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									     Green Recovery: Asia’s Realistic Choice for Sustainable Growth

                Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2010

Thursday, April 8

07:00 - 22:00   Registration
                (Meilan Airport, Haikou)

16:00 – 17:30   BFA Board of Directors Meeting
                (ICC, Level 1, Peacock IV)

18:00 - 19:00   BFA General Meeting of Members
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)

19:30 - 21:00   Welcome Dinner for BFA Members and Sponsors
                (Sofitel Hotel, 1 Floor, Symposium Restaurant)

Friday, April 9

07:00 - 22:00   Registration
                (Meilan Airport, Haikou)

07:00 - 14:00   BFA “New Fortune Cup” Golf Invitational 2010
                (Dong Yu Island, BFA ICC Golf Club)

15:00 - 16:00   BFA Annual Conference 2010 Press Conference & Launch of BFA
                Annual Annual Report 2009
                (Sofitel Hotel, Oriental Theatre, 1st Floor)

15:30 - 17:30   Young Leaders Roundtable
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)
                Moderator:     RUI Chenggang, Anchor, China Central Television
                Co-Chairs:     Jung Wook HONG, Member, National Assembly, Republic of Korea
                               Chi Ping Martin LAU, President, Tencent

15:30 - 17:30   China CEO Roundtable: “The Profit in Green: Strategies and Best
                Practices for Building Business in a Green Growth World”
                (ICC, Level 1, Peacock 1)
                (Invitation Only)
                Moderator:     Chris LU, CEO, Deloitte China

19:00 – 20:30   Welcome Dinner
                (ICC, Level 2, BFA Main Hall)

20:45 - 22:15   Capital Market: Financing the Transformation of Asian Economies
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom C&D )
                The Launch of a Second Board in China is truly encouraging for the ongoing economic
                transformation in China – a positive signal to investors and entrepreneurs that capital
                markets rewards innovation and an enterprising spirit. How can capital markets help to
                facilitate the transformation of Asian economies? What can we learn from mature
                markets? Are there going to be any further major developments in the foreseeable
                Moderator: QIN Shuo, Chief Editor, China Business News
                Panelists:   Henry PAULSON, the 74 United States Treasury Secretary
                             SHANG Fulin, Chairman, China Securities Regulatory Commission
                             SCHIVE Chi, Chairman, Taiwan Stock Exchange
                             Anthony BOLTON, President – Investments, Fidelity International
                             President, Asia Pacific, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch
                             Charles LI, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Saturday, April 10

07:30 – 09:00   Breakfast Session: Medical Reform in China
                (ICC, Level 1, Peacock I)
                (Invitation Only)
                Speaker:      CHEN Zhu, Minister of Health, China

09:00 – 10:30   Opening Plenary: “Green Recovery: Asia’s Realistic Choice for
                Sustainable Growth”
                (ICC, Level 2, BFA Main Hall)
                Moderator:    LONG Yongtu, Secretary General, Boao Forum for Asia
                Welcome Remarks: Fidel RAMOS, Chairman, Boao Forum for Asia
                Keynote Speech:
                Government leaders

11:00 - 12:30   From G8 to G20: New Architecture, New Rules, New Players
                (Sofitel Hotel, Oriental Theatre, 1st Floor)
                The rise of emerging economies has put an end to the dominance of G8 in global
                economy and given birth to a new grouping – G20. G20 means far more than a mere
                inclusion of 12 new members. It marks a major departure from the status quo. People
                look forward to seeing a greater role by emerging economies and a new set of rules on
                global governance. In this session, heads of key international organizations, central
                bankers, economists and business leaders will share their thoughts on how the new
                architecture will evolve and its implications for the world economy.
                Moderator:    Rajat NAG, Managing Director General, Asian Development Bank
                Panelists:    Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, former Prime Minister, France
                              ZHOU Xiaochuan, Governor, People’s Bank of China

                               Juan Jose DABOUB, Managing Director, the World Bank
                               Robert HORMATS, Under Secretary of State, USA
                               JIANG Jianqing, Chairman, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
                               Gerry GRIMSTONE, Chairman, Standard Life

11:00 - 12:30   Rethinking Growth
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)
                Export-led growth models have proven vulnerable. Environment and resource restraints
                condemn heavy pollution and high energy/resource consumption. Asia must change its
                growth paths, though the transformation will inevitably be a protracted and painstaking
                process. Do governments have the political will and vision to make bold changes? Are
                there any successful examples to follow? How to manage the transition? What policies
                are expected from the government? How should companies adjust their strategies
                Moderator: HE Li, Chief Editor, Caijing Magazine
                Panelists:   Shaukat AZIZ, Former Prime Minister, Pakistan
                             ZHANG Xiaoqiang, Vice Chairman, National Development and Reform
                                            Commission, China
                             LEE Yoon-woo, CEO, Samsung Electronics
                             N. CHANDRA, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Consultancy Services
                             Yoichi FUNABASHI, Editor-in-Chief, Asahi Shimbun, Japan
                             Daigee SHAW, President, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

