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					XEROXMAGAZINE                                                  MARCH 2006

How Xerox on-demand
technology revolutionised
book publishing

A glimpse into the secret world
of the Xerox Research Centre

Your exclusive
guide to IPEX 06
is inside >>>

SMARTER,                       SPOTLIGHT ON THE 495
QUICKER, CHEAPER               We put Xerox’s new continuous
Innovative ways to transform   feed star through its paces
your document management
                                                               IN THIS ISSUE…
WELCOME                                                                                    Information
                                                                                           Keeping you up to date on
… to the latest issue of Xerox Magazine –                                                  digital print developments
packed with the latest news, views and

The subject on everyone’s lips is IPEX 2006 – and                                  04      STOP PRESS
                                                                                           Your essential briefing: talking
what better way to plan your trip to this unmissable                                       to robots, IPEX 2006, cut your
event than with the help of our XEROX Guide to                                             print spend – and more
IPEX, included with this issue. IPEX 2006 will be better
than ever – and Xerox will have the biggest presence of
all the companies there. Our guide will make planning                              06      THE DOCUMENT
                                                                                           MANAGEMENT MYTH
your trip easier, and the experience itself rewarding                                      They said that paper would be a
and enjoyable.                                                                             thing of the past – here’s why
                                                                                           it’s more essential than ever
This issue, we wanted to show you behind the scenes at
Xerox, from software support at our Neuss customer service
centre, to developments at the Xerox Research Centre
                                                                                   21      POSTBOX
                                                                                           Write to us with your questions,
Europe in Grenoble. I’m sure you’ll agree it makes                                         views and comments – and our
fascinating reading.                                                                       experts will answer

And if you’re looking to make your business more productive
in this coming year, our feature on page 24, which explores
                                                                                   26      ‘XEROX, WE HAVE A PROBLEM’
                                                                                           We map a Xerox customer
how to ensure your document management is as efficient                                     service call – across the world
as it can be, will make essential reading.

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Anthony Hyde

                                                In the 1980s, trend forecasters predicted that
                                                the workplace would be paper free, with all
                                                our paper needs being met by computer
                                                 Find out just how wrong they got it on page 25
     Inspiration                              Innovation                          Contributors
     Plenty of bright ideas for               Troubleshooting solutions,
                                                                                            Jurgen Franck
     improving your business                  expert opinion and all the                    is a Swiss print
                                              latest technology                             journalist with a
                                                                                            particular interest
                                                                                            in advances in

     ON-DEMAND PRINTING                  07   BRAVE NEW WORLD
                                              The future of digital printing is
                                                                                            digital technology

     They’re the book publishers              jealously guarded at the Xerox
     who don’t do rejection letters.          Research Centre Europe. Our
     Lulu can kick-start your literary        reporter stepped boldly inside                Des King is a
                                                                                            freelance journalist
     career – for just €9                                                                   who specialises in

     Edward Russell-Walling on the
                                         14   SPOTLIGHT ON...
                                              THE 495 CONTINUOUS FEED
                                              472 A4 images per minute –
                                                                                            how digital
                                                                                            technology impacts
                                                                                            the print and
                                                                                            packaging sector
     advantages of strategic                  check. A footprint 50% that of
     alliances – and what they could          competitors – check. We boot
     mean for your business                   up the 495 to see what it can do              Mark Rushton
                                                                                            is a technical print
                                                                                            journalist with

     Expert tips for keeping your
                                         16   LIGHT FANTASTIC
                                              Is it time you tried light
                                              production print? We look at
                                                                                            a special interest
                                                                                            in the effect digital
                                                                                            printing is having
                                                                                            on conventional
     customers satisfied                      the printers promising an                     printing
                                              on-demand revolution

                                                                                            Susan Wright
                                                                                            is the editor of
                                                                                            Print & Paper
     How business can boom with                                                             Monthly, the
     better print management                                                                UK’s leading
                                                                                            monthly print

                                                                        07                  Edward

                                                                                                                    GETTY; ARSENE SAHEURS
                                                                                            is a writer
                                                                                            and editor
                                                                                            who specialises
                                                                                            in business
                                                                                            and financial



                                                                                                 XEROXMAGAZINE 03
                                                           WHAT’S NEW IN DIGITAL PRINT – FROM XEROX AND BEYOND

                                                                                                      HI, ROBOT
                                                                                                      The science fiction staple of
                                                                                                      conversing with machines has come a
                                                                                                      step closer to reality. Clarissa is a voice-
                                                                                                      operated ‘virtual crew assistant’ developed
                                                                                                      by Xerox and NASA for the International Space

                                                                                                      Station to talk astronauts through complex
                                                                                                      procedures. Astronaut Michael Fincke is a fan: “Just
                                                                                                      try to, say, analyse a sample while reading a
                                                                                                      procedure manual on a computer monitor as you float
                                                                                                      in microgravity – it’s almost impossble, he says.
                                                                                                      “This will be like having another crew member.   ”
                                                                                                         Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) in Grenoble used its
                                                                                                      technology to improve the Clarissa voice system. It helps it to

                                                                                                      categorise the astronauts’ speech as ‘relevant’ or ‘irrelevant’
                                                                                                      and to ignore the latter. This has halved the number of
                                                                                                      procedure errors. See page 7 for an exclusive look at XRCE

                                                                                                      XEROX CARBONLESS PAPER:
                                                                                                      A BLUFFER’S GUIDE…
                                                                     4         APRIL   2006           Impossible! Paper is made of carbon-
                                                                                                      rich cellulose
                                                                                                      You know your paper. But it’s
                                                                                                      ‘carbonless’ to distinguish it from carbon

                                                                              9 30                    paper – its predecessor in industries
                                                                                                      like finance and insurance.
                                                                                                      What’s put carbon out of a job?
                                                                                                      Micro-encapsulated beads of dye. They coat the
                                                                                                      back of the paper so that when you write on it, the
                                                           THE MAIN EVENT:                            beads break open and release dye onto the sheet below.
                                                                                                      What’s so great about Xerox carbonless paper?
                                                           IPEX 2006                                  It’s the only kind that can be used in black and white as well as colour
                                                                                                      printers, because the beads stay in tact during printing.
                                                           It’s the world’s biggest exhibition for
                                                                                                      Why do I need it?
                                                           the printing and graphic arts industries   Printing off your own customisable forms on demand is cheaper than
                                                           – plan your trip using the Xerox Guide     buying in large stocks of pre-printed forms. And Xerox research found
                                                           to IPEX 2006, included with this issue.    that colour application forms encourage fewer user errors.
                                                           4-11 April 2006; NEC, Birmingham.          OK, you’ve convinced me
                                                                          Order forms in triplicate, please…

                                                           04 XEROXMAGAZINE

                      THE NUMBER OF
                      PAGES PRODUCED
                      ANNUALLY ON      EPRINTSOURCING
                      XEROX DIGITAL    How to… slash print spend
                                       Business cards, direct marketing,
                      PRODUCTION       point-of-sale displays… Print is
                      COLOUR SYSTEMS   important to any business, but it’s
                      WORLDWIDE        costly if every department buys
                                       its own stock. In ePrintsourcing, Xerox
                                       provides a simple way of outsourcing
“WHAT’S THE MOST                       print buying. Here’s how…
FOR YOU IN PURCHASING                      Print request arrives from customer – Xerox
DEVICES?”                              1   opens electronic job bag and uploads
                                           creative files    µ
 A recent survey from
 VNU/Xerox asked 1,236                      Xerox obtains quotes from approved
 companies across Europe
 this question – and found             2    suppliers – customer chooses and Xerox
                                            places order

 the answer varied
 greatly from country
 to country...                              Xerox manages proofing process – customer

