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					                                                               Approved, 4 August 2005

                      MONASH UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA

                            MOTOR VEHICLE POLICY
1. Purpose
   The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines on the supply, maintenance and use of
   University-owned vehicles, which comprise employment contract vehicles, campus
   vehicle, and campus van.

2. Policy Status
   Approved by Executive Committee on 4 August 2005

3. Responsible Officer
   Manager, Facilities Management Department

4. Approving Body
   Executive Committee

5. Definitions
   Employment contract       Vehicle that is provided to an employee as part of the
   vehicle/Private           employee’s remuneration package and is specified in the
   vehicle                   employment contract. The vehicle is available for business
                             and private use.

   Campus vehicle            The campus vehicle i.e. sedan and van is strictly for business
                             travel or University’s approved activities, and is prohibited for
                             private use.

6. Policy Scope
   This policy applies to Monash Malaysia staff and covers all University vehicles including
   the various usage of both Private vehicles and Campus vehicles for official University

7. Policy
   7.1 Employee Contract Vehicles
         The vehicle type will be determined by the Executive Committee and in
         accordance with the position. The vehicle is provided for the sole use of the
         employee, his/her immediate family or with his/her approval to other staff member
         of the University.

   7.2   Campus vehicle
         Under no circumstances may a Campus vehicle (other than a vehicle assigned to
         a staff member as a private use vehicle) be used for private purposes.

         The vehicle is
         -   to be exclusively used for University business
         -   to be available for all approved staff
         -   not available for private use, except with the approval of the Executive

   7.3   Replacement vehicle
         Replacement for vehicle will be on the basis of 5 years and in accordance with the
         condition of employment as determined by the Executive Committee.
                                                           Approved, 4 August 2005

7.4   Employee termination
      When an employee leaves the University, the vehicle is to be returned upon
      termination in a clean condition, suitable for use by the next driver. Keys, fleet
      cards, TAG card or petrol chits and any other appropriate documentations are to
      be returned to the Facilities Management Department. The Executive Director
      may allocate the vehicle to an acting staff member in the position on approval.

7.5   Trade-in of Vehicles
      Subject to approval being granted for the disposal of the vehicle and the
      acquisition of a replacement, the Executive Director must be notified and approve
      the trade-in value.

7.6   Insurance and Road Tax
      All University-owned vehicles must be registered under the University registered
      company. All insurance and road tax renewals are the responsibility of Facilities
      Management Department and all relevant costs will be centrally maintained by
      Facilities Management Department.

      All vehicles will be covered by the Sunway Group’s comprehensive insurance
      policy, unless otherwise approved. Should the university, or a representative of
      the university, require the campus van or vehicle to be driven by another employee
      and that the same employee is involved in an accident, then any excess payable,
      damaged incurred and/or loss of value of the vehicle will be met by the university.

7.7   Excess of insurance claim
      Payment of insurance excess in the event of a claim is the responsibility of the
      Facilities Management Department. However, in line with university practice, in
      circumstances where the vehicle is being inappropriately utilized and/or not in
      accordance with this policy, the university may recover the excess from the staff
      member concerned. In these circumstances, the university may also take
      disciplinary action against the staff member.

7.8   Approved Drivers
      Drivers must comply with all relevant motor traffic rules and regulations. All staff
      must hold a current and valid drivers licence (of the appropriate class) in order to
      drive a University vehicle.

      The comprehensive insurance policy covering University vehicles provides:
      -   For employee contract vehicle: employees of the university, the immediate
          family (spouse and direct descendants) of the university employee who is of
          legal age to hold a valid driver’s licence.
      -   For campus vehicle: university employees authorized by the Head of
          Departments/Schools to drive the vehicle.
      -   University approved student body and voluntary workers.

7.9   Costs
      All costs essential and associated with the maintenance and fuel consumption of
      the vehicle will be borne by the University as part of the employee’s contract or
      specifically stated otherwise.

7.10 Petrol
     Petrol chits for all University-maintained vehicles are to be obtained from the
     Finance Department. Petrol may only be obtained from designated petrol stations
     approved for the supply of petrol. The staff is responsible for monitoring the total
     fuel consumption to ensure that they do not exceed the contractual limits.
                                                                Approved, 4 August 2005

   7.11 Maintenance
        Repair works of company vehicles are to be carried out by the motor repair
        workshops designated and approved by the University or the car manufacturer if
        the vehicles are under warranty.

         All repairs must be based upon normal wear and tear basis. Any enhancement
         changes, addition of accessories or parts that are not considered necessary or
         essential to the performance of the vehicles, are strictly prohibited and the
         employees are liable to bear the full cost of the expenses incurred.

         Prior approval from the Executive Director is required for any major repair works.
         Failure to do so may result in the employee bearing the full cost or part of the costs

8. Procedures
   Campus vehicle may be booked through email to the Facilities Management

   Staff who wishes to use the campus vehicle van must fill up the ‘Request for Vehicle
   Booking Form’ obtainable from the Facilities Management Department.

   Collection and return of campus vehicle keys must be recorded in the Key Log Book.

   Vehicles must be returned in clean condition and parked in the allocated parking area for
   campus vehicle / van.

