 SR-80FD             Silk Diffuser for SR-80 Reflector                   l           l
 AR-0040             40º Long Throw Reflector 11” diameter               l
 SR-65SN             Snoot for SR-65                     l               l           l
 SR-0S               Optical Snoot (only)                                l
 LB-2432             ProV 24” x 32” Lightbank            l               l           l
 LB-3648             ProV 36” x 48” Lightbank            l               l           l

 All Dynalite speedrings, umbrellas, and light stands work with all Dynalite flash heads.

                                                     1050 Commerce Ave
                                                        Union, NJ 07083
                                               800-722-6638 / Fax 908-686-6682
IRT-1 Transmitter                                                                                  Specifications
The Dyna-Lite 2 channel transmitter/receiver is the most sophisticated flash synchronization
                                                                                                   Sync Speed:             Less than 500 microseconds
system available. It is designed and manufactured for Dyna-Lite by Wein ProductsTM of Cali-
fornia. The IRT-1 transmitter will operate both Wein Pro-Sync and the built-in two channel         Power Source:           Two AA alkaline batteries
receiver in the Dyna-Lite “X”, “XL”, “XR” and “DR” series power packs.
When activated, the small infra-red (IR) transmitter produces a very powerful coded train of       Battery Life:           Over 3000 shots per set
optical IR pulses. This feature gives the transmitter its tremendous optical IR “punch,” ena-
bling it to reach out for long distances. The IR signal actually bounces around objects, skip-     Battery Control:        Exclusive battery saver circuit shuts down battery drain
ping along the ground, floors, and ceilings, even bounces behind you off the foreground.                                   when main power bank is fully charged, allowing transmitter to
Most VCR’s, TV’s, modern remote controls and military ranging systems use a low power                                      be left on all day.
version of this ultra reliable, non-jamable system.
The IR coded signal is received and processed by the micro power “brain” of the Dyna-Lite          Spectral Output:        850 to 1000 nanometers
receiver. When set to the correct incoming channel of the transmitter, the receiver produces
the fastest ever synchronization between camera and remote strobe by a protected channel           Recycle Time:           First 4 shots at 4 per second, next shot at 2 per second
photo remote control. This micro powered miracle of modern technology then fires your              Distance:                Under most indoor situations, 500 foot omni directional,
Dyna-Lite power pack.                                                                                                      shade receiver lens for maximum distance.


   Put two fresh “AA” alkaline batteries in the transmitter and wait 15 seconds after switch-
        ing ON for full power and neon “ready” light to flash.
   The transmitter may be mounted on your camera hot shoe. Use the supplied sync ca-
        ble to connect the transmitter to the camera. You can now fire off the first 4 shots as
        fast as your camera can recycle. Subsequent shots will be available at about two per
        second continuously.
   To change channels on the remote, simply set the transmitter to the desired channel by
        moving the switch to either the “1” or “2” position.
   Make sure channel selection is the same on both the transmitter and the receiver.
        Note: A fresh set of alkalines should last approximately 3000 shots, and you can
        leave the transmitter running all day with no harm to the batteries due to the
        build-in Battery Saver Circuit.
   Because of the receivers’ great sensitivity, it is not necessary in most set-ups to aim
       the transmitter directly at the receivers’ sensing dome.

IR Transmitters will trigger most standard optical slave units. If this happens, the strobe as-
sociated with proper transmission to the infra-red receiver will misfire. For this reason, stan-   The Dynalite IRT-1 Transmitter is covered under a limited two year warranty period. The
dard slave units cannot be used in the same area as any infra-red model.                           manufacturer warranty is void if the unit is opened by anyone other than an authorized
                                                                                                   Dynalite service station. Dynalite reserves the right to dispute a warranty claim if damage is
                                                                                                   due to unit being mishandled, dropped, or used in any way other than intended use.

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