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          People’s Democratic Party
  We Serve with Humility: We walk the Talk

  The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is a broad-          g) Foster professionalism at the workplace, and the
based alliance of Bhutanese committed to realizing            responsive and timely delivery of public services
the vision of our beloved Kings to establish a                by the government and public sector;
successful democracy and a strong and prosperous           h) Employ ICT as a means to enhance efficiency
nation.                                                       and transparency of government;
  The PDP was founded to enable our people to              i) Curb all forms of corruption and institute systemic
exercise the political power gifted to them by His            cures where necessary;
Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye                j) Accelerate economic growth while ensuring
Wangchuck in a responsible and progressive manner.            equity, balanced regional development, and the
   The PDP will foster an environment where our               sustainable use of natural resources;
people can exercise their democratic rights to             k) Promote the growth of a dynamic private sector
advance their wellbeing and chart the nation’s destiny        through consistent, predictable and supportive
on a course of peace, justice, security and the pursuit       policies while ensuring a level playing field for all;
of happiness by all.                                       l) Provide rural access and infrastructure, and
   The PDP pledges to serve His Majesty the Fifth             support niche products, micro-enterprises and
Druk Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck and                cottage industries in rural areas to enhance
future Monarchs with absolute loyalty and devotion,           incomes and alleviate poverty;
and the people of Bhutan with humility and dedication.     m) Actively support entrepreneurship and small and
                                                              medium enterprises (SMEs) to enhance
Our Vision                                                    economic growth and employment opportunities
                                                              in urban areas;
  A sovereign and peaceful Kingdom that is politically
united, socially just, economically prosperous,            n) Guarantee social justice for all our people,
culturally and spiritually vibrant, and environmentally       regardless of ethnicity, religion, or gender, and
sustainable.                                                  ensure that all have access to basic necessities
                                                              such as food, shelter, healthcare and education;
Our Mission                                                o) Enhance the quality and accessibility of health
                                                              and education services;
  The overarching mission of the PDP is to safeguard
national interests and to enhance the wellbeing of all     p) Ensure equal opportunities and gainful
Bhutanese through astute, effective and honest                employment to our people so that each may
governance.                                                   attain their full potential;
                                                           q) Empower women to take an active and equal
  Towards achieving this mission the Party shall:
                                                              part in social, economic and political affairs;
a) Safeguard the sovereignty, independence and
                                                           r) Endow our youth with requisite knowledge, skills,
    territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Bhutan;
                                                              values and employment opportunities;
b) Preserve internal peace, security and stability;
                                                           s) Preserve and promote our culture, traditions,
c) Strengthen the unity of the nation, and infuse in          spirituality, and social and family values;
    our people a common national identity;
                                                           t) Conserve our rich natural heritage and protect
d) Practice        and       institutionalize democratic      the right of future generations to a healthy
    governance with the participation of all sections         environment;
    of our society;
                                                           u) Enhance friendly relations with the international
e) Safeguard the rights and freedom of our people             community – particularly our closest friend and
    through equal justice, the rule of law, and a free        neighbour India – on the basis of peace,
    and vibrant media and civil society;                      cooperation and the sovereign equality of states.
f) Provide transparency, consistency, conviction
    and compassion in governance;                          Our Party Platform

                                      Come join us for a better tomorrow!
“Economic development” shall be the PDP platform for       Beginning with his survey-on-foot of the 1975 famine
the 2008 parliamentary elections. Economic                 in Dagana (in his first few months as a civil servant),
development includes not only industries, hydro and        he has walked the length and breadth of the Kingdom.
tourism sectors, but will also emphasis cottage            He has witnessed firsthand the harsh ground realities
industries and niche market products in rural areas,       in which many Bhutanese live and work.
and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in urban
                                                           Drawing inspiration from His Majesty the Fourth Druk
areas. It is by promoting such economic growth that
                                                           Gyalpo, he works tirelessly to serve our people.
we will combat poverty and unemployment, and
                                                           Whether as a diplomat, or in trade & industry,
enhance the overall quality of life of our people.
                                                           planning, health, education and agriculture, he is
                                                           known for wielding an uncompromising spirit in
Our Symbol
                                                           addressing the problems that afflict the common
A galloping white horse signifying purity, action,
dynamism and professionalism of the Party.                 He established the Health Trust Fund, National
                                                           Technical Training Authority, National Employment
Our Organization                                           Board, Royal University of Bhutan, Institute of Zorig
                                                           Chusum (Trashiyangtse); among others he launched
For democracy to succeed in our country, the culture       the “Be Somebody” campaign, Education Staff
of democracy must first strike root in the structure and   Welfare Fund, Youth Counselling, Scouts Programme,
functioning of our political parties.                      and Land Management Campaign; and he also
                                                           spearheaded the Good Governance (GG) and GG+
The PDP is democratic in organization and
                                                           initiatives, and the Triple Gem approach to enable
functioning. It is governed by a Charter that
                                                           farmers to modernize their enterprise by coordinating
institutionalizes a democratic structure and practices.
                                                           production, accessibility and marketing.
The party belongs to its large network of party
members and workers across the country. They
                                                           Our Candidates for 2008
decide on issues before the party and elect party
leaders and parliamentary candidates. They will also       PDP candidates for the historic Parliamentary
hold our party leaders and representatives                 Elections in 2008 consist of an exceptional group of
accountable for their policies and actions.                down-to-earth professionals with wide experience,
                                                           proven competence and leadership abilities. Many of
The Party Convention is the supreme decision making
                                                           our candidates have sacrificed high-level jobs in the
organ of the PDP. It meets annually in a regular
                                                           government and private sectors to answer the call of
session that is open to all party members. Each
                                                           duty to their nation.
member enjoys an equal vote at the Party Convention.
                                                           Each of our candidates have been carefully selected
The Central Executive Council consists of members
                                                           by the people in their respective constituencies where
elected from all parliamentary constituencies. It is
                                                           they enjoy extensive support.
responsible for implementing the Party’s policies and
programs that emanate from our Charter and Party           This energy and dynamism of this cohesive team
Convention. The Constituency, Thromde and Geog             promises professionalism, fresh perspectives, and
Committees are entrusted to manage the Party’s             tangible systemic changes to governance so that our
affairs at their respective levels.                        people will be served by a just, fair and responsive
The Secretary General of the Party is the Chief
Executive Officer of the Party, and manages the
affairs of the Party Secretariat.
                                                           We invite all Bhutanese citizens who embrace our
Our Leader                                                 party’s mission to become a member of our party.
The founding leader of the PDP is Lyonpo Sangay            Membership application details and forms are
Ngedup. He has faithfully served our beloved Kings         available from our Party offices and representatives
and people for over thirty years.                          across the Kingdom, and from our party website.
Above all else, Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup has proved
                                                           Contact Us
that his heart is genuinely committed to serving our
people. He has also proved that he is a man action         We look forward to hearing from you!
and results. His performance and achievements over
the decades conclusively supports these statements.

                                      Come join us for a better tomorrow!
We can be contacted in every Geog through our
coordinators, or our headquarters:
The Secretary General       Telephone: 02-335557
People’s Democratic Party   Fax: 02-335757
P.O. Box 835                Email:
Thimphu                     Website:

                                  Come join us for a better tomorrow!