 Italy:                                3    and other parties sign off finished product

 Service and
 support                                   Xerox monitors production, quality controls
 France, Spain and
 Germany:                              4   and delivers final product

 Price per page
 The Netherlands:                          Xerox pays supplier and invoices customer.
 Total cost of ownership
 United Kingdom:
                                       5   All accounting is fully accessible online

 Image quality

                                                                       XEROXMAGAZINE 05
                                                                                                        did you
                                                                                                       three ti ow it’s

                                                                                                       quicker s
                                                                                                                to r
                                                                                                        docume e a d a
                                                                                                                nt on
                                                                                                         paper t
                                                                                                                 han it
                                                                                                          is on scr

Why paper is thriving
in the digital age
“Paper is dead,” proclaimed headlines in the
1990s. “The paperless office is here to stay.”
Here’s why the truth is (as usual) more

complicated than that – and how it’ll affect
your document management processes…                                                                          FAST FACT
                                                                                                         Ovum predicts
        ver the last ten years, paper document      stuck with an old-fashioned filing system for
                                                                                                         that in the
O       generation – while dropping as a
        proportion of all documents used in
businesses – has continued to grow in
                                                    paper documents. This didn’t seem a prob-
                                                    lem for years, as we expected paper to ‘die
                                                                                                         future the worlds
                                                                                                         of paper and
absolute terms.                                        Ovum and Xerox Global Services found
   So why is paper so important to us?              that having good document management                 digital will start
Quite simply, it’s lightweight, flexible, durable   processes in place, both digital and                 to merge even
and it can be read without using electronic         print-based, is the key to ensuring a robust
equipment. And most importantly, it’s three         business. Xerox Global Services designs
times quicker to read a document on paper           document management systems specifically             Re-writeable and
than it is on screen.
   A recent study undertaken by Ovum,
                                                    to address particular aspects of sorting and
                                                    managing information, both printed and
                                                                                                         re-usable paper,
in conjunction with Xerox Global Services,          digital, particular to individual organizations.     along with
reveals that over the next decade paper             What’s clear is that there is no ‘one size fits      electronic paper
will play an even larger role in organisations      all’ approach to document management,
than it does now. We still keep hard copies         but the objectives are always the same:              developments,
of original documents, and regulatory               to increase employee productivity and                are starting
                                                    customer satisfaction and save costs. I
requirements mean that we’re keeping more
paper-based information for longer.
                                                                                                         to come to
   So what does that mean for document                                                                   fruition in labs.
management? After all, although many
companies have adopted digital document
management processes, they’ve mostly

The people
your future
High in the French Alps, behind the security doors of
a cluster of gleaming, anonymous buildings, a team
of scientists are quietly changing all our lives. Led by
a brilliant young scientist, Christopher Dance, they
are tackling the unknowns at the digital frontier… with
startling results. Mark Rushton went to Grenoble to
unearth the secrets of Xerox Research Centre Europe

Photography: Arsene Saheurs
 CHRISTOPHER DANCE                                    ext time you push the
                                                                                          “WE ANALYSE HOW
An accomplished pianist and a keen
photographer, Christopher Dance
is at the coalface of digital imaging,
its capture, enhancement of quality
and its storing and distribution.
                                           N          production button on your Xerox
                                                      machine, or select ‘print’ from
                                                      the menu on your monitor, stop
                                           and give a thought for the scientists that
                                           develop the software that allows your
                                                                                          OUR MACHINES
                                                                                          PERFORM. WE
                                                                                          CALL IT ‘MACHINE
   As most of us consumers enter           machines to do the remarkable things they      LEARNING’”.
the virtual unknown world of digital       do. They are the vital, invisible driving
cameras and now mobile phones              force in modern printing; their software       of colour printing and reproduction. “We
with cameras on board, he has              quietly powering demand in the document        are looking at value-added services for
pioneered 30 sophisticated techniques      management business.                           photo finishing that include automatically
to overcome the problems associated           Christopher Dance, laboratory manager       enhancing the quality of digital
with this type of image capture,           at Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE),                      ”
                                                                                          photographs, says Dance.
as opposed to the ones encountered         is the man at the centre of the creation of        “With software like Adobe Photoshop,
when using a scanner. Dance has also       this software and has been instrumental        there is a measure of human intervention
trailblazed a way to reconstruct the       in bringing to life dazzling technology we                                 ”
                                                                                          to achieve the best result, he continues.
colours sensed by RGB pixels               have seen in the document management           “We are working on a system that will
in digital cameras, effectively doubling   world. His name appears again and again        allow automatic safe image enhancement,
sensor resolution.                         on the 100-plus US Patent certificates that    which will deal with all the inherent
   Dance joined XRCE in 1997 after         decorate the reception at the site.            problems associated with images:
completing a BA in Theoretical                So what work is carried out here? “  At     mixtures of outdoor and indoor
Physics, a PhD in Information              Grenoble we are creating ways of               illuminations, for example. Our image
Engineering and a Research                 maximising what can be done with text and      enhancement software automatically
Assistantship at Cambridge University.              ”
                                           imaging, says Dance. “We combine the           spots any under or over-exposed areas and
                                           two in document management scenarios,          automatically corrects them without any
                                           as well as analysing the data that provides    human intervention.    ”
                                           an insight into how our machines are               A true scientist, Dance is clearly
                                           performing – we call it ‘machine learning’.”   fascinated by the possibilities. “Another
                                                                                          common problem is handling ‘red eye’
                                           Colour control                                 when taking shots of people. Originally,
                                           A main area of research at XRCE is the         you would use a ‘hard’ method
                                           maximisation of quality in the production      to deal with this problem – but it is quite

                                                                                              FIVE HOT
                                                                                              RESEARCH AND
                                                                                              TOPICS AT XRCE
                                                                                                     MOBILE DOCUMENT

                                                                                              1      SERVICES: Those on the
                                                                                                     move need easier ways to
                                                                                              work with documents. Grenoble
                                                                                              is finding new uses for handheld
                                                                                              devices: soon it will be common
                                                                                              to photograph and scan
                                                                                              documents and images using a
                                                                                              mobile phone camera, then send
                                                                                              it back to your office for printing.

