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              CLSA Books and Products
                      for Contact Lens Professionals
  Contact Lens Manual, Volume I                                                                          Test Review for Contact Lens Technicians
  A Comprehensive Study and Reference Guide                                                                                              The Contact Lens Society of America’s Test
                                                                                                                                         Review For Contact Lens Technicians is a
                                       Executive Editor: Joseph W. Soper, FCLSA
                                                                                                                                         workbook designed to profile content areas of
                                       Technical Editor: Patrick B. Goughary, FCLSA                                                      review for contact lens technicians. This book
                                 A Comprehensive Study and Reference Guide, Volume I,                                                    is specifically designed to prepare for the
                                 encompasses the basic fundamentals of contact lens                                                      National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE)
                                 technology. The manual guides the contact lens                                                          Registry Exam.
                                 professional from the basics of anatomy and physiology,                                                      There are 200 questions and answers and
                                 optics and instrumentation through the fitting of soft and                                              most importantly, 200 explanations of the
                                 gas permeable contact lenses. This is an ideal reference                                                answers. This is a valuable learning tool when
                                 guide for today’s contact lens practice and is an invaluable                                            utilized to prepare one for the exam, but more
                                 tool in preparation for the NCLE Certification Examination.                                             importantly, enhances one’s comprehension of
                                      Volume I has been approved for 26 hours of NCLE                                                    contact lens care and fitting.
                                 continuing education credits. To obtain credit for                          The Test Review Book contains the detailed Job Analysis prepared by the
                                 completed chapters, a quiz appearing at the end of each                 National Contact Lens Examiners. The Job Analysis is a detailed listing of the
  chapter must be completed and returned, along with separate payment for c.e. processing.               individual areas of knowledge that a contact lens fitter should comprehend
  ■ Terminology of Contact Lenses         ■ Soft Lens Fitting                                            as well as required areas of study. This listing serves as an important
  ■ Anatomy and Physiology                ■ Contact Lens Manufacturing, Inspection and                   checklist of the areas of study needed for the NCLE exam.
  ■ Optics                                  Modification                                                 ■ Helpful tips on taking tests
  ■ Indications and Contraindications     ■ Delivery Procedures                                          ■ List of recommended reference materials
  ■ Keratometry                           ■ Follow-Up Care                                               ■ Glossary of terminology
  ■ Biomicroscopy                         ■ Extended Wear Contact Lenses                                 ■ Nomenclature including descriptions and diagrams
  ■ Gas Permeable Lens Fitting                                                                           The use of these courses of study does not guarantee passing exams
  The use of these courses of study does not guarantee passing exams and are not endorsed by ABO/NCLE.   and are not endorsed by ABO/NCLE.

         Members $79.00; Nonmembers $99.00                                                                     Members $39.00; Nonmembers $49.00
         See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges                                                             See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges

  Advanced Contact Lens Manual, Volume II                                                                Test Review II for Contact Lens Technicians
  A Comprehensive Study and Reference Guide                                                                                                  For Those Seeking Advanced
                                         Executive Editor: Susan Connelly, FCLSA                                                             Level Contact Lens Knowledge
                                         Advisory Panel: John F. Deering, FCLSA; Joseph W.                                                 The Contact Lens Society of America’s Test
                                         Soper, FCLSA; Jean Ann Vickery, FCLSA; Michael A.                                                 Review II is a comprehensive workbook
                                         Ward, FCLSA                                                                                       created to present a challenge for those
                                 A Comprehensive Study and Reference Guide, Volume II, is                                                  seeking advanced-level contact lens
                                 an advanced manual that explores the most challenging                                                     knowledge. The Test Review II is designed to
                                 areas of contact lens technology. Written by authors who                                                  profile areas of review for those individuals
                                 are respected and talented experts in their field, this                                                   interested in sitting for the National Contact
                                 manual is ideal for the contact lens professional that is                                                 Lens Examiners (NCLE) Advanced Level
                                 seeking to expand their fitting skills beyond the fundamen-                                               Registry Exam, as well as for CLSA’s Fellow
                                 tals that are covered in Volume One. It also provides the                                                 Exam. The book provides a series of review
                                 best source of information for those that are preparing for                                               tasks through which the individual will be
                                 NCLE Advanced Level Certification or the CLSA Fellow                    able to identify their strengths and weaknesses relevant to the major areas
  Exam. Color photographs make this an invaluable reference source.                                      of test content:
  ■                                                       ■                                              ■ Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses           ■ Patient Care
      Systemic and Anatomical Disorders                       Penetrating Keratoplasty
  ■                                                       ■                                              ■ Optics and General Science           ■ Anatomy and Physiology
      Aspheric Contact Lenses                                 Surgical Alternatives
  ■                                                       ■                                              ■ Soft Lenses                          ■ Practice Management
      Toric Soft Lenses and Toric GP Lenses                   Post Refractive Surgical Fitting
  ■   Pediatric Contact Lens Fitting                      ■   Atlas of Complications                     The Test Review II contains 220 sample multiple choice questions, answers
  ■   Presbyopia                                          ■   Practice Management                        and explanations for self-assessment of contact lens knowledge. Also
  ■   Keratoconus                                                                                        included is a glossary of terminology used in the questions.
  Volume Two has been approved for 24 hours of NCLE continuing education credits.                        The use of these courses of study does not guarantee passing exams
  Credits must be obtained as with Volume I.                                                             and are not endorsed by ABO/NCLE.
  The use of these courses of study does not guarantee passing exams and are not endorsed by ABO/NCLE.         Members $39.00; Nonmembers $49.00
         Members $99.00; Nonmembers $119.00                                                                    See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges
         See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges

