HG 8-505 Evaluation and HG 8-507 Treatment Placement Process by stephan2


									                     The Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration
                                      Justice Services

        HG §8-505 Evaluation and HG §8-507 Treatment Placement Process

              o 8-505 Order is signed by a judge and faxed (410-402-8603) or mailed to Justice
                Services at the Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration 55 Wade
                Avenue Catonsville, MD 21228.

              o The defendant’s record is entered into SMART a web based case management
                database, and the 8-505 order is faxed to the local Health Department 8-505
                evaluator or if he/she is already in the DOC system, the Justice Service’s staff
                schedules the evaluation to be conducted by ADAA staff.

              o The evaluation is completed within 7 working days and sent to the judge, the
                attorney (or public defender) and the state’s attorney.

              o The evaluation is placed in the file for the defendant and ADAA waits for any
                further action from the courts.

              o .When an 8-507 Order is issued the evaluation and the 8-507 order are faxed to
                the appropriate treatment program. There is treatment available for men, women
                and those persons with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health diagnosis.

              o A clearance report request is sent to the Division of Correction on each H.G. 8-
                507 order received. Results of the report are sent to the Judge, attorney of record,
                State’s Attorney and the defendant.

              o The defendant is placed on the identified waiting list. Admission to a residential
                facility is ranked which is sorted according to the date of the 8-507 order.
                Outpatient referrals are usually available within three weeks.

              o Circumstances affecting a defendant’s admission to treatment include detainers,
                and additional criminal cases not included on the H.G. 8-507 order, etc.

              o     Justice Service’s staffs coordinate with the local detention centers and Division
                   of Correction for release from incarceration and transfer to the treatment program.

              o Defendants from DOC who have medications for somatic or mental health issues
                must bring a 30 day supply of medication with them to the treatment facility to
                ensure seamless compliance with the Physician’s orders. Requests for the local
                detention center to supply defendant’s medications are secured for a shorter
                length of time.

              o Upon admission to the treatment program, confirmation in writing is sent to
                ADAA. The ADAA follow-up with notification to the Judge and a letter of H.G.
                8-507 responsibilities are sent to the treatment program.

Justice Services 3/14/2007
                     The Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration
                                      Justice Services

              o Treatment providers communicate progress of defendant to the court and ADAA
                on a monthly basis.

              o The defendant’s file is maintained by the ADAA until completion of treatment
                and termination of the 8-507.

Justice Services 3/14/2007

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