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									“These events are invaluble in terms of learning and networking.
As usual with Post Events a combination of strategic overviews
and practical workshops creates the ideal balance.”
Ashton West, chief executive officer, Motor Insurers’ Bureau

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February 14th 2008                                                          Expert speakers include:
Victoria Park Plaza, London
                                                                            RICHARD HARRIS,

Motor Claims
                                                                            head of motor claims, Fortis Insurance
                                                                            ROY HEBBURN,
                                                                            divisional claims manager,
Driving the industry forward                                                Allianz Insurance
                                                                            CHRIS HILL,
                                                                            head of claims fraud, Norwich Union
• Hear the latest on the personal injury reforms being proposed
  by the Ministry of Justice and how you can prepare for the                ANTHONY HUGHES,
  changes                                                                   partner, DWF Solicitors
• Minimise your claims costs through effective harnessing of new            CHRIS MANN,
  and existing fraud technologies
                                                                            publisher, Bodyshop Magazine
• Discuss the necessity of foregrounding claims services rather
  than price in the aggregator arena                                        ANDREW MILLER,
• Establish mutually beneficial relationships with your supply
                                                                            director of research, Thatcham
  chain to ensure cost effective results

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Motor Claims
Driving the Industry Forward                                                                                                   Be there.

Dear Delegate
                                                                 Who should attend?
In an ever more competitive market, unsustainable policy
prices and increasing claims costs are inevitably taking their   •   Motor claims managers              • Fleet managers
toll. And with the impending personal injury reforms, things
look set to get worse before they get better.                    •   Claims Investigators               • Repairers, repairer
                                                                 •   Rehabilitation specialists           networks and
So what can you do to ensure you are prepared for the                                                     bodyshops
                                                                 •   Claims management
challenges ahead? Post’s Motor Claims Management Briefing            specialists                        • Credit hire companies
will provide you with the platform you need to answer this
                                                                 •   Roadside assistance                • Salvage operators
essential question. Expert presentations will enable you to:
                                                                     organisations                      • Government agencies and
• Develop a detailed knowledge of what the proposed              •   Solicitors                           the police
  personal injury reforms will mean for your business            •   Brokers                            • Motor engineers
• Ensure you are completely informed and updated on the          •   Risk managers
  latest anti-fraud technologies
• Benchmark your own business strategies against other
  leading insurers
• Discuss with a leading aggregator how best to ensure that
                                                                 Who attended last year:
  claims as well as price are the basis on which policies are    AI Claims          Coleman’s-ccts     Lyons Davidson     Scott Rees & Co
  bought                                                         Solutions          Crawford & Co      Marsh              Shoosmiths
                                                                 AIOI Europe        CWMC               Mastek             solicitors
• Find out from the suppliers themselves how best to build       Albany             DWF Solicitors     Mitsui Sumitomo    St Paul Travelers
  cost effective and mutually beneficial relationships with      Assistance         EMB                Insurance          Tata Consultancy
  your supply chain                                              Allianz Cornhill   Ernst and Young    MMA Insurance      Services
                                                                 AutoRestore        EUI                Motability         The Cotswold
                                                                 Belmore            Experian           Operations         Group
You will leave this event with a greater understanding of the    Berkshire          Fix Auto UK        MIB                The Treatment
challenges the industry is facing in 2008 and beyond. But,       Hathaway           Fortis Insurance   Moving Minds       Network
more importantly, you will leave better equipped to tackle       Assistance         Golds Solicitors   NASA               Topping
                                                                 Berrymans Lace     Harper Macleod     National Express   Partnership
them. So book now to ensure you don’t get left behind.
                                                                 Mawer              Health and Case    Group              Towergate
                                                                 BF&M General       Management         New Law            Universal Vehicle
We look forward to seeing you at the conference in February.     Ins.               Henmans            Solicitors         Services
                                                                 Bodyshop           Inter Resolve      Nobilas UK         Van Ameyde &
                                                                 Magazine Brokers   Holdings           Norton             Wallis
                                                                 Assistance         Inverita           Consulting         Verex UK
                                                                 Browne Jacobson    Validation         Norwich Union      Vestigo
                                                                 Capita Insurance   Services           Incident Care      WNS
                                                                 Services           IPRS               Provident          Wosskow Brown
                                                                 Carpenters         Kinetic            Insurance          Solicitors
                                                                 Solicitors         Underwriting       Royal & Sun        Zenith Services
                                                                 Castelnau          Concepts           Alliance           UK
Ant Gould                                                        Consulting         Law Alliance       Motorbility        Zurich
                                                                 Clear Technology   Lex                Saga Insurance
Motor Claims Post Management Briefing

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PLUS                                                             Key benefits of attending
Group discounts available                                        Hear from suppliers                     Benchmark your own
                                                                 about how best to                       claims strategies against
Call 020 7316 9405                                               develop sustainable,
                                                                 beneficial relationships
                                                                                                         those of other industry
for more information
Motor Claims                                                                      14th February 2008
Driving the industry forward                                                      Victoria Park Plaza, London