           L EARN                 MORE                 ABOUT                   C L SA             ON L I N E       AT         W W W . C L S A . I NFO
              C O N T A C T            L E N S        S O C I E T Y            O F      A M E R I C A

CLSA Membership
                                      Your Source for Contact Lens Education
About CLSA…                                                 ■   A personalized Membership Card and Certificate—
                                                                To promote your professionalism and commitment
The Contact Lens Society of America is an educational
                                                                to the industry.
association founded in 1955 by a group of dedicated
contact lens fitters and manufacturers. Today, CLSA         ■   Your own listing in the Membership Directory—
stands as the only national association with the sole           Printed version, as well as the far-reaching Internet
mission to provide contact lens education to opticianry,        Directory.
optometry and ophthalmology.                                ■   Member rates at the Annual Education Meeting
                                                                & Regional Seminars—In addition to presentations
What CLSA Does for                                              on industry topics, supplier displays and a lively social
                                                                program, each Annual Education Meeting offers over
You as a Member…                                                30 hours of approved continuing education seminars and
One of the best-kept secrets in the contact lens industry       workshops ranging from basic to advanced. Professional
is the availability of essential contact lens education         speakers are drawn from such disciplines as contact lens
from a membership not afraid to share this knowledge            technicians, optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians.
with its colleagues. In addition to the tangible benefits       During the course of the year, CLSA conducts over 200
of belonging to the nation’s oldest contact lens                hours of continuing education.
organization, here are some of the benefits                 ■   Member Rates at the Clinical Hands-On Training
you will receive:                                               Courses—Held in conjunction with leading eye institu-
■   A Subscription to the EyeWitness,                           tions around the country, these courses incorporate
    CLSA’s quarterly publication—Loaded                                                                  lectures, demon-
    with contact lens education, member                                                                  strations, case
    information and current industry topics.                                                             presentations and
                                                                                                         home study
■   Free Continuing Education Credits                                                                    materials. The
    Online—Technical articles for c.e. credit                                                            hands-on experi-
    found in the EyeWitness also appear online                                                           ence of fitting
    through the CLSA                                                                                     actual patients
    University                                                                                           provides the
    (                                                                                     opportunity to
    Over 70 FREE online                                                                                  work with compli-
    c.e. credits for                                                                                     cated and unusual
    members!                                                                                             situations. Courses
■   Discounted Con-                                                                                      are offered at basic
    tinuing Education                                                                                    and advanced
    Credits—Technical                                                                                    levels.
    articles for c.e. credit
    found in the
    EyeWitness and
    submitted via fax or
    mail carry a small
    processing fee.
■   Access to the
    CLSA University—CLSA’s online learning center
    providing introductory and upper level contact lens             Please contact the CLSA office directly for
    education. Improve your technical skills
    and earn the credits you need.                               any questions concerning membership benefits or
                                                                       programs and services we may offer.
                                                                          703-437-5100 or 800-296-9776

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               C O N T A C T                  L E N S         S O C I E T Y                  O F         A M E R I C A