12:45 - 14:15   Luncheon Session: Trade Protectionism – A Real Threat to Recovery
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom C&D)
                Reassurance made at the G20 Summit are not enough to dispel concerns about the
                steady rise of trade protectionism; sentiments of economic nationalism has compelled
                governments to take short-sighted trade measures, which have posed a real threat to a
                fragile global recovery. The Doha Round, however, remains ineffective. Does global
                trade liberalization still have a future? What can be done to curb trade protectionism?
                Are regional bilateral and multi-lateral trade agreements a viable alternative reducing
                trade protectionism?
                Moderator: Victor FUNG, Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce
                Panelist:    GOH Chok Tong, Senior Minister, former Prime Minister, Singapore
                             CHEN Demin, Minister of Commerce, China
                             Mikio SASAKI, Chairman of the Board, Mitsubishi Corporation

14:30 - 15:30   Merger & Acquisition: Ideal vs. Reality
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)
                For Asian companies attempting to “go out”, cheap and lucrative deals seem to be
                everywhere. However, the complexity and uncertainty of overseas M&A often results in
                a number of failures. Primarily, companies must fully understand the target enterprise,
                the legal and social circumstances and possible political barriers. Equally important, but
                often ignored, are post-M&A problems such as corporate cultural differences,
                management      team   frictions,   trade   union   conflicts,   community   relations   and
                environmental requirements. What experiences and lessons can be learned from those

                who have tested the water?
                Moderator:   Martin SOONG, Anchor, CNBC
                Panelist:    Mohamed Al-Mady, CEO, Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC)
                             Max Burger-Calderon, Co-Founder, Apax Partners
                             Russell SCRIMSHAW, Executive Director, FMG
                             XIONG Weiping, President, Chinalco
                             Par OSTBERG, Senior Vice President, AB Volvo

14:30 - 15:30   Counter-Cyclical Strategies: Thinking Ahead
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom B)
                To survive volatile economic cycles and grow in adversity, entrepreneurs must think
                ahead with vision, good judgement and nerve. In good times, level-headedness is a
                necessity to curb impulse buying and irresponsible expansion. In bad times, visionary
                leaders are not subdued by fear or pessimism. By retaining and recruiting talents,
                increasing R&D and innovation input and sensible M&A, they sow the seeds for future
                growth and excellence. In this session, CEOs and economists will share their
                experiences and expertise on counter-cyclical strategies.
                Moderator: William POWELL, China Bureau Chief, Times
                Panelists:   LI Dongsheng, Chairman, TCL Group
                             Klaus ENGEL, Chairman of the Executive Board, Evonik Industries AG
                             MUTHURAMAN, B., Chairman, Tata International Limited
                             Jaime Augusto Zobel de AYALA, Chairman & CEO, Ayala Corporation
                             Madhu KONERU, Group CEO, MEC Holdings

15:45 - 16:45   Low-Carbon Energy: Can Asia Lead the World?
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)
                Despite robust growth, Asian economies are mostly seen as latecomers or challengers
                in traditional industries. The financial crisis and global policies on climate change have
                forced Asia into painstaking restructuring and transformation. Beyond the pain,
                however, those with vision do see a rare opportunity for Asia to lead the world – low
                carbon energy. Will it have as revolutionary an impact on the economy as the Internet?
                Is Asia well-placed in this field? What are the technological, market and policy
                restraints? Do governments have any short- and long-term solutions? Will Green
                Recovery be a real choice for Asia to emerge out of the crisis as the front runner?
                Moderator:   Thomas CRAMPTON, Asia Pacific Director, 360 Digital Influence, Ogilvy
                             Public Relations Worldwide
                Panelists:   FU Chengyu, President, CNOOC
                             Tulsi TANTI, Chairman & Managing Director, Suzlon Energy, India
                             John Paul BROEDERS, Chairman of the Executive Board, Royal Vopak
                             Robert DUDLEY, Managing Director, BP
                             DING Lei, General Manager, Shanghai GM
                             Kim FAUSING, COO, Danfoss
                             Ja Young KOO, President & CEO, SK Energy

