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									Chapters published in Books

Bhatnagar, Deepti (1988) "Human Resources Development for Women Employees in
Banks". Book Chapter in Khandelwal A.K. (ed), Human Resources Development in
Banks, New Delhi: Oxford & IBH, pp 303-319

Bhatnagar, Deepti (1989) SEWA: The Self Employed Women's Association, in Strategic
Issues in Development Management:” Learning from Successful Experiences: London:
Commonwealth Secretariat, pp 275-298

Bhatnagar, Deepti (1995) "Women in Banks: Role Enlargement or Enrichment?” in I.S.
Singh (ed.), Women as A Workforce in the Organised Sector: Empirical Perspectives.
New Delhi: Oxford & IBH, pp 52-59

Papers Published in Journals/In Print

Bhatnagar, Deepti (1985) Problems faced by Women in a Male dominated Organization".
Diagnostic, Vikalpa, Vol. 10, No.4, pp457-458

Bhatnagar, Deepti (1987) “Study of Attitudes towards Women Officers in Banks".
Prajnan, Vol. 16 Nos.3, pp 257-258

Bhatnagar, Deepti (1987) Review of the book "Careers, Colleagues and Conflicts:
Understanding Gender, Race and Ethnicity in the workplace" by Armand Lauffer,
Vikalpa, Vol.12 Nos. 1, pp 67- 68

Bhatnagar, Deepti (1988). "Professional Women in Organizations: New Paradigms for
Research and Action". Sex Roles, Vol. 18 Nos. 5/6. pp 343-355

Bhatnagar, Deepti (1991). "Integrating Women in Banks: From Role Enlargement to
Enrichment", Indian Management, Vol. 30, Nos.10 /11, pp 11-15

Bhatnagar, Deepti and Nair, Vidya. (1988). "Women Managers Speak Up: A Study of
Concerns and Expectations of Women Managers, Indian Management, Vol 27, No. 2,
pp 28-35

Bhatnagar, Deepti and Rajadhyaksha, Ujvala (2001/02). “Attitudes towards Work and
Family Roles and their Implications for Career Growth of Women: A Report from India.”
Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, Vol. 45, Nos. 7/8, pp 549-565. Paper nominated for
the Rosabeth Moss Kanter award for excellence in Work Family Research.

Bhatnagar, Deepti and Swamy, Ranjini (1995) "Attitudes towards Women as Managers:
Does Interaction Make a Difference?" Human Relations, Vol. 48, Nos.11, pp 1285-1307
Ottaway, R.N and Bhatnagar, Deepti (1988) “Personality & Biographical Differences
between Male & Female Managers in United States & India", Applied Psychology: an
International Review, Special Issue, Vol. 37 No.2 pp201-212

Rajadhyaksha, Ujvala and Bhatnagar, Deepti (2000) “Life Role Salience: A study of
dual-career couples in the Indian Context”, Human Relations, Vol.53, No.4, pp. 484-511

Papers Presented in Research Seminars/Conferences

Bhatnagar, Deepti (February 19- 20, 1985) "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: The Male
dominated World and Women Managers", National Conference on Women
Entrepreneurs and Executive, New Delhi

Bhatnagar, Deepti (June 29 -July 3, 1987)"Self Employed Women's Association: A Trade
Union with a Difference", Commonwealth Roundtable on Strategic issues in
Development Management, University of Warwick, Coventry, U.K

Bhatnagar, Deepti (29th December, 1990) "Women in Banks: Role Enlargement or
Enrichment?" Paper presented at a National Seminar on Psycho, Socio and
Anthropological Dimensions of Women Force in Organised Sector, Gandhi Labour
Institute, Ahmedabad

Bhatnagar, Deepti and Rajadhyaksha, U (June 14-17, 2001) "Gender Differences in
Conflict between Work and Home Roles among Dual Career Couples” Hawaii
Conference on Business, Honolulu, Hawaii

Bhatnagar, Deepti and Richard N, Ottaway (July 13 -18, 1986) "Change Agent Styles,
Personality Factors and Biographical Differences between Male and Female Managers"
21st International Congress of Applied Psychology, Jerusalem, Israel


Bhatnagar, Deepti (June 1987), “SEWA-A Trade Union with Difference”, Case Study
sponsord by the commonwealth secretarial commonwealth fund for technical fund, Pall
Mall: London

Bhatnagar, Deepti and Dixit, Mukund R.,” Shri Mahila Gruha Udyog Lijjat Papad:
Bombay” Unpublished, Indian Institute of Management: Ahmedabad

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