   Two New                                                                                        Why Do We? CD—
   “Don’t Miss”                                                                                   Second Edition
                                                                                                  Author: Patrick B. Goughary, FCLSA
   Educational                                                                                    The Second Edition of Why do we...a newly published
                                                                                                  CD is the compilation of theories behind everyday contact
   Products                                                                                       lens tasks. This educational tool will help you maneuver
                                                                                                  your way through a busy contact lens practice by better

   From CLSA!                                                                                     understanding the theories behind vision.
                                                                                                  A must for anyone who fits contact lenses! Why do we...
                                                                                                  is featured in each issue of the CLSA EyeWitness. Ten
                                                                                                  years of interesting articles gathered in one volume,
                                                                                                  including chapters on: Ametropias & Disorders,
                                                                                                  Instrumentation, Lens Powers, and Optical Phenomena.
                                                                                                        Members $20.00         Nonmembers $25.00
                                                                                                        See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges

                                                                        Photo Atlas CD—Volume II
                                                                        An educational tool to help you maneuver your way through a busy contact lens
                                                                        practice by better understanding your view from behind the slit lamp.
                                                                        ■ 100 classic photos and definitions in the areas of ocular anatomy, pathology,
                                                                           fluorescein patterns, corneal maps and contact lens technology
                                                                        ■ Test your knowledge with the 100-question test included on this CD

                                                                              Members $20.00          Nonmembers $25.00
                                                                              See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges

Class is
in session!
Contact lens
education is now           Accredited for
as close as your       continuing education
computer. CLSA         by NCLE and JCAHPO
University is an
online learning center for
those who wish to advance
their knowledge and earn CE
credits right from the
comfort of their own home or office.          ■   Nearly 70 credit hours                  Soft Bifocal Contact Lenses
From introductory to advanced level               are available and all are               Executive Editor: Susan L. Connelly, FCLSA
courses, you can find the level that is           NCLE approved                           Editors: Peter Bergenske, OD, FAAO; Diane A. Broe, FCLSA;
right for you.                                                                            James Key, MD
                                              ■   Over 60 courses in Level I,
Have you ever needed credits but                                                          Authors: John F. Deering, FCLSA, Patrick Goughary, FCLSA;
                                                  II, and III are currently
couldn’t get away to attend an out of                                                     Keith W. Harrison, FCLSA; Buddy Russell, FCLSA
town meeting?
                                                  available online
                                                                                          As the presbyopic population continues to grow, it is vital that
                                              ■   And most of the courses                 contact lens professionals understand the resources that are
Have you ever wanted to continue your
                                                  are FREE to CLSA                        available to them to care for the needs of this group. This
contact lens education from the comfort                                                   textbook takes the fitter from the basic anatomical and
of your home or office?                           members!                                physiological needs of the presbyope to an understanding of their
Have you ever wanted to get great CLSA        Come and tour our campus                    unique optical needs. It also details the various methods
                                                                                          employed by presbyopic options to aid in the correction of this
education when it’s convenient for you,         at                          condition highlighting the ACUVUE® Brand BIFOCAL.
24 hours a day, seven days a week?            and click on the link to the                      Members $20.00
         Then the CLSA University                  CLSA University!                             Nonmembers $25.00
         is perfect for you!                                                                    See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges
                    C O N T A C T                         L E N S                  S O C I E T Y                          O F          A M E R I C A

               Show your CLSA Pride.
                                   Denim Shirt                                                                                               Fleece Vest
                                        Bill Blass premium long sleeve light blue                                                            100% pill resistant polyester, full zip with
                                         denim shirt. 100% combed cotton, 6 ounce                                                            pull tab, elastic waistband, on-seam
                                          material. Details include button-through                                                           pockets and double needle throughout.
                                           patch pocket with pencil holder,                                                                  Black with CLSA logo in blue.
                                            double-needle side seams, button-                                                                      Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL        $30.00
                                            through sleeve pocket, signature                                                                       See Chart for Shipping
                                            buttons, CLSA logo above pocket and                                                                    & Handling Charges
                                         “BB” logo on right cuff.
                                    Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL        $35.00
                                    See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges

