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									        World Wide Monthly Product Trends Report                                                            

SMART                             All-In-One Device for Mobile
 BOOK     Design by METATREND
                                  As wireless internet is a deep part of our daily lives, the demands on mobile computing
                                  are getting more diverse. People want smaller and thinner devices. But at the same time,
                                  they also want full-sized displays for better viewing of the web pages. Even though people
                                  can control the device by touch screen, they also want a physical Qwerty keyboard for
                                  messaging and typing. METATREND introduces the solution, the ‘SmartBook’.
                                  It’s a device that combines the features of both a smartphone and a laptop.

                            Fold the Qwerty keyboard unit in a half and it turns into the shape of
                            a cellphone. Actually, the tablet PC is the one that functions as the
                            mobile phone and the keyboard unit-now in cellphone shape-is only
                            for putting in numbers and talking. A touch screen keypad, camera
                            and microphone are on the outside while the folded-keyboard is on
                            the inside.

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       World Wide Monthly Product Trends Report
                              METATREND                                                   CONCEPT DESIGN   
                                    2010. February

   The SmartBook consists of two units: a tablet PC
   and a Qwerty keyboard. The tablet PC unit has a
   prop on the backside for better support. Either
   Chrome OS or Android OS is installed on the
   device. It provides a rich computing experience
   with a touch interface, and the detachable
   keyboard unit offers more convenient input. Both
   units are held together by a magnet.

                                                               Even though the tablet PC and keyboard unit are two separate units,
                                                               they can be charged simultaneously when they contact through the
                                                               magnet. Syncronized recharge solves the recharging hassle of the
                                                               split-body units. Indeed, each unit can be recharged separately. The
                                                               units are smart enough to interchange power when one unit needs to
                                                               be recharged.

   The tablet PC unit has diverse uses. It basically
   works as a PC. With an installed gravity sensor,
   the unit can display both in landscape or portrait
   mode. This function is useful while reading
   eBook content. The screen size is 7 inches, to
   accommodate both portability and viewing.

                                                               In short, the SmartBook is a new kind of All-In-One Device that
                                                               combines a PC, eBook reader, and a cellphone. It has the best of
                                                               both a laptop and a smartphone, thereby getting rid of the hassle of
                                                               carrying and managing data on both devices. SmartBook has both the
                                                               simplicity of a touch screen interface and the comfort of a physical
                                                               Qwerty keyboard. SmartBook would be an ideal device for people who
                                                               enjoy mobile communication and mobile computing.

METATREND / Reproduction of the contents of this magazine in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.                 85
                          World Wide Monthly Product Trends Report                                                 

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