Installation Instructions Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic Exhaust by llp12503


									Installation Instructions
  Yamaha V-Star 650
    Classic Exhaust
            Part # 54-1109
 18550 Minthorn Street, Lake Elsinore, CA  92530 
       (951) 587‐9222   (951) 296‐1552 fax 
         Exhaust kit bill of materials
     1     Instruction sheet
     1     Front head pipe
     1     Rear head pipe
     1     Y-Collector
     1     Muffler
     2     Exhaust flanges
     1     Front heat shield
     1     Rear heat shield
     1     Lower heat shield
     1     Muffler bracket
     6     2” hose clamps
     1     2” Heavy duty hose clamp
     2     Carriage bolts and nuts
     1     8mm bolt for front head flange
     2     8mm x 1.25 bolts /muffler bracket
     1     Foot spacer assembly
     2     10mm x 1.25 50mm bolts

1. Remove side cover that is near the rear head pipe by removing allen bolt. (Fig 1)
                                  Figure 1

2. Remove both Allen bolts that hold the muffler together. Also Loosen clamp from
   the front muffler to front head pipe, and remove allen bolts from rear head pipe
   and remove in one peace carefully. (Fig 2, 3 & 4)

              Figure 2                               Figure 3

                                    Figure 4
3. Once the two mufflers are removed with the rear head pipe, remove bracket by
   removing two 8mm bolts as shown and remove bracket. (Fig 5)
                Figure 5

4. Remove spring from brake light switch to the brake shaft. (Fig 6)
                 Figure 6

5. Remove two bolts holding the foot and brake rest, also remove 6mm bolt from
   bracket to brake switch. (Fig 7 & 8)
               Figure 7                                  Figure 8
6. Remove front head pipe by removing two nuts off the head flange. (Fig 9 & 10)

                Figure 9                               Figure 10


7. Install front head pipe with Roadhouse hardware. Tighten bolt and nuts finger
   tight. (Fig 13 & 14)

            Figure 13                                   Figure 14
8. Install Y-Collector into rear head pipe before you mount on bike. Then mount Y-
   Collector to front head pipe then bolt rear head pipe on bike finger tight.
   (Fig 15, 16 & 17)

            Figure 15                              Figure 16

                                  Figure 17

9. Install Roadhouse muffler bracket with two 8mm bolts in Roadhouse hardware.
   Make sure you have the bolts loose so it’s easy to mount the muffler. (Fig 18)

                                   Figure 18
10.          Install Roadhouse muffler with two carriage bolts and nuts and two
  inch heavy duty hose clamp. (Fig 19,20, 21 & 22)

             Figure 19                                 Figure 20

            Figure 21                                   Figure 22

11.          Once you have both head pipes on with y-collector and muffler,
  tighten muffler bracket, carriage bolts, hose clamp, and front and rear head pipe
12.            Install two inch hose clamps into heat shield brackets. Once they are
  all installed into shield, install front and rear heat shield over head pipe and
  tighten hose clamps. (Fig 23, 24 & 25)
               Figure 23                                    Figure 24

                                  Figure 25

13.           Install the bottom heat shield as well with the two inch hose clamps,
  and mount on the bike. When you tighten hose clamps, shift heat shield up to the
  front and rear heat shield so the is no gaps between both heat shields, once shifted
  tighten hose clamps. (Fig 26)
                                    Figure 26
14.          Install side cover to bike located next to the rear head pipe. (Fig 27)

                                 Figure 27

15.            Install 6mm bolt from brake switch bracket to foot rest bracket. Also
  install Roadhouse spacer to the foot rest with the Roadhouse hardware two 10mm
  x 1.25 50mm long. Mount spring from brake switch to brake shaft. Make sure all
  bolts are tight. (Fig 28, 29 & 30)

               Figure 28                                 Figure 29

                                   Figure 30

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