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TO:                    R. David Laurrell, County Administrator R. David Laurrell 9/8 BOS

FROM:                  Ronna Johnson-Davis, Purchasing Agent RJD

THROUGH:               Alan Lane, Director of Management Services

SUBJ:                  CONSENT AGENDA ITEM – Purchase of ZOLL Autopulse device

DATE:                  August 11, 2009

CC:                    Jason Stroud, EMS

The Campbell County Department of Public Safety was recently awarded a 50/50 Rescue Squad
Assistance Fund (RSAF) grant from the Virginia Department of Health, Office of EMS for the
purchase of a Zoll Autopulse device. The Campbell County career EMS staff and the five EMSAC
participating rescue squads all currently utilize Zoll cardiac monitors in their ambulances and response
vehicles along with several Zoll Autopulse devices deployed throughout the Campbell County EMS
system. The Zoll Autopulse device also interfaces with the Zoll E series 12 lead EKG monitors used in
Campbell County.


The Zoll Autopulse device is used to perform automatic chest compressions on victims in cardiac
arrest which enables providers to be safely seated during transport, ensures that proper and consistent
compressions are being performed at all times and reduces the manpower requirements for a cardiac
arrest call by one. In addition the volunteer providers and career providers of Campbell County are
familiar with the operation of Zoll Autopulse devices and this enhances a seamless delivery of patient
care. To be compatible with the majority of other cardiac monitors and equipment used in Campbell
County and the ZOLL Autopulse® System, the Zoll Autopulse device will need to be purchased from
ZOLL Medical Corporation.

The Zoll Autopulse can only be purchased directly from Zoll Inc. and must be purchased through the
Virginia pre-hospital Zoll sales representative directly. Therefore it will not be possible and/or feasible
to obtain three competitive quotes for this purchase.

The 50/50 Office of EMS RSAF grant will pay for half of the cost of the Zoll Autopulse (via
reimbursement), which has been quoted at $15,285.00, and the awarded grant funds are specified for a
Zoll Autopulse device.

Sufficient funds for the remaining 50% of cost needed for this purchase are available through EMS
Excess Revenue. In addition, the EMS Advisory Committee has approved the funding of this device at
their August 3, 2009 meeting. EMS Excess Revenue funds for the locality matching portion of this
grant ($7,642.50) will be transferred from that line or 4-100-032500-5655 to 4-100-032500-6014 Other
Operating Supplies via a BOS transfer of appropriation request. A supplemental appropriation request
for the grant funding along with the transfer of appropriation for the County match will be included in
the Consent Agenda for BOS for consideration and requested approval. .


It is recommended that the ZOLL Autopulse be purchased from the ZOLL Medical Corporation for a
cost of $15,285.00 with the understanding that the RSAF grant will pay for one half of the cost of this
equipment via reimbursement.

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