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                              MHR 724: PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Instructor:   Lisa Wood                                    Class location          1230 Grainger
Office:       TBD                                          Class time:             1:00-2:15
Phone:        H 274-3242 W 664-8289                        Office Hours            TBD

Project Management is a topic receiving a tremendous amount of attention today -- from both
business press and business professionals. Organizations that can manage projects effectively
are able to beat competitors to the market with new innovations. And in today’s business
environments, being the first to market -- even by only a few weeks -- can mean millions of
dollars to an organization in terms of establishing brand loyalty and capturing market share.
Additionally, project managers in consulting organizations who are able to plan, implement, and
finish clients’ projects on time and on budget are among the most valued individuals in their

This course addresses the skills needed to become a successful project manager. The course
covers four modules over the semester:

       Basic Project Management Tools & Techniques                      10 weeks
       Advanced Project Management                                      2 weeks
       Software Training                                                1 week
       Applied Project Management                                       2 weeks

Project Management Tools & Techniques: This module will include lectures, exercises, and
problem-solving focusing on the central tools and techniques used by successful project

Advanced Project Management: Information about project-oriented organizations. This
module will include a study of real life projects, included a project in crisis.

Project Management Software Training: This module will include hands-on training with
Microsoft Project Management Software. MS Project is a powerful software package currently
used in industry for managing a wide variety of projects.

Applied Project Management: This module will focus on applying course material to student
projects or studies of corporate projects.

Text: Project Management, A Managerial Approach. Jack R. Meredith, Samuel J. Mantel, Jr.

Other readings will be distributed in class. Note: Class lectures often contain information not
found in the readings. Attending class and taking notes are factors for good performance in this
Microsoft Project software and manual (student addition). Available through DoIT or the
University Bookstore; approximately $130. This software is NOT currently installed in the
computer lab.

It is acceptable to use other project management software tools as well as spreadsheet tools such
as Excel for exercises and simulations.

Your performance in this course will be evaluated as follows:

             Exam #1                                             25%
             Class Participation                                 20%
             Exercises & Case Studies                            30%
             Final Paper                                         25%

Work submitted late without prior arrangements, will receive a reduced grade according to the
following scale:

             two days late                     -15 points from original grade
             four days late                    -25 points from original grade
             over four days late               no credit

Final grades for the course are based on the following distribution of total percentage points:
               A = 100 to 92                          C=78 to 69
               AB=91 to 89                            D=68 to 62
               B=88 to 82                             F=61 and below
               BC=81 to 79

1. Class will begin at 1:00.
2. The work you submit as an individual in this course will be assumed to be your own work.
3. Academic dishonesty will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by the rules and
   regulations of this university.
4. Should an opportunity for extra credit in the course arise, it will be announced in class.
5. Unexcused absences from exams will result in a grade of zero for that exam. Make-up
   exams for excused absences will be essay and problem-solving exams.
6. Work should be submitted in class on the due date unless otherwise noted.
7. If you wish to request a re-evaluation of the grading of one or more of your answers on an
   exam, please submit the graded exam and a written rebuttal for re-evaluation. Requests must
   be submitted by one week after the exam is returned to the class.


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