                                                                                                   IMAGE CATEGORISATION:

                                                                                              2    Owning a digital camera
                                                                                                   often means downloading
                                                                                              hundreds of pictures at a time,
                                                                                              untagged and with no order
                                                                                              or pattern of storage. Research
                                                                                              is ongoing into software where
easy for the software to pick up red lips       automatically sorts reams of documents        Xerox will automatically sort
instead of the red eye, and you might end       into like groups. For example, in mailrooms   photos into categories.
up with a black hole in the photograph.         it will sort requests for loans, insurance
We are developing a much softer method,         clients, customer complaints etc and for            SEMANTIC PROCESSING:
whereby the system will calculate the
probability of the object being a red eye
and, if it’s not sure, reduce the redness but
                                                customer or employee surveys it will group
                                                like comments together, says Dance.
                                                   Grenoble’s content technology is also
                                                                                              3     Sophisticated text analysis
                                                                                                    and extraction is becoming
                                                                                              the norm as mass use of data
not remove it completely. The system will       attracting interest from organisations        evolves. Xerox has developed
not alter an image if it cannot improve it.     concerned with search, risk analysis and      Xerox Incremental Parsing, a set
                                                detection, product safety, and spotting       of tools that is used to access,
Data mining                                     the correct or incorrect documentation        retrieve and extract information
Data – and its simple and quick retrieval       as it goes through nuggets of information.    from document content.
– is fast becoming the bedrock of digital       “This allows them to mine for gold, or
printing. Xerox is putting it to use to         detect smoking guns in mountains of                 DOCUMENT
optimise its own hardware. “One area we
look at is mining device data for machines
that produce vectors in the form of long
                                                documents, explains Dance.
                                                   “The whole reason for our research is to
                                                ease the process, enhance flexibility and
                                                                                              4     CONVERSION TO XML:
                                                                                                    Extensible Markup
                                                                                              Language is the logical method
lists of data about their states which allows   reduce customer costs whether it be           to represent documents. XRCE
us – using prognostics and diagnostics          putting pictures into categories or           uses an interactive approach to
– to carry out ‘machine learning’, says         automatically enhancing colour photos,        conversions that has shown
Dance. “This quite literally means we can       mining for certain data or predicting when    high cost-savings within a
plot when a machine is likely to break down     a machine will need service. We want          flexible framework and high
or when vital maintenance is needed. It         to shift the business model and empower       conversion accuracy.
makes servicing much more efficient...  ”       the customer. I ”
                                                                                                   TRANSLATION OF
Language processing
The lab very much centres on learning
and content analysis for doing things like
                                                                                              5    DOCUMENTS: Grenoble
                                                                                                   is researching automatic
                                                                                              document translation at the
automatically routing, clustering and                                                         touch of a button or a click of
extracting information from text. “This                                                       a mouse. Watch this space…
means that when an enterprise has a lot of
documentation, recognition software

                                                                                                                 XEROXMAGAZINE 09
 They say that everyone has one book in them.
 With the help of Xerox digital on-demand
 technology, US online publisher Lulu is turning
 that literary dream into a printed reality for as
 little as 9, reports Des King
                   ver 200,000 new book          before Bloomsbury in the UK and          antithesis of how the conventional

        O          titles are published by
                   conventional means each
                   year in the US. A relative
        handful of them go on to bestseller
        status: their film rights snapped
                                                 Scholastic in the US took a chance
                                                 on Harry Potter.

                                                 Online alternative
                                                 Happily for authors and readers
                                                                                          publishing industry operates.
                                                                                             The premise is simple: authors
                                                                                          are provided with a comprehensive
                                                                                          online step-by-step guide to
                                                                                          uploading their manuscript and can
        up and the author’s future selling-      alike, the correlation of the internet   select from a range of formats, the
        power secured for as long as             and Xerox digital print technology       most popular being 6in x 9in. The
        the words keep flowing. For              is dramatically changing how the         final cost will depend upon
        every Stephen King or Harlan             book trade works.                        pagination, use of colour and
        Coben, however, countless                   Whilst a number of recent digital     inclusion of images, but is unlikely
        other manuscripts head straight          technology start-ups have opted          to exceed €10 per copy.
        to the slush pile: a repository of       to provide short-run services               The Lulu print-on-demand
        work dismissed at the very first         – invariably for scientific and          operation is akin to eBay in
        hurdle on the path to publication.       technical publishers – North             facilitating trading on a one-to-one
        It’s salutary to wonder just how         Carolina-based Bob Young has gone        basis, with the decision to buy
        many potential masterpieces have         straight to the heart of the matter.     ungoverned by the dictates of
        never seen the light of day.             For the past two years, his online       volume production/distribution
           Whilst the publishing industry        publishing business         market rules.
        might be concerned with eroding          has provided budding authors with           “It’s the customer’s right to
        margins, risk on investment and          a direct, no-frills medium through       decide what is good and not good;
        excessive retail and distribution        which to transpose digitally-filed                                      ”
                                                                                          it shouldn’t be the supplier’s, says
                                                                                          Young. “We have a book on Lulu
                                                                                          on quantum physics written
        THE AVERAGE PRODUCTION TIME FOR A                                                 by a professor at the Los Alamos
                                                                                          national laboratory. In his view,
        BOOK FROM RECEIVED FILE TO FINISHED                                               it had a limited audience of maybe
        PRODUCT IS JUST FOUR MINUTES                                                      two or three hundred: all other
                                                                                          quantum physicists. That book
                                                                                          would never have been published
        demands, the one thing in plentiful      text and images into a finished          but for Lulu, because no traditional
        supply is raw feedstock. Volume          book format available for print          publisher would want a book that
        out, however, doesn’t equate to          and despatch on demand.                  would only sell so small a quantity.
        volume in. If the text doesn’t merit        Better still, 80 per cent of the         “They need to sell 10,000 copies
        a reasonable print-run in the            sales revenue achieved over and          of any given book to make money
        publisher’s opinion, then it’ll be       above the cost of production goes        on it. So anyone who has a really
        lucky to even elicit a rejection slip.   direct to the author, with Lulu only     valuable book that might have

        J K Rowling received 15 rejections       picking up the smaller balance; the      an audience of only a couple of >

                                                                                                                                 XEROXMAGAZINE 11
                                                thousand people on the planet           additional Xerox equipment to keep
         LULU’S BEST BOOKS                      will never get published.   ”           up with demand. Meanwhile, Lulu’s
                                                   Lulu is the perfect home for         turnover is growing by 10 per cent
                                                books aimed at extremely niche          month-on-month. If current rates
         1    HOW TO START A WEDDING            markets, such as Richard Brown’s        are maintained, total sales of
                                                Replica Watch Report, on how            around €1.7m achieved during 2004
                                                to spot a fake Omega or Rolex           will have soared to €8.5m by the
         2    FINDING THE CAN IN CANCER         watch. In championing the               end of this financial year.
                                                cause of under-serviced authors
         3    LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT             and readers, Bob Young has tapped       The four-minute book
                                                into a lucrative vein with minimal      The average initial print run for a
         4    THE ULTIMATE TATTOO GUIDE         risk. Lulu now has over 25,000          Lulu title is less than two. At no
                                                different titles on file. The website   point in the process – from the
         5    ACTING FOR IDIOTS                 is visited daily by over 30,000         initial uploading of the manuscript
                                                prospective purchasers and the          onto the Lulu website, the transfer
         6    THE 21 MINUTE BIBLE               online publisher’s printing partner,    of the file to ColorCentric and its
                                                ColorCentric – based in Rochester,      passage through the Xerox iGen3
         7    HOW TO BECOME AN ALPHA MALE       New York State – has three Xerox        digital press to finished format – is
                                                iGen3 and four DocuTech 6180            the book touched by human hand.
         8    THE GOLDEN GIRLS TRIVIA BOOK      presses producing Lulu titles at           The average production time
                                                a rate of 40,000 units per month.       for any book from receipt of file to
         9    LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR KIDS AREN’T      ColorCentric is installing           finished product is four minutes.
              TELLING YOU
         10 JFK IS STILL ALIVE