15:45 - 16:45   Move to Consumption – Asian Style

                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom B)
                Low consumption levels have been a problem in Asia, which partly explains why Asian
                economies depend heavily on exports to Europe and the US and why “decoupling” from
                the financial crisis is not possible. Thrift is often cited. However, Asian consumers
                hesitate to spend for other reasons, too. What are the structural factors that subdue
                Asian consumption? What can be done to stimulate domestic demand? Environment
                and resource pressures mean that Asians can not spend the American way. How
                different will the consumption behavior of Asians be?
                Moderator: Yansong BAI, Anchor, China Central Television
                Panelists:   FAN Gang, President, National Economic Research Institute, China
                             Ramos ANG, President & CEO, San Miguel Corporation, the Philippines
                             CHEN Zhi Wu, Professor, Yale University
                             Rajan Bharti MITTAl, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Bharti
                                                   Enterprises, India
                             KWAK Seung-jun, Chairman, Presidential Council for Future & Vision,
                                                   Republic of Korea
                             MA Weihua, President & CEO, China Merchants Bank
                             LIU Changle, Chairman & CEO, Phoenix Satellite TV

17:00 - 18:00   Business Environment: Nothing as Usual after the Crisis?
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)
                It’s no longer “Business As Usual”. As governments and economists reexamine the
                health of their national economies, CEOs are struggling to understand what all this
                mean to their businesses. To what extent is the business environment different from the
                pre-crisis days, from both macro and micro perspectives? Where are the risks? Are
                there opportunities? What are the suggestions for CEOs?
                Moderator: XIANG Bing, Founding Dean, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
                Panelists:   Michael TRESCHOW, Chairman, Ericsson
                             CHEN Feng, Chairman, HNA Group
                             Donald KANAK, Chairman, Prudential Corporation Asia
                             Joseph FULLER, Co-Founder & CEO, Monitor Group
                             WEI Jiafu, President & CEO, COSCO Group
                             Harsh Pati SINGHANIA, Managing Director, J K Paper Ltd, India
                             ZHANG Ya-Qin, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation

17:00 - 18:00   Deregulation: Unleashing the Power of the Private Sector
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom B)
                Unprecedented stimulus packages have brought governments back to prominence in
                economy. However, this does not diminish the importance of the private sector for
                employment, tax and sustainability of economic growth. Particularly as Asia transforms,
                the private sector has a larger role to play in sustaining investments and stimulating
                domestic consumption. To release the power of the private sector, governments must
                allow them greater access to banking, telecommunications, petro-chemical industries,
                education and healthcare, and ensure that private enterprises and capital play on a level
                field with their state-owned counterparts. Deregulation is the key.
                Moderator: HU Shuli, Editor-in-Chief, CAIXIN Media

                Panelists:   Jack Yun MA, Chairman, Alibaba Group
                             XU Xiaonian, Professor, China Europe International Business School
                             K. K. MODI, Chairman, Modi Enterprises, India
                             Christina Y. LIU, Chief Economic Advisor, China Trust Commercial Bank
                             Madhur MAINI, CEO, Masan Group, Vietnam
                             ZHANG Yue, President, Broad Air Conditioning Co. Lt

19:00 - 20:30   “Night of Boao” Cultural Performance & Fireworks Display
                (Dong Yu Island, BFA ICC Golf Club)

20:45 – 22:15   Redefine the Role of Real Estate
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)
                The Asian economy is facing challenges in restructuring and sustaining growth. How
                can the real estate industry redefine its role in such a transformation? Will the stimulus
                packages create another property bubble even before the economy gets back on track?
                Will exorbitant housing prices compromise consumption elsewhere, burden companies
                with increasing costs and reduce the competitiveness of a city? How should the housing
                market reform live up to people’s expectations of affordable housing?
                Moderator: WANG Yongping, Secretary General, China Commercial Real Estate
                                                 Union (CCREU)
                Panelists:      John TSANG, Financial Secretary, Government of the Hong Kong Special
                                              Administrative Region
                                CHEN Huai, Director, Policy Research Center, Ministry of Housing
                                PAN Shiyi, Chairman, SOHO China Ltd.
                                Vincent H. S. LO, Chairman, Shui On Holdings Ltd
                                CHEN Guoqiang, Vice Chairman, China Real Estate Society

Sunday, April 11

07:30 – 09:00   Breakfast Session: Alternative Investments in Asia
                (ICC, Level 1, Peacock I)
                (Invitation Only)
                Speaker:        GAO Xiqing, President, China Investment Corporation

09:00 – 10:30   From Chiang Mai Initiative (CMI) to Asian Monetary Fund (AMF)
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)
                Regional financial cooperation in Asia was not taken seriously until the 1997 Financial
                Storm hit. CMI and the “ASEAN plus 3” forex reserve pool mark a big step in the right
                direction. Meanwhile, the IMF is reinventing itself to become more effective and
                influential. Against such a backdrop, what’s next for Asia’s regional financial
                cooperation? Is the Asian Monetary Fund too remote to be relevant? Do governments
                have the political will and institutional plans to fully support it? Are there any
                Moderator: Tom EASTON, Asia Business Editor, the Economist

