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									       Mariner                                                         Forecast
                                                                         March/April 2010
  PHONE: 792-9400 FAX: 792-9410                              

         ALL PARENTS ARE                                    Narragansett High School
     ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND…..                               Spring Theatrical Production
      PTO MEETING                                       Presenting………...
   Thursday, March 18th                                       The Curious Savage
 7:00 PM     Media Center                               The Curious Savage is the heart-warming story of Mrs. Ethel
Principal Warner will open the meeting with             Savage, an extremely wealthy and charitable widow worth
                                                        over $10 million. After the death of her husband she realizes
“SCHOOL REPORT NIGHT”                                   that she has never been free and begins to pursue her career
                                                        in acting which has been her dream for years. She begins to
We will take a closer look at our scores on the state   give away money to anybody who wants to make their
testing and talk about what we have done and will be    dreams come true. However, Mrs. Savage’s three greedy
doing to continue to improve in all areas. Come and     stepchildren, Titus, Samuel, and Lilly Belle commit her to a
get a full breakdown of our testing. Refreshments       mental institution, “The Cloisters” to get her money. Mrs.
will be served.                                         Savage meets a variety of quirky and hilarious characters
                                                        there. Hannibal, who plays the violin but has no talent; Jef-
      We hope to see you there!                         frey, who has an imaginary scar on his face; Florence, who
                                                        thinks her son is still alive carrying around a doll; Fairy May,
                                                        who wants to be everybody’s friend and needs to hear that
    Junior Class Variety Show                           she is loved; and Mrs. Paddy, who paints but only says a list
                                                        of what she hates. Come join us on the following dates to
   Fri., April 9—7:00 pm                                hear how the story enfolds.
  Sat., April 10—7:00 pm                                PRODUCTION DATES:
    You won’t want to miss it!!
 Tickets will be available at the door.                           May 6, 7, 8, and 9
                                                        TECH WEEK:
                                                                 May 1st through 5th
                National Honor Society
                          together with the             TENTATIVE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE:
                      World Language                      Sundays 1-6                    Tuesdays 6-9
                                                          Mondays 3-6                    Wednesdays 6-9
                      Honor Societies
                      will hold inductions on           I will stagger call times on Sundays when possible to avoid
                                                        long days for students. As we get closer to the production
                    Wednesday, April 28th               date, rehearsal will increase as necessary.
                    North Beach Pavilion                 This information is subject to change as information be-
                                                        comes available involving the show! Please contact me with
                                                        any questions at:
    National Honor Society: 6:30 pm                                                           Thanks in advance,
World Language Honor Societies: 7:30 pm                                                       Jimmy Calitri
       Foreign Language News                                   DNA Symposium a Great Success
ITALIAN SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are avail-                  On Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 Biology I students
able for Italian students in levels II, III and IV. See Mrs.   dove headlong into an adult-style, day-long sympo-
Johnson for details.                                           sium on all aspects of DNA. The day began with reg-
                                                               istration, receipt of name tags and information pack-
TRIP TO ITALY 2011: A meeting was held on March                ets. Refreshments were heartily enjoyed and were pro-
10th to discuss the next trip to Italy in April 2011. A rep-   vided by Belmont Fruit and Dunkin' Donuts. Partici-
resentative of our educational tours company, ACIS, was        pants were greeted and addressed by the keynote
present to answer questions. Mrs. Daniela Johnson is the       speaker, Brown university PHD candidate William
trip coordinator. . This trip is open to students currently    Brucker. The students rotated through a number of
enrolled in any foreign language. Students must still be       workshops throughout the day. These included ex-
attending Narragansett High School on the date of depar-       tracting pure DNA from kiwis, bananas, and strawber-
ture in order to be able to go.                                ries. With the help of Brown University staff, students
                                                               performed gel electrophoresis in which they separated
TRIP TO SPAIN 2010:There will be a meeting on
                                                               fragments of DNA from 3 "suspects" and a sample
Thursday, March 25th for all students going on the trip
                                                               from a crime scene to determine which suspect's DNA
and their parents or guardians. The meeting will take
                                                               matched the crime scene. Detective John Grassel of
place in the Media Center from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. You
                                                               the Rhode Island state police criminal investigations
can check the ACIS website for updates!
                                                               unit shared how his department approached scene in-
NATIONAL LANGUAGE EXAMS: The National                          vestigation, evidence collection, latent fingerprint de-
French Exam was held on Thursday, March 4th at NHS.            velopment and examination, footwear / tire evidence
National Italian Exam was held on Saturday, March 6th          development and examination and other spe-
at Coventry High School.                                       cialized services such as blood spatter interpre-
National Spanish Exams will be held at NHS on Tues-            tation and shooting reconstruction. Students
day, April 6th (levels 1 & 3) and Thursday, April 8th          debated a complex bioethical dilemma under
(levels 2 & 4) —both beginning at 2:00 pm in computer          the guidance of school psychologist Dr. Ruth
lab 610. Previous exams are available for students to          Anderson and John O’Brien. The genuine en-
study.                                                         thusiasm with which the students embraced the
                                                               day made the hard work of preparation worth-
                                                               while! A hearty thank you to all involved!