LULU IS THE PERFECT HOME FOR BOOKS                                              a totally different internal process.
                                                                                If you’re talking hardware, forget
AIMED AT EXTREMELY NICHE MARKETS,                                               it – because if you’re not talking
SUCH AS ‘REPLICA WATCH REPORT’                                                  bits, bytes and bandwidth, you’re
                                                                                not talking on-demand printing.
                                                                                Anyone can buy the equipment;
In reality, the popularity of Lulu    equipment. ColorCentric were the          our value is the process.   ”
books is such that a 48-hour queue    ones who said if you’re committed            It’s a difference that’s paying
is the norm. ColorCentric plans       to giving us a file that we can plug      dividends. Lulu’s 40,000 books
to cut that by half with the new      into our system, and that can go          represent only 50 per cent of
Xerox machines.                       straight through the production           ColorCentric’s monthly production
   Just as with the internet and      process without us getting involved       on behalf of the book trade; the
digital print technology, Lulu and    until it’s ready for distribution, then   balance going to publisher-
ColorCentric are a natural fit.       we can do that for exactly the            requested short-run reprints. The
“In business, you’re always looking   same price for one book as for 100.       company also applies its one-as-
for partners who get it; suppliers    The printing engine doesn’t care.    ”    standard approach to printing a
you don’t have to convince to do         According to ColorCentric CEO          range of photographic material
things the way you want because       John Lacagnina, many offset               and customised business cards.
they already know better than you     printers extending into digital still        And the next step? Lulu is
could ever have explained, says       fall into a habitual mind-set of          actively looking for other Xerox
Bob Young. “We spoke to a lot of      thinking in terms of print runs.          users across Europe and Asia
print shops who had Xerox                “On-demand printing requires           – next stop, the world! I

                                                                                  ON-DEMAND THE
                                                                                  SPANISH WAY
                                                                                  Said to be the largest digital printing centre in
                                                                                  Europe, Publidisa S.A. provided digitally printed
                                                                                  short-run services for book publishers in Spain and
                                                                                  Mexico for over five years. Equipped with two iGen3
                                                                                  presses, ten DocuTech 6180 and two DocuPrint 850
                                                                                  continuous feed machines, the Spanish company
                                                                                  prints millions of A3 sheets a month.
                                                                                     Once a text has been digitally stored, publishers
                                                                                  can call off quantities specifically printed to meet
                                                                                  distribution requirements, thus minimising initial
                                                                                  investment levels and inventory charges.
                                                                                     “The quality of books produced by Publidisa is a
                                                                                  recognised benchmark across Europe, says Alfonso
                                                                                  Garcia Laiz, Xerox’s publishing manager for Spain.
                                                                                  “By integrating online services with the latest
                                                                                  digital technology, they’re providing a short-run on-
                                                                                  demand service for hundreds of customers and have
                                                                                  plans to expand their business to other countries.
                                                                                  Irrespective of location, the Publidisa service can
                                                                                  get the precise number of books required printed
                                                                                  and delivered to distributors within days.  ”
Spotlight on the…

495 Continuous Feed
     aintaining its increased focus on the     high-volume data centres, service agencies,
M    continuous feed print market, Xerox
recently launched the 495 Continuous Feed
                                               financial institutions, insurance and direct
                                               mail operations. Meanwhile, high quality
Duplex Printer.                                images are ensured by a 600 dpi resolution
   With a maximum speed of 472 A4 images       and non-contact flash fusing.
per minute, the printer excels at the quick       Versatility is key to the 495’s success: it
turnaround times that are crucial to this      can print on a range of substrates, including
market. The 495 is ideally suited to           plastic, RFID transponders, cards, labels and
transaction printing environments such as      paper. Want to know more? Read on…

                A smart mover
                Continuous feed and continuous speed.                                           SS
                The 495 provides high resolution
                printing at 472 ipm. It also has the
                ability to operate long, unattended runs
                for higher productivity using roll feed
                unwinders and automated finishing.


                                                     Image is everything
                                        5.           High-quality output is assured
                                                     with Xerox’s small particle toner
                                                    and flash fusing technology: it
                                                  does not come into contact with the
                                                substrate and causes minimal heat,
                                                thus reducing shrinkage and keeping
                                                moisture levels even.

 Space race
 Because of its twin drum
 configuration within one device,
 the Xerox 495 is much smaller than
 competitive machines, taking up about
 50 per cent of the space used by
 traditional continuous feed printers.   operator
                                         Using a colour touch GUI
                                         (graphical user interface) display
                                         and the Xerox controller
                                         common to all Xerox’s
                                         continuous feed printers makes
                                         for easy operation. All actions
                                         can be performed from the
                                         controller panel, including print
                                         jobs and resource management.

                                                       Flexible friend
                                                       The 495 can operate with paper
                                                       weights from 64g/m2 to 157g/m2 and
                                                       with a range of speciality papers
                                                       and adhesive stocks. Web
                                                       widths from 165mm to 457mm
                                                       are handled with ease, with
                                                       an image size of up to
                                                       432mm x 711mm.

                                                                              EXPERT’S VIEW

                                                                                                                          GETTY; PUNCHSTOCK/DIGITAL VISION/BRAND X; MARTYN F CHILLMAID; SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY
                                                                                              “The Xerox 495
                                                                                              Continuous Feed
                                                                                              Duplex Printer will add
                                                                                              new ‘highs’ to any
                                                                                              print room outputting
                                                                              transactional applications – high
                                                                              speed, high quality, high reliability,
                                                                              high efficiency. It offers a cost-

                                                                              effective solution for the time-critical,
     Double bill                                                              profit-driven continuous printing
     A duplex printer, the 495                                                market in the UK.
     uses a two-drum imaging and                                              “In one machine, the Xerox 495
     development system, which                                                brings together simplex, duplex,
     ensures the same print speed (472                                        extensive flexibility, productivity,
      ipm) when printing both sides of                                        crisp reproduction of text, fine lines
        the paper. The machine is also                                        and images, consistency and the

4.       ideal for simplex jobs.                                              ability to handle a stack of data. All
                                                                              this and an amazingly small footprint
                                                                              make it a continuous winner.   ”
                                                                              Mark Rushton

                                                                                                   XEROXMAGAZINE 15
                   light                                                 fantastic
                                          As manufacturers switch on to the new
                                          challenges of light production printing,
                                          it’s well worth considering how they could
                                          benefit your business. By Theo Zavos

                               ccording to the latest research      making the significant investment of a full-