9. In Event of Accidents
       In the event of accidents involving the Company vehicle, the staff should immediately
       contact the Facilities Management Department or in the case of public holidays or out
       of office hours, the staff should contact the insurance company, the telephone
       number is on the window car sticker. A check-list of do’s and don’ts is attached for
       reference and information.

10. Attachment
    Accident Checklist-How to Lodge A Vehicle Accident Report

11. Amendment History
    Version    Date                          Drafted by                  Amended by
   Draft 1.0      8 November 2004            Lily Leong                  PQA
   Draft 2.0      10 November 2004           Lily Leong                  PQA
   Draft 3.0      29 December 2004           Lily Leong                  PQA
   Approved       4 August 2005
                                                       Approved, 4 August 2005

Policy Information
Title of Policy             Motor Vehicle Policy
Policy Reference
Author                      Facilities Management Department
Central Registry File No.
Approval Process
Authorising Body            EXCO
                            Meeting No.               02/05
                            Meeting Date              21 February 2005
                            Agenda Item               9
Policy effective on         4 August 2005
Policy expires on
Policy next review on
Related regulations
                                                                   Accident Checklist

Here are some dos and don’ts if you are involved in an accident; this is a check-
list of procedures following an accident.

1.     The motorist who knocked you from behind will be held responsible. If it is a
       minor accident with no injuries or major dent to the vehicle, move the car to the
       side of the road so not to obstruct traffic.

2.     Settle the differences on the spot if possible or go to the nearest police station.
       If you are in Kuala Lumpur, go to the Jalan Bandar traffic police to lodge a
       report if you need to claim from either party insurance. The offender would be
       issued with a summon ticket and if you are unhappy with the summon, you
       HAVE the right to challenge it in court as provided by the law. If you are
       involved in a more serious accident whereby your car cannot be driven or if you
       are injured, contact the nearest police station and call a tow truck recommended
       by the Automobile Company or the insurance company.

3.     You are NOT obliged to accept offers by unscrupulous tow truck operators who
       will force and convince you that they will do all the arrangements including
       lodging a police report or claiming your insurance. The choice is YOURS. As
       the company vehicle is covered by professional motor association, contact them

4.     Lodge a report IMMEDIATELY if you are at fault. You will be isused with a
       traffic summon and you will have to pay a fine not exceeding RM300.

5.     If the unfortunate happens and you are involved in a fatal accident, DO NOT
       drive away or move your car that could jeopardise investigations. However, if
       you are surrounded by violent people following the accident and feel threatened,
       drive to the nearest police station and lodge a report.

6.     Always remain calm. Do not argue with the police personnel as you may be
       charged with obstructing a civil servant from carrying out his duties.

7.     If you are hospitalised, you need NOT lodge a report immediately. You can do
       so after you have been discharged from the hospital. You also need not give a
       statement while you are at the hospital as you may not be a proper frame of


9.     You can lodge your police report in English. Keep it simple and straight to the
       point. Remember the name of the road and the other vehicle registration
       numbers by writing them down immediately.

10.    Things you will need when lodging a police report.
          • A photocopy of your original driving licence
                                                                 Accident Checklist

         •   A photocopy of your original identity card or passport
         •   Your insurance policy cover note
         •   A sketch plan of where the accident occurred
         •   Your vehicle registration card

11.   A List of emergency numbers for reference:
          • Police emergency : 999
          • From a mobile : 112
          • Tourist Police : 03-2149 6590
          • Fire & rescue : 994
          • Ambulance : 993


KUALA LUMPUR CITY HEADQUATERS              TEL: 603 2146 0522
JLN TUN H S LEE POLICE HQ                  TEL: 603 2070 2222
BRICKFIELDS DISTRICT POLICE HQ             TEL: 603 2274 2222
SENTUL DISTRICT POLICE HQ                  TEL: 603 4042 2222
PUTRAJAYA POLICE HQ                        TEL: 603 8888 4122
CHERAS POLICE HQ                           TEL: 603 9284 2222
TRAFFIC POLICE HQ JLN PETALING             TEL: 603 2072 9044


SELANGOR POLICE HQ                         TEL : 603 5514 5222
PETALING JAYA                              TEL : 603 7956 2222
DAMANSARA                                  TEL : 603 7722 2222
BANGSAR (JLN TRAVERS)                      TEL : 603 2282 4222
SEAPARK POLICE                             TEL : 603 7874 2222
SUNGAIWAY POLICE                           TEL : 603 7875 2222
SERDANG                                    TEL : 603 8948 2222
SRI KEMBANGAN                              TEL : 603 8948 6122
SUBANG JAYA                                TEL : 603 5633 2222
SUNGAI BULOH                               TEL : 603 6156 1222
SHAH ALAM                                  TEL : 603 5510 2222
KLANG                                      TEL : 603 3371 2222
KAJANG                                     TEL : 603 8736 2222
KUALA KUBU BHARU                           TEL : 603 6064 1222
HULU LANGAT                                TEL : 603 9021 1557
KUALA SELANGOR                             TEL : 603 3289 1222
GOMBAK                                     TEL : 603 6189 6159
AMPANG                                     TEL : 603 4252 2222
KL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT                   TEL : 603 8787 2222
SEPANG                                     TEL : 603 3142 1222