University and Greek Organization Relationship Statement by shb23268


									            University and Greek Organization
                 Relationship Statement
        Wilfrid Laurier University recognises that Greek social organisations are an integral part of the
university community and that they can make a positive contribution to the co-curricular environment of
the campus and to individual student’s growth and development.

         Further, it is recognised that a special relationship exists between the university and the
fraternities and sororities, and there is a need to define that relationship clearly, so both parties understand
their rights and responsibilities.

   The goals and activities of Greek sororities and fraternities shall complement and support the
    educational mission of the university.

   The fraternities and sororities shall provide opportunities for academic, social and personal
    development of its members.

   The fraternities and sororities shall actively ensure that policies, practices and procedures of their
    organisation uphold the rights and dignity of its members and prospective members.

   The Greek system must take responsible action in dealing with conduct of its members.

   The fraternities and sororities shall support the institution's internal policies and educational programs
    relating to alcohol and other drugs, sexual harassment, racial harassment, as well as all other conduct
    issues listed in the University Student Code of Conduct.

   The Greek organisations must use sound business practices with respect to finance and business
    relations between themselves and the community.

   Those organisations that own or lease houses shall maintain safe and sanitary dwellings as well as
    establish positive relations with the community.

   The fraternities and sororities must abide by all local, state, federal and university regulations and

   The university shall work with the students and their national organisations when developing policies
    that affect them.

   The fraternities and sororities shall not receive direct financial assistance, support, or subsidies from
    the University.

   The actions of the fraternities and the sororities as well as the individual members are deemed to be
    subject to the Wilfrid Laurier Code of Conduct. Specifically the University is properly concerned
    with the behaviour of members of the Laurier community (such as Greek Organizations) at events off
    campus either sanctioned by the University or associated with the University. Further, this Code
    specifically prohibits participation in disturbances such as unlawful street parties, which infringe the
    rights of the University's neighbours, and adversely affect its relations with the community in which it
    is situated. (Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Part III, A)

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