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									                         Persuasive Research Paper
                                 English III
             Persuasion Research Paper: A Plan for Improvement

In this essay, you will create a plan to improve your community. You need to do copious
research so that you will have a great deal of information to persuade others that your plan
would make the community a better place in which to live. It is your job to be convincing and
knowledgeable. You may create a plan that affects any community of which you are a
member. For instance, school, church, neighborhood, city, country, and world are all
acceptable communities. However, be sure to create a plan that can be supported with

Possible topics:

Goals of the Research Paper:
By use of research and documented citations, you will address your specific topic. The
topics are persuasive and should be approached as such in your paper. Therefore, you must
be sure your thesis statement presents an argument. Your paper should clearly argue one
side of the topic you are discussing. This is NOT a personal opinion paper… it is NOT an
ESSAY. You will prove your topic by using documented research gathered from authorities
on the subject. Your paper will include direct quotes and paraphrasing (putting researched
information in you own words that still must be documented!!).

It is imperative that you not just merely insert a quote from research, but instead you
carefully craft the paper by combining quotes and paraphrasing with some commentary
sentences to develop your ideas. Utilize transitional words and phrases to ensure that your
paper “flows” smoothly. Be sure your paper is well organized, has cohesion and MAKES

**You will be receiving a grade for each step of the process. This is a huge part of your
overall grade. Your success in this class largely depends on your success throughout this
process. You will have requirements that will be checked at regular intervals and scheduled
deadlines. There will be many minor grades during this unit.

**You are REQUIRED to use any and ALL research time for the paper. You will not be
allowed to use the excuse that you will do your research later on your own. You will be given
DAILY grades for working in the computer lab/ library during class. You may, of course, do
ADDITIONAL research outside of class.

HIGHLIGHTERS, Pens, and Paper - BRING EVERYDAY. I will not supply these, so BRING

TIME I HAVE SCHEDULED. You will receive daily grades for working in the lab during
these days. You MUST be working on YOUR PAPER on work days or you will receive a zero.

***Bring a flash drive to save your work and continue typing at home.

   1.   Your essay must be 600-800 words, MLA format, typed, 12 point TIMES NEW
        ROMAN, double spaced paper with one inch margins.

   2. Your essay must have an introduction with an attention grabber, interesting
      commentary, and a clear and specific thesis statement.

   3. Use proper grammatical and punctuation conventions. The essay should be logically
      organized – each paragraph should use topic and closing sentences to transition to
      the next paragraph.

   4. ***Include the 5 sentence structures and UNDERLINE when you use them in your
      paper. See following page for required sentences

   5. Your essay needs to include the use of 3 reliable resources with information that
      supports your argument and 1 reliable resource supporting your opposition’s
      argument. ALL resources should be documented in the essay as well as the works
      cited page.

   6. Your essay needs 3 to 5 body paragraphs filled with pertinent facts and insightful
      commentary to convince your reader that your plan is a good idea. You should include
      at least 2 commentary statements for every research fact. Be certain to
      transition between examples.

   7. Your essay needs a conclusion which leaves your friend with a lasting impression
      about the topic. Do not rephrase the points made in the essay. Do not begin the
      conclusion with “In conclusion.”

   8. This essay should show all three elements of the rhetorical triangle: logos, ethos
      and pathos.

   9. Your essay needs to include at least 4 research facts to support your stance, 2
      per body paragraph, and at least 2 research facts which acknowledge the opinions
      of your opposition. That is a total of 10 research facts used in your essay. Each
      one must be properly documented.

   10. This essay needs to use proper MLA documentation and does require a works cited
       page. Lack of citation or a works cited page will deem the essay as plagiarized and,
       therefore, ineligible to receive a grade.
Prescription Checklist: Be sure to use and UNDERLINE the following
sentence structures in your final draft.
2 Appositives     Example: Jogging, one form of exercise, causes knee
                  injuries every year.

1 Compound              Example: Many teenage girls suffer from anorexia, and
Sentences               their bodies pay the price.

1 Semi-Colon            Example: Drugs are bad; they destroy the lives of
                        millions of people!
1 Introductory          Example: In many cases, people begin using drugs because
Prepositional           they believe it is a harmless activity.
YOU must USE MLA (Modern Language Association of America) requirements. MLA does
not use footnotes; it uses parenthetical citations. It also requires a Works Cited Page to list
sources. I have many examples of this, so ASK ME – no reason to lose points here.

You MUST submit your paper to by the due date. Failure to so will result
in a loss of a letter grade.

Research Paper Due Dates:
Throughout this process, you will have the following grade checks worth 100 points:
(25) Thesis Statement:
(25) Source Check
(25) Research Check (Rough Draft)
(25) Work Cited page
                           *See Calendar for detailed list of due dates/ work days.

The final paper (a hard copy is due to me AND an e-copy is to be submitted by the same day as well) is due on Wednesday December, 2 2008
by 3:30 and must be submitted in the following order to receive full credit.

You will submit your work IN THIS ORDER:
        1. e-copy: Submit to
        2. hard copy: Check List – FILLED OUT!
        3. Research Paper
        4. Works Cited Page
        3. ALL copies of research used MUST be highlighted and STAPLED to the BACK of
        your paper WITH your ROUGH DRAFT.
        4. If you do not turn in a paper on the assigned day, you will sign a sheet for me so I
        am aware of why your paper is not done and you are aware of my late policy.

If you are absent, your paper is still due. You are receiving this information 4
weeks in advance, so plan accordingly. Please communicate with me ALONG the way
any questions, issues, concerns you may have.

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