                   A           based on data from Infosource,
                               light production devices are
                               becoming more and more popular
                   with the market growing by almost 20 per
                   cent each year. In line with its innovative
                                                                    scale move to digital print. Without breaking
                                                                    the bank, it allows companies to gauge what
                                                                    benefits they will gain from introducing
                                                                    variable data and personalisation. Light
                                                                    production printers answer the needs of
                   development philosophy Xerox is striving         today’s fast turnaround, on-demand market.
                   to stay ahead of its competitors by launching       These machines are cost-effective, but
                   light production machines that offer             they’re also crammed with features that
                   customers added value.                           allow them to work across a range of
                      So how could a light production machine       applications, including printing, scanning,
                   benefit your business? Well, there are           proofing, copying and archiving, all in one
                   a number of questions that you need to ask       compact device. The printers offer many of
                   yourself before making the investment:           the benefits enjoyed by their bigger brothers,
                   I Do I take too long over time-sensitive jobs?   such as high-quality output, runs as short as
                   I Do I need to introduce any extended            one, variable data inclusion, versatility of
                   colour options?                                  paper handling, finishing options and, in
                   I Are my run lengths decreasing?
                   I Do I need to move into digital but can’t       THE LIGHT PRODUCTION MARKET
                   afford to invest in high-end technology?
                   I Should I be moving with the times and          IS EXPECTED TO DOUBLE IN SIZE
                   keeping up with customer demand?                 EACH YEAR FOR THE NEXT THREE
                   I Are my volumes increasing, but not
                   enough to warrant an additional high-end         OR FOUR YEARS
                   production machine?
                   I Do my lower-volume print runs need to          many cases, the ability to print in full colour.
                   happen in a limited time-frame?                     As production runs continue to fall,
                   I Would I benefit from a more                    the ability to print short runs, on-demand
                   flexible approach?                               and often locally is becoming the norm.
                      If the answer to any of these questions       Light production printers allow you to move
                   is ‘yes’, then light production could be worth   smaller runs away from the high-productivity,
                   thinking about seriously.                        high-cost machines, to a device whose
                                                                    output has the same quality and consistency.
                   Packing a hefty punch                            So, those who run fast, high quality, low
                   Although light production machines have a        volume jobs – in monochrome or colour – will
                   smaller footprint and are compact in design,     find they are suited to their business.
                   they should not be underestimated, and pack         Light production also offers a great
                   a hefty punch when it comes to benefits.         opportunity to bring jobs in-house – it’s a
                      Essentially, light production is a cost-      relatively inexpensive way to regain control
                   effective alternative for those wishing          over jobs you need to print regularly such as
                   to enter the digital market without              marketing collateral, booklets, brochures,

                                                                                                    THE MACHINES
                                                                                                    Xerox DocuColor 250
                                                                                                    I Print, copy and scanning options
                                                                                                    I Runs 65 pages a minute black
                                                                                                    and white, and 50 pages colour
                                                                                                    I Handles up to 5,260 sheets in
                                                                                                    weights up to 300gsm
                                                                                                    I A range of finishing options
                                                                                                    including stapling, hole punching
                                                                                                    and saddle-stitched booklet making
                                                                                                    I Increased toner capacity – runs
                                                                                                    with two blacks and one each of
                                                                                                    the C,M,Y colours
                                                                                                    I First page out in 4.3 seconds
                                                                                                    for black and white, and just 7.8
                                                                                                    seconds for colour
reports and company presentations.                capabilities are similar to light production
Generally, light production machines              machines’, but when you use the former the
do not require a full-time operator, either.      finishing is undertaken either on off-line        Xerox 4110 Copier/Printer
This means you can reduce manpower                equipment or on equipment connected to            I Offers copy, print, scan and
and shipping costs by controlling jobs            the production printer. This work is also often   network scanning with email
centrally but printing them locally.              contracted out to specialist companies. While     I Both simplex and duplex printing
                                                  light production offers extensive finishing, a    I Runs at 110 pages a minute at
Establishing what’s needed                        high-end device supports more capabilites         2400 x 2400dpi
What is the difference between a light            and offers higher throughput speeds.              I Total paper capacity is
production machine and one of its big                Another difference between the two lies in     8,225 sheets
brothers, for example, a DocuTech production      supported papers and capacity. Light              I Stapling and hole punch, with
publisher? At first glance they seem to have      production offers an extensive range of           optional booklet-maker and folder
the same capabilities, so you may be              supported materials to print, but high-end        I Easy operation through a simple
thinking, “If it’s more cost-effective, why not   devices take this even further. They are          colour touchscreen interface
transfer all my jobs from a high-end              equipped to support long production runs
production device to a number                     using various kinds of paper in one job.
of light production machines?”                       Essentially, the two products serve two
   A light production device, however, does       different markets. The beauty is that Xerox
not fit everyone’s needs. To find out if it       has a range of production devices that allow

does, you need to establish exactly what          it to cater for both. You can cherry-pick the     A choice of powerful
output you require.                               right machine for specific print jobs. In so      printer controllers
   With a high-end production device – for        doing, you work more efficiently and create
example, one of the DocuTech series               new business opportunities. I                     Xerox 4110 Copier/Printer
– you need to begin by looking at its                                                               I Fiery EXP4110
maximum monthly volumes. These machines                                                             I Xerox Embedded Controller
are designed to print extremely high monthly
volumes whereas light production devices                                                            Xerox DocuColor 250
are suited to lower volumes. High-end                                                               I EFI® Fiery® EXP250
production devices are also better suited                                                           I Creo™ Spire™ CX250
to running peak volumes – for example,                                                              I Xerox FreeFlow™ DXP250
a large run of wage slips or a set of
invoice returns.
   Both types of device offer extensive
finishing facilities such as stacking, folding,
stitching, inserting etc. However, these
functions are built into a light production
device, which means it can produce pages as
complete documents. Because of this quality                  For information about Xerox
light production machines are also preferable                Production products or services
                                                             featured in this magazine, just
if there is no off-line finishing equipment
available. High-end devices’ finishing

                                                                                                                     XEROXMAGAZINE 17
  Partner or perish:
                        the smart way to
        Strategic alliances will help you
        extend your product and service
        offering without spending more
        capital. By Edward Russell-Walling
                                             I    t’s partner or perish, declared Xerox
                                                  Chairman and CEO Anne Mulcahy in a
                                                  recent speech. She was highlighting
                                             the growing role of partnerships in
                                             delivering Xerox technology and services.
                                             But she was also acknowledging the
                                             wider truth that strategic alliances have
        Illustrations: Rebecca Halls
                                             become the key to survival for many
                                             businesses, both large and small.
                                                Business leaders are discovering that
                                             alliances are no longer just a strategic
                                             option, but a necessity, particularly in
                                             markets with a strong technological or
                                             research base. This realisation has been
                                             growing since the late 1990s. As early
                                             as 2001, Matt Schifrin, then editor of
                                    felt able to write: “Alliances

grow your business
  may be the most powerful trend that has   management consultancy Bain &                   Some of the most successful alliances
  swept business in the past 100 years.     Company. Companies can form                     have been created to accomplish very
    That's quite a statement. So what       these special relationships with a              specific goals. US telecoms group
  exactly are strategic alliances?          wide variety of players – customers,            BellSouth partnered with its Dutch
  “Agreements between firms in which        suppliers, competitors and even                 counterpart, KPN, to secure a foothold
  each commits resources to achieve a       universities or government agencies.            in the German mobile phone market.
  common set of objectives, explains          “Through strategic alliances, companies       Nestlé and Häagen Dazs teamed up
                                            can improve competitive positioning, gain       to take on Unilever in the US ice cream
                                            entry to new markets, supplement critical       market. The alliance married Nestlé’s
“ALLIANCES MAY BE                           skills and share the risk or cost of major      manufacturing strength and presence in
THE MOST POWERFUL                                                   ”
                                            development projects, Bain observes.            the children’s market with Häagen Dazs’
                                              The alliances we hear about are those         brand superiority and adult focus.
TREND THAT HAS                              that link big organisations. Xerox itself has      Yet alliances have an important role for
SWEPT BUSINESS IN                           partnerships with companies including           smaller companies, too. In industries like
                                            Fuji and Adobe. It also works closely           printing, which are becoming commoditised
THE PAST 100 YEARS”                         with EDS on large document                      and where price is crowding out other
                                            management outsourcing contracts.               competitive strategies, they can be >