        Save the Date                                           JUNIOR PROM
                                                                 Friday, May 14, 2010
                                                                                             SENIOR PROM
                                                                                               Monday, June 7, 2010
  Parents, Juniors, and Seniors                                Quidnessett Country Club
                                                                North Kingstown, RI
                                                                                                   Dunes Club
                                                                                                 Narragansett, RI
    Tuesday, April 27, 2010                                     6:30 PM -11:30 PM            6:30 PM—12:00 midnight
                                                               Please know where your children are going after the
     For a Pre-Prom Event                                      prom and make sure they are not on the road. We will
                                                               ask all parents to complete permission slips for the
     (More information to follow.)                             prom. A permission slip will be given to each student
                                                               when purchasing a ticket. Also, if any underclassmen
                                                               attend the senior prom, they must attend
                                                               school all day on the day of the prom and will
                                                               NOT be allowed to attend the prom if he/she
           BLOOD DRIVE                                         leaves before dismissal time. They also are
                                                               expected to be punctual to school the morning
        Thursday, March 18th                                   following the senior prom.
                                                               Students must make up administrative detentions
              8:00 am—1:00 pm                                  before they will be allowed to attend the prom. We
               NHS Auditorium                                  appreciate your cooperation and support !!
           Senior Project Update
During the months of March and April seniors should be
completing their required fieldwork hours with their mentors.
A minimum of fifteen hours must be completed by April
16th. Students should also be working towards completing           School Library Media Month
their products. The product due date is April 26th. Follow-       March is "Women's History Month."          April includes
ing the completion of their products the students will practice   “Poetry Month,” “National Reading Week,” and “National
their presentations in preparation for the senior boards on       Library Week.” Please try to encourage extra reading at
May 26th. Since it is not possible to prepare a presentation      home by all members of your family during this month.
without a completed product, it is imperative that the stu-       Reading is the foundation of life-long learning. Recrea-
dents strictly adhere to the schedule. Parental encourage-        tional reading is fun and habit-forming. Please help with
ment in this area greatly benefits your child and is appreci-     our efforts. Thank you.
ated by everyone involved in the Senior Project. A calendar       Thanks to the NHS PTO, storyteller Kate Latimer-
is available for viewing on the Senior Project page of the        Palmer came to NHS and spoke to a large number of
NHS website.                                                      students and faculty.
We welcome community volunteers to serve as judges for            On Friday, April 30, Annie Barrows, co-author of “The
our boards on May 26th. If you are willing to serve in this       Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,” the
capacity or have served as a judge in the past and are willing    Read Across RI 2010 book, will be in the Narragansett
to do so again, please contact John O’Brien @ jjo-                High School media center from 10-11 for a video con- Please type “Senior Pro-            ferece presentation and book signing. .
ject Judge” in the subject line.

                                                                    ATHLETIC PICTURES ON-LINE
        The Graduation Portfolio                                  Message from Heather Ferraro Photography:
Seniors have been notified that they need to complete their       Attention Athletes:
graduation portfolios as soon as possible. Seniors who have
not completed their portfolios by March 26, 2010, will be
                                                                  If you were involved with Winter Sports and are inter-
required to attend Extended School Day. Seniors will be re-       ested in seeing your pictures online here is how to do
quired to report to Extended School Day on Tuesdays and           so:
Wednesdays to work on individualized plans they will create       Step 1: Go to our website:
to meet this requirement. Students will be excused from ESD       Step 2: Click On Line Viewing
on a case by case basis as they complete their plan. Mr.          Step 3: Enter the event code.
O’Brien will be there to support the students.                    Step 4: Enter your email and your name.
Parents and guardians can view what their students have en-       Step 5: Click the View Images box.
tered by having them log on at
portal. The Graduation Portfolio Manual is available online       Events Codes:
at                   Girls Swimming         29970KJan7
Please contact John O’Brien with questions—                              Cheerleading           29970Kfeb2 or by phone at 792-9400,                 Boys Hockey            29970Kjan19
x4016.                                                                   Girls Basketball       29970Kfeb25
                                                                         Wrestling              29970Kdec20
      YEARBOOKS !! YEARBOOKS !!                                          Boys Basketball        29970Kdec28
  IT’S NOT TOO LATE……IF YOU ACT NOW !                             If you have any questions, please feel free to call the
With limited copies remaining of the 2010 NHS Maritimes           studio at 782-6336. The pictures are only hosted for
Yearbook, please see Mr. Shields NOW for your piece of            two months so don’t wait. Long on now to see them!
NHS history. The price is $80.00.