                                                                                                             Polo Shirt
                                                                                                             Port Authority short-sleeved,
                                                                                                             black, polyester/rayon
                                                                                                             blend with gold and white
                                                                                                             threaded accent collar,
                                                                                                             three white buttons, front
Umbrella                                                                                                     tab, and blue CLSA logo
Folding, auto-open umbrella made of                                                                          on left lapel.
nylon fabric with a 58” arc. Metal shaft                                                                           Sizes: S, M, L, XL
and wooden handle. Folds to 22” and                                                                                $35.00
comes with clear vinyl sleeve. Color
                                                                                                                   See Chart for Shipping
combination is blue and white with                                                                                 & Handling Charges
CLSA logo.
      Members $15.00
      Nonmembers $20.00
      See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges
                                                           CLSA Logo Beach Towel
                                                           35” × 62” White hemmed beach towel.
                                                           100% cotton velour finished outside with terry
                                                           loop inside. CLSA logo is positioned in center of
                  Lapel Pin                                beach towel. Choice of logo in either blue or
                  CLSA logo, gold lapel pin                black.
                  with tie tack clutch.                          Members $18.00
                  $10.00 (CLSA Members Only)                     Nonmembers $20.00
                                                                 See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges
See Chart for Shipping & Handling Charges

                                                                           From “H ye”
                                                                           to “Goo

                                                                                in a Win
                                                                                        k          An investment in your                     Purchase includes:
                                                                                                   staff is an investment in                 ● The CD with video vignettes highlighting
                                                                                                    your practice                               critical areas of telephone training
                 Blue Light Up                                                                                                               ● In a Wink Think Book for the Group Leader
                                                                                                       Discuss with your office team the
             Ballpoint Pen                                                                             proper greeting, telephone etiquette, ● In a Wink Think Book printable version
     Great for writing in dimly lit fitting lanes                                                                                               from the CD
                                                                                            how to schedule appointments, when and how
or note taking in lectures. Option of writing                                                                                                ● Telephone Procedures Manual ready for
with or without the blue light turned on.                                                   to put patients on hold, leaving and taking
                                                                                            messages, handling the unhappy caller and more!     you to personalize for your own office
Gift box included.
                                                                                                                                                and print from your computer.
      Members $7.50                                                                         Members $149.00
      Nonmembers $10.00                                                                     Nonmembers $199.00
      (Price includes shipping charge)                                                      See Chart for Shipping & Handling
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                Membership Application
Membership in the Contact Lens Society of America does more than improve your skills, it helps build
your business and strengthen your profession.
                                                                Join CLSA today…only $145.
    Membership                                                       By Mail—Complete application and send in with check
                                                                     or credit card information.
    Classifications                                                  By Fax—Complete application and fax with credit card
    Affiliate—A non-voting member who does not meet                  information to (703) 437-0727.
    the experience and/or educational requirements for               By Phone—Call (703) 437-5100 between 9:00 am and
    regular membership or is associated in business with
    a member of regular or higher status.
                                                                     5:00 pm Eastern Time.
    Regular—Must have two years of contact lens
                                                                     By Email—
    fitting experience and/or two years of advanced
    education and who practices within the statutory             Please Print
    requirements of his state.
                                                                Name _______________________________________________________
    NCLE Certified—Has passed the Contact Lens
    Registry Exam and maintains certification with the          Company _____________________________________________________
    NCLE. May sit for the Fellow exam without restriction.
                                                                Street Address _________________________________________________
    Fellow Status—A regular or NCLE certified member
    who has passed a written and oral exam adminis-             City _________________________________________________________
    tered by the CLSA Fellow Committee.
                                                                State/Province _________________________________________________
    Honored Status—A classification recognizing
    significant participation in the CLSA and/or                Zip/Postal Code/Country __________________________________________
    contributions to the industry. An individual must earn
    service points for participation in educational or other    Daytime Phone ( __________ ) ____________________________________
    society activities over a period of five years.
                                                                Fax ( _________ ) _____________________________________________
    Retired—Fully retired non-voting member with at
    least five years previous membership in CLSA.               Email _______________________________________________________
    Eligible for normal discounts, listed in roster as
    retired.                                                    Website ______________________________________________________
    Student—A person attending an accredited
                                                                 Type of Membership and Dues Rate
    opticianry or ophthalmic training school.
    Associate—Non-voting corporate membership open              ❑ Affiliate           ❑ NCLE                ❑ Regular                              $145
    to firms supplying contact lenses and/or related
    products or services to the ophthalmic industry.
                                                                ❑ Retired                                                                          $ 50
                                                                ❑ Associate (Corporate)                                                            $600
                                                                ❑ Foundation Donation*                                                             $250
International members: Payment by check of U.S. dollars drawn
on a U.S. bank only or by credit card.                          * Contributing $250 to the CLSA Foundation will pay your dues for one full year.
Note: Dues are tax deductible as a business expense only.         Contributions to the Foundation are deductible as charitable contributions for
                                                                  federal income tax purposes to the extent provided by law.