                                                                                                                    XEROXMAGAZINE 19
especially useful in diversifying the           TEMPTED TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS
product and service offering.
   One common response to tough
                                                THROUGH STRATEGIC ALLIANCES?
market conditions has been consolidation        FOLLOW OUR EXPERT POINTERS FOR
– mergers and acquisitions, in other
words. But mergers have a high failure
                                                POSITIVE RESULTS:
rate due to cost, customer dissatisfaction
and integration difficulties. Alliances allow   I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT from the partnership and why you are
businesses to grow their profile while          entering it. Don’t fall into the trap of regarding the mere achievement of alliance
avoiding those pitfalls. Some business          as a goal in itself.
advisers now describe strategic alliances       I FIND THE RIGHT PARTNER That demands diligent research on the potential
as ‘virtual funding’, because they bring        partner’s market position, key strengths and financial status. If alliance is a recovery
all the benefits associated with a cash         strategy, a partner in as much trouble as you is unlikely to solve your problem. Their
infusion relatively quickly and without         strengths and goals should be compatible with yours – and their corporate culture not
having to borrow money or sell equity.          completely the opposite.
   Of course, not all alliances succeed.        I AVOID CONFLICTS The alliance and each partner’s role should be designed to
In the early 1990s, Apple Computer and          minimise unnecessary competition in the marketplace.
                                                I SHARE INFORMATION Trust and respect are vital ingredients in a successful
ALLIANCES CAN BE                                alliance. An exchange of personnel can help to reinforce trust and understanding.
                                                I SPECIALISE Let each partner do what it does best.
PARTICULARLY                                    I INCENTIVISE Create incentives for co-operation – working together seldom comes
USEFUL IN THE                                   easily to begin with, particularly between former rivals.
                                                I BE FLEXIBLE Alliances shouldn’t be set in stone. Circumstances change, new
PRINT INDUSTRY                                  opportunities arise, and the partnership must be fluid enough to adapt.
                                                I IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FOREVER Alliances should last only as long as they are
IBM famously created a strategic alliance,      useful to both partners. Once the goal is achieved, they can be allowed to lapse
Taligent, to co-develop a next-generation       without rancour. That’s why some say many strategic alliances would be more
microcomputer operating system. It              correctly labelled ‘tactical’ alliances. But it doesn’t sound quite as grand.
faded quietly, but don’t be put off –
manage the alliance correctly and it is
almost certain to work.
   Two of the most popular styles are
marketing alliances and product alliances.
In a marketing alliance, firms exchange
client bases – you get access to another
company’s customers, and may earn a
royalty on their sales to your customers.
   In a product alliance, you offer another
company’s complementary goods and
services to your customers – expanding
your range without costly investment.
Know-how alliances may incorporate
new software or support in an existing
offering. Combinations of all these may
extend innovation, geographic reach,
product range and service quality in
different ways. So, it is an attractive
proposition not just for a company aiming
to survive, but also for one that is looking
to consolidate and expand. I


Why don’t my digital colour chips match the ones
printed in the last issue of Xerox Magazine?                         WIN! PANTONE BOOKS
Gomes da Luna, Coimbra, Portugal                                     Pantone books – just the thing to ensure
Matching colour chips to examples of client copies is                your digital press is churning out what
possibly the greatest challenge a printer has. So much
can affect the final colour – from the type of proofing
                                                                     your client asked for. We’re giving away
device the designer is using, to the brand                           one of these indispensable colour
of paper the job is being printed on. In this case, the              guides – worth £500.
discrepancy in colours is most likely because Xerox                  For your chance to win, simply send
Magazine is produced on a different paper stock                      a postcard with your name, address,
and printer combination to that used by the                          email address and telephone number
accredited Pantone chips.                                            by 21 April 2006 to: Xerox Magazine,
  Research into solutions to bring order to the
                                                                     Xerox Europe Ltd, Riverview, Oxford
chaos of ‘colour standardisation’ between processes
is ongoing. Meanwhile, the key to these problems is                  Road, Middlesex UB8 1HS, United Kingdom.
constant dialogue between client and printer. This                   Alternatively, you can send an email with the
might be an old-fashioned method, but it is at least                 same information to
a very good way to get closer to your customer!                      See back cover for terms and conditions.

My customers are particularly              and that includes providing customers    environmentally sound suppliers,
concerned about green issues.              with environment-friendly hardware.      equipment contains re-usable parts,
It was nice to show them your                Toner cartridges are just the tip of   and hazardous substances have
feature on toner recycling last            the iceberg. All Xerox equipment is      been eliminated. To find out more,
issue. What else can I tell them?          energy efficient, with features like     go to
Ludo Meitzner, Essen, Germany              easy two-sided printing to conserve      and download the Xerox 2005
Xerox is proud of its long-standing        paper. The product life cycle is green   Environment, Health and Safety
commitment to the environment –            as can be: paper comes from              Progress Report.

I’m going to IPEX this year with a view to buying              runnability) that could enhance digital output.
finishing equipment for my digital press. I have                 Thankfully, this is now being resolved, and IPEX will
limited time, and have heard it’s a huge exhibition.           host a raft of products suitable for optimising digital print
Any ideas how I can make the most of my visit?                 and turning it into products that will appeal to customers.
Jennifer Stringer, Bristol, UK                                 Visit Xerox in Hall 3a and our people will be able to guide
In the past it has been difficult to find finishing products   you through the options available. A number of partner
that were compatible (in terms of speed, quality and           companies will also be exhibiting compatible products.

              *       DON’T FORGET TO USE YOUR ‘XEROX GUIDE TO IPEX’ – INSIDE THIS MAGAZINE – to plan your
                      trip. You’ll find exclusive previews of the show highlights with details of the integrated
                      application zones and the comprehensive range of business-led seminars.