                Panelists:   Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad BADAWI, former Prime Minister, Malaysia
                             LI Yong, Vice Minister, Ministry of Finance, China
                             Suwondo Gatot MUDIANTORO, President Director, BNI, Indonesia
                             Jaspal Singh BINDRA, Group Executive Director, Standard Chartered PLC
                             ZHENG Xinli, Permanent Vice Chairman, China Centre for International
                                              Economic Exchanges
                             Yasuyo YAMAZAKI, Representative, Yamazaki Associates

09:00 – 10:30   Emerging Markets: Time to Turn to One another
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom B)
                Emerging economies do not necessarily have to “look west” for inspiration, experience
                and powerful markets. They have much to learn from one another, and much to gain
                from trade and investment amongst themselves. This session is designed to compare
                growth paths, competitiveness, weaknesses and the potential of major emerging
                economies, and explore the prospect of Intra-Emerging-Markets cooperation.
                Moderator: Jason DEAN, Editor, Wall Street Journal Asia
                Panelists:   Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry, South Africa
                             DAI Xianglong, Chairman, National Council for Social Security Fund, China
                             Jairam RAMESH, Minister of State for Environment and Forests, India
                             Azman MOKHTAR, Managing Director, Khazanah Nasional Bhd, Malaysia
                             Marcelo XANDO, Chairman & CEO, BCSUL, Brazil
                             Gita WIRJAWAN, Chairman, Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board

10:30 - 11:00   Break
11:00 - 12:30   21st Century Finance, 21st Century Regulation
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)
                  st                     th
                21 century Finance, 20 Century Regulation. Global flow of capital is not matched by
                global regulation. The World Financial Organization (WFO) is not even mentioned much,
                let alone play a major role similar to the WTO. High hopes have been placed on the
                Financial Stability Board and the IMF. Can they do the job effectively? What reforms are
                necessary? What shall the 21 Century regulation be like? Which risks may disrupt the
                financial system if not properly handled? Are we ready for them in terms of early
                warning, safeguard and response mechanism?
                Moderator: Stephen ENGLE, Reporter, Bloomberg Television
                Panelists:   LIU Mingkang, Chairman, China Banking Regulatory Commission
                             Jean-Pierre LANDAU, Deputy Governor, Bank of France
                             Isaac SOUEDE, Chairman & CEO, Permal Group
                             Philip FALCONE, CEO, Harbinger Capital Partners
                             Jia-Dong SHEA, Chairman, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance
                             Fred Hu, Chairman, Greater China, Goldman Sachs

11:00 - 12:30   Corporate Governance: Learning Lessons from the Crisis
                (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom B)
                Poor corporate governance is partly blamed for the crisis. Well-established governance
                structures, principles and practices in the US have been questioned. Asia, used to

                      turning to the West for enlightenment, may need to think for itself about ownership
                      structures, board compositions, executive compensation and incentive schemes.
                      Moderator:    Deborah KAN, Presenter, Reuters Insider
                      Panelists:    SHAO Ning, Vice Chairman, State Assets Supervision and Administration
                                                  Commission (SASAC), State Council, China
                                    James QUIGLEY, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
                                    Antony LEUNG, Chairman, Blackstone Greater China
                                    Alberto WEISSER, Chairman & CEO, Bunge Limited
                                    Lord Leon BRITTAN, Vice Chairman, UBS Investment Bank
                                    GUAN Jianzhong, Chairman & President, Dagong Global Credit Rating

12:45 - 14:45         Luncheon Session:
                      (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom C&D)
                      Moderator:    LONG Yongtu, Secretary General, Boao Forum for Asia
                      Speaker:      Lars Lokke RASMUSSEN, Prime Minister, Denmark

15:00 - 16:30         Boao Across-Straits Forum
                      (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)

15:00 - 16:30         Boao TV Debate: Asian Economy 2010
                      (Sofitel Hotel, Oriental Theatre, 1st Floor)
                      Moderator: Martin SOONG, Anchor, CNBC
                      Panelists:   CHEN Zhi Wu, Professor, Yale University
                                   R. GOPALAKRISHNAN, Executive Director, Tata sons
                                   KWAK Seung-jun, Chairman, Presidential Council for Future & Vision,
                                                          Republic of Korea

18:30 - 19:00         Press Conference
                      (ICC, Level 1, Peacock I)

19:00 - 20:30         Closing Dinner
                      (Sofitel Hotel, River Ranch BBQ Restaurant)

    This is a temporary agenda. All panelists are subject to final confirmation.


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