Send your application to:                                        Payment Method

                                                                ❑ Check enclosed payable to CLSA
                                                                ❑ Charge to my        ❑ AMEX                ❑ Discover
                                                                                      ❑ MasterCard          ❑ VISA
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441 Carlisle Drive, Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 437-5100 • Fax (703) 437-0727                             Signature _____________________________________________________
Visit our website at                              Sponsoring Member _____________________________________________
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                                                            Order Form                                                                         Herndon, VA 20170
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           Product List                                 CLSA*                                 Please Print
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         Title                              Quantity    Price    Price              Total   Name _______________________________________________
         Contact Lens Manual, Vol. I                    $79.00        $99.00                Company _____________________________________________
         Advanced Contact Lens                                                              Street Address _________________________________________
         Manual, Vol. II                                $99.00       $119.00
                                                                                            City _________________________________________________
         Test Review for Contact Lens
         Technicians, Vol. I                            $39.00        $49.00                State/Province _________________________________________
         Test Review for Contact Lens
         Technicians, Vol. II                           $39.00        $49.00                Zip/Postal Code ________________________________________

 Order a Group 1: CL Vol. I & TR Vol. I                $109.00        $139.00               Country ______________________________________________
    and Group 2: CL Vol. II & TR Vol. II               $119.00        $142.00               Daytime Phone ( _________ ) _____________________________
         Group 3: CL Vol. I & CL Vol. II               $159.00       $ 199.00               Email _______________________________________________
         Group 4: CL Vol. I, CL Vol. II &
         TR Vol 1 & TR Vol II                          $225.00       $275.00                  Payment Method
         Group 5: CL Vol I & TR Vol. I                                                      ❑ Check enclosed payable to CLSA
         & Photo Atlas                                 $119.00       $155.00
                                                                                            ❑ Charge to my         ❑ AMEX               ❑ Discover
         Group 6: CL Vol II & TR Vol. II                                                                           ❑ MasterCard         ❑ VISA
         & Photo Atlas                                 $129.00       $157.00
         Contact Lens Manual, Vol. I                                                        Name on Card _________________________________________
         w/Credits                                     $185.00       $255.00
                                                                                            Number ______________________________________________
         Contact Lens Manual, Vol. I
         Credits Only                                  $125.00       $180.00                Expires ______________________________________________

         Contact Lens Manual, Vol. II                                                       Signature _____________________________________________
         w/Credits                                     $200.00       $285.00
                                                                                            * Membership in CLSA is open to anyone interested in contact lens
         Contact Lens Manual, Vol. II                                                         fitting. Join CLSA today for only $145.
         Credits Only                                  $120.00       $180.00
                                                                                            STUDENTS enrolled in accredited opticianry programs may also be
         Bifocal Handbook                               $20.00        $25.00                eligible for additional savings. Contact CLSA directly for details.
         Photo Atlas CD—Volume II                       $20.00        $25.00
                                                                                              To Order
         Why Do We?—Second Edition                      $20.00        $25.00
         Telephone Training                            $149.00       $199.00                By Mail—Complete order form and send in with check or credit
                                                                                            card information.
         Denim Shirts                                   $35.00        $35.00
         circle size S M L XL XXL                                                           By Fax—Complete order form with credit card information and
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         Polo Shirt                                     $35.00        $35.00
         circle size S M L XL                                                               By Phone—Call (703) 437-5100 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm
                                                                                            Eastern Time.
         Fleece Vest                                    $30.00        $30.00
         circle size M L XL XXL                                                             By Email—
         Beach Towel                                    $18.00        $20.00
         circle color Blue Black                                                              Shipping & Handling (UPS Ground)
                                                                                            Order Total                     Domestic                 Total
         Lapel Pin                                      $10.00           N/A
                                                                                            $1.00–$39.99                     $6.75               $
         Light up Pen (shipping included)                $7.50        $10.00
                                                                                            $40.00–$79.99                    $11.50              $
         Umbrella                                       $15.00        $20.00
                                                                                            $80.00–$180.99                   $17.25              $
         Membership                                    $145.00                              $181.00–$199.99                  $19.75              $
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