                                                                                                           XEROXMAGAZINE 21
                     EMAIL US AT MAGAZINE@XEROX.COM

                                                                                                    QUICK CLINIC
                       ASK THE EXPERT                                                                     I have been experiencing
                       We’ve been asked to supply print on either
                       FSC-accredited or recycled stock. Will this
                       impair productivity or performance?
                                                                                                    Q     problems with the paper I
                                                                                                          am running on my digital
                                                                                                    press. Any ideas?
                       Stefano Agostino, Treviso, Italy                                             Paper is often made to be optimised
                                                                                                    for specific print technologies. So,
                                                               will by definition be FSC
                                          Des King says:                                            using an offset paper for digital
                                                               accredited. This is not something
                                          As an existing                                            printing is rather like putting diesel in
                                                               Xerox has felt the need to flag up
                                          Xerox user,                                               a petrol engine – it just doesn’t work.
                                                               hitherto, largely because as
                                          you’ll already                                               Make sure that the paper you are
                                                               a major global corporation
                                          be aware                                                  using has been developed with the
                                                               Xerox have always insisted
                                          they have                                                 digital print process in mind – you will
                                                               upon responsible management
                       a continuously updated                                                       find the results speak for themselves.
                                                               standards throughout its
                       recommended media list (RML)                                                    Xerox has a whole range of papers,
                                                               supply chain. This self-imposed
                       that ensures you select the                                                  which have been developed hand-in-
                                                               interpretation of fitness for
                       optimum paper stock for your                                                 hand with the print technology,
                                                               purpose applies to every aspect
                       equipment. There are post-                                                   optimising output results and
                                                               of the Xerox business model.
                       consumer recycled stocks to mill                                             leading to productivity gains.
                                                                 It is worth noting that FSC is
                       specification included in this list.                                            As well as regular printing papers,
                                                               by no means the sole benchmark
                         FSC, the Forestry Stewardship                                              Xerox also offers carbonless and
                                                               by which to assess forestry best
                       Council, is an NGO initiative                                                recycled stocks, and a selection of
                                                               practice. Xerox maintains a
                       aimed at raising awareness                                                   speciality media for a wide range of
                                                               policy of continuous assessment
                       of illegal or poorly managed                                                 printing applications.
                                                               in respect of a growing
                       logging. Whilst using an FSC-                                                   For peace of mind, all papers are
                                                               proliferation of national
                       accredited stock is a reflection of                                          also covered by a ‘total satisfaction’
                                                               initiatives. For example, the
                       environmental concern, it has                                                guarantee. So, if within 30 days of
                                                               Canadian CSA scheme – as
                       nothing to do with paper pulp                                                receipt you find that you are not
                                                               well as the Programme for
                       performance attributes.                                                      satisfied with the paper, Xerox will
                                                               the Endorsement of Forest
                         Xerox is naturally in favour of                                            replace it free of charge as part of
                                                               Certification (PEFC), which

                       any environmentally friendly                                                 its ‘no quibble’ guarantee.
                                                               has similar governmental
                       activity, and indeed, only sources
                                                               support to that accorded FSC.
                       paper from mills that are ISO
                                                                 Whilst Xerox has total
                       140001 or EMAS certified. This
                                                               confidence in all RML-approved
                       means that some RML grades
                                                               paper grades, reputable paper
                                                               merchants can also advise
                                                               you on which FSC-accredited,
                                                               environmentally friendly or
                                                               recycled stocks are compatible
                                                                                                     GOT A QUESTION?
                                                                                                            If you have a question for Xerox
                                                               with the efficient running of                or our experts or just want to
                                                               your particular machine.                     comment on the magazine,
                                                                                                            email or
                                                                                                            write to: Xerox Magazine, Xerox
                                                                                                            Europe Ltd, Riverview, Oxford
                       How important is FSC accreditation to your business? Email us at                     Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex
              and your feedback could appear in the next issue.                 UB8 1HS, United Kingdom

                     22 XEROXMAGAZINE
Words from the wise

10 simple ways to
impress customers
           WELCOME THEM                            KEEP IT CLEAN                          CAUSE A STIR

1 5 8
           WITH OPEN ARMS                          Think about                            Have a menu
           A welcome sign in                       your workplace –                       of drinks. Tea
           reception will make                     chipped cups, a                        and coffee are
           customers feel valued                   scruffy reception                      expected. But
           from the second they                    area or dirty                          it doesn’t cost
           arrive. To elicit that                  windows all tell                       much to provide
extra warm, fuzzy feeling, tell      the customer that you don’t care.   something a little more
your team who is coming so                                               interesting. And instead of just    CUSTOMER SERVICE
they can greet them by name.                                             biscuits, go for fruit and sweets   EXPERT:
                                                                                                             DEREK WILLIAMS
                                                     USE ANY             – retro favourites like lemon

                                                     COMPLAINTS          sherberts will bring back misty-    Derek Williams is an
                                                                                                             international speaker,
              DELIVER EARLY                          TO YOUR             eyed childhood memories.

                                                                                                             author and the UK guru
              Under-promise                          ADVANTAGE                                               of customer service.
              and over-deliver.                      Don’t moan:                                             He is the creator of the
                                                                                                             WOW! Awards™ for
              If a job will take                     accept complaints                  MAKE IT FUN

                                                                                                             outstanding customer
              a week then                            graciously and                     Make your shop       service and has created a
                                                                                                             customer service network
              allow extra time       treat them as nuggets of pure                      or office a fun
                                                                                                             spanning 34 countries.
              and amaze your         gold. Think of them as free                        place to visit. It   Derek is also Chief
customer by delivering it early.     customer feedback – and a real                     has to be fun for    Executive for the Society
                                                                                                             of Consumer Affairs
                                     opportunity to improve service                     you, fun for your    Professionals in Europe.
                                     and increase loyalty. And make                     team and fun
               MAKE IT               sure you fix, and follow-up on,     for your customers. If you’re

3 7
               PERSONAL              any complaints.                     enjoying yourself, your
               Talk to your                                              customers will too.
               customers about
               their interests –                    BE HAPPY
               even if they’re not                  Always smile

               related to your                      when you greet a
business. Maybe a car show, a                       customer either in
rock concert or a business event.                   person or on the
                                                    phone. The
                                                    customer can
                 GIVE THEM A         sense if you are not pleased to

                 GUARANTEE           see them. And don’t forget to       A THOUSAND THANK YOUS
                 Guarantee what      make eye contact.                   Understand the power of
                 you do. If your                                                    .
                                                                         “thank you” Thank your
                 customer is not                                         customers. Thank your team.
                 happy with your                                         Thank your referral sources.
                 work, you would                                         And try sending a “thank you”
probably move heaven and earth                                           note to customers that pay you
to put things right. So why not                                          promptly – it can have an
guarantee it?                                                            amazing effect!
Workplace of the
Document management is
destined to remain critical to a
company’s success – are your
machines in the right hands?

                                   hat’s made the
                                                        futuremanagement inventions over the          automated control of electronic

                    W              biggest difference to
                                   your working life over
                                   the past decade or
                    so? If you’ve answered the water
                    cooler or dress-down Friday, think
                                                              past 60 years. If you had asked the
                                                              average person back in 1949 what
                                                              they thought their business needed
                                                              to survive, the answer might have
                                                              been “a typewriter” .
                                                                                                      documents through their entire life
                                                                                                      cycle within an organisation, from
                                                                                                      initial creation to final archiving.
                                                                                                         According to research firm IDC,
                                                                                                      by 2007 offices around the world
                    again. It’s more likely to have been        Now, it’s impossible to imagine       will produce 4.5 trillion pages of
                    the digital printer, email, networked     an office without a photocopier,        hard copy information.
                    computers or scanners. The                fax machine, computer or printer.          As businesses try to reduce
                    truth is that the ability to manage         A recent Xerox study, conducted       costs and improve productivity,
                    documents efficiently (and cost-          with global information company         what’s going to be critical is not
                    effectively) has had – and will           VNU, found that 61 per cent of          eliminating paper, but streamlining
                    continue to have – the most               European companies agreed               exactly how documents are
                    impact on the modern workplace.           document management is “critical        handled. We need to work smarter,
                       Take a look, below, at the             to the success of my organisation”.     as well as quicker and cheaper. To
                    milestones in document                    Document management is the              do so, more and more companies

