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									     Providing residents with
   convenient access to services
     in a “customer-friendly”                                               Berkley Neighborhood
                                                                            Service Center

                                                                            Department of Neighborhood Preservation
     eighborhood Service Centers
                                                                                                BUREAU OF
are part of the Department of                                                         COMMUNITY OUTREACH
Neighborhood Preservation, Bureau
of Community Outreach. Each year
the four centers serve over 200,000
people. Centers offer an array of
people-oriented services including
community outreach, health, educa-
tional, recreational and social pro-
grams at a local level.

                                                  BUREAU OF
                                        COMMUNITY OUTREACH
                                                        400 Granby Street
                                                       Norfolk, VA 23510                    925 South Main Street
                                                            757-664-6500                       Norfolk, VA 23523
                                           CommunityOutreach@norfolk.gov                            757-664-6450

Services and Programs

Berkley Neighborhood Service Center Programs                                                     GENERAL SERVICES

                                                                                                 Women, Infant, Children (WIC) [494-
Department of Public Health [495-2471]
                                                                                                 2480] This is a supplemental food program.
This department provides medical care and literature to                                          It serves pregnant women, breastfeeding
protect and maintain proper health and living environments                                       women, and women who have children 1-5
                                                                                                 years of age and who are at a nutrition risk.
within the Berkley Neighborhood through frequent health
care and educational workshops, and provides information                                         Norfolk Department of Human
pamphlets to protect citizens from disease outbreaks.                                            Services [664-6455] This agency provides
                                                                                                 social and financial services to indigent cli-
                                                                                                 ents and families, including Temporary Assis-
Learning Entrepreneurs Getting It Together (LEGIT) Teaches youth how to prepare and              tance to Needy Families (TANF), Medicaid,
seek out information for the future.                                                             State Local Hospitalization (SLH), insurance,
                                                                                                 food stamps and energy assistance (heating
                                                                                                 and cooling).
Citizens Learning and Educating About Neighborhood (CLEAN) A mentoring group that
teaches youth how to deal with urban challenges (i.e. Gangs and Sexual Abstinence), as well as   Juvenile Court [664-6475] This agency
preparation on how to gain future employment.                                                    provides supervision for youth who are un-
                                                                                                 der the jurisdiction of the Norfolk Juvenile
Civic Meetings
 Southside Task Force: Every other 1st Tuesday of the month at 8:00 a.m.                       Adult Basic Education (ABE) The Adult
                                                                                                 Basic Education program is designed to meet
 Berkley Advisory Board: 2nd Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m.                               the needs of adults 18 years or older who
 Southside Coalition: 2nd Thursday of each month (call for time)                               desire to learn basic skills in reading, gram-
                                                                                                 mar, writing and math. This program helps
                                                                                                 students prepare for entering a high school
                                                                                                 diploma program or a GED review class.
                                                     Other agencies, organizations and           Department of Recreation, Parks and
                                                     programs utilizing BNSC:                    Open Spaces [664-7434] This department
                                                                                                 provides recreational and educational activi-
                                                        United Black Fire Fighters             ties and programs to youth, adults and sen-
                                                        Fraternity Order of Police             iors in the community.
                                                        Hampton Roads African American
                                                          Sports Hall of Fame                            Meeting space available

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