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                                                                                             TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

                                     P200 Series Transmitters

The P200 Series Transmitter has been designed specifically to interface with Multitone’s range of encoders. With up to
5 watts of power output, the ability to control a second transmitter on a separate radio channel, and the provision for
line/synchronous or master/slave operation, meet the requirements of even the largest paging systems.

- 5 watts (nominal) at HF and UHF
- The P211 and P215 transmitters are available in the HF frequency band 25MHz to 54MHz
- The P251 and P255 transmitters are available in the UHF band 390MHz to 490MHz

Connected by a Single Twisted Pair
A single pair is all that is required to connect the encoder to the transmitter. This allows local operation via a twisted pair
or remote operation via a PTT line. DTMF tones switch the transmitter into different modes, allowing speech, analogue
and speech to share the same pair.

Full range of Code Formats
All the P200 Series Transmitters can be used for Multitone analogue and digital formats. The P211 and P251 can
transmit any analogue, digital or FM (Frequency Modulation) code formats. The P215 and P255 transmitters are able to
transmit FSK (Frequency Shift Keyed) formats such as POCSAG (CCIR Radio Paging Code No. 1).

Line Synchronisation
The P211 and P251 transmitters can be synchronised to other transmitters on the the same frequency. This is achieved
by fitting the P310 (master) and P311 (slave) line synchronisation units into the transmitters. When they are then linked
by an audio line, they use a low frequency tone to synchronise the transmitter frequencies. The P215 and P255
FSK transmitters can be linked together via a coaxial cable to achieve synchronous operation.

Control of a Second Transmitter
The P200 Series has an auxiliary output for connection to a second transmitter. This enables the encoder to control
both transmitters via a single pair.This is useful when the paging system has to transmit on more than one channel or

Status Indication
A 7-segment LCD display provides a visual indication of transmitter status, including transmitter keyed ‘on’ and ‘RF
Output’. Internal fault connections are also monitored, such as ‘High Reverse Power’ and ‘Oscillator Fail’

Further features include: Fail Safe Timer to key down the transmitter automatically after 256 seconds, and a Phase
Locked Loop Oscillator for consistent performance and reliability. The transmitters can be wall or shelf mounted and
includes a hinged bracket for easy service access.

                                                                                                                             TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

                                                 P200 Series Transmitters

Specification                                           P211/215                           P251/255

Radio Performance                                       HF                                 UHF

Frequency range:                                        25to 54MHz                         390 to 490MHz
Frequency stability:
          Standard:                                     ±10ppm -10 to +55°C                ±5pp3 -10 to+55°C
          High stability:                               ±600Hz -30 to +60°C
                                                        (30 to 42MHz only)
Output power (nominal)                                  Adjustable up to                   Adjustable up to
                                                        5 watts into 50ohm                 5 watts into 50ohm
                                                        4 watts (42 to 50 ohm load)
Duty cycle:                                             100%(into 50 ohm load)             100% (into 50 ohm load)
Channel spacing:                                        10/12.5/20/25kHz                   10/12.5/20/25kHz

Line input:                                             -33 to -13dBm
RF output;                                              600 ohm balanced line
Mains input                                             100/120/220/140V 50/60Hz

Ancillary Connections
Line: input:                                            8-Way FCC68 connector
RF output:                                              50 ohm N-Type connector
FSK Master/Slave:                                       50 ohm N-Type connector
Auxiliary transmitter control:                          15-Way D-Type connector
                                                         -13dBm into 600 ohm (speech and data)
Line Synchronisation (P310/P311)                        8-Way FCC 68 connector
                                                        -13/-6/OdBm (selectable) into 600 ohm
Optional Modules (P211/P251 Only)
P310:                                                   Line synchronisation (Master)
P311:                                                   Line synchronisation (Slave)
Line synchronisation frequency:                         2.9 Hz ±0.5kHz

Displays and Alarms
Panel display:                                          Standby, transmitter keyed and transmitter failed
Alarm outputs:                                          Open collector logic output for transmitter keyed (on/off) and RF output (absent/present)
Internal LEDs:                                          Phase-lock fail, high reverse power (VSWR) and line synchronisation fail

Mounting                                                Wall or Shelf
Height x Width x Depth:                                 260x290x100mm
Weight:                                                 6.7 kg

Operating Temperature;                                  10°C to + 50°C
           (High Stability version)                     -30°C to +60°C
Humidity:                                               Max. 90% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)

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