              1950                                          1960                                    1970

                   1949 Xerox introduces the first            1968 The facsimile comes into           1970 The floppy disk is invented
                   xerographic copier, called Model A         common usage in offices around
                                                              the world (it takes six minutes to      1973 Ethernet (local computer
                                                              transmit an A4 page)                    network) is invented by Robert
                                                                                                      Metcalfe and Xerox

                                                                                                      1976 The ink-jet printer is invented

 are finding that it pays to contract     director of workplace resources.
 their print management to an             “We went from having to process           THE PRINT PREDICTION
 external firm. For, by doing so,
 they save significant cash and
                                          over 3,000 invoices per quarter
                                          across Europe from all device,
                                                                                    THEY GOT WRONG...
 improve efficiency.                      consumables and maintenance
   Sound like a strange idea? Then,       suppliers, to just one invoice per        In the 1980s, trend forecasters predicted that by the
 consider this scenario. Your office      country per month from Xerox.   ”         year 2000, we wouldn’t need paper any more: all our
 houses the full range of document           Offices that keep print                paper needs would be met by computers. The rise
 management devices: copiers,             management in-house tend to rely          and rise of computers and word processors in the
                                                                                    1990s, coupled with the staggering growth of email
                                                                                    and the internet, made it seem even more likely. The
 “WE WENT FROM 3,000 INVOICES PER                                                   paperless office seemed a certainty, and the printing
 QUARTER FROM ACROSS EUROPE TO ONE                                                  world readied itself for big changes.
                                                                                       But instead of paper disappearing, there was a
 PER COUNTRY PER MONTH FROM XEROX”                                                  demand for more paper than ever. The reason is
                                                                                    simple: the sheer amount of content available over
 printers, faxes. For large parts         on staff that lack expertise in the       the internet, plus the ease of sending documents
 of the day, they stand idle. When        field, which means they take longer       between computers and organisations, has created a
 they do need to be used, glitches        to fix a problem than an expert           need to print material that was formerly either not
 occur that can only be solved            might. Xerox – who have similar           obtainable, or available through different media.
 by someone in IT, if it all.             relationships with companies such            What’s more, easy access to advanced technology
    These machines cost thousands         as Lloyds TSB and Carillion – has         has made virtually anyone with a penchant for
 to buy and maintain, yet will            found these companies hold twice          desktop publishing able to produce, say,
 inevitably be replaced with new          as many devices as they need,             professional-looking newsletters, flyers and
 models – a successful company            particularly since the multifunction      invitations – or even print their own photos.
 needs the latest technology,             system (see timeline below) hit the          The print world as we knew it in the 1980s has
 after all. And the general opinion       market. Plus, the devices incur so        changed, but the need for fast, efficient printing
 among staff is that the printers         many costs that their financing is,       solutions is greater than ever...

 are expensive, unreliable and            generally, poorly managed.
 frustratingly inefficient. Sound            So it is not surprising that Sun
 sadly familiar? It doesn’t have          cut costs by 10 per cent when
 to be this way.                          it outsourced its document
    In 2004, Xerox assumed full           management to Xerox.
 responsibility for document                 Of course, there is a lot to
 management devices at Sun                consider before you change how
 Microsystems. That meant running         an organisation works and it pays
 the printers, copiers, scanners and      to take the time to find a solution
 faxes in 119 offices across 31           that suits your needs. Fail to take
 countries. “The benefits were            that step soon, though, and your
 clear, says Larry Matarazzi, Sun’s
       ”                                  company could fall behind. I

1980                                    1990                                     2000

 1981 The IBM-PC is invented, and         1991 The internet as we know it is      2000 The widespread introduction
 Xerox introduces the 8010 Star           made publicly available                 of the multifunction system,
 Information System, the first to                                                 a device that acts as a fax,
 interlink office computers on a          1993 The Pentium processor              scanner, digital printer and
 central network with a unique,           is invented                             photocopier
 bitmapped screen, windows,
 mouse-driven interface and icons
 1985 Windows is invented

                                                                                                                       XEROXMAGAZINE 25
Xerox customer service

Calling out
around the world
You may have benefited from Xerox’s expert
software support, but did you realise that in one
telephone call you might speak to specialists
in several countries? We map your potential route
Photography: Marcus Pietrek

STEP 1 Dublin
All European calls initially head to
Xerox’s Welcome & Support Centre in
Dublin. This ISO 9001-certified facility
is a centralised source of expertise
and Xerox agents will quickly direct
your call to the right place. If your
problem is related to hardware, Xerox
will rapidly arrange a visit from a local
engineer. If it is to do with software,
a Dublin agent will transfer your call to
your country’s support centre. Here,
Xerox analysts have access to Eureka,
an award-winning database of
potential faults and appropriate
solutions. They use state-of-the-art
remote customer-assistance tools
to work towards a solution over the
phone. More than 75 per cent
of software problems are fixed in this
way, but if yours is not, Xerox will                           IF A PROBLEM CAN
send an expert to your office. In the
unlikely event that this does not solve
                                                               BE FIXED, XEROX
your problem, Xerox will escalate it to                        SCIENTISTS ACROSS
the next level. >
                                                               THE WORLD WILL FIX IT

                                            To learn more about Xerox’s customer service

              STEP 2 Aulnay, Welwyn and Neuss
              > You’re now directed to one of Xerox’s three European specialist support
              centres in Aulnay, France; Welwyn Garden City, England; and the German
              centre in Neuss. The location depends on your product and the nature
              of the problem. For example, if your call concerns a continuous feed
              problem, you’re put through to Aulnay; if it is to do with an iGen3, then your
              call is directed to Welwyn; and a query relating to Nuvera is directed to
              Neuss. At each destination, specialists apply sophisticated scientific
                methods to diagnose and fix the problem. They have access to Eureka, but
                      they can also use dedicated printer laboratories to replicate your
                          problem and try potential resolutions. Usually, they are able to
                             resolve the matter swiftly. On the rare occasion they cannot
                                help, crack teams around the world are ready and waiting. >

                                       STEP 3 New York State, USA
                                       > Your call has now reached Level 3. For most, this happens once
                                       in a working lifetime and involves being hooked up to one of Xerox’s
                                       advanced support and development teams across the world. Many
                                       are located in and around the Xerox HQ in New York State, the nerve
                                       centre of the company’s global network. Here, your Level 2 contact will
                                       speak to the scientists and futurologists who develop Xerox’s products
                                       and who train consultants and specialists throughout the company.
                                       Rest assured that if a problem can be fixed, they will fix it. I

options, contact your Xerox representative

                                                                                                           XEROXMAGAZINE 27
                                                                                                                                   Our cover photo shows the Xerox
                                                                                                                                   Magazine paper stock in its virgin
                                                                                                                                   form – before the iGen3 works
                                                                                                                                   its magic!
                                                                                                                                   Photograph: Paul Taylor; Getty

                                                                                                               There’s a new way to look at things.
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