                Course Selection                                  Upcoming Dances:
Students are in the process of selecting courses for next                      March 19 —
year. The Program of Studies outlinging courses is
                                                                                      Ring Dance, 7-10 pm
available on-line through the school website to students
                                                                                      (sponsored by Sophomore Class)
and parents. Parents are encouraged to discuss their
child’s selections which can be viewed on their Power                          April 30 —
School account. Any questions can be directed to your                                 Dance, 7-10 pm
child’s guidance counselor.                                                      (sponsored by the Freshmen Class)

         Failure Notification                                        SENIOR ALERTS!!
First semester has ended, and failure letters were sent
home. Letters indicated lost credit for semester fail-        Thousands of Dollars Available
ures. Students who failed with at least a grade of 50        $$   in SCHOLARSHIPS          $$
may seek permission to make up the course in sum-           Over 50 scholarships are available and more arrive daily.
mer school, academic hours or with an approved, cer-        Check the guidance website for a complete list under the
tified tutor. Others will need to repeat the failed         Scholarships link. All students should apply for as many
courses next year. Please contact guidance if you           scholarships as possible, but we recommend no fewer
have any questions concerning your child’s standing.        than 6! WATCH DEADLINES!!
                                                                REMEMBER: YOU HAVE TO APPLY FOR
  Mid-Term Ends on March 12th.                                SCHOLARSHIPS IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE
                                                                 ONE. RECIPIENTS WILL BE AWARDED
        Progress Reports are                                  SCHOLARSHIPS AT THE SENIOR BANQUET
    due home by MARCH 19th.                                                 ON JUNE 9TH AT THE
Third Quarter Ends April 9th.                                        QUIDNESSETT COUNTRY CLUB.
Report Cards will be sent home                               NOTICE TO SENIOR PARENTS
 with students by April 16th.                               Please stress to your child that final grades are forwarded
                                                            to post-secondary schools—seniors need to be aware that
                                                            an acceptance can be withdrawn due to grades!! Seniors
Web-Based College Search Programs                           should NOT be missing classes — class time is impor-
All students have access to an account at                   tant right to the end!
to use Choices Planner. This college and career                       Thank you for your support!!
search program will assist stu-
dents in matching their skills
abilities with career interests.
                                                              S.A.T.                 S.A.T.              S.A.T.
                                                            Students, particularly juniors, who are interested in
Juniors especially should be using                          taking the S.A.T. tests this spring, must register for either
these sites to begin their college                          the May or June tests by the following dates:
planning process.
                                                                  * May 1 Test:   Deadline—March 25
COMING IN MAY: CAREER FAIR                                           June 5 Test: Deadline—April 29
                                                            You should register on-line at
For Sophomores & Juniors
   Tuesday, April 13th
    8:30—10:30 a.m.
                                                                Guidance Advisory Committee
     PRESENTERS WANTED!!!                                   Our next meeting will be held on:
Volunteers are needed to share their career expertise                       Tuesday, April 6th
with our sophomores and juniors. If you would be will-
ing to help or give a morning of your day to share your               7:00 PM in the Media Center
career information, please call guidance at 792-9400.       At this meeting, we will be finalizing plans for the Real
                                                            Life Fair in April and the Career Fair in May.
Now that the application rush has passed, the need for
evening hours is over. Parents & students may sched-
ule appointments by calling guidance at 792-9400.
                   Mark Your Calendar !

Friday, June 11 6:30 PM
    U.R.I. Ryan Center                     SENIOR BANQUET
                                      Wednesday, June 9       6:30 PM
                                  Quidnessett Country Club, North Kingstown

   Sunday, June 6            5:00 pm
  Quonset Officers Club, North Kingstown

                                                     SENIOR PROM
                                           Monday, June 7   6:30 PM - Midnight
                                                 Dunes Club, Narragansett

 June 1—4 in regularly scheduled classes

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