 8.30am                                                                            10.30am
Registration opens
                                                                                                     Minimise business disruption: be
                                                                                                     prepared for the personal injury reforms
 9.25am                                                                                              This session will look at what practical measures can be taken
                                                                                                     to improve process to take advantage of the opportunities that
              Chairman’s Welcome                                                                     the Ministry of Justice reforms will present and how to guard
              Ant Gould, group editor in chief,                                                      against opportunism and increased cost.
                                                                                                     • How do we ensure early notification of claims?
              Post Magazine                                                                          • Frontload investigations – where to focus resource
                                                                                                     • The expense equation – skilled resource and bottom line
                                                                                                     • System investment and workflow management
 9.30am                                                                                              • Increased fraud threat and ways to manage it
                                                                                                     • What are the realisable benefits?
              Motor Claims: An insurer’s perspective                                                 Roy Hebburn, divisional claims manager,
              The motor insurance industry is facing many and varied
              challenges, not least the central and dominating issue of
                                                                                                     Allianz Insurance
              falling policy prices and rising claims costs. But with the
              market understandably preoccupied with the recent furore
              about reserve releases and decreasing profits, what else has         11.00am
              been going on in the industry?
              This keynote session will:
                                                                                  Questions, comments and discussion
              • Explore whether claims departments deliver competitive
                advantage and what price is paid in attempting to                  11.15am
                achieve this
              • Discuss issues facing motor claims in the coming months and       Morning coffee
                years and question whether or not we are able
                to learn from past experience
              Richard Harris, head of motor claims, Fortis
              Insurance                                                           WORKSHOPS
                                                                                  A range of specially selected and focused workshops designed to
 10.00am                                                                          allow for interactive discussion between speakers and delegates.
              The Ministry of Justice personal                                    The collective theme for these workshops is minimising costs
              injury paper: Opportunity or threat?
              Proposals to introduce a streamlined process for all personal
              injury claims under £25,000, with strict timescales and fixed                          WORKSHOP 1
              fees, have met with differing reactions from key stakeholders.                         Minimising claims costs through realistic
              The detail is yet to be revealed but in anticipation of the first
              stage of reforms encompassing motor claims, what are the key
                                                                                                     credit hire expectations
              challenges and how can we prepare?                                                     Tim Eaves, corporate sales director,
               This session will:                                                                    Accident Exchange
              • Review the key proposals
              • Highlight the practical concerns from a motor claims
              • Identify strategies for preparing for the practical hurdles
                ahead                                                                                WORKSHOP 2
              • Look at the next steps and likely timescales for                                     Building effective and mutually beneficial
                implementation                                                                       relationships with bodyshop companies
              Anthony Hughes, partner, DWF Solicitors                                                Chris Mann, publisher, Bodyshop Magazine

Hear the latest                                                                   Ensure preparedness for
on counter fraud                                                                  the upcoming personal
technologies and fraud                                                            injury reforms
detection practices
Motor Claims                                                                      14th February 2008
Driving the industry forward                                                      Victoria Park Plaza, London

             WORKSHOP 3
             Reducing personal injury claims costs                                Questions, comments and observations
             through increased rehabilitation
             programmes                                                            3.00pm
                                                                                  Afternoon Coffee
             WORKSHOP 4                                                            3.30pm
             Realising the potential benefits of recycled
             and salvaged motor parts in claims                                                  Emphasising the importance of claims in
             Copart                                                                              the aggregator sector
                                                                                                 • Recognising that claims should be a unique selling point
                                                                                                 • Tackling changing consumer behaviour – the importance of
                                                                                                   advertising claims benefits
                                                                                                 • What can aggregators do to change the way customers buy
 12.45pm                                                                                         • What steps are aggregators taking to customise their
Lunch & Networking                                                                                 offerings?
                                                                                                 Andy Leadbetter, head of motor and home
 1.45pm                                                                                          insurance,
             Minimising claims costs through                                       4.00pm
             effective tackling of motor fraud
             This session will look at the nature and scale of the problem                       Review of research for claims reduction
             of fraud in terms of the impact it is having upon motor claims
             and society in general. It will also highlight emerging issues
                                                                                                 present and future
             alongside the best practices for tackling them.                                     This session will be looking at new research being conducted
             • How can we balance fraud investigation with TCF guidelines?                       in the automotive field and how this research can be utilised to
             • What are the current trends in organised crime?                                   reduce the amount insurers are paying out in claims.
             • How can we best measure and control fraud?                                        • Hear the latest on the car modifications that will help to reduce
                                                                                                   the severity of personal injury claims
             • Hear the latest on prevention, detection and investigation
                                                                                                 • Discover how technology is being harnessed to create safer,
             • How have the IFB helped in the fight against fraud?
                                                                                                   smarter cars
             Chris Hill, head of claims fraud,                                                   • How can insurers utilise this research to help minimise their
             Norwich Union                                                                         claims costs?
                                                                                                 Matthew Avery, research manager – crash,
 2.15pm                                                                                          Thatcham
              The application of intelligence in the
              identification and management of                                                   Andrew Miller, director of research,
              motor insurance fraud                                                              Thatcham
              This session will highlight the best practices for tackling fraud
              through available technology and intelligence. Topics for            4.30pm
              discussion will include:
              • What are the current technologies available in the fight          Questions, comments and discussion
                against fraud?
              • How effective, or not, have they proved to be?
              • What is the future for anti-fraud technology?                      4.45pm
              Peter Oakes, partner, Hill Dickinson
                                                                                  Chairman’s summary and close of conference

Have a chance to                                                                  Full permanent access
discuss how best                                                                  to the exclusive online
to foreground                                                                     version of the Motor Claims
claims services in                                                                Post Management
the currently price                                                               Briefing including audio
dominated aggregator                                                              recordings and speakers’
arena                                                                             presentations
Sponsors                                                                              14th February 2008
                                                                                      Victoria Park Plaza, London
Event Partner

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